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Hair Straightener Brush Myer he same time flying out, one of the same lock the night of the stars of the death of the sickle, while the other is sealed a few stars Way to the same time again toward Yang Xiuchuan roll This sudden change, stunned everyone, or even a time no one can react, what happened. Seven chains out of the air, revealing a hair straightener brush myer mysterious road rules of the atmosphere, abruptly night will be stars and Yang Xiuchuan two people around the space locked Yang Xiuchuan and the strength of the night Shen Xing people have to see clearly, is hair straightener brush myer already already overriding the power of the road above hair straightening brush on 4c hair the peak But now, just rely on the seven chains do not know why, even abruptly will Yang Xiuchuan hair straightener brush myer and the night star moved down, what is the terrible strength Now prison world triple, and what else can have such a terrorist not the strength Law enforcement who night In this prison community nearly three thousand years, or the first time to see the law enforcement shot Eyes reveal a chill chill, night Shenxing hands dead sickle slightly under pressure, will be wrapped around the chain to the ground pressure, issued a burst of harsh metal impact of the sound, while the eyes locked in front of the void. The next moment, a whole body shrouded in the darkness of the people will slowly appear from the void out, can not see the face, and even men and women are not distinguishable, but the body of the strong darkness of the gush Out of a solemn pressure. The prison community is the prisoner set up, not allow anyone to disturb the order You two people called, has been seriously disturbed to the prison order, and now stop, the seat can also be nothing happened, otherwise, the order chain can not lock Bingbing, can also kill Hoarse and low voice slowly sounded, revealing an unquestionable power. enforcer Aware of the identity of the moment, all the spirit can not help but startled Especially bamboo Yaoy. ang, the eyes are revealed a trace of excitement of the color Originally he had almost died, but did not expect the most critical time, the law enforcement officers to take out, and a shot to stop the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan two, abruptly pulled him from the ghost gate. This feeling of escape in the dead, so he almost cried. Nig., Zhou Xu more and more disdain a bit, is really a cartilage Was scolded, Wu Chi also by words or a pair of dare not look back, Soo, here is how the matter How to go out ah Go out Sneer a cry, Zhou Xu Sen said Come in, you want to go out Sovee trapped here for nearly ten thousand years, and did not go out, do you think you can go out with this soft cart Hear this, Wu Chi heart suddenly Yi Chan, almost have to control their own emotions. Nearly ten thousand years What is that concept This result is simply not want to think hair straightening brush with flat iron of Wu Chi If not the other side of the mouth, then I am afraid that the difficulty of this prison six, they need to re evaluate the. See Wu Chi seems to be scared silly, Zhou Xu licked his lips, eyes reveal a touch of insignificant color, toward the Wu Chi Zhao said Wu Chi is it Once again heard the words of Zhou Xu, Wu Chi was shocked, suddenly back a few steps back. Looking sank, Zhou Xu Sen openly said I speak you did not hear it Evil, I am timid, what words, you said straight. And back a few steps, Wu Chi said carefully. Chou Xu Yin calm voice said know what Xuye I hate the little white hair straightening brush on facebook face, and why, you can be born so a good skinny Come over to me, so that the waiter comfortable to serve, and I keep you in this prison community six heavy comfort Hearing this, Wu Chi heart suddenly raised a nausea idea, Xuye I, I am a man ah What happened to men Zhou Xu disdain said I am like a man. Hear this, Wu Chi was sure, this goods is simply a psychological distortion of the dead. Mind swept, Wu Chi suddenly pulled. out of the shadow sword, breathing, start the Thunder Kendo, attached to the sword on top of a trace of the breath of the Thunder, Ivy, I I hair straightening brush on gma do not force me. Come on, want to start with me Grin open mouth, Zhou Xu s face showing a touch of excitement, Come, Ivy I give you a chance to shot His face more and more pale, Wu Chi suddenly a bite, waving his hand toward Zhou Xu cut past. Moment, the Thunder Kendo start, purple Thunder burst along the sword, fiercely toward Zhou Xu bombardment away. Suddenly spread out the palm of your hand, Zhou Xu step out, directly ignoring the Wu Chi s sword, brazenly caught Wu Chi hand sword. boom Deliberately want to try each other s streng.

rains of the hair straightener brush myer brains, but also enough to hold over. And only experienced the pain of the past, in order to make people feel more precious soul stone. If you can get a few sets of soul stone, break into the prison community of four emboldened naturally will be a lot of the natural. Brain turned these thoughts at the same time, the prison station slowly sink into the ground under the Wu Chi, they are a few hold the hair straightener brush myer last person also fell to the ground. The next moment, Wu Chi, who also found the presence of law enforcement. Slightly Yi Zheng, Wu Chi brain between the electro optical flint will guess each other s identity, the spirit suddenly lifted it. If there is no law enforcement presence, the face of Yang Xiuchuan and night Shenxing, I am afraid no one dare to give birth to the idea of resistance, but now have law enforcement, it makes the situation suddenly changed the different up. Mind tran. sfer, Wu Chi pupil slightly shrink, subconsciously looked around the situation. To survive the prison community test, get the soul of the stone, a total of five people In addition to immortal ancestors and empty monks, there are two people, one is Yang Ye, the other one is before Yang Xiuchuan point to Li Xi. This result, in fact, so that Wu Chi some unexpected. This time I am afraid that the most stress is Yang Ye, hair straightener brush myer Yang Ye can be chosen even really to the last. So count, Yang Xiuchuan point of the three, even all have made a set of soul stone. On the contrary, the night Shenxing side only their own and immortal soul ancestral soul stone only. Set the soul stone Wu Chi to see them a few people fall, Yang Xiuchuan and night stars at the same time throw off law enforcement officers, flying toward the side. presumptuous Seeing the night Shenxing they not only do not close the hand, but in front of his face to grab the soul of the soul stone, suddenly law enforcement officers furious, pushed the order chain fiercely dumped out, tightly entangled two. Amitabha Empty monk eyes flashed a trace of Jingmang, loudly said Gentlemen, law enforcement officers appear, I am waiting for the law enforcement officers to help Yang Xiuchuan and night hair straightening brush gold Shenxing kill only. This moment of time, everyone naturally see out, altho.voice suddenly changed, incredible to ask. Yes Wu Chi nodded his head, of course, replied. You died three hundred times. The empty monk can not help but change, stunned watching Wu Chi asked. Remember, probably Scratched his head, Wu Chi looked innocent and said. Hand on the stone, there will be your ranking. A black face, night stars pointed to the stone said. Think of this bastard even in the hundred miles of the mountain to waste the two set of soul stone, night stars Xing gas can not wait to strangle him, if the two souls still in his hands, at the moment what is the calm According to the palm of your hand on the stone above, Wu Chi brain suddenly appeared in a line of words. Wu Chi, which lasted thirty one days, died three hundred and four times, ranking one thousand seven four four This name Wu Chi is not surprising, the time may not be too long, but died more than three hundred times it is too exaggerated, if not the hands of four souls as many stone, Wu Chi did not dare so Recklessly. Of course, the strength of Wu Chi, if not so many soul stone, then, I am afraid he has died in the Baili Daoguang among the, and no such followers. Three hundred and four times, no, not right Three hundred and thirty times, just that hair straightener brush myer time was you kill. Wu Chi Pielepiezui, very no festivals, said If less dead, maybe ranking to It s a pity Even the empty monk at the moment there is a desire to vomit blood impulse. Dead three hundred and four times, with three hundred and thirty times, the difference is great The Consumption of the two set of soul stone, but let you Kendo further, it is also a very cost effective trading. Staring at Wu Chi, Yang Xiuchuan suddenly faint opening Road. Yang Xiuchuan such hair straightener brush myer an opening, the empty straightening hair brush groupon monk suddenly reacted over. Before they see Wu Chi set foot on the high platform, the sword vertical and horizontal, step by step lotus, that the ability to wait for the strolling, but not installed In other words, Wu Chi may be really in the hundred miles knife mountain dead three hundred times, but it also proved the fear of Wu Chi talent If now again to go once again Baili Daoshan, I am afraid that hair straightener brush myer the number of Wu Chi will never die more than ten times. Mouth slightly up, Wu pool natur.rt suddenly Yi Chan, can not help but suddenly hair straightener brush myer closed his eyes. Just now, he was even hair straightening brush from walmart ready to move out of the quarter, but Qiu Mei s death, but let him completely absolutely the idea. hair straightener brush 2016 Hatred three is not alone, he is also no pull no hanging The other party can kill Qiu Mei, how can not kill him around the people This is a dead end, from his greedy because of the moment, it has been doomed to this outcome. puff Spit out, Chen Yang is suddenly blew the life of the star, between the twinkling of an eye, it has been absolutely gas Chapter 493 Luoying Guizong Chen Yang s death some people caught off guard, brush straightener boots even Wu Chi and Choujun youngest did not think, Chen Yang will choose so decisive way to end all this. For a moment, the field was silent. Made such a big movement, and even the three Jianjun all alerted, is bound to someone to pay the price, and Chen Yang is the use of his life as a price, cut off all disputes. People are dead, but also how to check down Sighed a cry, Xiushui Jianjun softly said Bale, this matter is my last thought, will Wu pool back to Dongfu it. Xiushui Jianjun although not clear, but the meaning is already very clear. In the war prison so much trouble to come, and even almost so that Wu Chi died in it, is not he let Wu Chi people jail s intention, and that s the case, then this jail do not stay worth mentioning, taking advantage of today s t. hing, Free of charge of Wu Chi jail prison is also a penalty. Slow Brow a slight pick, cold star Jianjun faint said Xiushui brothers, Wu Chi into the jailbreak this is punished, but now there are accidents, but it can not be waste, otherwise, let other disciples how convinced Cold face cold heart, cold star sword Jun in charge of punishment, temper is so, even the face of Xiushui Jianjun also will not change their attitude. Slightly a lag, Xiushui Jianjun turned around, calmly said Cold Star Young think how Since the set of Wu Chi hundred years jail prison, then the implementation of the end, Chen Yang is dead, Wu Chi naturally back to the jail prison continue to be punished. Cold Star Jianjun calmly. Said As for today s things, I will naturally continue to check down, no matter what people involved, all strict. Hear this, Wu Chi mouth c.

Hair Straightener Brush Myer mmunity so far. Eyes reveal a trace of complex color, night Shen Xing slowly said. In fact, at this moment, the night Shenxing even almost decided to die in the Wu pool. The birth of such a crazy idea, in the night Shenxing view, Wu Chi is already into the demons of the magic, and once he can not suppress the demons, really leap magic bridge, is Wu Chi died time The But since the magic has been breeding, he will be clear that he can not stop Wu Chi Although the situation owed Wu Chi, but he can not really die with Wu Chi. In this way, promised to the situation still in Wu Chi those friends who have been the only thing he can do. Chapter 399 Select With the night Shenxing and Yang Xiuchuan s departure, the surrounding seems to be completely quiet down. Sit and sit, Wu Chi took out a altar of wine to shoot open, happy to drink a mouthful. These days of fatigue and hesitation, seems to have scattered with the wine a lot. Looking at the bridge outside a dark void, Wu Chi mind that feeling is more and more intense, this moment, Wu Chi difficult to judge the birth of this idea, is not the birth of the demons, like the original demons misleading Give up their own Kendo. Can Wu Chi is very clear, if not make a change, continue to follow them with Yang Xiuchuan, most of them die. hair straightener brush myer Strength is somewhat poor, but it is precisely because of this, only to Wu Chi looked more calm, thinking more. Like Wu Chi before asking them, the heart of the bridge is what kind of existence Step by step went to the prison community among the five, Wu Chi heart is clear, prison community will not appear real death, every test has its own intention. Wu Chi has more than once. face the demons, but also from the night Shenxing s mouth, to understand what is the real demons. In this way, come back to rethink the meaning of the existence of the magic bridge, you can come to another very different ideas. If only purely hardened heart to bear the test of the demons, then all encountered before it is already enough. From the insistence on Kendo, so that the heart of the moment, in fact, in this heart magic bridge, the demons caused by the threat, it has been hair straightener brush myer much smaller. These days, three really face the danger, in fact, is simply.njun, repair all the supernatural powers and Kendo, are only for the killing If Luo Ying shot, they simply do not have the opportunity to escape. Did not kill Luo Ying this disciple is some regret, but now Xiushui Jianjun to, but they did not dare to delay, or Xiushui sword is also the same demon. Almost in these demons recruited colleagues, Xiushui Jianjun already appeared in the front of Bai Rong. Disciples meet Xiushui Jianjun Regardless of the body of the blood, Bai Rong immediately bowed to worship ceremony. Come on Raised his hand, Xiushui Jianjun said softly. Eyes reveal a trace of pain in the color, Bai Rong did not get up, but kneel down, disciples incompetent please Jianjun penalty Slightly Yi Zheng, Xiushui Jianjun surprised to see Bai Rong. And knock a head, Bai Rong Chen Sheng straightening hair brush on 4c hair said Chen Shidi and other people with the door, are all dead Mangshan, disciples incompetence, not only failed to save them, but anxious, so that misunderstanding of the meaning of Wu Yidi, and even A big mistake. Brow a pick, Xiushui Jianjun looking sank, wrong He made a big mistake Wu Shidi for survival, deliberately crushed the demon heart, exposed disciples and Chen He s their position, so that did not wait until the sword came, they will be the demon will find disciples moment, A few minutes, but do not want, Wu Shidi even suddenly start, killed and killed a few friends with Chen He, attempt to kill. Followed by a knock a head, Bai Rong continued Yun He Shimei and he had a personal affair. , not only did not stop, but to help him cover if not Jianjun came, I m afraid the disciples have now been These demon will be poisoned. Deeply looked at a glory, Xiushui Jianjun eyes revealed a little cold, but still did not answer. Bai Rongkou said to be guilty, but in fact, but it is in the complaint. Which twists and turns, he is not clear, but it is clear that between Bai Rong and Wu Chi, there must be a great conflict. Just just hair straightener brush myer out of danger, on the first step complain, naturally in order to occupy a preconceived, such a act, Xiushui Jianjun some do not like. Just Bai Rong dare to say that this is not necessarily false. Chapter 486 in the hands of the sword, is the truth That is Xiushui Jianjun Looking at the sk.

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