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Hair Straightener Brush Spin ce to see the results, Wu Chi finally realized that things seem to be quite right. That wretched little man, hair straightener brush spin but is a little man, naturally there can not have the ability to gamble around, dare to sign their own contract, such a random bet, is clearly sure that the fairy side will win. This is not normal Then the only explanation is that he was above the instructions, even to a certain extent, you can control the test. Dare to open mouth gambling, the background is not simple, if it was some way to control the test, to win their money, but that serious hatred, is not easy to live hair straightener brush spin to live. This reason, Zhang Fengyang naturally very clear, so they dare not bet to earn the money, even if determined to Zhou Yi group shot to win the set, but also just under the Wu Chi s fifty thousand stone only, no more even under the A star stone. Even in the receipt of this huge bets, immediately reported up, in less than a cup of tea time, to determine the Zhou Yiqun will play the news of the 10th, immediately changed the odds back. Wu Chi naturally do not know these details, but this does not affect his judgment. Almost in the odds down the moment, Wu Chi on the reaction over, which is bound to fraud. Moment, Wu Chi can not help but reveal a touch of faint murderous. In the count To this kind of thing, Wu Chi has clearly come to understand, the person who induced his bet, but the other side deliberately released to attract their attention to the bait Bale Really against their own scrapped, I am afraid that today hair straightener brush spin has already come to an end Just now, they are still not very clear, the other set what kind of trap only. However, since it is based on this challenge, then want to come, it must be related to this. Think of this, Wu Chi heart can not help but burst of sneer. No matter who the other side, the cloth under the arrest of t. he Council how careful, I am afraid they are absolutely can not think of things related to three, itself has been invincible Nine straight wins Breath to win nine games, three of the disciples, is obviously very excited However, when the tenth test began, Sin Temple disciples standing on the challenge stage of the moment, the whole challenge around, suddenly an uproar Zhou yicong Who ca.the table. Did not you let you go to life and death See Wu Chi slightly Yi Zheng, life and death judge suddenly angry face, snapped snapped Road. Big sentence, do not bear the mission, under the already two of the criminals who want to kill Eyes did not blink, Wu Chi Xin said. Nonsense Eyes reveal a touch of Li color, life and death judge cold voice said The official obviously feel that at the moment still hair straightener brush spin someone in front of life and deat. h fight What do you want to do Hear each other s scold, Wu Chi not only did not panic, but more and more determined their own speculation. hair straightener brush spin Set a set of hair straightener brush spin God, Wu Chi mind a horizontal, slowly raised his head, Chen Sheng opening big sentence, in fact you have already died, right This sentence exports, can be described as ground Suddenly, the eyes of life and death judge suddenly burst of a touch of terror killer presumptuous If you are alive, it is naturally not presumptuous Unfortunately, now you, just just a ray of breath made it Looked at life and death judge, Wu Chi slowly said. court death Eyes reveal a trace of cool, life and death sentenced to move at the fingertips, suddenly there is a fear of death from the power of death Off The mouth suddenly spit out a broken word, Wu Chi hand sentence pen suddenly point out Pen off life and death With the power of the judge pen, Wu Chi is abruptly life and death will be sentenced to break down the block down. Although still forced to withdraw from the two steps, but it was not injured. A strike missed, life and death judge but no the slightest hesitation, followed by continue to sell, the body of the jersey is revealed a red flames, divinity unlimited. cut Wrist flip, the judge pen in the hands of the rapid operation, but also a bloody characters fly out, brazenly fell to the red officer on the gown. Red flames from the erosion, Wu Chi once again step out, the eyes are more and more bright up. punish But also the word shot, the judge pen more shining, bravely took the lead in the fight back This time, Wu Chi half step forward, and life and death on the body of the atmosphere seems to be weak as many. Life and death big sentence, you can now shot a few times Look and life and death judge, Wu Chi calm again asked. Su.

e situation will only be more difficult. No matter how they say, they want to come before the kill Jun Jun should be, this is an indisputable fact Although the cold mountains on the cold to intervene, so that they first on the Hanshan life out of a common hatred of the heart, but once the solution to the problem of Han Shan, their relationship with Xi Jun should still exist. Xi Jun should kill them, this is a matter of course, and, after breaking the seal of the Xi Jun should, and indeed can easily do this. Mind transfer, Wu Chi is hair straightening styling brush a moment to react over. Dare to ask Tianjun, want us to do If Xi Jun should really want to kill them, already already hands, and why say these hair straightening brush indian hair nonsense No hands, it means that Xi Jun should need them to do something, this reason is so simple. His face showing a trace of satisfaction with the color, Xi Jun should take it lightly Although this seat has been unlocked the seal, but want to completely break the shackles of the dark prison, it will take some time This period of time, this seat no time Avatar. Speaking of this, Wu Chi actually have to understand, Tian Jun is to kill our people Yes Slightly nodded, Xi Jun should be cold voice opening Han Shan i. s now hair straightening brush ion in the dark prison area escaped, this seat now also attend to him, if he escaped the dark prison community, to Han Shan means, and then want to kill So that you will catch up and kill him before he leaves the dark prison. This statement Xi Jun should be said does the hair straightener brush work to kill hair straightening brush myer awe inspiring, hair straightener brush spin apparently for the Han Shan s hatred is already unforgettable. Tianjun rest assured Even if the day Jun did not command, this hatred, we also want to recover back. Wu Chi nodded again and again. Speaking, Wu Chi immediately turned to go outside. But not out of two steps, a terrorist murder has been locked Wu pool, abruptly Wu pool forced back. So go, do you have a good bully Lengheng a cry, Xi Jun should be indifferent and asked. The body slightly stiff, Wu Chi naturally understand, after all, still can not fool the past. Xi Jun should not mess with, brush straightener groupon Han Shan Shang where is good pinch the soft persimmon Before the beheaded but also only Han Shan Shang incarnation only, if the real Shangshanshan Shangren, but also do not know how to turn into vitality, even if the breath of death and then terrible, but also a fundamental threat to Wu Chi nothing. Step by step step out, the rate is not over, Wu Chi has been entered the temple of life and death Into the moment, all the pressure will then suddenly dissipated. Less than interest rate, but that life and death Avenue, great Raised his head, a man dressed in a black arm standing in front of hair straightener brush spin Wu Chi, his face showing a bit of praise of the color, Chen Sheng said. Wu Chi seen adults Mind turn, Wu Chi immediately bend the ceremony. Wu Chi You are a criminal slave Eyes hair straightening brush before and after fell to Wu Chi who that rich in the light of the crime, the man Chen Sheng asked. For hair straightener brush reviews a time Wu Chi also do not know how to answer, had to bend and then worship. Put the waving, the man indifferent said It does not matter, can break through the test of life and death, what you are not important before From now on, you are the guard of life and death hall, and I was your command. Have seen the adults Hands Baoquan, Wu pool once again open the road. Wrist doubled, a set of black majaida suddenly appeared in the hands of the guardian of the life and death hall, This is the dead spirit A, after the change. you are the guard of life and death hall Without any hesitation, Wu Chi even when the black sets will simply put the body. Satisfied nodded his head, that command is about to speak, but his brow can not help but suddenly wrinkled, such as the eyes of electricity suddenly toward the temple shot. Lead adults Slightly Yi hair straightener brush spin Zheng, Wu Chi immediately guessed that something happened, tentatively asked. Some people jump into the dead temple, you come with me, be sure to beheaded each other and life and death before the temple Chen Sheng commanded a sentence, guarding the guard immediately walked toward the hall. Hear this, Wu Chi heart can not help but suddenly a move Followed by the guard to take the hall of the moment, Wu Chi suddenly recognized the battle with the guard is the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan, but it can not help but thrown a monstrous waves. The three of them are at the same time into the here, but it seems to have entered a different place, there is no news. Wu Chi even thought that the three good. Even today Wu Chi did not come back, when he forced Su Wan and Song Tian Chai chai time, the night will be shot to stop the stars At that time, he is a dead end Yang Xiuchuan right, from him to force the Soviet Union promised the marriage of the meeting, he has been dead. This simple sentence, Yang Xiuchuan has almost all the truth are said out. However, even more sad is that Chiang Zhengyang is clear that all this is not explained to him, but explained to Wu Chi to listen. His attitude, not by Yang Xiuchuan look in the eyes of the past. Brow slightly pick pick, Wu pool glanced Yang Xiuchuan one, but after all did not speak. Yang Xiuchuan Although the bad intentions, can be calculated Jiang Zhengyang, calculated Chiang, but also did not hurt the meaning of Su Wan, alone this is enough to let the Wu pool let go of the matter. Eyes once again fall into the song of the body, Wu Chi s eyes still revealed a hint of murderous. For a moment, Song Tianque felt the murder, hastily shook his head and said Wu Gongzi, you hear, these really do not have any relationship with me I just with Yang Xiuchuan only puff If you have not finished, a ray of Jian Qi suddenly penetrate the Song Tian Que s eyebrows, crisp will be the song of the day Que beheaded on the spot. No matter what reason, alone you dare to force you to marry this point, that is damn Although Wu Chi is not clear that the hearts of Song Tianqi little mind, but it is not necessary to understand, just. he wanted to meet him than Su Wan is a fact Only by this, it is enough. Wu Chi Song Tianque was beheaded, Song ancestors suddenly change, could not help slander Road. Brow slightly a pick, Wu Chi coldly to each other, how, I kill him, you have the views Wu Chi, you do not think that broke through the prison community can be arbitrary wanton Tian Que is not only my Song family, or Han Shan disciples, Han Shan Shangren will not let you. Song family ancestors angry trembling, snapped and cursed. Han Shan who Brow picked pick, Wu Chi is muddy do not care, This is what you dare to force Waner s infighting Well, do not need him to come to the door, this thing, I will be on the Han Shan find him to discuss a statement. Om Words out, outcry. Wu Chi.

Hair Straightener Brush Spin their own directly to the disciples, but. gradually let Wu Chi clear the idea. Deeply looked at Wu Chi one, middle aged silent for a moment, can not help but laugh, interesting It touches the seat look down on you. Wu Chi did not answer, still standing in place. Under the seat of this seat, the seat can pass your top practice of the door, you can pass your most powerful supernatural powers, even into the upper bound, you are enough to become the top genius. Look at Wu Chi, Middle age proudly said to this point, you should understand that soaring is not the end, or even the opposite, into the upper bound, but only just the beginning. These may not be false, as long as their promised, Wu Chi did not doubt that the other party can complete all this commitment. Can the problem be this world for no reason love it Or that sentence, dare to ask the Lord of the prison, I need to pay what Wu Chi asked again. Dark prison world of the test, no doubt cited countless talent to come, to step by step now, standing in front of the prison community, experienced numerous tests So, what about the purpose of these trials Is it really just to pick a suitable descendant No matter than the letter does not believe, at hair straightener brush spin least Wu Chi is unbelieving. If this is true, Han Shan Shangren why the black prison community cause and effect involved very deep, repeatedly remind yourself, do not fly in the dark prison community on the upper bound. If this is true, anxious should be their own, rather than the main prison community Why should he be anxious to get himself brush straightener jml reviews into the jail seven, even let people directly lead to their own I only need you to promise me one thing. Pointing Li Yunpeng, prison the main body slowly said I want you in this prison seven of the soaring, and take him into the upper bound. Brow can not help but suddenly jumped, Wu Chi mind is more and more doubts up. Han Shan people let themselves in the golden world soaring, and bring him back to the upper bound. Now the king of the prison and let himself in the prison community seven of the soaring, and to bring his disciples together. It all seems too coincidental. Wu Chi some reason is not clear which one of the clue, mind electric transfer, slightly Baoquan sa.illing to come out, three people almost have to hair straightener brush spin give birth to the idea of giving up. Tianjun Xi Jun should, such a character, even to the end of the crossbow, subject to various restrictions, it is not what they can threaten to. Willingness Tianjun, had that war, you keep a trace of willing things, others do not know, do you think you will forget it Mouth leaked a trace of ridiculous color, Hanshan people indifferent opening Road. In accordance with common sense speculation, the original dark star Lord personally shot repression, so many years in the past, Xi Jun should have long had no desire Can be biased Han Shan was the person should be Jun Jun should be under the only choice of the betrayal Xi Jun should be. In this way, he is the character of the character and hidden means of the extremely clear, naturally also guess the existence of the desire. Almost Han Shan who opened the moment, Wu Chi Yu box who was uncontrolled flying Bang Suddenly, jade box collapse broken, a touch of black blood from the jade box above the spray, like a touch of dirty blood fell on the white cloth above the general, then let the white light appeared to crack. Grievances hair straightening brush reviews uk Thousands of drops of blood, one thousand life Yang Xiuchuan had collected the resentment, at this moment, and finally was used. If Xi Jun should still be the heyday, willing to rush, this grievances will not have any effect, like a pool of sewage into the stream in general, blink of an eye will b. e washed away. Can be chosen Xi Jun should be trapped in the dark prison community, Tianjun identity has long been deprived by the Emperor, the rest is just a trace of residual willingness. So, the role of this resentment even when it came out. Just a moment between, willing to white light almost has been fragmented Han Shan Eyes reveal a touch of crazy murderous, Xi Jun should be hated for the Han Shan hair straightener brush spin has been extreme. So familiar with his means to make such a ruthless for, and only the original he had a very trusted to be able hair straightener brush spin to do it. Such a traitor, has always been the most hated the existence of people. For Xi Jun should be, now he is the first to do is to survive, as long as you can live open the seal, the future will always have revenge opportu.

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