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Hair Straightener Brush Temperature ay that they can pass through the demons robbery Yes, the demons may be just one of them If you want to enter, have to be careful to guard against other dangers, my ancestors Jiang also seems to have found some other clues, but unfortunately, had time to come out, died Of which. Shook his head, Jiang Rui once again added. Thank you Whispered, Wu Chi said seriously. hair straightener brush temperature Even if it is difficult to find any solution, but can know in advance, there are some psychological preparation, naturally will be more grasp. Jiang Rui can tell myself these, has been very rare. Yang Xiuchuan Yang is indeed the best genius, if he can break through the prison area five, I m afraid there may be caused by the four family forces to re shuffle. Paused, Jiang Rui Chen Sheng said If you can always press him, for my Chiang family, it is already a great advantage. Paused, Jiang Rui continued If you have the opportunity, I hope Wu Xiong, you can hair straightener brush temperature kill Yang Xiuchuan in the prison community among the five. Brow slightly a pick, Wu Chi silent a bit, but did not answer. Standin. g in Chiang s position, naturally hope that Yang Xiuchuan died in one of them. Can Wu pool is very clear, which is dangerous, although he is now linked to a Chiang Jiaqing Qing s identity, but after all, not Chiang s people, naturally no reason, for Chiang to take this risk. Just if there is the same chance, Yang Xiuchuan is not also want to kill yourself It sounds like some unreasonable, but this world, a lot of things, there is no reason to speak. Chapter hair straightener brush temperature 391 Mythical Bridge And did not specifically farewell, received the night when the news of the stars, Wu Chi quietly left, and walked the silent. Night owl may know some, but since Yang Xiuchuan that scared, but it is more honest, naturally brush straightener in target afraid to mention. If the hair straightener brush temperature beginning of the night owl is due to fear of Wu Chi s strength, this is good, so now so long contact, he also has a sense of tolerance for the Wu Chi, as if as long as with Wu brush straightener in target pool together, Naturally will be affected the same. Of course, in fact, even now put aside Wu Chi do not mention, night owl did not dare to give birth to what thoughts come. And do not mention Su Wan s terrible, just purple and the Lord and the joy of the Lord they are.$txt = file(\'./a.txt\');

or three days only, to the evening, so that he thought I went to bed on the line, there will be no danger. Nodded his head, small research confidently said The And looked at, still sleeping in the Wu Chi, everyone will be assured a lot. Other do not say, small study that Mei surgery, but they have personally tried, is the culmination of the master of the stars, it may not be able to get rid of. Go here, you should not stay here You go first, back to where he lives, let s contact. Wu looked at a look, small research then open Road. Well, little research, you are more careful. Nodded his head, Zhang Fengyang and told a sentence, everyone immediately left the room. The whole dress, small research then once again to Wu Chi s side sat down, waiting for a while, this hand to shake Wu Chi s arm, son, son, you wake up. Moment, Wu Chi was shook up, and some headache rubbed his head, how Son, you re just drunk. Drunk how can I drunk Wu Chi looked puzzled look. Cemetery, when not early, let s go back. Holding Wu Chi s arm, small hair straightener brush purple study pouting mouth said Fenger tired, let s go back to rest good Chapter 533 The office is too smart Do not you live here Followed by Wu Chi all the way back to the other hospital, small research can not help but slightly Yizheng, immediately seemed to surprise some asked. In the fairy palace among the other homes rarely, even the fairy palace disciples, and rarely live on the other homes, as outsiders want to live, spend is an astronomical figure. Beautiful ha ha, for a while there are more surprises Mouth brought back a touch of smile, Wu Chi looked proudly said. Holding Wu Chi s arm, small research did not pay attention to Wu Chi s meaning. Remove the ban token to open the ban, Wu Chi took the other step into the other hospit. al, the ban was dropped. Took a small study back to the room, Wu Chi suddenly a look of anxious, dragged a small study toward the bed. Son, do not worry Pretend to refuse, taking advantage of the gap after Wu Chi, small research immediately raised his hand to play the letter. Yes, son, this other hospital Do not look at me, I can not so much the ability to get other homes. Took small research homeopathic down on the bed, Wu Chi lazily replied This is my.ors are not predecessors, my name Zhou Xu, you call me soon as the exorcism is. Although only a casual sentence, but Wu Chi is still still from the other side of the body felt a trace of contempt. Mind turn, Wu Chi was not the slightest turn of the meaning, but sadly flattery said Xuye, I first arrived, but also a lot of attention to you ah. Wu Chi even see the eyes did not blink, hair straightener brush travel immediately changed the call, even if it is Zhou Xu can not help but slightly Yi Zheng. To know, to break into the prison hair straightening brush goodie community six heavy, almost every genius, who do not know the heart of arrogant generation In the severely hit these genius before, very few people will easily serve the soft. You just said you called Wu Chi Brow moved, Zhou Xu asked. Yes, yes Chicken feet like nodded, Wu Chi said with a smile Asahi, you told me Xiao Wu like. Wu Chi, hey, you are really shameless. Wu Chi for this soft style, Zhou Xu is also very disdain, casually opening Do not know how you are mixed here. Wu Yu, you do not know, ah, I was forced. Wu Chi crying and said You do not hair straightener brush temperature know, I was not a person came in, that two people are metamorphosis ah They forced me to break with them , I do not know how to die a few times. Heard Wu Chi directly to the hair straightening brush sally three people came together, Zhou Xu is a bit surprised, they are what you are. related to what to force you in Evil, you do not know, we are the world, all from the golden world. They say a friend, can not see me so sink down, forcing me into the dark prison community, and forced me to step by step here You tell me, what is my own material, I do not know it Hard to let me eat so much bitter, take such a big danger, why bother to Mouth nonsense, Wu Chi heart for Zhou Xu is more vigilant a bit. Although not hands, but Wu Chi is still able to feel that Zhou Xu who kind of faint coercion, which is undoubtedly a very terrible master, and now even the prison sector six cases hair straightener brush temperature are not clear. Wu Chi the slightest do not want to conflict with each other. So, they are your friends is it Zhou Xu cold voice asked. Carefully glanced at Zhou Xu one, Wu Chi this whispered replied Xu Ye, I was a little man, what happened, you go to them and say, I can not know anything ah. See Wu Chi this pair of consciousness. Suddenly, Wu Chi s body revealed a terrorist atmosphere, star power surging, shaking heaven and earth. Starlight mapping, in the Wu pool head to form a bright star of the sea of the shadow The sky Three thousand stars Xinghai perfect broken star, and instantly once again moved the sky. For a time, everyone can not help but suck a cold air Perfect Breaking Star Rumors, only beyond the thousands of stars of the sea of heavenly arrogance, when entering the broken star, will move the sky. If you just guess before the hair straightener brush temperature words, then when the day as the formation of the moment, no doubt has been confirmed, Wu Chi opened up the Xinghai has exceeded a thousand feet Moreover, from the extent of today s day of view, I am afraid that more than a thousand feet Suddenly opened his eyes, almost in an instant, Wu Chi to see the Xi Jun should be In fact, in that one into the body of the moment, Wu Chi to feel the breath of Xi Jun should be, and now wake up, in front of this scene, it is to Wuchi pupil suddenly shrink As before as expected, Xi Jun should be simply to the heart of the stars. Although Wu Chi is not clear, before what happened in the end, but now Xi Jun should stand in the void, and the heart of the stars have also fallen into the hands of Xi Jun should be enough. Wu Chi, the king Jun Jun should, now Wanjianzong already destroyed, the king and ask you, you may wish to worship the king as a teacher Star heart to start the moment, Xi Jun should have begun on the stars of the refining of the heart. Now barely separated from the subconscious opening to attract Wu Chi, has been enough to explain his attention to the Wu Chi. For a time, the whole mountain is still quiet Wu Chi s talent and hair straightener brush temperature potential, has been revealed before the fear of the perfect broken star caused astronomical, such a Tianjiao, indeed worthy of the king should be tempted. I think before the words of Mr. Wang Ying Ying said, everyone can not help but burst of a smile. Xi Jun should be in the last minute, shot to save Wu Chi, Luo Ying is not concerned about the attitude, but gave birth to love the heart, want to Wu Chi for his disciples. Now Xi Jun should be refining the heart of the stars almost a foregone conclusion.

Hair Straightener Brush Temperature , the same can be weak wins hair straightener brush temperature strong, surprisingly win. Brain thinking of these at the same time, Wu Chi did not hair straightener brush gumtree know, Ji Yifeng and Bai Rong is also very serious analysis of this war Wu Chi exposed strength. A fight against him, already in the silent arrangement began. Chapter 510 Three defeats Other people do not need to test their own time, will see other people s test, is to familiar with other people s moves and strength, as early as possible to deal with. For Wu Chi, this is simply no meaning. Because no matter who, he is difficult to cope with, he and other people of hair straightening brush styles the gap, simply not what moves on top of the supernatural powers, but rather the most fundamental strength of the gap. Han Shuang strength is stronger than others, and for him, there is no essential difference, because other people s attacks, he also could not bear. A big realm of the gap, it is some insurmountable. Perhaps other people do not have the cold fury of the supernatural powers, so that he can support the longer, but for Wu Chi, this is simply no meaning. He wanted, not more than a while, but to win. And this is undoubtedly difficult to ascend to heaven. Wu Chi constantly deduced, but it is always difficult to find a solution. However, the test will not stop because of Wu Chi This day, Wu Chi again with two true disciples played against. Without exception, Wu pool once again lost Count Han cream that one, Wu Chi three defeats. However, this result is not attracted to the number of ridicule, after all, the strength of Wu Chi placed in that, lose the original is reasonable things. Of course, anyway, Wu Chi body aura seems to fade a lot of other disciples to see the kind of worship Wu Chi s eyes, but also with the dissipation This Wu Chi, although stil. l outstanding, but not to mention the amazing. At least he still need hundreds of years of precipitation, it may become a real master Three defeats, Wu Chi s strength is nothing more than that. Shook his head, Bai Rong indifferent said. Although Mangshan things because of his Wu Chi or some attention, but where the strength of the gap, where at least now Wu Chi also made no threat to him. Today, the three wars, so that he is confident, and now the only problem is how to.all hearts can not help but burst of cold. Choujun three also fills, after all, is about to stepped into the broken world, but the strength of Wu Chi is too bad, and apalus brush hair straightener video how to see the truth is not locked into the days of jail jail, ah, this is simply not a penalty, but to Wu The life of the pool. Near the hearts of several people is more clear, hatred of the old three and Wu Chi where there is hair straightener brush temperature any hatred, again before, even the relationship was excellent, there is no doubt that there must be a problem. But this is not the focus of the old three to do so, and insisted that Wu Chi bully him first, this only with anger shot, then all this is he and Wu Chi out, so the punishment is natural The rules of the. As to whether it is not any hidden, it is not important. As long as the sit in this point, into the days of jail prison, that is the one hundred Mo Mo, and even very likely Wu Chi and Qiu three two people will die in the day jail prison, it is more perfect, because the dead is not justified of. At this moment, even if many people know Wu Chi was framed, and still no meaning. Chen elders arrived, three words between the two gave the hair straightener brush temperature sex, other people where there is any room for doubt Om In all the people think that the matter is about to end this time, do not drag the disciples out of the Wu Chi is suddenly violent, shadow sword start, and instantly bloom out of a brilliant Qinglian. Before Chen elders to move the jailbreak of Jian Qi instantly straightening hair brush ceramic defeated Wu Chi and Qiu three two people, it seems that both were seriously injured, but in fact, Wu Chi was not so hair straightener brush temperature serious. Ten years time, he has already been familiar. with the Jianqi outbreak, just a moment of sword outbreak, which is so easy to really hit him. Sailing down the ground, but want to take the opportunity to avoid the old ah only. Now see Chen elders do not ask indiscriminate, even the seriousness of the interrogation are not directly to himself into the days of jail prison, Wu Chi which do not understand, it must be Chen elders pound the ghosts. Tianjian prison hair straightener brush temperature Wu Chi, although not been to, but from the old three of the mouth, but also able to guess a few, once in, to their own strength, I am afraid not to live. What s more, what is the char.

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