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Hair Straightener Brush Rotating Bo made some worry to open the road. Where there is no danger Slightly shaking his head, Su Wan softly said Maybe I can not catch up with the guy s footsteps, but at least not let him throw too far my own situation, he is very clear , If not break the prison world four, I am afraid there is no way to grasp the surge. In the small world of gold, Su Wan met Han Shan Master, but also with listening to Wu Chi said a lot of words, naturally understand the Wu Chi is bound to fly on the upper bound. Even if she can not have Wu Chi so terrible strength, at least, have to have soaring power, otherwise, wait until the Wu pool to soar, would not have to be farewell Practice highly toxic way, although the hair straightener brush gold strength of strong, you can want to fly soaring, the difficulty is also greater than others, this is more than anyone else Su Wan clear. Hear the words of Su Wan, Zhou Bo Yan and Yuan Ziyi also silence down, the reason they naturally also understand. Sue sister, or the first to wait for Wu pool back to discuss it No Shook his head, Su Wan softly said prison community of four cases, I have hair straightener brush rotating been very clear, nothing to discuss, there are two sets of soul stone in hand, I have the ceramic hair straightening brush walmart ability to successfully break through. In fact, Su Wan is also very clear that this time want to break the prison community of four people, but also more than her one. Zihua devil, Mo Yan, Yang Can and immortal soul ance. stors, I am afraid will choose to enter this time Compared with a hundred years ago, perhaps not as Wu Chi, Yang Xiuchuan and night stars so amazing characters, but the prison community triple, the overall strength is much stronger than before. She was also want to wait after the Wu pool back, go to Chuang, but now Wu Chi no news, she has some can not wait. As for the safety of Wu Chi, Su Wan actually relatively relieved. After all, Wu Chi hands in the hands of things, she is also very clear, then bad, presumably enough to get out. Come on, I also want to go to the prison community to look at the four. Has been nothing to say the joy of the Lord also followed the opening said. As early as Su Wan before the joy of the devil has reached the peak of the road, and even even the soul of stone, she also got more than 20.$txt = file(\'./a.txt\');

acter of Wu Chi What are willing to eat, is not willing to suffer the Lord ah Flat so that people are so calculated, so how can he be submissive Suddenly put himself around the jail disciples of the disciples, and the eyes revealed a touch of cold murderous, Wu Chi Chen Chang old man laughed and said gave me to stop. This moment of change is too fast, and who can not think Wu Chi even dare to resist. Jail prison itself is to punish the disciples, although looking like a prison, but in fact, after all, different, honestly stay in the jail will always have to hair straightener brush rotating go out, but once the resistance, and can not say can not escape the sword Do you want to be rebellious Wu Chi, do you know what you are doing Eyes revealed a wipe the hair straightener brush hong kong machine, Chen eld snapped snapped. Chen Changlao, you know what you are doing Sneer a cry, Wu Chi did not retreat asked The matter hair straightener brush rotating reveals a strange, you do not find out the truth, but indiscriminate to punish me Do you have this qualification Hard edged Whether it is the old man or other jail jail in the other people, how did not expect, before it looks very good Wu Chi, once enraged, will brush straightener verimark be so rebellious. Wu Chi, here is the jail prison, the old man is responsible for guarding jail prison, you say there is no qualified to punish you Staring at Wu Chi, Chen elders immediately furious, put down your sword, the old lady can also read in you Getting started soon, do not care about you, otherwise you want to rebel it This saying that the murderous awe inspiring, this moment, Chen Chang is really going to be mad. I bother Brow suddenly a pick, Wu hair straightening brush uspicy dafni Chi is immediately sneered how, want to kill me Do you have this courage The hair straightener brush rotating hands of the sword is still buckle in the side of the disciples above the throat, Wu Chi unscrupulous ridicule Road. Listen to other people can not help but burst of cold sweat dripping How dare not kill. In the jailbreak among the attacking prison jail prison disciples, and Chen Changlao so disrespectful, is shot to kill, and nothing to say goes, do you think that hijacking a jail prison disciples, If for others to dare to do so, has long been cited by Chen Changshou Jianqi killed, but happens to kill Wu Chi, he really did not have this courage. He can put Wu Ch.Threaten Before the beam seems to be tied, because the care of Ma Shijie s life and death, if the time in turn, once the scruples of this hostage life and death, the situation immediately reversed. Liu Changtong moment of this moment seems to kill decisive, it seems that Wu hair straightening brush videos did not want to waste more than the slightest tongue. Eyes slightly squinted together, Wu Chi in the hands of the blade suddenly again under pressure, the blood flowing along the sword, and even has been red horse Shijie half collar. How do you play with me Wu Chi immediately sneered You are the upper bound of the big man, and I just just a nameless, even if the change of life, want to come and not suffer Moreover, even if you are talking about Really, I may not hair straightener brush rotating be dead. This is a lot of these words, but also let Liu Changtong mind slightly surprised. If the normal circumstances, even if the killing of the king should be back to the upper bound, offended the three doors, Wu Chi probably could not escape a death. After all, he has no roots, even if there is a little credit, I am afraid that no one will protect him. Therefore, the so called Wu Chi is not dead, that is completely down to Xi Jun should be. As long as with Li Yunpeng at the same time hair straightener brush rotating shot, after killing Ma Shijie, may not have the hair straightener brush rotating opportunity to also kill the same two So, although it is bound to be involved in this mess, into a greater risk. As long as Xi Jun should break the seal, the same will have a line of v. itality. In fact, we are very clear, if really let Xi Jun should be trapped, even if the dark star, I am afraid it may not be able to easily grab him Otherwise, do not have to spend so much thought to kill Xi Jun should be a. Wu Chi is now spotted this point, dare to blatantly and Liu Changtong hard top, really a last resort, but also the fish dead net break it Everyone who can not fall well And this is exactly what the Wu Chi want to pass to each other s information. Liu Changtong Detecting the murder of Wu Chi, Chen fog suddenly some panic Liu Changtong can not care Ma Shijie s life and death, but he is not OK, he likes Ma Shijie things, even among the three, is not a secret. In any case, he can not sit in the heart of God so dead in front of their ow.eneck, into the broken stars. When she returned to the strength of the broken star, then naturally become a true disciple. Originally this has been the pursuit of the identity of the cloud, but this moment, the hearts of the cloud but not too much joy, the ears of these congratulations, it seems that some of her feelings at the moment some out of tune. From the crowd through the cloud again returned to his small courtyard, saw the master has been to take care of her. Cloud Dutch, hard to come ah, you can break at this time is really good. Looked at the cloud, Jing Hui face happy, immediately is the door than the big, cloud load and then this time breakthrough, no doubt just right The In addition to being happy for the cloud, she is the master of the former cloud of the same, will also get great benefits. Cultivate a true disciple, for the door, it is undoubtedly a great merit. Master. Honesty salute, cloud of the eyes of some red. Well, silly boy, this is a good thing, the happy is I let you prepare for the new Dong Fu, became a true disciple, you do not have hair straightener brush for black hair to go there that Wu Chi. Jing Hui said with a smile. Luo Ying before a word, you can let the cloud can not refuse to refuse, because the cloud is still the core of the disciples, but now a breakthrough, became a true disciple, hair straightener brush rotating identity and Wu Chi on hair straightener brush rotating the same, and naturally can not do to serve people Of the living. The words of the cloud to start a bit, can not help but gently bite the lips, Master, I want to wait for him to come back. All along. the clouds are not quite understand why their minds do not seem to have much joy, until now, to hear the words of the Master, the cloud was finally reflected over. It turned out that she was reluctant to leave. Unconsciously, she has been accustomed to Wu Chi s Dong Fu, used to the guy s nonsense, but also used to wait for his return every day. A hundred years is approaching, he will come back, hair straightener brush rotating how she was willing to leave at this time Looked at their own disciples, Jing Hui slightly some absence. From the clouds of the brow, she has read some things, the mood can not help but some complex, long time, this gently sighed a cry. Chapter 498 Sword of the Year under Wu Chi stood in place for ten days T.

Hair Straightener Brush Rotating who would say that must be able to break through If Wu Chi died here, he can naturally feel the location, when the same can be from the Wu Chi s body to learn good relics. This temptation, for the empty monk is undoubtedly a huge, not a last resort, he will not give Wu Chi to solve good fruit. Mind transfer, Wu Chi naturally understand the empty monk s mind, secretly sneer a cry, but also did not say anything. No longer care about the empty monk, Wu Chi self care sit cross hair straightener brush rotating legged down from the ring out of the soul of the service, the rest from the rest. Of course, Wu Chi also tried prison mark, and sure enough, as the initial speculation, as in the break before the prison community before the four, is simply unable to leave. Prison community among the four, there is no retreat, or even no success or failure, and some just life and death only. Ho. wever, for Wu Chi, the only good news is that here seems to always be sealed infuriating, so in the face of these tests, he and the night stars compared to them, but hair straightener brush rotating also not so much disadvantage. And even Wu Chi faint in the hearts of a guess, here is not the peak of the road can not break, the real test, but also root is not the strength of their own strength, but the perception of the road, as well as the will of the hardening Chapter 375 Ranking, is this important After two days of rest, the empty monk also jumped into the flames continue to move forward, only Wu Chi, it seems that there is no idea to continue to break into the plan. This goods jump after the sea of fire, immediately try to return to high platform, and no hindrance. This time, Wu Chi is the heart of Dading. In theory, after jumping high platform, they have to straightening hair brush natural hair hair straightener brush rotating make every effort to break forward, broken without the truth. And once through a distance, and then want to return to the difficulty may not be better than to break through. And can break through the Baili Daoshan, the basic are also not a genius, as long as the hands of the soul of the soul, through the flames will not be too difficult. In fact, do not look Wu Chi died in the knife mountain three hundred times, but in fact, to his now for the Qinglian Jianqi control, up to dozens of dead, it is absolutely enough to break thr.rushed over. No, these guards are simply dead Between the hit, the night Shen Xing suddenly realized what, cold voice Road. In the end what is the place Yang Xiuchuan gun also did not hurt these guards, could not help but curse the sentence. The two can not figure out what is going on, but these guards will not stop, aware of the two broke into, they immediately shot, fiercely toward the two hit, is not a life of the posture. More than ten guards together, and are such a strong body, almost simply can not hurt the existence of even the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan strong, can not help but be playing some awkward up. It is almost at the same time, Wu Chi also entered this hall into the hall. Who wear a dead spirit, the hands still holding a pen, these guards naturally ignore the existence of Wu Chi, still toward the two men onslaught away. Brow picked pick, Wu Chi is also aware of the guards of these strange, but after all, did not care too much, but the line of sight fell to the door of a life and death. Chapter 385 Shocking of Fortune Far from looking at this life and death door, Wu Chi even have a direct break into the impulse. Now these guards will not stop him, the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan are also entangled, want to enter the life and death door is really simple, but as long as an idea, a moment between themselves can break into the door of life and death, The But do not know why, Wu Chi always feel a little uneasy, or that can not be reconciled. hair straightening brush anion Until now, even he also do not understand, life and death door is how the matter, rushed into it, it seems how to see is not a best choice. Mind turn, Wu Chi s eyes are suddenly once again fell into the Yang Xiuchuan and night Shen Xing s body. Since they do not want to break into the first door of life and death, it must be someone to do this for their own mice. There is no doubt that at the moment Yang Xiuchuan and night Shenxing is the best cand. idate. Think of this, Wu Chi physique suddenly slightly flash, holding the judge pen, toward the siege of the two guards to go. Iron hat Wrist flipping, between the twinkling of an eye, Wu Chi will use a hair straightener brush compared pen in the air to write a punish the word The last one down the moment, a horrible l.

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