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Hair Straightener Brush Usa head, one of them whispered Wu Ye if not dead, but those who refuse, dare to let us want to presumptuous Mention this, a few people can not help heart sigh Yes ah, the original years, that is, those prison double, triple in the big man to this are not presumptuous, but now, actually followed by others A lot of battles, dead a lot of brothers Xiao Ye seems to have been hair straightener brush usa injured. Do not say that nobody, I heard that the prison community among the three, some people dare to Su girl shot Just like, a lot of magic people together, this forced back each other Yes ah, Su girl has returned to the golden world, and I heard that is to find Yang Xiuchuan confirmed Wu Ye s message. Hard Shook his head, the man sighed Xiao Ye seems to have been initiation of the retreat, maybe some days will leave the dark prison community. Oh, so good Wu Ye and other people, even died in the prison community among the five, too terrible ah These people talked and walked in the past, but did not find in the side of the stature of the Wu Chi. Suddenly, Wu Chi s eyes is suddenly revealed a touch of terror murderous. Although only a few words, but he is still able to guess what happened in these years. Their own five years in the prison community spent more than ten years, it seems that these people are really dead when they are, even some people dare to deceive the head of Su Wan. Originally Wu Chi is going to see the night owl, at the moment but suddenly changed his mind. Since these people think they die, then let them jump enough, this account, sooner or later is to be considered a clear. And their own death of the news, who is out of what Yang Xiuchuan or night stars Whether it is Yang, or Chiang family or any other people, Wu Chi want to see, at the moment they are what attitude So they jump enough, this account, always have to clean up about. Mind transfer, Wu Chi suddenly left the night owl s station, flew toward the distance. Thinking for a moment, W. u Chi is still not assured Zhou Bo their security, from the arms out of the letter, quietly sent a message to Zhou Boyan. Just listen to those who said that Su Wan seems to have returned to the golden world, but their words may not be completely credible, always find Zhou.confused To the present, you actually believe that the Hanshan that traitor words Hearing this, Wu Chi can not be frightened Prison mark can not be erased, which in itself is hair straightener brush usa Han Shan said to him, but before the idea of preconceived, this is true. But now think back, how can this happen If the prison mark really affect such a big, how could he fake fairy palace disciples, cheated to kill the young people who won the gold Ling sword Moreover, the seat of the block in the immediate, even if there is something really difficult to resolve things, could not solve the case of the seat of what is not it Was Xi Jun should say so, Wu Chi suddenly some shy blame, this face is lost when the big. It is not to say that Han Shan Shang who lie that how seamless, but in the Bureau, some authorities are fans only. Wu Chi before the reason why promised to kill Jun Jun should be, the most critical reason is that prison mark Their own body also fills, Su. Wan they also have the same, if really as Han Shan Master said, can not be erased, once into the upper bound, it will be so to kill, it is necessary to find a way to kill Duan Jun should be broken Can now know that it is not that thing, Wu Chi heart that there will continue to apalus hair straightening brush price compete with the mind Jun Jun. Mind slightly a move, aware of the eyes of Xi Jun should be, but the hearts of the thrill was shocked, behind all emerge a layer of cold sweat Congratulations to Tianjun break the seal Yes, although it seems not aware of any changes, but in fact, Xi Jun should have opened the seal at the moment If Wu Chi Gang is really a hot brain, wanted to attack Xi Jun should be the words, now fear is dead forever. Slightly Yi Zheng, Xi Jun should not think of, Wu pool actually guess this. Mouth overflow a hint of faint smile, waving, bloody chain suddenly broken broken Had been banned before the repair, Xi Jun should take these hair straightener brush usa dark chains no way, only by virtue of their own fine blood layout ban line, temporarily control the dark chain Now has broken the seal, and how will care about the dark chain. Waving between the confidant Wu Chi their blood chain completely collapse, so that several people at the same time to restore the strength. However, now for several people, th.

irst Really is the first, ha ha, you will be behind me Eyes reveal a touch of excitement of the color, Yang Xiuchuan looked back, still sitting on the heart of the bridge on the face of ferocious Wu Chi and the night Shen Xing, the heart suddenly gave birth to a trace of pleasure. Before the four in the prison community, it can be said that all people are eclipsed in front of Wu Chi, and even he was forced to agree to the Wu Chi many conditions, this account he always remember in mind, now the first Wu pool step breakthrough demons, and Get the first, really let him spirit lifted. At this moment, Yang hair straightener brush usa Xiuchuan even gave birth to a trace of killing heart. As long as continue to keep here, and so the night Shen Xing and Wu Chi wake up when the fierce killer, there is a great grasp of the two killed and this. Slightly think about it, Yang Xiuchuan finally put aside the tempting idea. And let you live for a while this time after throwing off, I will let you never catch up Until you leave the prison when t. he five heavy, and then kill too late. Softly to himself, Yang Xiuchuan suddenly step on the second bridge brush straightener kmart Second Look at the stone on the rankings, night Shenxing face some complicated. In the hair straightener brush usa stone rankings, Yan Beichen still hair straightener brush on wet hair high first, and Wu Chi and Yang Xiuchuan still sit on the heart of the bridge, look at the state, I am afraid that also will not be able to overcome the demons out of time. Night Shenxing slightly hesitant, but after all, still shook his head. Between the steps, the night star also set foot on the next bridge. However, whether it is the night Shenxing or Yang Xiuchuan, or Wu pool, in fact, are not clear, they see each other even are completely different scenarios, and have seen each other still stay above the heart of the bridge. This strange scene, if they know each other, is bound to think of something Unfortunately, everything here is isolated, the information is not equal, naturally it is impossible to find clues Almost, almost is always almost Heart burst of irritability, Wu Chi s body is also nearly more than a dozen wounds, although not fatal, but it has also been forced to his extremely embarrassed. And the previous mirror is different from this time the black mirr.y get the fairy palace assessment qualification This seems to seem to be a shortcut, but in fact, know the insider will understand that the establishment of this threshold threshold, did not want anyone to succeed The beginning to win straightening hair brush target it is easy, but once won ten games later, there will be a fairy temple genius appeared, once won forty, it is the core of the palace of the disciples personally shot blocking. This is not to mention that he is the Young, even if he personally shot, also did not grasp the past can break. It is no exaggeration to say that all can really break through the challenge of Taiwan, and both are. stunning Quartet peerless Tianjiao. Now let these young ladies go try, but also look at a lively, so that hair straightener brush usa they really understand the power of the palace only. Standing in the crowd, Wu Chi is not how the eye, naturally, will not be noticed by Liu Changtong. However, it is clear that Wu Chi has come to recognize each other. Looked around a bit, but it is not seen Chen fog and Ma Shijie figure, Wu Chi lazily shrugged his shoulders, thought, but did not immediately with the other side of the same meaning. Of course, whether it is Wu Chi or Liu Changtong actually do not know, and now they have been Zhang Fengyang eyeing. Slightly toward the side of the people made a wink, that person immediately will be interested, a swiftly walked Wu Chi walked. The son, some people on the challenge Taiwan all the way to winning streak, this hair straightener brush usa is a rare opportunity for a hundred years, a look you are not ordinary people, do not want to bet, a small bet on a Wu Chi is looking at Liu Changtong them, but suddenly found that crowded around a little man, his face looked insignificant smile asked. What do you want to bet Wu Chi was originally missing Lingshi, now hear can not help some heart, curious to ask. Villain has just learned that the stage, but the three genius, but now on the challenge of Taiwan, itself is running the opportunity to participate in the examination of the fairy palace, you see, and now it is irresistible Is seven straight, and now happens to be in the pressure, he can not win ten games, son should not play one hand That wretched little man smiled and said press him to win, pressure thr.of their own sickle sickle. It is difficult to guess what the magic bridge is what, but when it really difficult to choose this time, but it is abruptly in the hands of. the death of the sickle broken heart magic bridge What way he pipe, death scythe cut off the place, is the way Rumbling Death of the sickle under the continuous bombardment, the night at the foot of the stars at the foot of the mysterious bridge finally appeared in a terrorist cracks, numerous cracks from the foot of the spread of the gap, a moment, but hair straightener brush with steam it is to let the foot of this section of the magic bridge completely The signs of broken broken As the original in the same purgatory when the same, three people choose the three different paths. Now struggling in the heart of the bridge for several years after the time, the three made the same is a very different choice However, who is right, and now still no one knows. best hair straightening electric hair brush Even their own, the same can not be determined More than ten years in the past. Zhou Bo Yan and Yuan Ziyi they have also entered the prison community among the triple. Compared to the original Wu Chi, they get the practice of resources is too much, and wholeheartedly under the breakthrough, almost did not encounter any obstacles, all the way into the prison community triple, and there are Su Wan in, After the prison community triple, they will successfully entered the Dong Fu within. However, they are still not breaking the fastest These years, the real most evildoer, impressively or Mo Yan Into the dark prison community, Mo Yan that horrible talent is undoubtedly the most perfect show, different from Zhou Boyan they were the master of the shelter, Mo Yan this way, almost entirely on their own to kill out. To the law of the sword of the law has been Mo Yan thoroughly perfect, after entering the prison community triple, abruptly out of the Hehe Wei name, compete for a small hole House, became recognized prison within the triple of today s most amazing genius The Chapter 400 Death Zhengyang ancestors, bad things Huang Chuangang into the Dong Fu, Jiang Wenfeng face livid, breathing are some disorder, you know, for a road of the peak of the strong, even if seriously injured, breathing may not be disorder. See Jiang.

Hair Straightener Brush Usa onk in front of the mouth brought back a touch of smile, Oh, the master, I just picked up a set in the bottom hair straightener brush usa of the soul straightening hair brush ad of stone, you say luck is good See Wu Chi in the hands of the soul of the soul stone, empty monk suddenly spit out a mouth Pick up Are you ghosting All the calculations, in this set of soul stone moment, it has been completely into a bubble Impossible, why do you have a soul Eyes reveal a touch of crazy color, empty monk snapped. Do not look at him before the forced to make hair straightener brush usa the soul of Wu Chi pool to the stone, but in fact, from the bottom of his heart he did not believe Wu pool also set the soul stone. To know that the original in the Baili Dao Shan, Wu Chi has been wasted two sets of soul stone. The next road how difficult to walk, he is personally experienced, even if he is also exhausted the power of the soul of the soul stone, barely came here, Wu Chi s strength is far less than him, how could still leave a set Soul stone It is based on this wrong judgment, he will be dragged deep with Wu Chi, and even at their own time to kill Wu Chi, but also refused to fight back, plain death Can be biased, this slut at the last moment to work out a set of soul stone, but also kept saying that what is just picked up, how can this make him angry to vomit blood The feet gave birth to a Qinglian, Wu Chi calmly looked at the empty monk, Master always told me affinity, but what fate also have to the end of the time As in today, thoroughly understand the causal relationship between us Good idea of good fruit, evil thoughts. flowering results Looked at the empty monk, Wu Chi indifferent, said Master practice good and evil Avenue, do not know, good and evil have reported it Good and evil have reported This simple four words at the moment from the mouth of Wu Chi said, but simply equal to the empty monk gave a fatal blow. Looking at all the calculations into bubbles, and even their own has been at the edge of life and death, the empty monk had been controlled by the evil mind, and finally also recovered over. Suddenly, the evil read away, the empty monk behind the gold Buddha once again appeared in the virtual shadow. Amitabha Restore the hair straightening brush goody consciousness, the empty monk immediately wanted to un.d to break the void of the moment, Xi Jun should finally shot. Trance, Wu Chi saw a pair of big hands flying out of the prison, mercilessly pulled the space cracks on those dark chain above. At this moment, Wu Chi was really felt a touch of deadly threat. If the goal of the attack on both hands is not those dark chain, but his words, instantly, I m afraid will be able to tear Wu Chi, even if he was unassuming, in front of such forces, there is no room hair straightener brush usa for any resistance The Tianjun Jun Jun should Although even imprisoned sealed, but wh. en the king should be shot the moment, or show the power of earth shattering. It seems that any rule, under this pair of big hands, are just just a joke. This is really the the best hair straightener brush power of God Jun, so Han Shan Shangren, not even into the dark prison half a step of the terrorist strength. Snapped Almost at the same time, Wu Chi who one of the jade box out of control fly out, jade box suddenly broken broken Hanshan Masters do not explain what is it, because it is not necessary to know Wu Chi. When the time to come, they will naturally release the power to. Jade box fragmentation of the moment, a bit of chill chill out, even in an instant, they will Wu Chi frozen, even if Qinglian Jian Qi are unable to resist this horrible chill. This is the Han Shan and Xi Jun should be hair straightener brush usa fighting, Wu Chi as a pawn, played only a guide role. This is a hair straightener brush usa prelude to the shaking battle, so far really opened Chapter 443 Extreme Star and come The chill swept, went straight to the space before the cracks in the pair of big hair straightener brush usa hands away. The original has been torn off the signs of the dark chain attached to a layer of frost, a moment between the stability of the down again, but rather a pair of big hands should be almost brush straightener luma frozen. Alpine stars Han Shan, you dare to betray the seat Prison community seven heavy, Xi Jun should be angry curse resounded through heaven and earth. The next moment, the frost in the condensate out of the Hanshan Master s stature, although only an incarnation, but also revealed a mysterious atmosphere, in no way the dark chain and that pair of big hands. You have seen Tianjun Slightly bowed, Han Shan said softly. Others do not know the situation also fills, hear this call, Wu Ch.

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