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Hair Straightener Brush Verimark omorrow I will enter the day jion prison, if you want revenge, just like me into Day jail prison. Day jail prison, hear the three words, the old man can not help but tremble slightly trembling. How horrible jail jail, he naturally very clear, but think of Qiu Mei s death, hatred of the old three can not help but once again a bit red If the enemy really, such as Wu Chi said, is in the right or quarter of a peak, then, to his strength now, there is no chance to have the slightest revenge. Tianjiao prison is dangerous, but it is also a chance. Relative to the right or even a peak such as the days of pride, want revenge, it must first fight to life, this is a very simple truth. Stood up, Wu Chi did not say anything more, then turned away. With the old saying that these, not really want to let the old three with their own to find each other revenge, but want to help the younger brother from this grief to come out. The do, he has done, as to what kind of choice to do the old three, it is not what he can. As for this hatred, no matter how the choice of old hatred, he will certainly report. In fact, if you do not want to find things clear, this fair to recover hair straightener brush verimark back, he does not necessarily promise Luo Ying into jianjian prison. As Luo Ying said, want to discuss a fair, always have to pay some price. Blood debt always need blood brush straightener best brand to pay Chapter 496 Tianjian Prisoner Luo Ying go very simply, with no one to say hello. Although only three days back to the time, but the impact is great, at least, regardless of the heart of Wu Chi what kind of attitude, the surface has no one dare to slow this is still only the early strength of the true Disciples of the. When Wu Chi to the jail time, the old chivalrous is already in the past. Overnight, hatred of the old body that kind of decadent atmosphere has been swept. away, between the brow is full of cold. The most important thing is that the younger brother has stepped into the broken world. Night break stars This is the answer given by the youngest old, no matter what kind of price to pay, no matter hair straightening brush loreal what kind of suffering and danger, this sea of blood hatred, he is bound to personally bloody. Wu brothers, Johnson brothers, Jianjun has been waiting for the inside. Re.n the Su Wan side, waiting for Su Wan left, this flew to the prison station The To know, Su Wan is not the weak, in accordance with the normal thinking, so Wu Chi from the prison after the platform down, the only person who can trust is Su Wan, Su Wan help, to be a bit more vitality before. To this point, where Chiang Kai shek did not understand their own thoughts have been very likely to be Wu pool peep Which makes him a deep sense of frustration, the heart is more complex, can be described as mixed. Happily, Wu Chi is so smart, even in this situation, perhaps may not necessarily survive it. And since he did not come and the Su Wan start, then there is no contradiction between Wu Chi, the past is still in the situation. As long as Wu Chi can survive, the future is bound to benefit the Chiang family. Worry is because, now this situation, the Chiang family also fell into a deep crisis, failed to control the Su Wan, which means that there is no way to take Wu Chi, everything can only rely on their own. Of course, he is not never thought to hair straightener brush nume let Jiang Wenfeng and Jiang Rui also temporarily avoided the prison community to go. However, Chiang Kai shek can be different with the Wu Chi, and not in the prison community in the Jiang family in this many, it is difficult to avoid together, more important face ah, as one of the four major families, if the collective escape from prison Triple the refuge, came out, what is the future based on what Moreover, Yang Xiuchuan for Jiang Jiazhi very deep, even these people left, and will be able to escape the Yang Xiuchuan s kill it See Wu Chi flew on the prison community, the empty monk eyes flashed a trace of Jingmang, after all, still with the up. Playing Su Wan idea, but not only Jiang Zhengyang one, he also kept the use of Su Wan s mind, Su Wan can be so unexpected to leave, but it is to let his calculations once again hair straightening brush at walgreens fell to the emp. ty place. But a moment, nine people have been all set foot on the prison community. Night Shenxing eyes once again fell to the body of Yang Xiuchuan, a faint opening You will be empty monk that a set of soul stone to give up Yang Xiuchuan did not expose before, because these are nothing to do with the night Star Star, and the pur.

tinued Moreover, I heard that the big reward is extremely rich, win a win, will be more benefits, even if the lost, the elders looked at the side , There will not be life threatening, this good opportunity, where to find Heard Wu Chi so that the clouds can not help but feel very reasonable. No life is dangerous, this sentence is actually enough. Is talking, Wu Chi and Yun He suddenly received a letter, opened, Wu Chi mouth can not help but slightly on the pick, You see, so there is no reason to refuse to con. tinue to participate. Letter is the cold star Jianjun to all the true disciples issued. The content is also very simple, hair straightener brush verimark the ancestors will personally pay attention to this big ratio, all in the big performance on the outstanding disciples, have the opportunity to Jianzu pointing. Big than the first three disciples, but also to the ancestors of the retreat of the mountain, see the ten years of time. For all the disciples of the Sword, this opportunity, no doubt can be met and can not seek Such a temptation, no one willing to refuse. Chapter 509 Iceberg beauty, cold winter wrath The next hair straightener brush steam morning, Wu Chi received a list against the list. Although Wu Chi is not familiar with these people, but the cloud is familiar with the very, helped Wu pool after reading, I do not know how to describe it Really a total of only a disciple only less than 100 people, of which the sword of the pro disciples of thirteen people. Which Luo Ying Wu Chi only a disciple, Ling Tian Jianjun four men under the cold star Jianjun three men under the Xiushui Jianjun five men. This time a large ratio, a total of eight groups, each group of 12 people, alternating grips, wins the most of the two promotion. In this way, as long as the break out of the group test, even into the sixteen strong. Each group can hair straightening brush insta magic only have a maximum of two Jianjun pro disciples, luck better, then only one. And Wu Chi pumping the list, then only Wu Chi is a sword pro pro, it should be considered lucky Can be biased, Bai Rong also ranked in this group, this way, the list against the list, can only say that is not good or bad. However, Wu Chi for the direct encounter Bai Rong is quite satisfied. Anyway, and Bai Rong are to be a winner, early encounter.Union has actually compromised. Compared to the safety of the family, Su Wan a person s gains and losses, it is worth mentioning. Jiang Zhengyang coercion, the same may be under hair straightening brush with led display a lot of benefits, and these benefits, but also enough to make up for the loss of the Soviet Union face. Stronger than people Shook his head, the ancestors of the Soviet Union said softly hair straightener brush verimark Jiang Zhengyang now insisted, where is our Su family can block it If you refuse, but also let the Soviet Union more than some people only, after all, still can not violate his Meaning ah. This is not nonsense to Jiang Zhengyang attitude, is to abruptly kill the Soviet Union agreed to date. Standing in the Soviet Union point of view, sacrifice Su Wan is no way things. Moreover, Jiang Zhengyang said it is not unreasonable That Wu pool, even if no matter how good, after all, has died Ms your life s happiness, but also because he was a person to give up Song Tianque Although the talent is flat, but after all Is the people of Han Shan, marry him is not wronged you. Sneer a cry, Su Wan indifferent hair straightener brush verimark said I like what people, is my own thing, do not need others to worry about With his Song Tianque such idiot, do not say to marry me, that is, I do not deserve shoes And, you really so sure Wu Chi has been dead Su Wan. indifferent asked. Was sealed for the repair, and now the hearts of Suwan more calm a bit more, as Zhou Bo words they said, unless it is to see the body of Wu Chi, otherwise she would say nothing, Wu Chi really dead. Not to mention Su Wan heart vaguely have a feeling Yang Xiuchuan attitude subtle, I am afraid that is not sure Wu Chi s life and death, otherwise, when she went to Yang s time, Yang Xiuchuan I am afraid not only to avoid so simple. The most important thing is that it is hair straightener brush verimark a step back to say really to the wedding day, do they think that as long as the seal of their cultivation, you can let yourself obediently Really to a last resort, then let that a wedding, into a Shura field, and why not Chapter 408 Scarlet Wedding on Song Jia big deal, Chiang intends to cooperate with, coupled with the acquiescence of the Soviet Union, although only three days of preparation, this wedding or get a great grand. Jinguang small world, there.e tablets Finally, that hundreds of years, in fact, little effect. There are rumors that the people want to break through the original Yanbei Chen s record Mentioned these past, Zhou Xu spirit a bit better, asked curiously. Yan Beichen If Wu Chi they heard the name, is bound to be extremely shocked, from the prison community began four, Yan Beichen the name, it was deeply into their hearts. Although the already strong, but compared to Yan North hair straightener brush verimark Chen smile a bit, Li Fernan shook his head a hundred years time, over million enlightenment monument, that type of supernatural powers realized when the enlightenment monument forest at the same time bloom Guanghua, hard Life and. life in this enlightenment forest among the monuments gave birth to a Yan Beichen enlightenment monument, that is how amazing Owned by this dark prison community began, and only this one Yanbei Chen ah In the dark prison community, Yan Beichen the name, is a legend Do not say to break, and even close to his record of people have not appeared again. Of course, in fact, the two do not know Just before, the prison community four last test before, that a stone has been erased on the name of Yan Beichen Red robe plus body, life and death big sentence Wu Chi in an alternative way, broke the Yanbei Chen s record However, whether it is Wu Chi or Yang Xiuchuan them, in fact, for Yan Beichen the name, also have not a real concept, naturally they did not realize that it is a glorious thing. If you can go out this time, you also intend to continue to break down Looked at Li Fernan, Zhou Xu suddenly asked. Continue to break into the mouth, the mouth overflowing a trace of self deprecating color, Li Fernan shook his head We are even prison six circles are not in the past, why continue to break down This time trapped nearly ten thousand years, and finally wait until such a possible opportunity to get out, is already luck Is it still hope that luck hair straightener brush verimark is always in my body You said, they hair straightening brush 4c natural hair will continue to break down Zhou Xu s eyes fell to Wu Chi s body, hair straightener brush verimark once again asked. Hear this, Li Futan can not help but a slight silence a bit. What do you want to say Li Fernan, we have done before, we have the heart, you really feel that after leaving, he will.

Hair Straightener Brush Verimark Wu Chi not only did not get angry, but unexpectedly laughed. Yunhuo Shimei, in fact, you are like that Bai Rong brothers, right A word break Yuno s face instantly more ugly, What is your nonsense Even if I pit him, with his strength may not be able to get out If you do not do so, we will all die so we these people s life, together, it is less than him Wu Chi words have not finished, once again interrupted by cloud load. Pooh, I even die, and disdain in this way Gouzhuo Sheng To the present, you want your despicable act to make excuses Listening to the clouds of the drink curse, Wu Chi also completely put away the interpretation of the idea, calm looked at the cloud and asked So you want to kill me Eyes fell on the sword of the sword, Wu Chi s face is still very calm. For a moment, the surrounding atmosphere seemed to suddenly solidify. Some of the trembling hands of the sword, the heart of the heart of the extremely complex, since she has been so angry Wu Chi this despicable behavior, but, after hair straightener brush verimark all, is the same door, and if not before Wu Chi said that the presence of so many people, I am afraid Also have been dead. How can she let her hard to kill Wu Chi His face hair straightener brush verimark revealed a trace of indifferent color, Wu Chi calmly said If you do not kill me, then I will go. Where are you going Heart slightly Yi Chan, Yun He finally could not help but asked the export. Road is different, do not seek You want to wind and sun months, and I am just a despicable little people only Mangshan great, we life and death of every life is. Wu Chi eyes revealing the touch of color, no trace of hesitation, turned and walked toward the depths of the mountains to go. Just a moment of absence, until the reaction after the cloud load, Wu Chi s figure has long been disappeared in the night. Slightly shaking his head, Li Yunpeng also retreated a few steps, toward the other side of the walk, Yunhuo Sister, you may have forgotten, that demon will be white brothers attracted, if not white brothers, we do not need to risk Mangshan deep. Having said this sentence, Li Yunpeng s stature also disappeared in the mountains, even though he did not even the star d. id not light up, but still go clean and neat. For a time, cloud heart has lo.ed in real identity of the disciples, but also by the sword of their own disciples questioned, the impact may be different. If so Wuchi and then lost, and then what face to really pass disciples themselves Even if Luo Ying did not say anything, lost such a big face, Wu Chi, but also point to face, have to hand over their own disciples token, right Mind electric transfer, the moment, Wu Chi had wanted to clear all this. His face that touch of smile, slowly convergence, look to the eyes of Ya. o Long, already revealed a touch of cold killer. Loss hair straightener brush verimark of their own even before the letter also believe Yao Long s words. When he found himself, that is, for this moment to prepare, ridiculous himself actually really foolishly hit a come in. To now and then recall, straightening hair brush price Yao Long if it is really determined for their own side to challenge each other s challenges, why should let yourself open As long as he came forward, not enough Deceive his first opening, is undoubtedly abruptly forced himself to the point of retreat. This hand is really too vicious, and is to take their true identity of the disciples. If it hair straightener brush verimark really let them calculate the success of the cause of their own, is simply a devastating blow, even if it is this million swords are not necessarily face to stay. The most critical is that even with their own excuse for no Do you want to say, Yao Long take the initiative to find their own, so that the challenge to his Do not say, there will be no people believe that such a weak argument, it will only make people more and hair straightener brush verimark more light only. Now in the eyes of outsiders, is bound to their own opportunistic, want to use Yao Long to do the shield, but annoyed Yao Long, this move the stone smashed his feet. Even, even if Luo Ying asked in the future, Yao brush straightener hairhouse warehouse Long fear is only so to answer. Just as the original Mangshan things only, the truth is what is not important, it is important that there is no evidence, it is important that other people will choose to believe who What kind of hatred is this in order to make such a vicious count Wu Chi asked himself and Yao Long and no intersection, naturally not to mention hatred, but Yao Long or severely calculated their own one, no doubt must be subject to the instructions of oth.

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