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Hair Straightener Brush Nume other s attacks, the whole process did not move a step. In this way, the situation is finally stabilized down. By this opportunity, Wu Chi really began to understand the surrounding death atmosphere. These years in the prison community among the four, experienced a variety of torture, Wu Chi has long been used to life and death, the same understanding of life and death Avenue, has also been a poke that break the point. For other people, such a terrible death breath, enough to fatal For Wu Chi, but it is a chance, one let him once again feel the chance of life and death. Dangerous, and always have the opportunity to coexist Wu Chi in the test of life, the enlightenment life and death at the same t. ime, Yang Xiuchuan and night Shen Xing also entered the temple of life and death. Night sun stars Moment, Yang Xiuchuan had already seen the night Shenxing, heart can not help but suddenly a move. The same here to see Yang Xiuchuan, night Shen Xing brain also flashed a lot of ideas. Originally the two thought that here is like a fantasy, each one is not the same In the life and death before the temple, but also did not see the other two, it seems that also confirmed their point of view. May come to the moment before the death of life and death, but let the two suddenly understand that things may be much more complex than imagined. No matter what the previous encounter, but the temple is clearly only one. Which in itself contains a lot of information. Looked around the surrounding did not see the figure of Wu Chi, night stars and Yang Xiuchuan as a glance, slowly said with the break it is good Without the slightest hesitation, the two immediately reached a joint intention. Here to them also brought great pressure, if the joint, will naturally be a little more grasp. It is almost at the same time, a low voice in the void coldly sounded, life and death hall before the death of life and death, hair straightener brush nume Almost the next moment, a huge whirlpool suddenly appeared, while the two rolled in. At the same time, a few Road figure suddenly appeared, a black arm, the hands of a knife suddenly curled toward the two killed in the past. This treatment is much worse than someone. hair straightener brush nume There is no time limit, and the shot is no longe.interrupt the Wu Chi s shrink into the inch. This time the test, he did not want to beat Wu Chi, but to take the opportunity to beheaded Wu Chi. This way, we must be careful Wu pool to shrink into the inch into the sword sword down, this is the biggest problem lies. Seems to see the mind of Bai Rong, Ji Yifeng calmly said shrink into the inch is strong, but it is not without solution, not to mention, he is still only a little fur, it is not difficult. Between the words, Ji Yifeng removed from the sleeves of something, into hair straightener brush for short hair the front of Bai Rong. Tomorrow morning, that is, you and Wu Chi s test, do not need any temptation this time, hair straightener brush nume only success, not allowed to fail Eyes fell on a season out of the things, Bai Rong pupil suddenly a shrink, followed by heavy nodded his head. If you say that before he only four or five points to grasp the words, then now have this thing, almost already have a full grasp Do not you Followed by back to the Dong Fu, the cloud softly asked. Today, Wu Chi three war three defeated news, she naturally very clear, although already guessed the results, but after all, or some sad. Especially see Wu Chi now mood seems not high, it is some worry. Wu Chi such a genius, the failure is a very strong confidence, once the psychological problems, the impact may be too big. Raised his head, Wu Chi looked at the cloud shook his head and said Nothing, but some overestimate their own. In the Wu Chi next to sit down, cloud softly comforted You only started a hundred years only, this time lost to them nothing, Han Sister is not also said Mody, if you have the strength of broken stars, she is not you opponent. The problem is, I do not have the strength of broken stars. Spread out the hand, Wu Chi said with a chuckle. See Wu Chi also mind joke, cloud rest assured when a lot, as long as Wu Chi confidence did not receive the impact of a moment of gains and losses is nothing. You win today Let go of the mind, Wu Chi can not help but asked. Today, he is. always thinking about the way to deal with the strong stars, but did not pay attention to the results of other hair straightener brush nume people. Okay, I also played three games, two wins and one defeat. Yunhe casually said. Gee, powerful ah, if so play down, very prom.

ip to the Soviet Union, happened to Su Wan back, let him see, I do not know what the child with the magic, in the Soviet Union on the trouble up, Said to Su Wan to marry him, he was suddenly out of the Soviet Union, this is not the time to come back to marry Su hair straightener brush nume Wan, forced the old lady to the Soviet Union to mention the pro, how to persuade no use. Frowned, listen to these clear, Jiang Zhengyang s heart is can not help but slightly dengkou soon as. Su Wan and Wu Chi s relationship he is too clear, not to mention Song Tianque actually mediocre talent, but also not the Hanshan Master s disciples, even if it is Han Shan Master value, how could it be Su Wan see on Song Tian Que trouble to marry Su Wan, it is not a joke This thing, the original is nothing to do with him, but now, he asked for Song, and even the urgent hope that Song Lufei can come forward to recommend Han Shan Shang In this case, Song Tianque is almost the only person who can contact Han Shan. Think of this, Jiang Zhengyang mind has given birth to a touch of ominous premonition. Tianque, you are grandpa grandfather came, but also not come out to meet. Song Yu Chen Lengheng a cry, snapped snapped Road. No, you do not promise me to go hair straightener brush on 4c hair to the Soviet Union to mention the pro, I have no see. Not the slightest point to Jiang Zhengyang face meaning, Song Tianqi hands continue to hit something, straightening hair brush a word directly back to the top. Nonsense Looking sank, Song Yu Chen suddenly furious, big step into the other hospital, snapped When you want to nonsense Su Wan has been a saks straightening hair brush uk clear refusal, you want to how A pedal fly around the chair, hair straightener brush nume Song Tian Que stubborn opening I do not care so much Let s four families of marriage, when not all parents arranged As long as you put pressure on the Soviet Union, fear Su did not promise to marry me presumptuous Song Yuchen can not help but furious, What do you say that bastard Into the other hospital, Jiang Zhengyang slowly opening The day Que ah, as far as I know, Su Wan has a man, and this woman is not for you. Pooh, is not the rumors with what that Wu Chi have a relationship Disdainly grunted, Song hair straightener brush nume Tian Que turned his eyes and said left and right have a dead, and she also want to give a dead widowed Can not get mar.r all, or missed the flaws. Jianfeng wiping the Hanshan s cheek and over, in his face to draw a bloodstain, at the moment it is extremely hideous Even before the already know the perfect Kendo terrible. but when the real face of Wu Chi attack at the moment, Han Shan Shangren heart or brush straightener wilko inevitably gave birth to a trace of chill. It is no exaggeration to say that until now, he really felt the fatal threat. Although only some junior, on weekdays he will not be on the eyes, but at the moment, these people together to kill, but it is necessary to push him to the road. More importantly, the Hanshan Master is very clear, Wu Chi they can drag, but he did not drag the qualifications Compared to Wu Chi them, Xi Jun should be the real biggest threat. If he can not get out as soon as possible, once the reign should be completely broken the dark prison community bound, free hand to kill him, but is transferred between. Tianjun Xi Jun should, the name, for him, is the biggest threat. The mind turned countless thoughts, Hanshan people kill the hearts of Dasheng, step by step, and even simply no longer avoid the attack of several others, the ice sword field to start, head on forcing a few people with him hard. This is simply a lose lose play, for Han Shan Shang, this is undoubtedly the best choice No matter how many people want to kill him, but in fact, but they are definitely not willing to die with him. Between the twinkling of an eye, Han Shan Shang who more than a dozen wounds, but also by this opportunity, abruptly opened a few people siege, continue to return to the golden world of the channel rushed past. Chapter 456 Fog and Murder Stop him Seeing Han Shan Shang this hair straightener brush nume play a lose lose effect, is about to break into the channel before, Ma Shijie turned to Chen fog shouted. Slightly hesitated, just to see Ma Shijie s eyes, Chen fog fierce bite the teeth, raised his hand shot, at the same time, the whole person suddenly accelerated, rushed toward the channel before. By the cold mountain man was other people to contain the opportunity, Chen fog has been the first to block the channel before the next moment, the whole body suddenly appeared a fog. Moment of time, Hanshan masters of the footsteps suddenly a lag.its of the peak of the road In other words, everyone was forced into the desperate Hanshan really want to desperately. No one dare to look down on the cold mountain people such a strong, if not limited to the rules of the lower bound, was suppressed repair, these people are not added together Han Shan Shang a hand to kill. Such a strong, who did not sure, what exactly did he have cards Moment, all the momentum can not help but a slight lag, seems to have some hesitation up. Really want to let the Hanshan mortal death is Xi Jun should, other people do not seem to really desperately necessary with Han Shan. Eyes reveal a chill chill, Wu Chi softly said Why do you have deliberately pretentious If there is no wrong guess, now the man has to the end of the crossbow I said, I promise that today you can not escape. Seems to have not seen at the moment Han Shan Shang who skyrocketing breath, Wu Chi calmly open Road. Hear the words of Wu Chi, Han Shan on the whole body was hair straightener brush nume trembling, Wu Chi, do you think you can really leave the old lady not OK and not, always try to know. Shrugged his shoulders, Wu Chi softly open Road. At this moment, Hanshan Master hair straightener brush nume was completely enraged by Wu Chi, and now the situation, he has also seen clearly, Wu Chi actual The old man today, even if the loss of origin, but also bound to be beheaded you Is the real threat to him the most people. As long as the Thunder can be used to kill the Wu Chi, other people naturally no longer desperate heart, that time he can get out of trouble. On the contrary, if Wu Chi is not dead, in the case of Wu Chi lead, these people even if some hesitation, fear will follow the whole force to kill him. The most critical is that at the moment hair straightening brush best reviews he did some bluff The card is not no, but this card also want him to pay a huge price, and endless trouble, if not a last resort, he simply do not want to use. But now, he has no choice. The eyes of Hanmans fleeting, H. anshan who suddenly burst a burst of white light, it seems that the moment the room is solidified up. For this touch of white light, all of them are no stranger, because in the near future, they have witnessed Xi Jun should be cast once Willing to Any who did not think, hair straightener brush nume Han Shan Shang who even ha.

Hair Straightener brush straightener ebay uk Brush Nume of your seat Eyes reveal a trace of indifferent color, Xi Jun should be coldly replied. As you wish Mouth a trace of a trace of a smile, Xi Jun should be a little finger, a moment, a sudden fluctuations in the body suddenly revealed from the Wu Chi, almost hair straightening brush thin hair instantly, Wu Chi s body suddenly revealed a touch of intense pain, The body is difficult to control the trembling up. It is a separation of the soul of the pain, as if in a flash, the soul of Wu Chi, as well as all the vitality of the body all seized out of the general. Master, what are you doing In the prison community when the four, Wu Chi had suffered countless torture, quenched out the horror of the will, it is because of this, so under this pain, in order to struggle to speak out. Looked at Wu Chi, Han Shan Shangren eyes reveal a hint of light, sorry, I did not expect, Tianjun even have such a means in order to complete the task, always have to sacrifice, you rest assured that. you die After that, your friends, I will take care of you. This sentence exports, let alone Wu Chi, and even Ma Shijie their hearts can not help but thrown a trace of chill. I was just a little man, even kill me, what is the use Wu Chi looked ugly again asked. You look down on yourself. Faint shaking his head, Hanshan gentleman calmly said The perfect way to perfect the Kendo Road, it is personally opened the space barrier, although you are just a piece, but it has irreplaceable role. Tianjun ban the law, although powerful, but also has a fatal weakness Han Shan Master continued Now the whole circle is entirely by the days of Jun blood and vitality support, if other times, I by virtue of an incarnation However, today, Tianjun this is already a crossbow, as long as the spirit of your sacrifice, causing the soul of the explosion, is bound to make the king by the matrix method bite Matrix method bite, coupled with the dark chain of counterattack, even if it is Tianjun you, as long as they have to bear it Finally, this sentence, but not on the Wu Chi said, but asked to Xi Jun should be the. Just one by him, fear is not enough Xi Jun should sneer. Heaven Jun Ming Kam Sprinkle smile, Hanshan Master continued The death of his alone, caused by the soul of the explosion m.only, the real core of the purgatory is the temple of life and death Not into life and death hall, you are here in the fall did not make any sense We are dead, there will be new Ghosts appear, only into the life and dea. th hall, you have the hope to leave this free purgatory Do you die and die Yang Xiuchuan pondered a moment, listening to the explanation of these ghosts around the eyes involuntarily squinted together. Trouble a heaven and earth, Yang Xiuchuan has always been able to really overthrow the demeanor of the rule, no matter how much, seems to be like doing no work. Only now hear the temple of life and death, be considered really understand. This test, the real key, must be the whereabouts of life and death. Even, perhaps, that is also good fortune Step into the hall outside the yard, it seems as if the moment into another time and space. Even if the demon also did not follow in, as if by what power of imprisonment in general, did not dare to more than half of the lake. Towering hall revealed a dignified atmosphere, even Wu Chi, at the moment can not help but gave birth from the bottom of my heart a trace brush straightener amazon of fear of meaning. Although at the moment even have not really entered hair straightener brush nume the temple of life and death, Wu Chi has also been able to feel the strange place here, with the instinct Wu Chi will be able to feel here, I am afraid even if the soul may not be useful. Carefully looked around all, Wu Chi did not even dare to take a step forward. Holding a token in his hand, Wu Chi still remember that before the ghosts of the words. This is my bad messenger, you take this into it, it is tantamount to complete the referral After entering, the test will naturally appear, as long as you can enter the hall, even through the test. Thought, Wu Chi again that side ghost bad token in his hand. Click Almost hair straightener brush nume at the same time, Wu Chi hand bad messenger suddenly broken, into a green light toward the temple of life and death shot. hair straightener brush before and after The next moment, Wu Chi whole people are suddenly pulled into a terrorist whirlpool. Somewhere, a low voice then sounded, life and death hall before the broken life and death, restless, can enter the temple into a guard This is a very short number of figures, it sounds very simpl.

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