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Hair Straightener Hot Brush e look for a moment, the two tacit understanding to give up the intention to kill law enforcement, to defense. Prison community triple law enforcement even if it is difficult, but also one of the biggest flaws, that is, he must not leave the prison community triple. As long as the delay to the end of the prison station test, from the hair straightener hot brush hands of other people get the soul stone, they can directly break into th. e prison community, and when the law enforcement officers have great ability, and then they straightening hair brush tesco do not have any hair straightener hot brush way. Before the two want to kill the law enforcement, this is difficult to play difficult, but once turned into defense, then suddenly embarrassed turn the law enforcement. Although the order chain is strong, but actually more is used for the enemy, rather than kill. For a time, he also took two people without any way Tenrai fire, sword ax In the prison community, Wu Chi even can not remember how many times their dead, all kinds of dead law, all kinds of pain almost all tasted a times With the perception of life and death on the road, Wu Chi gave up after the resistance, but can support the longer, but also so bear more pain Even by virtue of the will of the terror will force to support down, but it can feel, the power of the spirit has been exhausted. Wu Chi s strength is still worse after some, if the same can also be the pinnacle of the power of the road, Wu pool is easy to hold the prison bench test, but now it seems a bit stretched. Secretly calculated the strength of their own spirit, can also support their own dead about three times. This makes some of the hearts of Wu Chi spectrum, after all, he did not know, this is the so called test how long will last. Rumbling Suddenly, Wu Chi suddenly felt the pressure around the increase as much as the air is more of some white flame. And even not so Wu pool reaction, that white flame has been stained Wu Chi s body. pain Moment, even if it is Wu Chi that terrible willpower, and almost no pain halo hair straightener hot brush past, that white flame, is no longer for the body, but directly for the soul of the burning. It is no exaggeration to say that this spirit is burning pain, more hair straightener hot brush than the pain of the body more than ten times terrible Wu Chi whole body of the body.is still changed the mouth, but also looked at a glory, but he did not mention the white thing, Xiushui Shishu, just that you really good sword that is your own Supernatural powers Smiled hair straightener hot brush and nodded, Xiushui Jianjun casually said Yes, if you want to learn, I can teach you. These words are suddenly so that some ridiculous Bairen, the hearts of Wu Chi s jealousy has reached the extreme. The same is really a disciple, but he and Wu Chi s treatment gap is too big. Xiushui Tianjian, but Xiushui Jianjun signs supernatural powers, even Xiushui Jianjun own pro disciples, and will not be easy to teach. Can Wu Chi, but just a matter of mouth, Xiushui Jianjun promised to teach, what is this Shook his head, Wu Chi is a smile and refused I can not learn, Xiushui Shishu this sword, for the water of the road to comprehend very high, I can not learn. Heard this Wu Chi said, Xiushui Jianjun eyes revealed a trace of praise of the color, softly said That is nothing to your talent, hair straightener hot brush if willing to study hard, not a thousand years, must be able to learn this sword. Millennium listen to long, chi hair straightening brush but in fact, this evaluation has been very high. To really, Xiushui Jianjun mouth of the Institute, is not simply according to the cat master tiger, but really get the essence of the control, even with his many years of disciples, in fact, really master the sword, and only one person Just now. In fact, one can see the water line of the road to comprehend, is the key to the sword, Wu Chi in the Kendo vision has let Xiushui Jianjun quite surprised. Such as Bairong so, you want to learn a lot of people sword, you may see one of the key, but it is too little. Especially Wu Chi now only just into the stars only, it is even more commendable. Or do not, if the division to know, have to beat me can not. Smile waved, Wu Chi casually said. Fingertips a bomb, a fine star force suddenly poured into the body of Wu Chi, between the twinkling of an eye, then let the body of Wu Qi chaos in the body of a f. ew minutes. The elders of the door will soon be rushed, you are with me first return to the door, or with other people go back Xiushui Jianjun this time to Mangshan, this is to ensure the safety of Wu Chi, as other disciples, naturally there.

Natural end of the teapot pour a cup of tea, tea or warm. Some cool, do not know you come back, I go back to prepare. Followed by Wu Chi came, the cloud on the front of the hair straightener brush for wet hair teapot said. Do not, the temperature is very good. Put a waved, stop the cloud load, Wu Chi drink a tea that asked Yun Ho Shimei, when did you break There is not a few days. Wu Chi sitting down across, Yunhe casually replied. Put the hands of the cup, Wu Chi lightly laughed by virtue of flowers, congratulations you become a true disciple. You can not really slow down than you. Laughing, the cloud did not decline, picked up the tea to drink, this said Thank you. Thank you, this is not only grateful to Wu Chi s congratulations. Mangshan, Wu Chi at the risk of being killed by Bai Rong hard to save her life, was sentenced to jail prison these years, still let her stay in the Dongfu practice, and even two months each month Star stone also never broken off. In fact, if not so much hair straightener hot brush convenience, she may not be able to so quickly into the broken stars. Thank you more boring, I prefer to the body Xu. Brow slightly, Wu Chi continued nonsense. If the original cloud to hear this, it is bound to have been annoyed, but now the heart is not even the slightest angrily, but a white Wu Chi, thi. nk of the United States, but with your meaning, but also really not a See Wu Chi eat deflated, the clouds can not help but smile, these years she has long been to understand, this guy is the mouth of the poor, if you really with him, how are to suffer, but rather unreasonable, To rule him. Turned his eyes, Wu Chi said helplessly When are you going to move Why should we move Yun He mind some speed up, his hair straightening brush reviews australia face is quietly, I think this is very good, these years also used to Yunhuo Shimei, which seems to be my Dongfu it How about that Wu Chi suddenly felt his head seems to keep up some rhythm The script is not so written ah. Yunhuo Shimei, you are now a true disciple, and also want to have been relying on me here is not a I told you that cooked cooked, you then electric brush for straightening hair so dependent, but I have to collect the money. Bite the teeth , Wu Chi said hair straightener hot brush solemnly. Well, how much Every month two stars stone Eyes do not blink with the clouds, light and faint asked This time.t even if hair straightener hot brush the other side of the real success, and the old chivalrous is bound to be associated with their own into the day jail prison, and this is also dangerous to the old three, but even so he is still doing so, It can only show that he had to force the reason to have to do. And all this, in fact, roots are in the Wu Chi s body. If this is not the past decade, the old three has bee. n with their own to go close, the other side will simply not be agile to deal with their own, then perhaps this time, the old three have been safe to leave the prison. This decade, the old three is really help Wu Chi a lot, although can not be called any life and death, but barely considered half a friend. Retreat this step, the next three will die, and can be said that it is simply because of their own death And their own, and even a chance to give him revenge are not necessarily. Trance, Wu Chi seems to have been hair straightening brush infomercial able to see the sun outside the glare. His face showing a touch of smile, it seems more brilliant than that dazzling sunshine. boom Facing the last Jianqi, Wu Chi suddenly took the last step. May die, but sometimes die, it is also not a counterattack. Once really die in this, not only Chen elders can not afford to run behind the people who want to calculate their own, also can not escape the relationship. In the final battle of this sword will soon fall on the body of Wu Chi moment, a terrorist sword suddenly burst from Wu Chi body. Horror and overbearing sword to tear the world, through the world, in a flash will be the whole jibsan through Such a sword intended, naturally not Wu Chi can be pushed. In fact, it does have nothing to do with him The source of all this, just the body of Wu Chi that a true disciples hair straightening brush 4c hair token. Wu Chi never know that this symbol of his identity is a true disciples of the token, Luo Ying left him is a talisman. Mangshan in the time, Wu Chi to use it to intimidate the wolf demon, as long as he crushed the token, Luo Ying will be rushed. Wolf demon so fooled, not really because the wolf demon stupid, but the wolf demon really from this token on the feel of a fatal threat. Luo Ying naturally can not be a real moment, but this identity token, but it is indeed a seal of the sword of.ty in the perception of each person Broken void, and is directly from the prison in the triple soaring, which is far more difficult than in the outside, the hard too much. Had already returned to the prison community on the triple road Wu Chi, heart suddenly Yi Chan, stature suddenly accelerated into a Jianguang, tearing around the space, quickly toward the prison community rushed to the three. In fact, when the March period arrived, Wu Chi already know that Yang Xiuchuan and the night Shenxing is bound to come, and settled Zhou Bo Yan them, they will return to the prison triple. Just, Wu Chi also did not think, Li Yunpeng s reaction will be so fast, directly in the first time to lock the two breath and location, cut off from. Until now at night, Shen Xing forced to break through, it is true for the Wu Chi pointed out apalus hair straightening brush canada the direction puff Emitting a paddle brush hair straightener blood, Yang Xiuchuan grip hand, and even have been a trace of trembling, but still die in the night before the stars in the stars, never step hair straightener hot brush back The earliest, he and the night Shenxing although it can be considered hostile relationship, with the passage of time, this relationship has long been silent has changed. Moreover, as the night Shen Xing owed Wu Chi, he also is not owed Wu Chi Now even with the fight, it is bound to support Wu pool came At the moment the tragedy has fallen, only to help the night Shen Xing Li Yunpeng to stop the attack, in order to Shen Shen or Wu Chi for some time. Just before he and the night Shenxing two together, even the enemy, but Li Yunpeng, now only one of his people, even more difficult. This is only a stick of incense time, Yang Xiuchuan almost already exhausted the full strength, it seems that at any time may fall. As for the prison in the triple of the other people, although a. lso see this scene, but it is not even the qualifications to intervene. His face is still cold, but in fact, Li Yunpeng s mind is also full of struggle. To his strength, if really desperate shot, with the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan strength, how can support such a long time The reason why the delay no less than the killer, because before, Wu Chi said to him, always echoed in my mind, lingering He can guess Yang Xiuchuan their two co.

Hair Straightener Hot Brush r a thousand years Not to mention, was put a Wu Chi, eat such a big loss, how can he willingly Want to take back this account, naturally only follow the break into the prison community. Wu Chi, this time you are lucky However, you will not have been so lucky Lengheng a cry, the hair straightener hot brush night Shen Xing also did not hesitate, followed by a break into the prison community into the four. Seven order chain on the ground, law enforcement officers whole people shrouded in the dark, but there is no way. At the foot of a sudden stamp, law enforcement officers of the same re integration into the void, as never appeared in general. Until now, the crowd suddenly boiling up. Today, all this happened, it is like a drama, climax after another, see people thrilling. No matter how the results in the future, Wu Chi the name, no doubt has been deeply engraved into each person s minds. The eyes of the murderous fighters, do not destroy the soul of the gas almost mad, the results, the same makes him difficult to accept, determined to anger, but this is not just out of this evil fire. Little animals, you do not think so forget This moment, immortal ancestors are already on the Su Wan they played a murderous. It seems that only kill them Su Wan these women who Wu Chi, in order to make this breath up. However, as if to see through the immortal soul of the general mind, Jiang Zhengyang suddenly said Do not destroy the souls of ancestors, you better not to play Su girl s attention, otherwise, is against me Chiang. Jiang Zhengyang such an opening, really scared a lot of people. To know, Su Wan and Wu Chi s relationship, but also a lot of people know, holding the same mind of the people, in fact, not only do not destroy the soul of a ancestor. Can Jiang Zhengyang these words out, but brush straightener best can not help but let everyone heart can not help but suddenly surprised. Swept the crowd one, Jiang Zhengyang sneered how, you one by one also want to take someone woman out of breath do not forget, Wu Chi can hair straightener hot brush not die This sentence, but it is suddenly woke up everyone. Wu Chi broke into the prison community of four, which is more than he left a soul s. tone, stay in the prison community triple threat more. It is no exaggeration to say that if Wu Chi.the settlement of good fruit, Wu Chi this finally determined, the empty monk for their own really no more malicious. Of course, in fact, in the empty monk destroyed evil relics when he had already had this speculation But this slut is a typical not see the rabbit does not sprinkle the eagle s bastard, empty monk did not resolve his good fruit, he will never trust each other. To complete all this, for the empty monk, it seems that it is also a huge burden, Buddha light slowly dispersed at the same time, the empty monk s face is also more and more pale up, the body is half of the fall again into the pan in. Just a moment, the empty monk s body has been hot skin open bloom. Grandmaster Exclaimed a cry, Wu Chi mind hesitated a little bit, but after all, or the hands of the soul of the stone toward the empty monk threw in the past. Before he wanted to kill the empty monk, but in fact only to resolve the good fruit only, at the moment the threat of good fruit not only to, but also brought him some benefits, kill the heart naturally will be dissipated. Wu Chi this goods although shameless, and stingy also remember Can be just as empty monks said, mind is good, otherwise it will not be empty monks to pick the next kind of fruit. Of course, the most important thing is, Wu Chi hands there are two soul stone, even if the empty monk to a, it will not let him too embarrassed. If he really only one finger set soul stone, fear may not be willing to come out. See the soul of the soul of the stone, the empty monk sneer, Thank you, lay, but the poor monk has not used. Fingertips point, set the soul stone suddenly inverted fly back, re fall into the hands of hair straightener hot brush Wu Chi. Slightly Yi Zheng, this time Wu Chi is completely do not understand the meaning of the empty monk. Other he did not understand, but now the empty monk does not have to set the soul of stone, at any time may die is obvious, in this case, but also refused to their own kindness, really make Wu Chi difficult to understand. Buddha said, I am not into hell, who into hell. His hands together, the empty monk softly said poor monk crime serious, today had to lay point to the epiphany, although enlightenment, but still causal ridden, if not eliminate these cri.

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