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Hair Straightener Brush Professional ou will understand. Chapter 425 Legend of Yan Beichen Prison community six heavy, all the stone is no word. However, when the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan went to this stone before the time, but can not help but pour a cold air. In front of this stone at first glance, it seems that no difference with the other, in this stone, but it is engraved with the word. Demons change, Yan North Chen This stone is Yanbei Chen left Yang Xiuchuan some incredible asked. Slowly nodded, Zhou Xu Chen Sheng said In the past, Yan Beichen stepped into the prison community six, only spent a hundred years, they will enlighten the million stone, realize a shaking supernatural powers God through the time, the prison community six heavy vibration, all enlightenment hair straightening brush on black hair monument at the same time bloom Guanghua, the birth of this one belongs to Yan Beichen enlightenment monument Demons change is that supernatural name. Even if it is far more than the first time to come here, but every time I see this stone, Zhou Xu heart can not help but burst of throbbing. For them, Yan Beichen the name, is a legend, a legend can not go beyond. No matter what kind of test, no matter what kind of realm, but nothing to do what kind of opponent, as long as there Yanbei Chen where there is no one dare to expect the first. Zhou Xu Shang and so, for Yang Xiuchuan and the stars of the shock of the stars even more to say. Even if thousands of years apart, and now see only just a stone it can seem to still be able to feel Yanbei Chen from the share of amazing and unparalleled. Unconsciously, Wu Chi and Li Fernan also appeared in the stone before. See Wu Chi, Zhou Xu can not help but slightly Yi Zheng, puzzled to see Li Fernan. Slightly shook his head, Li Fernan did not answer, but rather see the meaning of Zhou Chou Zhou Xu, self deprecating like Just now, I saw the eighth thousand stone monument, and some complacent, Let me see this it is too blow to people, right Eight thousand enlightenment monument Just two hundred years, ah, Wu Chi has reached the genius of the original height No matter how to see, see the achievements of eight thousand s. hair straightener brush professional tone monument has been enough amazing, even now Wu Chi and even have not yet begun to magic hair straightening ceramic brush comprehend reason When you are everyone as shameless as you Qi s flesh purple, Li Dongsheng hate scolded. But was forced to this point, he naturally is also very clear, can not afford to vow, Wu Chi is not sign dead. I Li Dongsheng swear by life, signed life and death, if Wu Chi can pick me a sword die, willing to watch him for thousands of years Swearing time, Li Dongsheng also deliberately playing a small smart, the conditions of life and death will be added, and is no longer said before the undefeated, but directly to kill the meaning of revealing without fear. Eyes reveal a sense of ridicule, Wu Chi contemplated Why should we play this little smart, I said, by virtue of this millennium did not become a true disciples of goods, not qualified hair straightener brush professional to kill me. Between the words, Wu Chi will simply imprint the star force into the same time took the Dong Fu. This step, that is no more than the transfer of the room, really accept this bet about. you guys Seeing two people do not care about their own words, Yunhe can not help but burst of breath. To come before, how she did not expect things to develop to this point, if the early know so, not as good as not come yet. In the heart, the cloud is the early Wu Chi was scolded dog blood spray nozzle, and this guy is the pig brain it Just a hair straightening brush sally shock, fooled Obviously just getting started, even the stars may not have to enter it, even dare to think of life and death with Li Dongsheng, really think that a bit of talent, coupled with the identity of the disciples, no one would dare to kill it Outsiders are not clear, but the cloud is known, Li Dongsheng excel a horror of the sup. ernatural powers, enough to easily break the life of the stars. Wu Chi, even if it is lit in January the life of the star, but also do not even want to rely on life to life insurance life. She did not doubt that Li Dongsheng will not kill the next, and now life and death have been signed, Wu Chi in her eyes, it can be said that a fundamental is dead Now the real headache is that once Wu Chi died, get the news after killing the sword army will be how furious. Do not say I do not give you a chance Wu Chi, are you ready Looked at Wu Chi, Li Dongsheng proudly open Road. For their own, Li Dongsheng a.

id Thank you prisoners good intentions, hair straightening brush on black hair but the matter is important, please let me think about how some time You can Indifferent nodded, the Lord of the prison community calmly said You first stay here. That do not hide the guards, I have been in the prison community six yea. rs of stay for too long, and now we must first go out to see my friends, want to be clear, then come back to see the prisoner how Wu Chi slightly owe, softly open Road. Into the prison community seven heavy, they can not leave at will. Slightly shaking his head, prison the main god said. For others, want to leave nature is difficult, but you are the leader hair straightener brush steam of this prison, ah, for you, it is not a little effort Wu Chi stalled, puzzled and asked. Everything, have their own rules, the dark prison community, naturally there are rules of the dark prison community is the seat, hair straightener brush professional also can not easily change. Middle aged calm explanation. Rules Hearing this, Wu Chi s mouth finally float a hint of sarcasm, heaven and earth hair straightener brush professional rules still can break, not to mention the rules of the dark prison community Who are you Between the words, wrist slightly turned, Cheng Jian sword suddenly start, Wu Chi s eyes have been revealed a touch of faint murderous. At first, he did think that the other is the prison community, with this conversation, Wu Chi has suddenly overturned this idea. If the other side is really the one hand to create a dark prison community of the main body of the prison, the strength of the strong, I am afraid that is really Tongtian thoroughly, do not say what the rules of the dark prison community, even if the law of the upper bound, I m afraid also Not bound to live. But to let a disciple into the upper bound only, why should others to intervene In accordance with this idea push back, things suddenly become more hair straightener brush buy online simple. Even if it seems that the prison community seven, the only palace, even if the other looks unpredictable, even claiming to be the master of the prison, but it can not be true after all. A thought between the murderous awe inspiring. You are questioning my identity Middle aged eyes reveal a touch of cold, step by step, when there is hair straightener brush professional a very tight pressure of rolling out, it seems that even the surrounding space, a.ry of three thousand years into the broken star, can become a true disciple, if over this period, even if the break, and still only the core disciples. Therefore, the core disciples in the broken world of disciples also have a lot, but these core disciples, but did not become a true disciple of the qualifications, naturally they will not challenge other true disciples of qualifications. Simply put, although these people can be regarded as the backbone of the door, but not to focus on the scope of training. Because, basically their potential, have been dug clean, and this life I am afraid it is difficult to have the opportunity to step into a higher level. This is very cruel, but also very realistic. Nodded slightly, Wu Chi is not too concerned about this. Excluding these people, the other core disciples are only just the strength of the stars only, with the realm of the battle, Wu Chi really did not put them in the eyes. Do not underestimate these people, ever. y time the door than the time, there will be some Jingyan brilliant talent disciples appeared, these people even no shortage of stars to the pinnacle of the strength of victory over the broken territory of the evildoer Once in the door Big show when the performance is very good, it is likely to be directly under the door of Jianjun income, directly into the true disciples. Hand to take a look at Wu Chi, Yun He carefully explained far not say, Xiushui Jianjun disciples, Court Court is a thousand years ago in the door when the challenge than the true success of the disciples, was Xiushui Jianjun income under the door. Li Court, the name even if the Wu Chi also heard. Xiushui Feng thousands of years since the most outstanding genius disciples, this time when the door is bigger than the time, it is high hopes, thunder strong Hear this, Wu Chi can not help but dignified a bit. This world never lacks genius, especially in the upper bound, too arrogant is absolutely not a good thing. See Wu Chi listen to the cloud, and then continue to say In addition, it is true to pass the disciples of the test, which in turn under the four Jianjun door disciples between the most important test results , And even can affect the door of the resources of the to take the initiative more. A person s time, always more fearless, but once turned into two people, will be more scruples. Two people s lives, this is more than a person heavier, this reason is so simple. Yunhuo Shimei, with me but just just did not know how long it was, White Brother would not think I really love her at first sight, even at the expense of their own life, right Eyes did not blink, Wu Chi disdain said. Is not love at first sight I do not know, but if you really do not care about her life and death, fear is already already crushed when these demon heart Bai Rong s eyes are also very calm, light opening Road. This sentence, and finally let Wu Chi whom color change. As Bai Rong before the small look at him, and now, he is not a small look at the white dragon According to Wu Chi s temper, this situation, he simply will not stay for their own hidden dangers, even if the bet, it is bound to be with a hair straightener brush professional white dragon gambling. After all, there are contraction to the size of the supernatural powers, coupled with those demon goal are now Bairong, really desperate to pinch the devil desperately hard, he and Bai Rong live the opportunity, almost the same. In this case, Wu Chi will never fear with Bai Rong gambling. Just once really to this point, the cloud is absolutely absolutely. dead. For a time, suddenly quiet down around, and even be able to hear the sound of the rapid breathing of the sound of clouds. Before coming, Yunhe how would not have thought, she would rather become a drag of Wu Chi. Took a deep breath, the eyes of the cloud suddenly revealed a touch of color. Zheng Soon as Jianming, Yun He decided to pull out the hands of the sword, pointing to Bai Rong away. You two said so much, but did not even ask me the meaning of slowly opening, Yun He whispered so many brothers are so dead you can compromise, but they do Will they die I do not have so much of your mind, but there are also my insistence. Janus slightly on the pick, Yun Fu must openly said Unless I die, otherwise, we must for these brothers brothers, to discuss a fair These words finished, whether it is Wu Chi or Bai Rong, can not help but at the same time discoloration. Now the situation is very subtle, whether it is W.

Hair Straightener Brush Professional that the hair straightener brush professional hearts of the two gave birth to a bit of fear of meaning. On the strength of the guarding of the general and prison community triple the law enforcement of the same, but the hands of the guard did not order chain chain, or I am afraid they can not have so easy. As for a moment, the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan suddenly understand each other s mind, almost at the same time suddenly toward the guard to kill the past. Capture the thief first capture the king, as long as the first to kill the guard command, the rest of the guard for the natural lack of fear. Night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan once the two really played a murderous, but also how can other people can hair straightener brush professional stand out. But a moment, that the guard will be killed in the security of the ring, only parry of power, there is no strength to fight back. Always staring at the field of change, but still did not see any change, but it is so Wu Chi can not help but frowned. With the feeling, he did not believe that life and death hall only so little strength, but from the present situation, he did not see half of the odds. This suddenly let him hesitate some. Once the guard command dead, do not know what will be the result, and their own may also be exposed. Do not look before Wu Chi seems to be with Yang Xiuchuan night star star into a, but in fact, Wu Chi is very clear, once the opportunity, the two are afraid to have to kill their own heart. Mind turn, Wu Chi brain flashed countless thoughts, but the heart is can not help but suddenly a cross. Command the adults, I help you Shouting a cry, Wu Chi hand sword suddenly point out, blooming out of a Qinglian, brazenly toward the night Shenxing and Yang Xiuchuan kill Qingl. ian blooming moment, Yang Xiuchuan and the night Shenxing heart can not help but suddenly surprised, incredibly staring at the Wu Chi. They are led hair straightening brush reviews not the first day to deal with Wu Chi, in particular, had come out from the Baili Dao Shan, Wu Chi leisurely out of step by step, then step hair straightener brush professional lotus, that scene also let the two memories still deep. Now suddenly see Wu Chi, and even see Wu Chi has become a guardian of the temple of life and death, how can they make femjolie hair straightener brush australia them not scared Is the moment of the stunned gap, Wu Chi has been hair straightener brush for black women at.a hundred years, he can not step into the broken star Brow a pick, Luo Ying Cold sound asked. You also said, but it may be Ling days Jianjun not hesitate to retort I never hair straightener brush professional believe it possible Moreover, even if he can really into the immortal palace before entering the broken star, just broken stars Strength, how can we compete with other Tianjiao Did not try, how do you know can not Disdainly grunted, Luo Ying indifferent asked. All right Slightly frown, Jian Zu once again broke the dispute between the two. Slightly pondered a moment, Jianzu this opening said quota is Luo Ying fight, in love, but also to Wu Chi a chance Well, this time after the end of the big, Wu pool with its large ratio 10 years is limited, if within ten years, Wu Chi can enter the broken star, hair straightener brush professional then give him a place into the fairy places, if not the matter will not have to mention the. ten years straightening brush natural hair This is hair straightener brush professional actually a fairly short time, from the pinnacle to the broken star, is a gap, do not know how many people are stuck hair straightener brush professional in this door outside Only to Wu Chi ten years time, it sounds very unfair. But Luo Ying has chosen to silence down. Because this decade is not unusual for ten years, but to follow the Jianzu side closed for ten years. Jianzu closed the door, what, they all know very well. In this way, although the opportunity is still small, but it is not entirely no chance. As for that hard, some that should be. Think of an exception to get such an opportunity to naturally prove that they have this potential and qualifications. This is a sword set up a homeland, can not step in the past, we have to see Wu Chi s own. It s fair More importantly, since the sword ancestors have opened the mouth, then there is no room for rejection. Slightly owe, Luo Ying opened this way listen to the teacher command Well, all go, Zongmen than after, come to see me. Put a waved, Jianzu faint told Road. As for how to deal with Wu Chi things, Jianzu no mention, that naturally will be nothing. Bai Rong. although it is true disciples, for the sword of ancestors, is still just a name even remember the little people only, dead also died, nothing worthy of care. It is the most important thing to calm the dispute between Luo Ying and Ling Tianjian. And this.

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