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Hair Straightener Brush Todo Natural end of the teapot pour a cup of tea, tea or warm. Some cool, do not know you come back, I go back to prepare. Followed by Wu Chi came, the cloud on the front of the teapot said. Do not, the temperature is very good. Put a waved, stop the cloud load, Wu Chi drink a tea that asked Yun Ho Shimei, when did you break There is not a few days. Wu Chi sitting down across, Yunhe casually replied. Put the hands of the cup, Wu Chi lightly laughed by virtue hair straightener brush todo of flowers, congratulations you become a true disciple. You can not really slow down than you. hair straightener brush todo Laughing, the cloud did not decline, picked up the tea to drink, this said Thank you. Thank you, this is not only grateful to Wu hair straightening brush ad Chi s congratulations. Mangshan, Wu Chi at the risk of being killed by Bai Rong hard to save her life, was sentenced to jail prison these years, still let her stay in the Dongfu practice, and even two months each month Star stone also never broken off. In fact, if not so much convenience, she may not be able to so quickly into the broken stars. Thank you more boring, I prefer to the body Xu. Brow slightly, Wu Chi continued nonsense. If the original cloud to hear this, it is bound to have been annoyed, but now the heart is not even the slightest angrily, but a white Wu Chi, thi. nk of the United States, but with your meaning, but also really not a See Wu Chi eat deflated, the clouds can not help but smile, these years she has long been to understand, this guy is the mouth of the poor, if you really with him, how are hair straightening brush battery operated to suffer, but rather unreasonable, To rule him. Turned his eyes, Wu Chi said helplessly When are you going to move Why should we move Yun He mind some speed up, his face is quietly, I think this is very good, these years also used to Yunhuo Shimei, which seems to be my Dongfu it How about that Wu Chi suddenly felt his head seems to keep up some rhythm The script is not so written ah. Yunhuo Shimei, you are now a true disciple, and also want to have been relying on me here is not a I told you that cooked cooked, you then so dependent, but I have to collect the money. Bite the teeth , Wu Chi said solemnly. Well, how much Every month two stars stone Eyes do not blink with the clouds, light and faint asked This and completely different, it is a long time on the people, gestures are revealing a strong self confidence. Snapped Free punch, around that small piece of space, even abruptly broken by this punch, issued a burst of sound burst of sound. Satisfied to recover the hair straightener brush todo fist, punching the Han smiled and said The lower bound of the space is really too fragile, even to suppress the repair, but also no difficulty. Glanced at the big man one, the side of the woman indifferent said Liu Changtong, if hair straightener brush todo you were born in the lower bound, I am afraid it may not be able to break the void soaring it. hair straightener brush todo Grinned, Liu Changtong is clearly not with her care about the meaning of this. With the upper bound of the days of arrogance, self confidence has long been integrated into the bones, and no one who can affect the two sentences. In the upper bound to be able to show towering, become Tianjiao, if the lower bound, how could even fly so can not do The poem sister, why do you care about this mound hair straightening brush big w The last slightly thin young man carrying a bow, said softly. hair straightener brush todo Eyes a ramp, Liu Changtong sneered Chen fog, I told the woman care about, does not mean I will not beat you, less than seven steps away, hair straightening brush 450 degrees I promise you absolutely no bow open opportunities. Heard that thin young people can not help but a slight delay, the momentum was suddenly suppressed a bit. Although the strength, he and Liu Changtong similar, really want to life and death, may not lose, but all the premise is that he must not be close to each other Seven steps, the other side of the pair of iron fist for him, is absolutely rolling, that he will not open the bow, is definitely not a joke. Enough The woman frowned slightly. Just now, are you going to play yourself first Ma Shijie, if it is not your provocation, this kid will be so for me Shrugged, Liu Changtong proudly said I never intend to become friends with you, you look down on me, I can not see you Go all the way. hair straightener brush todo Liu Changtong was so a cu. rse, Ma Shi Jie s face more and more difficult to read a bit. But now it is not the time to turn, not to mention, really want to fall, she may not be able to account for cheap. Liu Changtong, this time, we are in order to attack Xi Jun should come, these contradictions, for.

to challenge him. This moment, the empty monk s heart has suddenly sink to the bottom He has repeatedly overestimated the strength of the night star, but did not expect, even strong to the point, even even the courage to contend with all lost. The most frightening thing is that today, here is not just a night star Who always calmly standing in place, even the eyelids did not lift the Yang Xiuchuan, the strength of the. night than the weak stars Chapter 364 intrigues After a brief absence, just a rather rather unyielding posture with the night Shenxing and Yang Xiuchuan knocked everyone suddenly honestly flying to take the symbol, no trace of resistance to the heart. To break the prison community, there are hope of life, refused to immediately hair straightener brush todo die Have to say that this election on the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan or spent a lot of thought, who can be out of their people, they do have the opportunity to survive the prison bench test, the difference is just willing to go This time point to get the soul stone only. After all, each person get the opportunity to set the soul of stone only this time, once given the night Shenxing and Yang Xiuchuan, the future want to step into the prison community will reduce the opportunity to be too much. Brow to pick the pick, the night Shenxing letter in the hands of people who have just hit hair straightener brush todo him, make up the Lu Shao chuan dead dead no longer say, as if nothing happened. From beginning to end, Yang Xiuchuan are not the slightest hands of the meaning, but only the night Shenxing a person, or even only out of a knife, the hard monk will be empty monks deliberately win over the camp hit a smash. Looked at it all next, Wu Chi heart suddenly appeared a trace of doubts. The empty survivors of the fast too fast, which of course there are too many reasons for the strong stars of the stars, but it still appears to be some fake, do not even in the prison community for so long, and even seems to accompany Yang Xiuchuan entangled for a long time, empty monk even this Are there any judgment And then linked to the attitude of Yang Xiuchuan, Wu Chi heart suddenly flashed a terrible idea. And Yang Xiuchuan next moment of the reaction, but also undoubtedly make Wu Ching mind a.the jailbreak, for most of the disciples, are only heard its name, but no one, naturally can not recognize Wu Chi Lai. Yunpeng brothers That disciples slightly Yi Zheng, Who are you, looking for Yunpeng brothers do I was a friend of Lee Young, has been closed before, and now just came out, specifically to see him. Wu Chi casually replied, but did not say who he is. That disciple did not care too much, but shook his head and said I advise you or go, Yunpeng brothers now trouble, fear is no energy to entertain you. Wu pool convergence of the breath, playing looks very humble, that disciple is also a kindness. Oh Wu Chi can not help but slightly Yi Zheng. Mangshan was the original, because someone wants to deal with their own, this specifically for Li Yunpeng, can be so many years later, he has been in the jail prison, it is unreasonable to be directed against Li Yunpeng. The Young, dare to ask what happened Heart curious, Wu Chi also asked a sentence. The disciples were shaking his head and said Yunpeng brothers, had only the strength of the middle of the stars, is not qualified to represent the show on behalf of the peak, but only why he or Jianjun s name disciple. So Wu pool or some do not understand. Zongmen than the disciples is not comparable to it For others, may be important, but such as Wu Chi and Li Yunpeng do not know how many times the experience of life and death fight, but it is nothing to care about. If it is for this to participate in a large proportion of qualifications, Li Yunpeng should be unreasonable to compete fishes. The disciple looked surprised and looked at Wu Chi asked That there is what, and now ask the strength of the people, have to find Yunpeng brothers challenge, compete for this to participate in the big qualifications of the ah. To see their own contempt for the other side, Wu Chi some embarrassed touched the nose, that, the Young, my entry time hair straightening brush roller is not long, really do not know, get this big ratio of qualificatio. ns, what are the benefits These words is to let the disciples look of contempt, see Wu Chi s eyes are like watching fools, Xiushui Feng Jianjun pro pass, as long as the representative of Xiushui peak to participate in large ratio, you can directly get the.years ago, if not for the Wu Chi s message, I m afraid already hair straightener brush todo To break the prison community four. Now Su Wan put forward, naturally will take the opportunity to make a decision. So count, it touches Zhou Bo Yan and Yuan purple two of the strength of the poor, can not go with. However, it is good that the two talent is very good, but it is a breakthrough time The rules of the road, in fact, still limited and heaven and earth rules among the original so Constantly see the stone, Wu Chi has finally gradually realized the meaning of the law. The perception of the avenue, the source and the rules of heaven and earth, enlightenment is the process of conforming to the law of heaven and earth, you can want to prove, but need to break this bondage and restrictions. Three thousand stone monument, the reason is a watershed, because, from the breakthrough after the three thousand stone, they really can to a certain extent, to break the shackles of heaven and earth rules And only have the power to break the constraints of heaven and earth rules in brush straightener on short hair order to really break the space barrier, leaving the prison community six heavy. Breaking the boundaries of the three thousand stone, after the sentiment is to break the rules of heaven and earth, the formation of their own rules of the rules of the road, and the way, is to face the test of heaven and earth when the law. Point broken this layer of window paper, be considered a real right way, rather than conform to the rules of heaven and earth. A cis, an inverse of the hair straightening brush tutorial change, is the gap between genius and ordinary. Whether it is Zhou Xu or Li Fernan, they actually did not break this. one word, so, will be trapped in this prison six heavy. To this and so on, Wu Chi was vaguely understand that the whole prison community six heavy, all the stone, in fact, really want to convey the key to people, in this one above the word. Clearly realized this, in order to truly break through, continue to enlightenment go. But it has passed a few decades time, Wu Chi, the number of reference to the stone, it has reached the point of nearly five thousand. This figure, once again Zhou Xu and Li Fernan staggering. Tianjiao Such a person, is the real heavenly arrogance, but also let.

Hair Straightener Brush Todo ried yet This bastard, can not help but to the Song Yu Chen, Jiang Zhengyang also hair straightener brush todo choke the same light. I do not care, I just like her, before things, I do not care As long as you can marry Su Wan, let me do anything. A look of arrogant rise, Song Tian Que unreasonably said Grandpa, you If not help me, I went back to the mountain to my father, my father came forward, I do not believe the Soviet Union dare not agree. Hear this, Jiang Zhengyang s brow can not help but suddenly jumped. Song Tianque is not grow, but there are always such a good father, backed by Han Shan, is some wayward, but also nothing. If before, even offended Han Shan, Jiang Zhengyang will not provoke Wu Chi. Can be as Song Tianque said, Wu Chi is dead ah Su Wan is not possible for a dead widowed, as Su family, she did not have much choice of power. Broke into the prison community may let her in the Soviet Union has a very high status, but compared with the four families, but after all, is too straightening hair brush myer much difference. If you can persuade Su Wan promised to marry Song Tianque, then with this relationship, naturally able to catch up with the relationship between the Han Shan, Chiang s crisis today, it is likely to resolve this. Think of this, Jiang Zhengyang finally some heart. Day Que, ah, hair straightener brush tns if you really like this Su Wan, nor is there no way. Paused, Jiang Zhengyang slowly said Zhengyang grandfat. her can help you go to Su Wan mention pro, let Su Wan marry you, but you also To promise Zhengyang grandpa one thing. Eyes bright, Song Tianqun suddenly no trouble, Zhengyang grandfather, as long as I can marry Su Wan, what conditions I have agreed, just ask you to let Su Wan marry me. Zhengyang grandfather want to see Han Shan Shang, you can do it Watching Song hair straightener brush yellow Tianque, Jiang Zhengyang slowly asked. what Hear this, Song Tian Que can not help Yizheng, brow can not help but tightly wrinkled up, this this How, you can not do it Jiang Zhengyang slowly asked. Meng biting his teeth, Song Tian Que sniffed, from the body caught a waist, how can not do This is the Han Shan token, as long as you can let me marry Su Wan, I put this token to You, with this Han Shan token, you can naturally enter the Han Shan to see Han Shan Shang. See this piece of Han S.lp but burst into curse, Wu Chi suddenly a hand, suddenly retreated a few steps, this re stand. I did not expect that you could actually control yourself. Almost at the same time, some of the weary sounds of the evening stars starred up. Pupil suddenly a shrink, Wu Chi can not help but suddenly turned to the night stars stars. That is, after the Wu Chi, the night stars have finally get rid of the control of the demons, wake up over. Just in the wake of the moment, he saw the Wu Chi want to push Yang Xiuchuan under the bridge, I do not know what mentality, night Shenxing did not speak, but coldly watching Wu Chi to act. Wu did not react until now, after the withdrawal, this opening hair straightener brush todo said. When did you wake up His face slightly sank, Wu Chi slowly asked. It did not take long, just when you were going to him. Silence for a moment, Wu Chi did not answer. But then you can in the final moment forced to control their own, wake up, has been very great Just not have to crush the demons of it Why would there be a miracle breeding Watching the night stars, Wu Chi could not help but asked. Limited to the origin of the problem, in fact, Wu Chi for the demons know it is limited, even if it has been through the two demons outbreak of the crisis, but now in fact, for the demons also did not have a clear understanding. Speaking at the same time, Yang Xiuchuan one foot, almost fell into the bridge. Eyelids jumped, Wu Chi stature sl. ightly flash, suddenly reached out again Yang Xiuchuan pulled back. Why save him Looked at Wu Chi, night Shen Xing did not answer asked. If you push him down will breed demons, then look at his death, I am afraid there is no difference. Take a deep breath, Wu Chi said no gas I do hair straightener brush todo not deny that I did not any good for him, but At least, I do not want him to die before figuring out what the damn demon bridge is going on. Wu Chi from the eyes of the night, the stars can feel the sun, Wu Chi is really nothing to know about the magic Can be made entirely by intuition at the moment to judge, but it is surprisingly accurate. Silence for a moment, it seems to think of what, night stars once again asked I just woke up when the location is not on the bridge, should you pull me back Rolled his ey.

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