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Hair Straightener Brush Thick Hair llain turned away, never disturb. Hear this, Wu Chi and then looked carefully looked at each other. From the breath point of view, but also the strength of the stars together, looks are mediocre, are thrown into the pile of people, absolutely can not find the kind of, but the other side of the words, but it is extremely confident , Apparently not casually find someone hair straightening brush remington on the up nonsense. In this way, Wu Chi is really a bit of interest, talk about. Heard Wu Chi, then the people suddenly lifted the spirit, Wu Gongzi, villain Yang Yan, here has been spent thousands of years, people send nickname knowledgeable. To introduce their own time, Yang Yan is still somewhat somewhat complacent, not villain boast, in this, no matter the size of things, few villains do not know, even if the assessment of the subject, but also received a bit ahead of the wind Obviously, this is the key Even Wu Chi can not help but pick a little brow, but did not take this stubble. I know that the son may not believe, but still long with it, in the future, the son will know This is not to mention, but the son if you want to go to the quiet room practice, or what kind of immortality, villains can Help, the price can be low at least three percent. Smiled, Yang Yan said proudly. This is brush straightener does this thing really work his emboldened. Hear this, Wu Chi can not help but look at the Yan Yan glances, after all, these words are not false, it is too easy to wear out. There is an underground auction tonight, there is absolutely good things, I do not know son is not interested Around this big circle, this sentence is the real focus, finished Yan Yan will be staring at Wu Chi. Underground auction Wu Chi slightly eyebrows, can not help but think of the original dark auction. Or in the auction site, the security is absolutely no problem But things are not take the auction account, the price can be at least three percent cheaper, but there are some in the auction can not buy good things. What good things Wu Chi is still not very interested in the way. For example, condensate stars Dan Yang Yan pressure down the opening said, while talking, while carefully watching the reaction of Wu Chi. Moment, Wu Chi s eyes suddenly revealed a touch of Jingmang. Yang Yan said something e.ear this, Song Tian Que can not help but pour a cold air. Even if it has repeatedly overestimated the strength of Yang Xiuchuan, and heard this heart can not help but slightly dengkou soon. Chuang Han Shan to see Han Shan Shang ah, but also straightening hair brush review actually let the Hanshan Master will this matter down, get a result of nothing, which is how the strength of terror This matter, in fact, until now, he also have some puzzled, do not know what Yang Xiuchuan want to do. What if the wedding is done three days later Song ancestors once again asked. Love how to do it. Pielepiezui, Song Tian Que mouth said I just watch the fun, how to sing hair straightener brush thick hair this play to go, naturally look at his meaning Yang Xiuchuan, with my fart relationship. Although itself is a two ancestors, but Song Tian Que is not stupid, simply refused to own too. deep hair straightener brush thick hair involved. Anyway, he also do not understand what is going on, so let it go by nature, nature is the best choice. Song Tian Que can do nothing, but the ancestors of the Song family can not really do anything, so the wedding naturally have to do, but also have to do the scenery. Even if the three days of a hasty time, you can Song of the forces, want to come up with a wedding of the scenery, naturally is not any problem Mo Yan son, in front of the Soviet Union. Stop the carriage, the driver pulled the curtain, pointing to the front of the house said. Lazy playing a yawn, jumped down from the carriage, Wu Chi is a glance at the door of the Soviet Union on the above, watching the lights of the Soviet Union, Wu Chi can not help but startled slightly startled Zheng. Hey, what is the joy of the Soviet Union Back to the son of the words, the small is just heard, it seems that the Soviet Union to marry with the Song, the wedding will be set in three days later. Wedding Slightly eyebrows, Wu Chi put a waved, walked toward the Soviet Union went over. who Just came to the front door, there are people stopped Wu Chi. Slightly over hand, Wu Chi smiled and hair straightener brush price in philippines said The little brother, apalus digital hair straightening brush my name is Mo Yan, Suwan Su girl friend, specifically came to him, please help me brother to inform me. Miss s friend Puzzled looked at the Wu Chi, a strange look, see the atmosphere, but also the way the condensate is like, that.

is to take the initiative more. A person s time, always more fearless, but once turned into two people, will be more scruples. Two people s lives, this is more than a person heavier, this reason is so simple. Yunhuo Shimei, with me but just just did not know how long hair straightener brush thick hair it was, White Brother would not think I really love her at first sight, even at the expense of their own life, right Eyes did not blink, Wu Chi disdain said. Is not love at first sight I do not know, but if you really do not care about her life and death, fear is already already crushed when these demon heart Bai Rong s eyes are also very calm, light opening Road. This sentence, and finally let Wu Chi whom color change. As Bai Rong before the small look at him, and now, he is not a small look at the white dragon According to Wu Chi s temper, this situation, he simply will not stay for their own hidden dangers, even if the bet, it is bound to be with a white dragon gambling. After all, there are contraction to the size of the supernatural powers, coupled with those demon goal are now Bairong, really desperate to pinch the devil desperately hard, he and Bai Rong live the opportunity, almost the same. In this case, Wu Chi will never fear with Bai Rong gambling. Just once really to this point, the cloud is absolutely absolutely. dead. For a time, suddenly quiet down around, and even be able to hear the sound of the rapid breathing of the sound of clouds. Before coming, Yunhe how would not have thought, she would rather become a drag of Wu Chi. Took a deep hair straightener brush thick hair breath, the eyes of the cloud suddenly revealed a touch of color. Zheng Soon as Jianming, Yun He decided to pull out the hands of the sword, pointing to Bai Rong away. You two said so much, but did not even ask me the meaning of slowly opening, Yun He whispered so many brothers are so dead you can compromise, but they do Will they die I do not have so much of your mind, but there are also my insistence. Janus slightly on the pick, Yun Fu must openly said Unless I die, otherwise, we must for these brothers brothers, to discuss a fair These words finished, whether it is Wu Chi or Bai Rong, can not help but at the same time discoloration. Now the situation is very subtle, whether it is has been inherited, and now their own, it is simply impossible to resort to the sword. Can get such a supernatural transmission, let alone a hundred years of prisoners of penance, even the millennium, and even years, I m afraid are also worth it. Slightly looked up, Wu Chi s mouth slowly brought back a touch of smile. Somewhere, he has felt that there is a vision fell to his body, do not need any explanation, Wu Chi can guess, must be cold star Jianjun no doubt. Can feel the eyes of the cold star Jianjun, Wu Chi is not their own strength, but in the special environment of the jail prison, naturally get the perception. Jill itself is to inherit this supernatural power and exist. Now has been inherited, jail prison will no longer constitute any threat to Wu Chi, but let him have a feeling of water like a duck. Wu Chi is clear that this breakthrough is hidden from the cold star Jianjun, so there is no intention to do any cover. Eyes fell to the old three of the body, Wu Chi lazy stretched a lazy waist, really boring ah, Chou big brother, go, let s go out through breath. what Chou old three some daze, this moment, and even gave birth to a Wu Chi is not stupid doubts. Go out How out Just, soon this doubts completely into a deep horror How out Naturally go out Lazy feet, which a small hole under the government set aside the ban, as if there is no general, so babyliss ceramic straightening brush reviews step on the step out, no hindrance. Qiu old three eyes almost almost stare out, this scene is completely subvert his understanding. Even let him have a kind of illusion, is it actually days jion prison, simply did not set any ban it This step out of the seemingly unusual, but in the moment, shook the whole day jail prison. dasky hair straightening brush Days sword prison is also not only the Wu Chi and the old three brothers, but before these people did not care about Wu Chi them, but Wu Chi this step, but it is real shocked everyone The Come on Wrist slightly doubled, the old three small hole outside the ban outside the ban suddenly dissipated, simply than the guard ja. il prison disciples with a ban token to open even simple and convenient. Until followed by Wu Chi out of the day jail prison, the old three of the minds are still a mess, did not react. Days sword prison i.uth. Heard Wu Chi slightly Yi Zheng, then came to react, the feelings of these two goods is afraid of their own afterwards, this adventure into the prison community seven heavy This is really smart. To be honest, the original reference to the stone before the Wu Chi really turn in the heart, wait until after leaving the prison community six heavy and then find their thoughts, but this is hundreds of years later, the original share of hair straightener brush thick hair hate recently lost. As long as they do not take the initiative to jump out of death, to Wu Chi now realm, but also Qi off to kill them Wu Gongzi, the division has please Almost at the same time, a handsome teenager suddenly appeared in front of the three, but did not see to see Zhou Xu and Li Fernan a glance to Wu Chi slightly bow, said opening. Pupil slightly shrink, Wu Chi Chen Sheng said You know me Wu Gongzi awakened ten thousand enlightenment monument, the achievements of the perfect Kendo, the atmosphere has long been left in the prison community, naturally recognized. Junior smiled, of course, open the way. Dare to ask the teacher is The brain flashed a terrible idea, Wu Chi tentatively asked the opening asked. Wu son since already guessed, why should I ask Juvenile nodded slightly, replied softly. However, this sentence, but instantly made Wu heart turned up monstrous waves. Guess guess, but when the other party really admitted down, but really make Wuchi heart jump, Rao is now perfect achievement Kendo, and even at any time can go hair straightener brush thick hair through the void soaring on the upper bound, also can not hide the heart of the shock at the moment. The king of the prison ah This prison community seven heavy, even really is the main body of the prison community living place, that can even be said to create a small prison in the hands of the top. ten Know the identity of each other, Wu Chi naturally did not dare to have any delay, bow to the juvenile also a ceremony, this time with the juvenile big step away. Zhou Xu and Li Fannan did not understand the words of juvenile and Wu Chi, determined to ask, but how dare to speak In fact, at the moment the two had just crying heart. Obviously just leave everything is off, but happens to be smart in order to avoid Wu Chi and into the.

Hair Straightener Brush Thick Hair ined Li Fernan, like torture new people, torture torture until the other side completely collapse, will be killed Your friend, practice life and death, no easy to die of. Lest Wu Chi and gave birth to what thoughts, Zhou Xu continued Do not look at me, I can not save him Before I have been with Li Fonan better, will you three points, if suddenly to find him dignitaries, It s hard for him to beat him. Chapter 421 Whether it is Yang Xiuchuan or Wu Chi, apparently do not want to. provoke Li Fernan at this time. A more terrible than Zhou Xu master, but also far from what they are provoking from the beginning, at least now provoke provoke. Moreover, according to Zhou Xu said, the hair straightener brush thick hair night Shen Xing is also no life threatening, as that tortured in the prison in the four, who has not been tortured Now able to force Zhou Xu promised such conditions, it can be said that Wu Chi single handedly fight out, if the wrong step, they are now the result is bound to be more miserable than the night star. With the pledge of my life, Wu Chi this is considered peace of mind, but also let go of Zhou Xu. Re walk next to the stone next to the Wu Chi again began to see the stone. Zhou Xu for the interpretation of these monuments, Wu Chi, it is only a reference only, really want to go further, but hair straightener brush thick hair also need his own to a little hair straightener brush thick hair try and sentiment. Watching Wu Chi quickly into the state of enlightenment, Zhou Xu stood aside, his face is very complex. Put aside all the resentment, he also had to admire Wu Chi means. In the case of the difference between the strength of such a large, still able to break the Council, and even forced him to make a vengeance, control of the whole situation, the mind and means, so that Zhou Xu ashamed. More importantly, he from Wu Chi hair straightener brush heatons s body to see a very strong self confidence. As if he was trapped here for nearly ten thousand years of things, but also did not make the slightest impact on Wu Chi general. Do not know why, Zhou Xu heart suddenly raised a thought, although there is no reason, but Zhou Xu is still some believe that Wu Chi may really be able to leave from the prison hair straightener brush thick hair six. And did not go far, looked around the Wu Chi Shen to the stone, but with the passage of time, Zhou Xu heart of the s.cting this set, Bai Rong is simply too familiar, can be in the door to hair straightener brush thick hair get such a good reputation, and this acting absolutely can not be separated from the relationship. And no matter how we look before, just now the momentum, let people could no. t help but believe him a few minutes. Standing in the audience, the cloud is simply to be Bai Rong this shameless look fried. If not personally saw, who can believe that countless disciples as idol of white brothers, even with such an ugly side Wu Chi is clearly not affected by Bai Rong. To say acting, someone afraid I may not be worse than white. However, today s Wu Chi is clearly not show the meaning hair straightener brush thick hair of acting. Not because of the other, mainly Wu Chi feel a bit boring. His own strength he is very clear, unless it is really boundless life and death fight, otherwise there is no better than Bai Rong may, but now Liu Changlao standing next to the sword sword station, no matter who is life threatening, will immediately shot Save people. Such a test, life and death fight is simply a joke, this way, Wu Chi naturally can not get interested. Can not afford to mention, Wu Chi will naturally not perfunctory interest, lazy write Piezuizui, Zongmen big ratio, naturally, according to the rules of the monks, white straightening hair brush men brothers if you want to take a winner, let s go back Looking for a chance to fight it. One hand gently grasp, sword suddenly started, Bai Rong did not say anything, but coldly pointed to Wu Chi. Nothing to say, do not have to say. And even did not wait for Wu Chi and then what reaction, Bai Rong will start from the offensive. Sword, such hair straightener brush online amazon as rainbow, a moment, Jian Qi suddenly burst from the white body, gorgeous Jianmang like mercury flooded like, everywhere reveals a murderous. Stature slightly flash, Qinglian bloom, Wu Chi gently jumped in the Jianmang constantly dodge between. Far from hair straightener brush thick hair looking, like a wave of water up and down with the ups and downs of the lotus in general. A clever word, now Wu Chi interpretation of the most vividly. Wu Chi three war three defeats, but it is not without harvest, this Qiaoqiang unloading each other Jin Li, and always avoid the other way with the hard touch, that is, Wu Chi think out of the way. In the face of the broke.

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