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Hair Straightener Brush Upgraded After all, to take the opportunity to practice, you must give up resistance, let Jianqi erosion, dangerous and not to mention, just in this pain to keep calm on the very difficult, let alone also took the opportunity to practice. This idea, in fact, some too idealistic, even if the hatred of the old but also just mention hair straightener brush auto off it. However, let him not think of is, Wu Chi even as he said, in the Jianqi outbreak wh. en practicing up. Rao is the will of Wu Chi and set strength, in this case, only just adhere to the half hour clock, they collapsed. But even so, but also enough to make the old three of them shocked. If that, before he just think Wuchi good talent, then now it is really convinced from the bottom of my heart. Watching Wu Chi was Jianqi torture pain, but still adhere to the practice of the situation, the hatred of the youngest can not help but sighed This child if die, the future will be Tianjiao Chapter 490 was shocked Tianjiao days do not care in fact Wu Chi do not care, but this little life he is particularly cherished. From the words of the old three can be easily speculated that this time into the jail prison, it was also in which mischief, can favoritism once, who dare say that there will be no second, third Compared to go to gambling luck, hair straightener brush upgraded Wu Chi is more willing to believe that their own No matter where, their own strength, are the most effective security protection. hair straightener brush upgraded Practice has never been easy things, glory behind the countless hard and sweat. Six times a day Jianqi outbreak, for Wu Chi, is six huge torment, but no matter how hard, Wu Chi has never flipped over cents. Even the body and the spirit have been tired to the extreme, but also never give up even once. This insistence, even for the spectator, it is also an unspeakable shock. Ten years time, Wu Chi s strength to enhance the number of no one clear, but they can only see, it has been shocking. Initially, each time the sword broke out, Wu Chi will be Jian Qi hurt, scarred, and even count the number of wounds in the end how many. However, until now, Wu Chi and even clothes are not half minutes messy. If a decade ago, Wu Chi Gang just entered the jail time, but also full of tender feeling, but now the body has been more of a cal.too lazy with Wu Chi really true, within the door, the truth is divided into two disciples, the first is like you are directly under the door of the income of Jianjun, the second is in three thousand years Into the disciples of the broken stars. By Jianjun direct income under the door of the very little disciples, count you but only 13 people only As for their own efforts to become a true disciple of the disciples, but it is also less than 100. Speaking of this, The cloud can not help but pause a little bit, this will continue to explain As to say, who is the strongest In addition to you, the other Jianjun personally income under the door of the true disciples are generally stronger However, there is no exception, Bai Rong hair straightener brush upgraded brothers from the door outside the disciples all the way to hair straightening ceramic brush promote, and now even if it is in the true disciples, but also enough to be among the top three Referred to Bai Rong, Yun He s eyes could not help the emergence of a trace of admiration for the color. Obviously, such as Bai Rong from the bottom of a step by step to break out of the strong, it is best to cause her resonance, and now she was also said, the door of the majority of disciples as the object of worship. Of course, in the true disciples among the top three, Bai Rong s talent and strength, and indeed very good Chapter 474 Who promised not to beat you Yun He said that the natural, but Wu Chi face can not help but some ugly. What is it, except me You mean, I should be deliberately point out what is the weakest of your disciples Do not care about the. feelings of Wu Chi, cloud pay again hit the road. I was a good start Wu Chi turned his eyes stressed You let me just a month of entry, with them on the entry of hair straightener brush upgraded thousands of years, and even longer than the people, fair it Fair Mentioned that the cloud load on some of the gas, only a month to become a true disciple, and even be transferred to the inch of this top supernatural powers, do you think, for those of us, fair it A word let Wu pool obediently shut up, and now Yunhe obviously not so friendly, his injury has not recovered, with her bickering, obviously hair straightener brush bed bath and beyond will suffer. Lengheng a cry, Yun He continued Do not tell the true disciples, and even with hair straightener brush upgraded the core discip.

meaning of Yao Long, a little thought for a moment, then openly agreed Well, I know. It is not Wu Chi on their own strength no confidence, but the other side of a good intentions, if refused, would not give people face to see Moreover, the so called ridicule, Wu Chi where will care. This time the door is bigger, he has long been made up his mind to fight for a ranking, there is a battle with Bai Rong in that, by contrast, the core disciples of the challenge itself is just a small matter The Heard Wu Chi promised down, Yao Long can not help but suddenly relieved In fact, even if he had just said this, the heart is really not the end. After all, Wu Chi s identity in that, a lot of time, face is more important than anything, if Wu Chi insisted, he has no way. Fortunately, Wu Chi is better than the imagination of the exchange, the body is not the kind of true disciples of the haughty, although it seems a little less spirit, but for him or Jianfeng all disciples, this is the best result. The words have been said, Yao Long naturally did not mean to stay, polite to leave. Until Yao Long they left Dong Fu, Wu Chi this some funny shook his head. It seems that everyone is still not optimistic about you. Chuckle a little, cloud from the back came out, a look of jokingly said. Before the sword of the disciples to see Wu Chi, she naturally bad socket, and now people go, the face of Wu Chi, but very casual. Moreover, she for the strength of Wu Chi, or a little bit of understanding, naturally do not have to talk so much scruples. Wu Chi and Li Dongsheng alone that war, Wu Chi how not to avoid the war. Chapter 506 Others optimistic about not optimistic, what is the relationship Shrugged, Wu Chi muddy do not care to answer. Only their own lack of confidence, only the urgent need hair brush straightener walmart to recognize others to add confidence, can Wu Chi simply do not exist such a problem, naturally do not care about these. This is very simple, but let Yunhe slightly Yi Zheng, some lost. God. In hair straightener brush upgraded the door so many years, in the disciples, she is also known, but even to the extent of today, she is also very concerned about the eyes of others. This seems to have been the most natural response. But now looked at hair straightener brush upgraded Wu Chi, she found that Wu Chi.e list of Mangshan disciples were all put out. Moment of time, Xiushui Jianjun anger, responsible for the distribution of this mission of the disciples were all punished into the jail. Li Yunpeng, after all, his disciples, so that even a star who has not lit the disciples to Mangshan demons, which is simply murder The most important, or Wu Chi Although Mangshan demons now mistakenly believe that Bai Rong i. s Luo Ying s disciples, but in fact, Wu Chi this genuine goods, but also trapped in the Mangshan among life and death I do not know. Luo Ying from the case did not return, Wu Chi is hair straightening brush dubai now his only disciple If you really let Wu pool died in the Mangshan, Luo Ying angry will be up, what will be the result, really hard to predict. Chapter 480 within two days Slightly some of the sky revealed, raised his head, spit out the grass in the mouth, Wu Chi fiddle with the hand of the flirt, slowly stood up. Night time, Wu Chi killed more than ten demons, of course, for the sake of safety, Wu Chi kill only some demons, get the demon heart, are basically red. This night of the fighting, but also to Wu Chi for some of these demons more understanding. Although it has just just stars, but Wu Chi s strength, but obviously not a simple realm can be measured, and truly put away all the life and death fight, unless the encounter wolf demon that has been about to promote the existence of demon, Wu Chi are There is a sure grasp. Mangshan Although dangerous, but as long as careful, Wu Chi is still sure to live. However, Wu Chi mind is very clear, for their own, the real danger, I am afraid not from these hair straightener brush upgraded demons. Made such a big move, Wu Chi almost certainly, the case is bound to have been the news. In other words, up to three or four days, the master will be rushed to Mangshan. As long as they can come to the door of the master came, what, whether it is these demons, or want to own people, they have to stop the. Just three or four days of time, I m afraid absolutely not so good to support ah Two days Within two days, no matter what way you use, I will hear the death of Wu hair straightener brush upgraded Chi Ji Yifeng gloomy face issued a letter, the hearts of more hair straightener brush upgraded and more irritable up. Originally everything is very smooth, but who can think of, W.nded, suddenly alerted the whole door. Disciples meet Jianjun Before the jail jail, all the disciples were bowed and saluted. What is Wuchi Back to life Jianjun, Wu Shixiong injured, and now has returned to the House House recuperate. Not the brush straightener big w slightest hesitation, several disciples quickly replied. So for a while, the cold star Jianjun already appeared in front of Luo Ying. Brother Luo I left the sword of Wu Chi, why will be excited in the jailbreak Cold Young, is not it to give me apilus hair straightener brush an account Brow slightly on the pick, Luo Ying hair straightener brush upgraded cold voice Road. Return to the door at the same time, Luo Ying was aware of that before the outbreak of a sword position, straight jail from the prison. Luo Brother suddenly returned to the case, is to the matter Cold Star Jianjun some stunned to ask. Otherwise, I should wait until the disciples died, only to come back Without the slightest kindness, Luo Ying Lengheng Road and Luo Ying intersection for many years, cold stars naturally can feel, this time Luo Ying turned out to be really angry. Silence a bit, cold star Jianjun this opening to explain the original thing again. Things themselves are not complicated, hair straightener brush upgraded next to the end of the section naturally do not have to mention, between the three words, they will explain the matter roughly. Brow suddenly pick, Luo Ying took it lightly So to say, you intend to let him back to the jail prison penalty Gate regulations so, even Luo brother s disciples, naturally no exception. There is no meaning of the slightest retreat, cold star Jianjun calmly replied. Mangshan things, I will ask a clear However, things happen in your jailbreak, the matter you need to give me an account, a district of Chen Yang s death, not enough Lengran looked cold star Jianjun, Luo Ying slowly said As for the Wu Chi into the jail prison penalty I do not agree Put down this sentence, Luo Ying. no longer stop for a while, away from the piercing away. This overbearing, even the cold star can not help but a slight lag. Luo Ying has never been in the door of the things, but this time it is obviously really annoyed, so overbearing tone, he has not seen for many years. It seems now that Luo Ying s attention to this disciple is still on the estimation of all From.

Hair Straightener Brush Upgraded the time being aside Kill Xi Jun should be the focus. Slightly calm the mood, Ma Shijie once again said. Everyone with the skill is Let s three, who can femjolie hair straightener brush canada kill, and who is the ability, but I said in front of the ugly, who do not secretly under the trip Otherwise, as long as I die, you who do not want to Ansheng A glimpse of the cold eyes, Liu Changtong simply break the point. Three are Tianjiao, this time into the dark prison community, because the commander of the dark and the promise, in fact, the identity of the three different, who have life saving means. Want to kill each other, no doubt almost impossible. Under such a premise, if who under the trip, resulting in Xi Jun should be out of the storm, as long as the news spread out, no other people afterwards, the darkness of the anger no one can afford. it is good For a moment, Ma Shijie and Chen fog at the same time promised Road. Almost in philips new hair straightener brush the three to discuss a good at the same time, the air that an arctic nuclear finally broken Had been frozen before the pair of big hands, once again recovered, blink of an eye, then suddenly once again think of Han Shan Master arrested. Tianjun, tens of thousands of years gone, it is still a little longer, to your current state, want to kill me, I m afraid not so easy. Stature slightly flash, Han Shan Master single handedly caught, the void suddenly appeared in a light blue ice sword, sword shot, then between the hair can not be made, block the pair of big hands. Fighting Arctic star collapse, Han Shan Master naturally can no longer delay, and now, is the real battle of the beginning. Here Han Shan Shang hands at the same time, Liu Changtong three people face a change, immediately suddenly toward the imprisonment of Xi Jun should be the prison flew. They can be different from those before the cannon fodder, for this time the situation is very clear. Once the arctic nuclear collapse, Han Shan and Xi Jun should start hands, which means that this action, to the most critical time. Do not look at the Han Shan Shang a win in the look, but in fact, it is because Xi Jun should be locked in the dark chain, but also a lot of spiritual separation of the dark prison break the seal. But even s. o Han Shan Shang but al.cold, more and more sure their own guess. It seems that I have been quiet for too long, so long for you to forget what the name of Yang Xiuchuan means. Cold eyes slowly swept from the crowd, Yang Xiuchuan eyes reveal a touch of terror murderous, Since you want freedom, I will hair straightening brush conair give you free Step by step, Yang Xiuchuan body coat suddenly turned into a dark cloud. Yang Xiuchuan, we promise your condition See Yang Xiuchuan moved the murderous, these people suddenly afraid, with the stars Shenxing shot precedent, and now there is no one and Yang Xiuchuan hands of the courage. Unfortunately, Yang Xiuchuan did not give them this opportunity Between the twinkling of an e. ye, Yang Xiuchuan stepped out, one hand suddenly caught, a rifle suddenly start, blatantly into the crowd, toward the other people to kill the past. Now in this prison in the triple, a total of thirteen eaves, but the night star and Yang Xiuchuan point out, but only three of their own, even with their own, only eight people only Also means that there are five top players are not in the column. In addition, there are some talented genius, the original has always been competing for the possibility of Dong Fu, once before these people leave, will immediately occupy Dong Fu, become the top three in the prison master. Once Yang Xiuchuan and the night Shenxing left, these people seems to be possible in the prison community triple the most terrible presence Contact Chiang Kai shek before the words, Wu Chi suddenly react over, Yang Xiuchuan is simply looking for excuses to start cleaning these after he left, can threaten the status of Yang s enemy only. So, what is the role of the monk in which the monk plays it Fight with him His face showing a trace of the color of madness, empty monk snapped shouting, hair straightener brush upgraded the whole person into Zhang two gold body, as the Buddha possessed in general, suddenly toward the Yang Xiuchuan attack in the past. bloody battle Was empty monk provoked kill the heart, seeing Yang Xiuchuan did not stop the meaning of the crowd suddenly again together, together to Yang Xiuchuan to kill. A lance wantonly, Yang Xiuchuan kill at first glance, no one can block him for a moment. As time went by, it was finally noticed a trace of.

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