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Hair Straightener Brush On Wet Hair ple, so far only to nine, and even if it is not Li Yunpeng, the general strength is also some weak, such a team, to Mangshan I am afraid only in the most peripheral rotation. Om Suddenly, the crowd suddenly a mess, but also his attention once again attracted the past. Hey, the cloud of the Shimei, I told you, do not be so polite, I was a trip to Mangshan, and not do not come back, you send what ah. Wu Chi all the way to go, all the way to talk about the ramble. Sure enough, just arrived on the ground, it caused a stir, but the stir is hair straightener brush on wet hair not Wu Chi, but the cloud load. Yunhuo Sister you Slightly Yi Zheng, Chen was called the brother once again stood out, puzzled asked Road. She is to send me, all right I came, let s go. Wu Chi rushing to answer. But the other side is clearly not Dali Wu Chi s meaning, still looking at the cloud load. Chen Shidi, which is Wu Chi, Wu Shixiong. There is no hurry to answer, Yuner softly said brush straightener farmers Wu brothers, this is Chenhe Young, talent and strength are very good. Crusaders Sister miserable. Shook his head, Chen He explained Do not say Yunxie Sister, even if the teacher has just started, talent I do not know how much stronger than me. For Wu Chi, Chen He is also clearly know, paused, this puzzled and asked Wu brothers go to Mangshan Yes hair straightener brush on wet hair ah, I heard Mangshan scenery is good, I just followed to see. Shrugged his shoulders, Wu Chi said casually. Hear this, Chen He s face can not help but smoke a pumping, the feelings of this is to see the scenery People go to the Qi Do not take care of Wu Chi, cloud softly asked. Said a total of eleven people, but the strange thing is that this is actually even the list did not give me, just let me in this. Smile a bit, Chen He shook his head count Wu brothers, A difference. Swept the crowd, Yun Chi indifferent said people have been together, Chen Shidi, this start it. For a time Chen He have not react, stunned for a moment, this suddenly realized the meaning of Yunhe, Yunhuo Sister, you mean, you go with us to Mangshan Do not you send me hair straightener brush on wet hair Looked at Wu Chi surprised eyes, cloud cold Lengheng a cry, slowly spit out from the hair straightener brush on wet hair mouth of the word, idiot From the million sword to the Mang. shan, but also three days of time only. This three days, eve.ll in this moment stagnation Got up. Om Suddenly, Wu Chi suddenly sword Even wore the pressure of this terror, even if the other side may be the main body of the prison community, but Wu pool is still still not hesitated, Cheng Jian sword suddenly point out, the same murderous awe inspiring. Supernatural powers, sword broken method Sword field start, a moment, the surrounding space, it seems that with the sword broken broken. Rule of abstinence The sword broke open nothing, forbidding all the rules of heaven and. earth, but also abruptly torn the overwhelming coercion. Click Between the breathing, the surrounding space as the glass suddenly collapse Fantasy Around the false illusion, can cheat the Wu Chi s perception, but can not cheat Wu Chi hands of the sword Sword broken method Fantasy has also been able to rely on the rules of heaven and earth, but the face of Wu Chi at the moment full shot of the sword, also followed the collapse. Gorgeous palace in an instant collapse broken, showing a real scene to. Surrounded by countless dark chains, in front of middle aged, and then not before the kind of good look, change the face ferocious, the body was locked in the dark chain And even the face of the handsome young people, but also become terrible up, the body even exudes the slightest blood. Sword break open false, see now the real scene, but it is to make a burst of fear of Wu Chi heart Even if he personally broke the illusion, but also did not expect, in front of the real, even so terrible scene. Where is the palace here, is simply a terrible prison And the other side, it is simply not the main prison community, but was suppressed in the prison among the criminals Moment, Wu Chi can not help but pour a breath of cold air. So horrified fantasy, almost already can be true. If it is not their own achievements of the perfect Kendo, hair straightener brush on wet hair if not the sword broken method of supernatural powers, simply can not break each other carefully framed hair straightener brush watsons illusion, found that one of the straight up hair straightening brush secrets. Even if not with their own suspicion, but also simply can not detect all this. Hey, it really is worthy of the perfect Kendo, even really can break the illusion of this seat Raised his head, his face revealed a hideous hide the.

ter the. break, Xiushui Jianjun naturally can not avoid this problem, so I asked Wu Chi there is nothing to say. If Wu Chi down the words of the cloud, that is, the two sides of the hair straightener brush on wet hair word, as to believe who that is the problem of Xiushui Jianjun. Wu Chi and Bai Rong are both true disciples, naturally no one who is more credible. In this way, there is only evidence of the important. Wu Chi no evidence to prove that it is Bai Rong kill people, but can not prove that Bai hair straightener brush on wet hair Rong before want to kill themselves, so what is actually no meaning. Can be the same, this sentence is also told Xiushui Jianjun. I have no evidence, so do not say anything, then Bai Rong if said anything, also asked him to come up with evidence. If not, then he said, naturally there is no meaning. It is because we want to understand these, so Wu Chi will be so calm. Oh Wu Chi s answer to Xiushui Jianjun very satisfied with this situation, since both sides have no evidence, then simply do not ask, this is the most simple solution. Compared to Bai Rong a meeting to complain, Wu Chi such a reaction, apparently more Xiushui Jianjun mind. However, Xiushui Jianjun but also did not intend to forget it. Eyes reveal a touch of deep meaning, Xiushui Jianjun once again faintly asked There is no evidence, you can regardless of right and wrong, do not ask right or wrong If so, what is fair This is also the cloud of Dutch want to say. She certainly understand that she can not get any evidence to come, even Chen He are dead, in addition to her and Wu Chi, then no one witnessed. Involved in the true disciples, naturally not because of her more than a person, then set the crime of Bairong. But she knew that there is no evidence, but still can not help but say it, is to seek a fair. Just like her before, would rather die, but also to pull the sword to Bai Rong to discuss a fair. She can not convince myself, so that innocent disciples so white death, so it was open to Xiushui Jianjun also those disciples a fair. She can not accept the kind of Wu Chi speak, heart Biequ powerful, Xiushui Jianjun this sentence, no doubt asked her voice. If there is no evidence, you can right and best ceramic hair straightener brush wrong, do not ask right and wrong, that this world what is fair at all Wha.suddenly become more chaotic up. Between the twinkling of an eye, the number of people involved in the murder has been as high as nearly twenty people. These people can be among the top three of the prison master, in the cooperation with the law enforcement, abruptly Yang Xiuchuan and the stars of the momentum of the stars down. Yang Xiuchuan, how much time do you intend to stay Plunged into the siege, the night star suddenly cold grunts, whisper asked. Well, all prison stone division, we also shot Shen Sheng answered the sentence, Yang Xiuchuan nodded his head. This sentence, but it is suddenly let everyone mind has a chill out. Do these two people still have to stay Not so other people react, Yang Xiuchuan hands on the rifle suddenly revealed a touch of glaring light, a moment, the sky is gun shadow, as if set off a frenzy, impressively toward the crowd rolling from. At the same time the night Shenxing hands dead above the sickle also thrown a touch of Yao Yi blood red, knife cut, abruptly in front of the four chains cut out of the fly out Whether it is Yang Xiuchuan or night Shenxing actually did not make every effort before. For both people, in fact, they are prepared to protect each other Now look at the situation more and more chaos, the two had no choice but to abandon the prejudice, put down the fight against each other full shot. In this way, the power suddenly skyrocketed, the original seems to have taken advantage of the crowd suddenly was beaten by surprise, even if there are law enforcement officers to help, but also a moment between the full death of four or five people. Seeing all the people retreat, Wu pool sudde. nly flashed a touch of Jingmang, aimed at the opportunity, brazenly sword attack. But this sword hair straightener brush on wet hair is not cut to the night Shen Xing or Yang Xiuchuan, but cut to just that was almost killed by the stars of the knife beheaded the strong knife. We were all together to deal with the night Shenxing and Yang Xiuchuan, the man for the Wu Chi is not the slightest preparedness, no alert to Wu Chi close to within three feet. Three feet sword domain, three feet invincible Instantly defensive attack, but still so close to the distance, the man even did not react, the heart has been.the other people not been Jun should be on the eyes. Chapter 438 Kill awe inspiring No one that Li Yunpeng is a joke, that a knife, such as ink, even in the face of Wu Chi is still sharp, perhaps Wu Chi is not afraid of him, Zhou Bo Yan apalus hair straightening brush reviews and Yuan Ziyi presence, but it is undoubtedly the largest Wu Chi flaw. A person, once with flaws, then no matter how strong the strength, will become no longer terrib. le. Blade pointed to, that is, Wu Chi s flaws. Step forward step, Li Yunpeng who Murder victory, but also undoubtedly in the Wu Chi once again declared his attitude. Wu Chi did not doubt Li Yunpeng s determination, however, he was not the slightest angrily, but laughed out loud. Wu Chi laugh is very bright, so it becomes more and more annoying. I promised, but, you dare to believe it Spread out the palm of your hand, Wu Chi calmly asked Li Yunpeng thought countless possibilities, but only did not think Wu Chi will be so hair straightener brush on wet hair answer. It makes him hold the hand slightly stiff. Originally Wu Chi is by virtue of the day to leave, that in itself means behind the Wu Chi stood on the upper hand of the master, and now so swaggering back, an opening that agreed, really can believe it Took a deep breath, Li Yunpeng cold voice hair straightening brush electric pro said With me back to the prison seven heavy, is true or false, division respect their own. In a blink of an eye, Li Yunpeng will kick the ball back to Wu Chi. Perhaps he is really hard to judge Wu Chi hair straightener brush on wet hair said is true or false, but as long as Wu Chi once again stepped into the prison community seven, is involuntarily, Xi Jun should naturally have a way to force Wu Chi. Are you sure that you really know your teacher Sneer a cry, Wu Chi disdain asked You really know what he is the identity of the enemy who is facing This makes Li Yunpeng some hair straightening brush straightfix speechless speechless. Although to follow the Emperor Jun should be years, but in fact, he was just had to be Jun Jun should be fooled, how could really understand the identity of Xi Jun should be with the past Nominally mentoring, but in fact, but is the use of each other, but also the threat of the ingredients even larger. What do you Do not you know The mouth reveals a witty color, indifferent, said But I know Tianjun Xi Jun should, the strength of natur.

Hair Straightener Brush On Wet Hair people, who do not want to pick out. And ignore the clouds, Wu Chi s eyes narrowed slightly, indifferent asked Li Dongsheng is it Are you sure, really want to sign with hair straightening brush as seen on tv reviews me dead No longer commensurate with the Young, it means that Wu Chi has really played a Murder, which is subtle, other people may not understand, but the cloud of hair straightening brush before and after this sensitive woman, but it is able to feel the. How, do not dare Neck twist, Li Dongsheng sneered. In all fairness, the cloud was so full of scared, his heart also slightly regretted some, but the words have been said, and naturally did not take back the truth, even if the brace, but also brave in the end. Well, I ll sign up with you Eyes reveal a touch of Hanmang, Wu Chi coldly open Road. No Hear the words of Wu Chi, Yun Ying frowned, once again blocked Road. If you are not even the sword of this waste is not close, that is, do not sign dead and alive, I also shame dead. Mouth through Out of a touch of smile, Wu Chi frivolous look at the cloud said This frivolous and rampant words, so that the hearts of clouds more and more angry, this guy how this is not a matter of fact Just think of Wu Chi died in the hands of the consequences of Li Dongsheng, Yun He stamped the stomping said. I promised it, do not call again. No Almost at the same time in the cloud to speak, Li Dongsheng and Wu Chi both open at the same time. Moment of tim. e, that is, Yuno no matter how good temper, his face can not help but a stiff. If you want to die, I will fulfill him, said Li Dongsheng, who said, Since he wants to die, I will not be able to do so. Shrugged his shoulders, Wu Chi leisurely said You see, he bent to kill me If not give him this opportunity, that he may be how the next black hand, I do not like trouble Paused, Wu Chi mouth slightly up, Moreover, the cloud of her sister, you have to promise me what Die Heard Wu brush straightener reviews uk Chi this frivolous molested words, Yunhe immediately angry. Li Dongsheng is red eyes, murderous out of the wind. Apart from anything else, directly hair straightener brush on wet hair from the body out of life and death, resolutely marked with their own star power mark, thrown into the Dongfu within. But did not immediately sign, but sneered Li Dongsheng, swear it, or if you shameless, I am not now nothing.r normal circumstances that is even, but in this fog enveloped, but it has become a natural moat. Wind Li Yunpeng into a deadlock, but Chen did not stop the fog, he made the fog, for his natural will not have any effect, so his arrows, can still be accurate to Li Yunpeng key. But between the number of data, Li Yunpeng was forced to have to show their influence again, from the fog out of the back. The weakest is the strongest For Chen fog are, most afraid of being close, but before you really close to the body, but it is his strongest moment. That a fog under the shrouded, he was outrageous arrows, is the most horrible shot strokes. And hair straightener brush on wet hair even even if Ma Shi Jie and Liu Changtong not dare to fall into the fog. However, in Li Yunpeng from the fog out of the moment, Liu Changtong fist is already on schedule. puff Has just cast a metaphor supernatural powers, and now Li Yunpeng simply can not come again to shadow, can barely sideways to hand knife parry. Just this r. ush under the parry, and how to block Liu Changtong ready to go fist. Just a punch, Li Yunpeng will be flying out of the bomb, spit out a blood, his face instantly pale up. However, this is still not the end. Li Yunpeng in the air, change to the most difficult time, Ma Shijie s ribbon at the same time wrapped around, as the python wrapped around the general, crazy tight, almost to Li Yunpeng suffocated. Just so short a moment of time, under the three together, they abruptly Li Yunpeng into the desperate. Wind Chen fog all the arrows again after the first, as lightning hit Li Yunpeng throat. This arrow, is the real lore Although the three have a battle between each other, but this is not the hair straightener brush on wet hair first time, and shot a very understanding, abruptly cut off the vitality of Li Yunpeng. It is no exaggeration to say that if this arrow is real, Li Yunpeng is bound to instantly die. However, in the life and death that is, a sudden burst of terror and pressure down. Even if the strength of the three, this moment, and even can not control the body, from the bottom of my heart gave birth to a trace of chestnut feeling. Breathe between the void out of a finger, suddenly press Moment, hit Li Yunpeng throat that arrow, suddenly broken broken, wrapped aroun.

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