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Hair Straightener Brush Little Black ng been chaos into a heart. Although she was angry, but also did not think that the situation hair straightener brush little black will fall to this point, in the depths of Mangshan, whether it is Wu Chi or Li Yunpeng are clearly not much survival of the capital A person to leave, Wu Chi self deprecating like a slight sun, whispered to himself. Originally, there is no relationship between people, why bother trouble Seemingly go free and easy, but in fact, when the cloud sword sword sword that moment, Wu Chi heart and how pain Originally he thought that perhaps the cloud will become his first friend in the Sword, but the fact that he is still too overestimate their own in the hearts of each other s importance. As for that, the Luo Yingzhen disciples of this identity planted to Bai Rong this matter, Wu Chi, there is no psychological burden. He did not know with Bai Rong, life and death, can take advantage of why not use More importantly, this series of dangers, this is Bai Rong attracted, not to mention, Wu Chi faint heart of a guess, perhaps, all this is simply not a coincidence Before the crisis, can only survive, can not attend to think too much, but now calm down, you can find that there are too many doubt. First of all, Mangshan periphery, simply can not encounter the demon will be this terrible existence, Bai Rong was the other side to catch Mangshan periphery, hair straightener brush shaver shop itself is very strange, not to mention, really so clever, just met himself Moreover, before the mountains, Bai Rong desperate fight, is indeed able to hold the demon that, since so, why Baorong not back early, must wait until after entering the depths of Mangshan, only with the forest to Wu Chi they get out Finally, Mangshan really great, as previously said, Mangshan really powerful demons after all, but also only a few. Just hid in the mountains, a blink of an eye, you can meet the wolf demon this terrible demon, if it really just coincidence, that luck is how bad Wu Chi did not understand Bai Rong, naturally they simply can not talk about any trust, so it can easily jump out of the impact of identity to the most objective point of view to analyze, even with malicious thoughts, to guess people. And then contact this time, this is someone deliberately cited themselves t.ulnerable. Hanshan gentleman slowly opening Road, These messages, with the former Wu Chi in the prison community seven to listen to listen to hair straightening brush wet to dry the general should be said. For us, this is also the best chance to beheaded him The most chance to break the seal when the time is the most likely to kill Xi Jun should be the time. The reason is so simple. Hearing this, Wu Chi has vaguely understood, You mean, want me to break through the dark prison community Just when the robbery hit, turn to kill him Han children who nodded slightly At that time, the upper bound hair straightener brush little black of the master, but also with your shot, as long as the killing of Emperor Jun, prison world traces of natural collapse You can make such a great merit, One into the upper bounds will be able to get the dark star of the appreciation, and then the old lady to help you speak, natural future immeasurable. And you can rest assured that Xi Jun should be trapped by the dark chain, do not play a little bit of strength to your strength, there is no great danger. Brow picked pick, this kind of words Wu Chi is just just listen to it, who is really who is an idiot. Master so sure, he will take the opportunity to break the seal it Wu Chi puzzled and asked If I cited tragedy soaring, can Xi Jun should be unmoved, is not everything in vain The key point is that Wu Chi breakthrough at the same time, Xi Jun should take the opportunity to get rid of the seal If he did not move, then all this naturally did not make sense. He will be shot. Han Shan people indifferent open. This is very sure, but did not say the reason. Looked at the expression of Hanshan Master, Wu Chi to understand that the other side is really sure Xi Jun should be shot, but this reason, but did not give Wu Chi explained the meaning. However, for Wu Chi, it is enough to know that this is enough. I promised, but I still need a few years to prepare. Wu Chi Chen Sheng said. Do you want to send people in the dark prison communi. ty Hanshan gentleman asked softly. Heart suddenly jump, Wu Chi s mind was able to help but gave birth to a hint of unknown hunch. Sure enough, the next moment, Hanshan Master will be from the opening Road If you do not guess wrong, seven prison community should now have hair straightener brush little black be.

other Wu, hair straightener brush little black white brother, please go with me to see the elders. Although the penalty, but Wu Chi and Bai Rong, after all, is really a disciple, these unusual disciples, but also dare not rude After all, the two are e hair straightener brush just a hundred years only, not completely lost potential. With the disciples into the valley, Wu Chi suddenly felt a strong sword Italy, people from the bottom of my heart gave birth to a sense of horror. And this is only the jail outside the valley only, you can imagine, once really be involved in the jailbreak, the sword is how terrible. All the way Whether it is Wu Chi or Bai Rong, seems to have completely forgotten before the unhappy, and did not reveal the slightest hostility to. Go about a time of tea, Wu Chi this saw the elders guard jail prison. Old husband surnamed Chen, nearly a thousand years in charge of guards prison. Swept the Wu Chi and Bai Rong one, the old faint said. Disciples meet Chen Changshou. Wu Chi and Bai Rong at the same time ritual Road, and regardless of the strength of hair straightener brush little black the other side, just now people watch the jail prison this point, it must not offend. Mangshan things, the old lady heard a little Since the wrong is. difficult to distinguish, then you two at the same time into the jail prison, it should be meaning. However, Wu Chi was just getting started soon, repair is still shallow, inconvenience into which, if a single penalty Bai Rong, but also unfair Slightly shaking his head, Chen Changshou leisurely said Well, you two at the hair straightener brush work same time into the word war prison it On the situation of jail prison, before the cloud are also explained with the Wu Chi. Sword prison in three difficulty, respectively, for heaven and earth Day jail prison most terrible, even the broken disc disciples, there are dead in which records, only really made a big mistake, will be punished into them. In accordance with the cultivation of Wu Chi, itself should be such as the word swordsman s prison, but this old man mouth a partial, directly thrown into the word Jianjian, obviously this distribution is intended for Wu Chi s. However, in this case, Wu Chi is very clear that he did not bargain room, bow a prayer, it seems that nothing was aware of, calmly said Chen Chang said that the.ple, but also to see the mind of turbulence, it is difficult to self sustaining. Mantis arm when the car, from the amount of power Mouth uttered a sneer, death sickle suddenly. lifted, black and white hair straightener brush uk dichotomous out, impressively protect the stature, at the same time the night Shen Star speed suddenly skyrocketed, completely ignored the other side of the attack, blatantly cut into them overbearing At the moment face the empty monks of their joint, night Shenxing is abruptly in the hands hair straightening brush on men of death sickle told everyone, what is the real overbearing. How do you join us I ve been breaking my knives All the attacks are playing in the night Shenxing outside the black and white light curtain above, but it is shocking that when these attacks fall when the night Shenxing who suddenly burst out of the horror of the extreme Vitality, a touch of bright white, almost penetrated the hearts of all. Life and death domain, in addition to hair straightener brush little black death, there are students This is the first time Wuchi see the night Shenxing vigorously cast life and death domain, that rich vitality is almost an irresistible line of defense. Life and hair straightener brush little black death of the transformation, abruptly together to resolve this terrorist attack. At the same time, the night star in the hands of the death of the sickle suddenly fall, that touch the deepest death of the light, Cuikulaxiu will block in front of Lu Shaochuan book mountain chopped Dark engulfed Book mountain collapse of hair straightener brush little black the moment, there are still broken Lu Shaochuan mind that little bit of self confidence Knife two Blood splash, dead above the sickle even suddenly revealed a touch of different gods scarlet Wrist suddenly doubled, night Shenxing eyes full of indifference, the line of sight slowly swept from all the people, indifferent opening Now, there are people who question my words Dead Even those who watch the excitement, including everyone at the moment can not say a word, it seems that there is a chill from the bones to take out, it is cold. Before all the layout, all the effort and calculation, in front of this knife, are completely turned into a joke. Night Shen Xing is in this way, clearly tell everyone, as long as he did not leave the prison hair straightener brush little black community three days, no one is qualified. $txtArray[] = trim($text,\"\\r\\n\");

Hair Straightener Brush Little hair straightener brush little black Black to test their own only, simply not a great character. Now this war, will have their own light star of the news spread out, is bound to once again cause an uproar To that time, those really powerful opponents, will not really have any concerns of the shot. For yourself, that is the time when it is really dangerous. Just Wu straightening hair brush walgreens Chi some do not understand why these people so for their own. Even if they enter the door when the high profile some of the, but also, after all, is to kill Jianjun Luo Ying s true disciples, no reason for no reason that someone came to their trouble only ah. To say that these are arranged Luo Ying, it is even more impossible, Luo Ying really want to clean up their own, some i. s the way, why use this means Can only say that Luo Yingming know that there will be these troubles, deliberately gave himself added a fire only, but that is not the focus. These things, their own in this fantasy is bound not to get a result. However, Wu Chi is also not to find Xu Zi an they asked the meaning. Although the loss of this loss, but Wu Chi did not think that the other will be so forget. Playing a small, naturally lead to the old. Xu Zian behind the quarter of a peak, should soon sit still, right Just do not know, he will not personally shot waste Eyes reveal a touch of anger, quarter a impatient curse of a sentence, grow up. Ji brothers, who do not blame us ah Who can think of that Wu Chi so metamorphosis, just a month s time, ah, even lit the life of the stars, so that we have not even the advantages of repair, but also how could win Xu Zi an look bitter, careful argument Road. Mention this, quarter of a peak can not help but a slight delay. A month lit star, let alone Xu Zi an can not think of, even if he, also did not expect. From the lower bound soaring, directly by the Luo Ying Jianjun Jianjun a fancy, Wu Chi s talent is still on their own expectations ah However, the more so, Ji Yifeng suppressed Wu Chi s determination is more important. Frowned slightly wrinkled, quarter a peak Chen Sheng asked I heard that kill Jianjun ordered, so that from the core disciples, pick a female disciples to serve his diet Yes These things, Xu Zi an has long been inquiring about the very clear, honestly.n star of the strong, hard hit is certainly a dead end, but in this skillfully deflected Qi Qiao Qi, and constantly leveraging dodge, it can almost guarantee their own safety, at least with the other entanglement. Now the face of Bai Rong, Wu Chi simply no other ideas, more dragging moment is a moment, until it is really unable to drag the time, or the other side forced to make the supernatural powers, simply throw in the towel also. Anyway, no meaning, can not commit now with Bai Rong dead S. i knock. Can drag a long time, naturally it looks a little better. Of course, it is not easy to do this, whether it is for the strength or the timing of the need to achieve a perfect point to the job. Fortunately, in the days of jailbreak prison hundred years, Wu Chi most of the time simply can not bear the power of Jianqi hair straightener brush little black outbreak, only to clever clever to resolve, in this experience, coupled with God s pre sentence with, but also also hair straightener brush little black capability. Just a moment of grips, Bai Rong has been hair straightener brush clicks aware of the progress of Wu Chi. Compared to a hundred hair straightener brush ulta years, and now the progress of Wu Chi is too great. Wu Chi and others before the fight against, but also also fills, really with Wu Chi move hands, in order to feel the potential of Wu Chi who Before Han Shuang said, if Wu Chi has the strength of broken stars, she may not be opponents. In fact, if Wuchi really broken star strength, Bai Rong is not an opponent at all. Wu Chi in the Kendo s accomplishments, no doubt enough to make anyone scared. For a moment, Bai Rong heart can not help but secretly sneer a cry. No matter how genius, but also always have the opportunity to grow up is. Almost always white kill the moment of the murder, the original sword in the sword will hair straightening brush loreal be staring at the test of the elders suddenly spit out a blood, the whole person staggered out several steps to go. This sudden change, really stunned everyone. Feeling Liu Chang old body that disorder of breath, and violent star power fluctuations, the moment, there are disciples came to the reaction, Liu Changguo even at this time out of trouble, hair straightener brush little black obsessed. Liu long old Moment, there are many disciples came forward to hold the old Liu, to help him stable atmosphere. Then, in this moment, Bai Rong s b.

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