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Hair Straightener Roller Brush three times, many people follow the booing, can really come when Liu Changtong come forward, but absolutely no one dare to show up, three people, where is so bullying Liu Changtang now is now only revealed the momentum, it is absolutely far from the usual broken stars of the hair straightener brush for kids people dare to face. For a time, the audience a silence, no one answered. At this point, the crowd suddenly someone shouted I heard that someone just under hair straightener brush uk the re injection to buy you lose, want to know who is mischief, a investigation will know Hear this, Wu Chi s brow suddenly pick, suddenly understand the over The original is waiting for yourself A good move with a knife to kill Hey Good deep thought, hair straightening brush goodie good poison mind ah. Chapter 539 What, do you really dare to do not dare to be it Or must let Lumou trace you out Eyes some cold, Liu Changtong suddenly open again Road. Bet is my next, just, by the number of people, please give me the star stone knot it Mouth brought back a trace of sneer, Wu Chi stature slightly flash, immediately more and more out, a touch of open road. This opening, can not help but let everyone pour a cold air. In this hair straightener roller brush case, stand up, and not only without any explanation, and up to directly hate to win the star stone, this is really contend with the three emboldened, or have been lost heart crazy, scared silly For a time, even three other disciples, now look to Wu Chi s eyes are cold terrible, as if to see the dead. Area of a broken star early only, where the courage to dare to provoke three However, the other people but did not notice, in the Wuchi appeared in the moment, Liu Changtong pupil suddenly a shrink, apparently did not exclaim the sound Wu Chi The Even if separated by a hundred years, and now is not in the dark prison community, and how can Liu Changtong wrong people Just, just a hundred years time, how to actually enter the goods into the broken star, and even went to the fairy palace to the For a time, Liu Changtong s mind are some ignorant. How about this Star stone, but also want to refuse to do Eyes a ramp, Wu Chi once again ridicule Road. Although the discerning eye can see, now bet on how much star stone is simply not the key, but since Wu Chi empty when shouting out, naturally can challenge him. This moment, the empty monk s heart has suddenly sink to the bottom He has repeatedly overestimated the strength of the night star, but did not expect, even strong to the point, even even the courage to contend with all lost. The most frightening thing is that today, here is not just a night star Who always calmly standing in place, even the eyelids did not lift the Yang Xiuchuan, the strength of the. night than the weak stars Chapter 364 intrigues After a brief absence, just a rather rather unyielding posture with the night Shenxing and Yang Xiuchuan knocked everyone suddenly honestly flying to take the symbol, no trace of resistance to the heart. To break the prison community, there are hope of life, refused to immediately die Have to say that this election on the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan or spent a lot of thought, who can be out of their people, they do have the opportunity to survive the prison bench test, the difference is just willing to hair straightener brush -from asavea go This time point to get the soul stone only. After all, each person get the opportunity to set the soul of stone only this time, once given the night Shenxing and Yang Xiuchuan, the future want to step into the prison community will reduce the opportunity to be too much. Brow to pick the pick, the night Shenxing letter in the hands of people who have just hit him, make up the Lu Shao chuan dead dead no longer say, as if nothing happened. From beginning to end, Yang Xiuchuan are not hair straightener brush babyliss the slightest hands of the meaning, but only the night Shenxing a person, or even only out of a knife, the hard monk will be empty monks deliberately win over the camp hit a smash. Looked at hair straightener roller brush it all next, Wu Chi heart suddenly appeared a trace of doubts. The empty survivors of the fast too fast, which of course there are too many reasons for the strong stars of the stars, but it still appears to be some fake, do not even in the prison community for so long, and even seems to accompany Yang Xiuchuan entangled for a long time, empty monk even this Are there any judgment And then linked to the attitude of Yang Xiuchuan, Wu Chi heart suddenly flashed a terrible idea. And Yang Xiuchuan next moment of the reaction, but also undoubtedly make Wu Ching mind a.

arrested to the possibility of interrogation. Not to mention, even if all this may not appear, can Xi Jun should now in front of their own. ah. Wu Chi is arrogant, nor mentally handicapped that can be in front of Xi Jun hair straightener roller brush should be open to the surface of the void soaring the upper bound. What do you want Silence for a while, Wu Chi asked again. The upper world is much more complex than you think, the strength of the seat, but also far from what you can imagine. Slightly shaking his head, Xi Jun should indifferent from the dark prison community soaring, will directly brush straightener vs flat iron reach the dark star Star Gate, this seat will take you away from the dark star. I want to know what days do you want me to do Did not move, Wu Chi calmly asked. This time, Xi Jun should find over, I am afraid it will not hair straightener roller brush really worry about their own, regardless of the hype, it must be purposeful, for this purpose, for themselves, or is the most troublesome and most dangerous. Eyes reveal a trace of appreciation of the color, Xi Jun should be slightly nodded. To be able to remain calm in this case, Wu Chi is obviously a wise man, for him, a wise man is much more useful than a fool. We do not need anything to do now. Shook his head, Xi Jun should be softly said This seat only need you continue to become strong, and then one day, you will understand what I want to do, by that time, you will be able to choose again, is not willing help me Wu Chi some of the words did not understand, but it was able to see from the eyes of Xi Jun should be tired and adhere to Wu Chi can feel that this may not be a good thing, and very dangerous, but do not know why, looking at the moment Xi Jun should, Wu Chi refused, but how can not speak. Xiao Ye is not to believe his lies Just beat him yes, is that Heart secretly muttered one, Wu Chi this continued to open When to go As soon as possible, shook his head, Xi Jun should indifferent and said From the beginning of my crack seal, the dark star should have been on the road, late, I am afraid it may not go away Mentioned this, Wu Chi head suddenly emerge a black line, the kind of pirates on the feeling of the ship, more and more strong a bit. That I now go back to it Short farewell, Wu Chi will be before Zhou X.a hundred years, he can not step into the broken star Brow a pick, Luo Ying Cold sound asked. You also said, but it may be Ling days Jianjun not hesitate to retort I never believe it possible Moreover, even if he can really into the immortal palace before entering the broken star, just broken stars Strength, how can we compete with other Tianjiao Did not try, how do you know can not Disdainly grunted, Luo Ying indifferent asked. All right Slightly frown, Jian Zu once again broke the dispute between the two. Slightly pondered a moment, Jianzu this opening said quota is Luo Ying fight, in love, but also to Wu Chi a chance Well, this time after the end of the big, Wu pool with its large ratio 10 years is limited, if within ten years, Wu Chi can enter the broken star, then give him a place into the fairy places, if not the matter will not have to mention the. ten years This is actually a fairly short time, from the pinnacle to the broken star, is a gap, do not know how many people are stuck in this door outside Only to Wu Chi ten years time, it sounds very unfair. But Luo Ying has chosen to silence down. Because this decade is not unusual for ten years, but to follow the Jianzu side closed for ten years. Jianzu closed the door, what, they all know very well. In this way, although the opportunity is still small, but it is not entirely no chance. As for that hard, some that should be. Think of an exception to get such an opportunity to naturally prove that they have this potential and qualifications. This is a sword set up a homeland, can not step in the past, we have to see Wu Chi s own. It s fair More importantly, since the sword ancestors have opened the mouth, then there is no room for rejection. Slightly owe, Luo Ying opened this way listen to the teacher command Well, all go, Zongmen than after, come to see me. Put a waved, Jianzu faint told Road. As for how to deal with Wu Chi things, Jianzu no mention, that naturally will be nothing. Bai Rong. although it is true disciples, for the sword of ancestors, is still just a name even remember the little people only, dead also died, nothing worthy of care. It is the most important thing to calm the dispute between Luo Ying and Ling Tianjian. And this.first promise Wu Chi things all the implementation of the job. Re awake, Wu Chi has appeared in the prison outside the community. Long spit a turbid, identified the position, Wu Chi immediately toward the night owl s station to fly A few years no, and now he is also eager to see Zhou Bo Yan and Yuan purple clothing them boom Almost three people left the prison community of four moments, prison in the triple of the nether suddenly collapsed It is no doubt equal to clearly tell everyone, prison world four test is over, but whether someone passed, or who passed the test, but can not know. Moment, Yang s people, and Jiang Zhengyang they are quickly issued a letter to determine their life and death Wu Chi. Even if they are not in the prison community triple, but their life and death is still a huge impact Congratulations to Wu Ye through the prison community. four hair straightener roller brush Wu Chi to see the moment, the night owl almost excited to jump up, before you know Wu Chi in the prison community four news, but has not been a result Now see Wu pool return, there is no doubt that is successful. A smooth break through the prison community of four strong ah, and Wu Chi set a good relationship, it means that in this dark prison community among the most powerful backstage. Wailing woo Feel the breath of Wu Chi, black Jiao is also faster to catch up, excited about the Wu Chi s side. Are they people Eyes fell to the night owl s body, Wu Chi Chen Sheng asked. Back to Wu Ye s words, hair straightener roller brush Zhou girl, there are purple girls they have been into the prison community hair straightener roller brush a heavy. See Wu Chi looking misman, night owl hastened to explain. Hear this, Wu Chi can not help but slightly Yi Zheng, but the face is to ease down. Ordered the people to prepare the banquet, night owl led Wu Chi to the room and went on to explain In addition to them, the joy of the Lord, Zihua devil they also broke into the prison community, and now tread The prison is two. These people are Wu Chi had personally asked to take care of, the night owl naturally remember clearly. To be honest, so many people into the prison community, even if it has been heard in advance Wu Chi said, can be really when he saw the heart was also scared not light. In the room to sit down, and soo.

Hair Straightener Roller Brush only, the real core of the purgatory is the temple of life and death Not into life and death hall, you are here in the fall did not make any sense We are dead, there will be new Ghosts appear, only into the life and dea. th hall, you have the hope to leave this free purgatory Do you die and die Yang Xiuchuan pondered a moment, listening to the explanation of these ghosts around the eyes involuntarily squinted together. Trouble a heaven and earth, Yang Xiuchuan brush straightener asda has always been able to really overthrow the demeanor of the rule, no matter how much, seems to be like doing no work. Only now hear the temple of life and death, be considered really understand. This test, the real key, must hair straightener roller brush be the whereabouts of life and death. Even, perhaps, that is also good fortune Step into the hall outside the yard, it seems as if the moment into another time and space. Even if the demon also did not follow in, as if by what power of imprisonment in general, did not dare to more than half of the lake. Towering hall revealed a dignified atmosphere, even Wu Chi, at the brush straightener men moment can not help but gave birth from the bottom of my heart a trace of fear of meaning. Although at the moment even have not really entered the temple of life and death, Wu Chi has also been able to feel the strange place here, with the instinct Wu Chi will be able to feel here, I am afraid even if the soul may not be useful. Carefully looked around all, Wu Chi did not even dare to take a step forward. Holding a token in his hand, Wu Chi still remember that before the ghosts of the words. This is my bad messenger, you take this into it, it is tantamount to complete the referral After entering, the test will naturally appear, as long as you can enter the hall, even through the test. Thought, Wu Chi again that side ghost bad token in his hand. Click Almost at the same time, Wu Chi hand bad messenger suddenly broken, into a green light toward the temple of life and death shot. The next moment, Wu Chi whole people are suddenly pulled into a terrorist whirlpool. Somewhere, a low voice then sounded, life and death hall before the broken life and death, restless, can enter the temple into a guard This is hair straightener roller brush a very short number of figures, it sounds very simpl.his guess is very bold, but it seems as if the hair straightening brush straightfix slightest deduction What is the use of life and death door Moment, Wu Chi brain suddenly remembered, before asking himself to guard the command, the other sa. id the words. Life and death door in the deepest point of life and death, it is said that reversible life and death, but in addition to life and death, no one knows what. Reversible life and hair straightener roller brush death The brain once again flashed the four words, Wu Chi heart is suddenly thrown a crazy idea. Although dangerous, if really as their own guess, then wait for their own, perhaps it hair straightening brush in pakistan is a shaking fortune Suddenly, Wu Chi suddenly returned to the front of the palace had seen the death of life and death. what are you doing Eyes flashed a hint of anger, life and death judge snapped hair straightener roller brush snapped Road. Wu Chi as if he did not hear the words of life and death in general, self care quickly toward the palace when the flew away, mind carrying 120,000 points carefully, as expected, life and death judge even if hair straightener roller brush the fury is also fundamental Can not understand the door of life and death, but can not catch up to blame themselves. This sudden change is even the Yang Xiuchuan and the night stars are also some ignorant, do not know what Wu Chi want hair straightener roller brush to do. But Wu Chi has a dead spirit in itself is the guard of life and death so come and go freely, those guards will not attack Wu Chi, but they were dragged by these guards tightly. Health To refer to the pen, a huge vitality suddenly emptied from the life and death judges who have just been Wu Chou to judge the pen to kill a few guards by this unit of the traction suddenly died and resurrection. Just a moment after the absence of God, then suddenly joined the Yang Xiuchuan again with the night Shenxing among the murderous. Just at the moment, the eyes of life and death judges can not help but reveal a trace of anxious color. If he may even want to urge these guards immediately turned back to kill Wu Chi, unfortunately, Wu Chi has a pen in hand, not afraid of these guards More important is these guards simply can not leave here From the life and death in front of all the way bolted back Wu Chi into the hall of the moment, and sure enough to see the death judge still sit firmly at.

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