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Hair Straightener Brush Sutra as half an hour of time, this seat will be able to break the seal, that time, you are the family pro. Xi Jun should sound suddenly resounded through the world, almost spread to everyone s ears. Moment, Wu Chi s smile suddenly stiff in the face. condition There is a fart of the conditions, ah, who told you a good condition This moment, Wu Chi was really there is a feeling of tears, this pot of dirty water poured down, that is, jumping the sea is also washed away ah Moment, the three look to Wu Chi s eyes, already revealed a bit of vigilance of the color. That he he is nonsense, deliberately provoke our relationship How can I be with him a group, you see, just the desire is I broke open. Wu Chi innocent look at the three excuse Road. Wu Gongzi put it right Brow pick pick, Ma Shijie indifferent hair straightener brush sutra said We naturally believe you, but you long in the dark prison community, must be more familiar with the illusion than we, as you please first shot it, Ye Hao self evident innocence. This argument is polite, but in fact, but it is simply forced Wu Chuang burst into the prison into the prison, to kill Xi Jun should be. Do not look now seems to have everything into the Hanshan Master s calculations, as if the victory in the grip. Can face Tianjun Jun Jun should be with the toes should have to understand, Xi Jun should be bound to have the back. In this case, who will break into the hands, the risk to bear the greater the natural. Perhaps the final Xi Jun should really die, you can want to beheaded Jun Jun should be, but will certainly pay a very heavy price, and now this case, who is willing to pay as a price to pay Good death die, Xi Jun should be in this time to speak, is undoubtedly the Wu Chi pushed to the cusp above As Ma Shijie said, want to self evident innocence, the first to start to kill Jun Jun should naturally be the best, or that the only choice. Just to Wu Chi s temper, where is willing to eat this loss. hair straightener brush sutra Silent opened a. step, Wu Chi once again said The fairy jokes, you are on the bound world Tianjiao, and I have not even soaring, the strength is hair straightener brush sutra far less than you, this head, say what round I m not going to play. I just said, I come this time, that is, to you with the light, the slightest greedy.but also please accept with you. From the Wu Chi Bai Jianzong to now, just a month, although Wu Chi has been in the Luo Ying Jianfeng did not appear, but the things that are the slightest bit. Really pass disciples of the month is 10 per month top grade Star hair straightener brush sutra Stone, twenty solid yuan Dan, also invited the brothers acceptance. Free to open the storage bag, something into their own space ring, Wu Chi said with a smile Thank you, Blue Young. Wu Shixian polite, and in the future every month there will be disciples of the month to hair straightening brush on wavy hair your Dongfu However, if there is any accident, or the brothers have any special requirements, we must come again. Brow can not be picked to pick the pick, Wu Chi is keenly aware of the other side of the mouth of the unexpected situation, I am afraid it is not simply talk about it. However, these words, but now can not ask. Slightly nodded his head, Wu Chi then followed the blue wave left the clouds peak, toward their own Dong Fu flew. Dong Fu location is very good, in a separate mountain peaks, clouds around, whether it is the surrounding environment, or around the star force are very rich, is clearly the best Dong Fu no doubt. The only problem is that today s Dong Fu before, someone has been waiting. Even far from a glance, Wu Chi can also feel the other side of the hostility, of course, there are hidden hair straightener brush sutra in the smile of the mockery of the color. Brother Wu, this is a ban token, as long as you urge the star p. ower, you can open the ban. Seems to have not seen each other, blue wave self care of the opening explanation. Mind turn, Wu Chi s heart is can not help but burst of sneer. He had just arrived Yunfeng received a ban token, and immediately someone was here, and this speed is also too fast, if that with the blue wave does not matter, I m afraid he does not believe. Easily took the prohibition token, Wu Chi s eyes can not help but slightly squinted together, do not answer. Wu brothers, long heard the name, today to see, it really is a table of talent ah. Led by the young chuckle a bit, casually opening Young was just passing, just look at this Dongfu, do not want to be divided to Wu brothers you Originally Young is not good to open the mouth, but really love So that the.

d the body of the ribbon was torn, scattered to one place, bear the brunt, Liu Changtong met a finger that is the front of the tiger s mouth is bleeding, The whole person flies out. Xi Jun should Li Yunpeng is about to fall in the moment, Xi Jun should be shot after all. Only one hit, three bounds Tianjiao join the scrapped, it was hand and broken, and this is still in the Jun Jun should be most of the energy on the crack seal and deal with the case of Han Shan. Tianjun s tyranny, at this moment, revealing no fear. Rumbling Xi Jun should be shot off three people, to save the moment Li Yunpeng, the sky among the Hanshan Master finally seize this opportunity, the sword cut to the pair of big hands above. Tianjun, if you are distracted, I m afraid they can not stop the hands of the sword Distraction shot to save people, but also finally let Xi Jun should eat a little loss. Which itself is Han Shan Master planned a good scrapping, no matter how the choice of Xi Jun, will be caught hair straightener brush compared in a dilemma. Chapter 448 is pitched again Lengheng a cry, Xi Jun should be in the position, suddenly burst a white light, between breathing, Li Yunpeng rolled into it, that touch of white light revealed a strange atmosphere, it seem. s to cut off all the power. Wind After several arrows to shoot, however, in touch the white light of the moment, they suddenly disintegrated, did not even a trace of ripples can not be thrown. Willing Between the moment, the three will suddenly react over, for a time, his face becomes ugly incomparable. As the upper bound of heavenly arrogance, they naturally understand the terrible desire, and now brush straightener for men Xi Jun should be willing to protect, let alone theirs, even hair straightener brush if the Han Shan Shang people may not attack into it. Has been imprisoned in the dark prison for more than ten years, who can think, Xi Jun should be the body there are still residual willingness To know that the desire is very special, very difficult to get rid of, for them, only consumption is willing to exhaust, to break through. But now Xi Jun should be remnants of the desire has been very little, you can want to support under their attack a few hours, but also no problem, so long time, already enough Xi Jun should break the seal The W.e Council is enough. What do you want to do Song Tianque scoop some numb, puzzled again asked Road. You do not need to care about things. Open the board, Yang Xiuchuan slowly got up, You only need to remember that you are crazy obsessed Su Wan, as long as someone can let Su Wan marry you, you can promise any conditions it is impossible I can not marry such a woman Song Tian Que shook his head again and again. No one let you really married Do not say you Song and Han Shan relationship is not so close, even if you are really Han Shan s disciples of the disciples, said a woman Eyes reveal a touch of ridiculous color, Yang Xiuchuan coldly said This woman is. not your provoke. I said, you just want to lead Jiang Zhengyang into the bureau is enough other things, do not need you to consider. Yang Xiaocheng feel that touch of chill, Song Tian Que some fear, could not help but step back, this stand steady shape. The face of Yang Xiuchuan at the moment, where he still have the courage to say half a word. Chapter 405 into the Council Zhengyang brother, sorry, it is some things to deal with, neglect. Jiang Zhengyang in the living room sat in a full sticky incense of the time, Song Yuchen this came out, wry smile Zuo Yi Road. See Song Yu Chen this pair of like not like pseudo, Jiang Zhengyang can not help but some strange, how But what happened Oh Sigh a cry, Song Yu Chen is clearly not want to hair straightener brush sutra mention this topic, do not mention worth mentioning, do not mention worth mentioning, Zhengyang brother please. Took Jiang Zhengyang sat down in front of the table, Song Yu Chen opened this asked Zhengyang brother this visit, I do not know what Speaking apalus hair straightening brush of business, Jiang Zhengyang look a lot of serious, Yang Xiuchuan from the prison community five things back, Song Xiong is aware, but Yang Xiuchuan to Chiang Kai shek to mention the conditions are too harsh. hair straightener brush sutra I do not circle around, I want to see Han Shan Shang, also invited Song brother on behalf of the recommendation. Mentioned the Hanshan Masters, Song Yu Chen slightly a lag, then smile Zhengyang brother, not I would not help, it is my Song and Han Shan also little contact, road fly these years has been in the cold mountain, rarely come back even if you want to escape into the jar seven A line of vitality, will fall to this point now Pooh How did you not say To now, know blame me Zhou Xu face on the black, and now again by Li Fernan so angry, just like black charcoal. Are you talking about me In the two blame each other at the same time, Wu Chi figure is quietly appeared in the two side. For a moment, both were jumped up at the same time. At the time of six in the prison community, they can even force Wu Chi to make his own vow, but now, as long as you see Wu Chi, just like a mouse like a cat. Wu Wu Chi What do you want This is what I ask you, right Sneer a cry, Wu Chi slowly said At first, the sale of Yang Xiuchuan their people, when you Wu Chi, Wu Ye We have never betrayed you ah. See Wu Chi s eyes revealed the murderous, Zhou Xu hastened to explain. Selling Yang Xiuchuan them, not because they know my message Looked at the two, Wu Chi quietly said Do not you even do not know this Li Yunpeng in the face of the original, th. ey just want to live, which there is nothing to say, just hate yourself know too little right. Now Wu Chi and then put forward a pair of autumn afterwards look like, how can we let two people frightened. Do not be afraid, my heart is soft Now, give you a chance to take power, as long as I do this thing, before the grudges, this one write off Paused, Wu Chi once again threatened However, if Do it well, what the consequences are, and your minds Yes Wu Ye have any orders, though, we must ensure that do. Simply wait for the head down the general, the two hastened to promise Road Can not get away Shook his head, the night looked at the stars looked at Yang Xiuchuan, softly said. Robbery has already been spent, according to the normal situation, he has already soared on the upper bound, but now, the whole dark prison community have been a terrible force imprisoned, even if the open space barrier is simply unable to leave The Come on, go to the prison community seven heavy Silence for a moment, Yang Xiuchuan slowly said. Han Shan Master to kill Xi Jun should, this thing they are also clear, naturally also understand that today s prison community seven dangerous. Can now weigh again and insta magic hair straightening brush with led display again, Yang Xiuchuan finally decided to hair straightening brush eu plug enter th.

Hair Straightener Brush Sutra u Chi that slut, even think of such a loss of ideas, abruptly Mangshan big demon who are shot together to block Mangshan, at all costs to kill the so called killings Jianjun disciples. The door of the Mangshan trial of the disciples of the disciples in this few, and now all trapped in the Mangshan among the chaos has been big enough to cover it. Xiushui Jianjun anger, ordered the thorough investigation, although not yet found his head, but also forced him to have a lot of convergence. A series of back, and now have been useless. For Ji Yifeng, now at all costs beheaded Wu Chi is the most important thing. Once let Wu pool escape days, this time the. loss may be really too big How about the news of White Brother Chen He asked anxiously. Smile a bit, Yun He shook his head No, I have made six consecutive letter, and did not have the slightest response. Ugh Sighed, Chen crane leaned against the tree and sat down, Wu brothers Mentioned Wu Chi, cloud slightly delayed a bit, then shook his head I do not have his letter. Yesterday Wu Chi left, the cloud in fact, there have been some regret. Calm down, he also understand that the threat of life and death, in fact, can not completely blame Wu Chi She was so angry, there is a great emotional tendencies. As Wu Chi said, in her heart, is indeed some like Bai Rong s. Just like this has been buried in the bottom of my heart, did not tell anyone with it, do not want to be Wu Chi Road Road. And regardless of whether this matter is Wu Chi s fault, so that Wu Chi alone to leave itself should not be. Even if it is really shame Wu Chi such acts, at least have to return to the door first ah Just just stars, Wu Chi alone in this Mangshan among the what is the danger But she did not have the letter of Wu Chi. Accurate to say that now the whole door, I am afraid that no one has Wu letter of the letter. Wu Chi into the door after all, or too short, and there are so many things under the rush, simply can not attend to prepare so many things on the details. boom Suddenly, Yun He suddenly heard not far from fighting sound, nerves can not help but suddenly taut a bit. Someone Moments, several people at the same time react. In this case, there is a fight means that there must.maybe it will become more interesting Han Shan Shang, he also provoke come in, perhaps, you are also cocoon tied it. Chapter 416 The strange prison community six heavy When hair straightener brush sutra Wu Chi and Su Wan return to the dark prison when the time, Yang Xiuchuan has completed a large cleaning. And Wu Chi s return, but also make night owl greatly excited, swept away before the haze, bustling to celebrate the three days and three nights. In the night owl s station and spent a few years time, and Zhou Bo words they reunited for many days, be considered a calm day. It was only that the calm did not philips kerashine hair straightener brush flipkart last long. An early morning, night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan side by side, and even did not speak, Wu Chi already understand, step into the prison community six time to. Different from the previous, this time, whether it is the night or Star Yang Xiuchuan, there is no trace of the prison on the six crosses. Han Shan Shang may know some, but it is obviously not suitable to ask. Whether it is Wu Chi, or Yang Xiuchuan on the Han Shan hair straightener brush sutra Shang are some fear, do not want to have too much involved. Yang Xiuchuan has arranged all the things, and now with Yang Jia maintained a good relationship, Wu Chi naturally do not have to worry about Su Wan and Zhou Boyan hair straightener brush sutra their security, into the prison community six, naturally no further risk. It is worth mentioning that, on the day of things, whether it is Yang Xiuchuan or brush straightener tips Wu Chi are not mentioned, as if there is no such thing. And stay a few days time, the state adjusted to the best, three people at the same time to urge the prison sector mark, into the prison community six heavy Looking around, endless stone Even if it is only rough and swept the past, these stone is also afraid of the number of thousands of stone, each stone monument has Zhang Xu high, separated by more than ten feet, layers of stacks. The hair straightener brush sutra three most surprised that the three did not feel the slightest risk hair straightener brush sutra of breath. It is like this, there is no need to break the prison community six, there is no danger of the hair straightener brush sutra same. This anomaly, but rather let the three some at a loss. No prison can not be imprinted, simply can not leave. After a moment of absence, Yang Xiuchuan first came over, Chen Sheng opening hair straightener brush for short hair Road. Before the fou.

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