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Hair Straightener Brush Online other Wu, white brother, please go with me to see the elders. Although the penalty, but Wu Chi and Bai Rong, after all, is really a disciple, these unusual disciples, but also dare not rude After all, the two are just a hundred years only, not completely lost potential. With the disciples into the valley, Wu Chi suddenly felt a strong sword Italy, people from the bottom of my heart gave birth to a sense of horror. And this is only the jail outside the valley only, you can imagine, once really be involved in the jailbreak, the sword is how terrible. All the way Whether it is Wu Chi or Bai Rong, seems to have completely forgotten before the unhappy, and did not reveal the slightest hostility to. Go about a time of tea, Wu Chi this saw the elders guard jail prison. Old husband surnamed Chen, nearly a thousand years in charge of guards prison. Swept the Wu Chi and Bai Rong one, the old faint said. Disciples meet Chen Changshou. Wu Chi and Bai Rong at the hair straightener brush online same time ritual Road, and regardless of the strength of the other side, just now people watch the jail prison this point, it must not offend. Mangshan things, the old lady heard a little Since the wrong is. difficult to distinguish, then you two at the same time into the jail prison, it should be meaning. However, Wu Chi was just getting started soon, repair is still shallow, hair straightener brush online inconvenience into which, if a single penalty Bai Rong, but also unfair Slightly shaking his head, Chen Changshou leisurely said Well, you two at the same time into the word war prison it On the situation of jail prison, hair straightening brush on gma before the cloud are also explained with the Wu Chi. Sword prison in three difficulty, respectively, for heaven and earth Day jail prison most terrible, even the broken disc disciples, there are dead in which records, only really made a big mistake, will be punished into them. In accordance with the hair straightener brush online cultivation of Wu Chi, itself should be such as the word swordsman s prison, but this old man mouth a partial, directly thrown into the word Jianjian, obviously this distribution is intended for Wu Chi s. However, in this brush straightener facebook case, Wu Chi is very clear that he did not bargain room, bow a prayer, it seems that nothing was aware of, calmly said Chen Chang said that the.ising into the sixteen strong ah Wu Chi could not help but praise Road. How can it be so easy Shook his head, Yun He explained Just luck today is better, and I am a woman how much a little bit of cheap, the two embarrassed me under the heavy hand. No reason, ah, obviously did not think you are better than me. Piezhuo mouth, looked at the clouds and a few gold, Wu Chi a very contemptuous look like joking. Smiled, the cloud will naturally not compete with him this, the natural transfer of the topic, Tomorrow as if you have to fight against Bai Rong it Mention Bai Rong, Wu Chi s brow can not help but pick a little pick. Mangshan things had been the original, he never forget, for the white natural nature is full of disgust, but from the present, it seems that there is no way to take Bairong way. Zongmen, there are elders looked at, so after all, different from life and death stroke, so that some of the Wu Chi do not open the feeling of open. Come on, maybe I woke up suddenly burst of broken it Wu Chi a very careless look replied. Turned his eyes, Yun He naturally do not believe him this nonsense, but after all, some worry, Do not have any emotional struggle, the time is also very long, to be fair, do not have to rush for a moment Yunpeng brothers, you say tomorrow, Wu will be a brother with the white brother to fight it Xiushui peak, with Li Yunpeng strong into the core of the disciples of the top ten, the status is also rising, get a lot of Xiushui Feng disciples recognized. Silence a moment, Li Yunpeng still did not open after all. There is also used to say, certainly the game ah Next to the disciples shook his head and said In the stars, Wu brothers should have been almost invincible, but across a big realm, it did not hit, and today s test You ve seen the results. That is, hey, cloud Peng brothers, had Mangshan you have gone, you talk about, you think they are the truth You are an idiot Oblique that disciple one, next to someone suddenly replied Yunpeng brothers with Wu brothers cross for many years, naturally believe that Wu brothers. Heard this, Li Yunpeng finally raised his head, Wu Chi, although not how hair straightener brush online to rely on Kaopu, but it is not indiscriminate apalus brush hair straightener boots killing innocent people, this is no doubt.

ough the expression is still modest, but it is clear that Wu did not treat the kind of kind, but no interest to explain the background again Wanjianzong. However, Li Yunpeng naturally will not be the same as Wu Chi fool, disciples willing Satisfied nodded his head, Luo Ying glanced at the two swords of the elders said You take Li Yunpeng back to the case, the king first step. Yes Respectfully salute the salute, the two elders quickly agreed Road. Wu Chi Luo Ying will be directly to the door, although they have their credit, but after all, they do not return to their own, and now leave Li Yunpeng let them back to the door, then be regarded as some of the compensation for the two. Of course, but also want to take this opportunity, so that the two first with Li Yunpeng explain the upper bound and Wan Jianzong things. Although Wu Xin mind ten million want to talk with Li Yunpeng first gas, but now it is simply can not say that exports. Stature slightly flash, Luo Ying suddenly wiped away with Wu Chi. All the way to follow Luo Ying, Wu Chi this is really down on the sky stars above, although not speak, but the kind of shock in the eyes of Wu Chi is a hiding people. With Wu Chi down, Luo Ying explained The upper bound with the small world, from a certain extent, the small world but only closed the secret of it, only to the upper bound, is to the real In the world. Fell to the ground, Wu Chi found that, from here looks like, there seems to be no difference with the small world, before the vast sky is not, looked up, is still blue sky. Just experienced everything before, even the same blue sky, in the eyes of Wu Chi have been completely hair straightening brush uspicy different. Prior to this, Wu Chi had guessed the upper bounds of the situation, but how can not think of all this. Jianjun, among the upper bound, how many stars like stars such stars stars Raised his head, Wu Chi or could not help but asked the export. Smiled, Luo Ying explained Just as you see the same, but the sky is only a star in the stars only stars Nobody knows, how many stars, because, even now, no one knows How big is the upper bound This answer, suddenly let Wu Chi some ignorant, it seems to have completely beyond the scope he can understand. Of course, this r.alone in which the. Almost in the Wu Chi in the knife in the mountains to move forward at the same time, the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan also entered the prison community four Also appears in this piece of knife into the mountains, but the distance between each other very far, simply can not see each other. Barry outside that a high platform, is really possible to let everyone meet th. e place. Compared with Wu Chi, Yang Xiuchuan will appear more calmly. Even if the same was blocked infuriating, but even the strength of the body, but also a lot more than Wu Chiqiang, although the edge also hurt him, but far from Wu Chi so miserable. Standing in place, slightly pondered a moment, Yang Xiuchuan backhand out of the rifle brave to the front of the razor bombardment away. Click A crisp sound, blocking the sharp edge in front of the sharp even the gun was broken a few roots However, the terror is that Yang Xiuchuan even have not had time to go over, those broken broken razor will grow out again, even more than before the more intensive. Can not take it Pondered a moment, Yang Xiuchuan Lengheng a cry, the hands of the rifle again point out, at the same time the whole person suddenly hit forward, although the same thorny blood dripping, but the speed of the road was faster than Wu Chi too much The puff Struggling out of the knife between the mountains out of nearly 100 meters away, Wu Chi can not support after all, the whole body of the flesh and blood are almost cut off, bones and dense. This is only less than 100 meters only, Wu Chi only bet once. Sharp knife through the heart, Wu Chi dead moment, surrounded by a sudden hair straightener brush online burst of a black mist, but between the count, Wu Chi will be restored as early as just when the same time, the body was again bitten by the edge, any blood flow The Sure enough His face slightly pale, but Wuchi eyes once again revealed a touch of Jingmang. As in the prison community, as in this knife among the dead, but also the same can be born again, but once dead, the loss of the spirit of the spirit, but a hair straightener brush online full one fifth or so. In other words, in the absence of the soul of the case of stone, as long as the death of five times, it will run out of all the power of God, that ti.can be different, Can be soaring from the lower bound, your perception of the road, far from what they can match, this way, naturally do not need to spend so long time. Even if not so long, at least have to give me straightening hair brush in south africa a few years time slowly pondering, right Wu Chi a look of wronged argument. For other people, it does take a few years. Surprisingly, Luo Ying simply agree with this argument, but not so Wuchi happy, Luo Ying then suddenly a turn, but they are the most But it is only the core disciples only, and you are for the division of the true disciples If lit the stars need a few years time, came out is not a joke Act high profile, always have to pay the price. Before the star in the stunning Quartet, itself hair straightener brush online has been pulled himself to a very high point, after the request, naturally will inevitably rise If you can not share the amazing, it will be considered to have their names. Which itself is Wu Chi now carrying the name of the Tianjiao, the price to bear. If you hair straightener brushes reviews can not do it every day, you will be able to do it, for the teacher you a hundred years free Even after you every day in the door to play, it is also by you. century. His hands lost to the back, Luo Ying light opening Road. Wu Chi naturally can not really do not practice a hundred years, but who do not want to be forced to practice every day is not Especially from the bones, this goods is simply a lazy guy, the so called hundred years of freedom, for him, or very tempting. Of course, more important is the threat of. a hundred years of confinement. Two next one, Wu Chi immediately on the honest practice up Sword king Walking away from the residence of Wu Chi practice, immediately have disciples approached to meet. Wu Yidi Dong Fu, the other in accordance with the highest specifications of the distribution, but it is not near your sword peak. Eyes reveal a chill chill, Luo Ying hair straightener brush online mouth is can not help but reveal a touch of ridicule of the color. Wu Chi, although now get the identity of the true disciples, distinguished, but in fact, let alone with other true disciples than, even the strength of the core disciples, but also much more than Wu Chiqiang. In this case, to the distribution of the highest specifications of the Wu Village Dong F.

Hair Straightener Brush Online here is no breakthrough, then it is not at least have to die dozens of hope to break through In this high on top, but also to restore the power of the spirit, but once left high platform, may not have the slightest chance of recovery, as long as the number of dead more, they can only rely on the strength of the soul stone. In other words, do not want to rely on the soul of the soul through the test of these tests, it must be guaranteed, into the next high before the station, up to only nine times So the words down, in fact, Yang Xiuchuan and night stars have not used the soul of the soul of stone. Think of this, the empty monk some puzzled and asked The two lay should have not used to set the soul of stone, right now, why stay here so long This high platform is only used to rest only, Yang Xiuchuan stay here for almost ten days, hair straightener brush online night stars Xing longer, it is unreasonable. Stay here, naturally for others Yang Xiuchuan replied lightly. Slightly stunned, the empty monk immediately came to hair straightener brush online react, some people come in Before he was the first break into the prison community of four, and do not know what happened behind, but from the words of Yang Xiuchuan to determine the final is bound to what a change, but some puzzled. If the master does not know it, then it seems he has not died. Pick the eyebrows, Yang Xiuchuan calmly said. His words, the empty monk immediately reflected over, Wu Chi Wu Chi who left good fruit, if Wu Chi died, he is bound to be able to feel, this is the only explanation. How can this be There best hair straightening electric brush are some incredible empty monk said. Just broke through the Baili Daoshan, empty monk naturally understand this one of the difficult, he still died forty one times to Wu Chi s strength even if there is a set of soul stone, fear also did not hope to break through the Baili knife Mountain. Moreover, Wu Chi where the courage to break the prison community. four If there are hair straightener brush online four in his hand set soul stone Sneer a cry, Yang Xiuchuan faint asked This moment suddenly let the empty monk head of a ignorant, the heart of the exchange of electricity when the reaction came over. He left before, Wu Chi s hands is not just four sets of soul stone it These should be given to the night Shen Xing and Yang X.d the slut You scolded him to call him, pull what I do However, for such a time, Zhou Xu finally calm down. I admit that I have planted it, but you think that there is only one of my six in hair brush straightener review the prison, and that I am the only one who killed me and you can not live. Hear this, both Yang Xiuchuan or Wu Chi heart can not help but slightly dengkou soon. There is no doubt that the situation is developing in the worst direction. If the prison community six only Zhou Xu one, then taking advantage of this opportunity to kill, naturally a hundred of the. But if there are other people, kill Zhou Xu, is bound to disturb each other, that time, Wu Chi no way to follow the other gourd to cope with other experts. To know, now able hair straightener brush online to live Zhou Xu, not because he really has the strength to compete with Zhou Xu, but is determined to mind under the careless, the use of Zhou Xu arrogant psychology, and the kind of metamorphosis hobbies, not before the two People under the killer only. Otherwise, when the supernatural powers, Zhou Xu that the strength of terror, enough to easily kill Wu Chi and Yang Xiuchuan the. Put you, we are not the same dead road Heart turned these thoughts at the same time, Wu Chi face can not reveal the slightest strange, disdain said Xuye you. r ability, I was seen, Just let you breathe a sigh of relief to kill us. These words are not exaggerated, as long as Zhou Xu escape today s threat, slowed over God, once again to display supernatural powers, Wu Chi and Yang Xiuchuan I am afraid to run are running away. Every step back, you let me, I also no longer provoke you, hair straightening brush philippines we all go the way. Did not move, Zhou Xu Chen Sheng opening Road. Although Wu Chi on the surface or a no concession to the posture, but in fact, he has been heard from the Wu Chi s voice loose. No one is not afraid of death As long as the fear of death, there is room for discussion. Why do I believe you Janus slightly under pressure, Wu Chi sneered Who knows you are not in the fraud, in hair straightener brush vs flat iron fact, there is no other people here. Here is the hair straightener brush online enlightenment Forest of Stone Tablets, you have seen, where there are many stone Once entered here, do not even want to go out, I have been trapped in this nearly ten thousand years, and lie to you.

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