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Hair Straightening Brush 450 Degrees ough the expression is still modest, but it is clear that Wu did not treat the kind of kind, but no interest to explain the background again Wanjianzong. However, Li Yunpeng naturally will not be the same as Wu Chi fool, disciples willing Satisfied nodded his head, Luo Ying glanced at the two swords of the elders said You take Li Yunpeng back to the case, the king first step. Yes Respectfully salute the salute, the two elders quickly agreed Road. Wu Chi Luo Ying will be directly to the door, although they have their credit, but after all, they do not return to their own, and now leave Li Yunpeng let them back to the door, then be regarded as some of the compensation for the two. Of course, but also want to take this opportunity, so that the two first with Li Yunpeng explain the upper bound and Wan Jianzong things. Although Wu Xin mind ten million want to talk with Li Yunpeng first gas, but now it is simply can not say that exports. Stature slightly flash, Luo Ying suddenly wiped away with Wu Chi. All the way to follow Luo Ying, Wu Chi this is really down on the sky stars above, although not speak, but the kind of shock in the eyes of Wu Chi is a hiding people. With Wu Chi down, Luo Ying explained The upper bound with the small world, from a certain extent, the small world but only closed the secret of it, only to the upper bound, is to the real In the world. Fell to the ground, Wu Chi found that, from here looks like, there seems to be no difference with the small world, before the vast sky is not, looked up, is still blue sky. brush hair straightener on tv Just experienced everything before, even the same blue sky, in the eyes of Wu Chi have been completely different. Prior to this, Wu Chi had guessed the upper bounds of the situation, but how can not think of all this. Jianjun, among the upper bound, how many stars like stars such stars stars Raised his head, Wu Chi or could not help but asked the export. Smiled, Luo Ying explained Just as you see the same, but the sky is only a star in the stars only stars Nobody knows, how many stars, because, even now, no one knows How big is the upper bound This answer, suddenly let Wu Chi some ignorant, it seems to have completely beyond the scope he can understand. Of course, this r.est, to kill the contrary. Li Yunpeng words in the meaning of all people are very clear, but the hearts are also complex inexplicable, almost do not know how to use words to describe. Why three days Li Yunpeng, you dare to threaten them to try. A touch of gorgeous Jianguang suddenly tear the sky, reveals a fierce murderous voice suddenly sounded, but it is a moment, all the attention of all the people suddenly pulled back. Wu Chi Do not need any explanation, when the sound of the moment, all the hearts are very clear, is bound to Wu pool back. Between the count, Wu Chi has appeared in front of everyone, between the brow revealed a bit tired, but the eyes are unusually clear. Meet the few Wu Chi appeared in the moment, surrounded by these magic people can not help but worship down, shouted loudly. Wu Chi for them, is not a name, but a living legend. Can be encountered in this time Wu Chi, no doubt let their hearts completely excited, even to Wu Chi to die, but also agreed willingly. Tightly biting his lips, Zhou Bo Yan s eyes can not help but some moist. Do not need any explanation, she can understand, Wu Chi in such a short period of time back to the dark prison community because of what. Just as she would rather die, do not want to fall into the hands of each other, was used to threaten Wu Chi, even wore a big danger, Wu Chi also will not sit back and watch them into danger. Some red eyes, Zhou Bo words for a time, but it is simply can not say anything. Do not look at her just strong insisted, it seems still unabated, in fact, the kind of psychological pressure and who can understand One step between Wu Chi already fell to Zhou Bo Yan s side, gently reach out to Zhou Bo words into his arms. Zhou Xiao Niu, do not be afraid, everything has me. Eyelids slightly jump, Li Yunpeng has not stopped after all, in fact, he is also very clear that he could not stop Wu Chi. More importantly, he also did not even think, Wu Chi will be so fast back, the original plan, I am afraid they can make some adjustments. Took a deep breath, Li Yunpeng then sneered Wu Chi, what is my meaning, you should be very clear With my back to the prison seven, I can guarantee that these people who will not be injured. Otherwise.

irst Really is the first, ha ha, you will be behind me Eyes reveal a touch of excitement of the color, Yang Xiuchuan looked back, still sitting on the heart of the bridge on the face of ferocious Wu Chi and the night Shen Xing, the heart suddenly gave birth to a trace of pleasure. Before the four in the prison community, it can be said that all people are eclipsed in front of Wu Chi, and even he was forced to agree to the Wu Chi many conditions, this account he always remember in mind, now the first Wu pool step breakthrough demons, and Get the first, really let him spirit lifted. At this moment, Yang hair straightening brush 450 degrees Xiuchuan even gave birth to a trace of killing heart. As long as continue to keep here, and so the night Shen Xing and Wu Chi wake up when the fierce killer, there is a great grasp of the two killed and this. Slightly think about it, Yang Xiuchuan finally put aside the tempting hair straightening brush 450 degrees idea. And let you live for a while this time after throwing off, I will let you never catch up Until you leave the prison when t. he five heavy, and then kill too late. Softly to himself, Yang Xiuchuan suddenly step on the second bridge Second Look at the stone on the rankings, night Shenxing face some complicated. In the stone rankings, Yan Beichen still high first, and Wu Chi and Yang Xiuchuan still sit on the heart of the bridge, look at the state, I am afraid that also will not be able to overcome the demons out of time. Night Shenxing slightly hesitant, but after all, still shook his head. Between the steps, the night star also set foot on the next bridge. However, whether it is the night Shenxing or Yang Xiuchuan, or Wu pool, in fact, are not clear, they see each other even are completely different scenarios, and have seen each other still stay above the heart of the bridge. This strange scene, if they know each other, is bound to think of something Unfortunately, everything here is isolated, the information is not equal, naturally it is impossible to find clues Almost, almost is always almost Heart burst of irritability, Wu Chi s body is also nearly more than a dozen wounds, although not fatal, but it has also been forced to his extremely embarrassed. And the previous mirror is different from this time the black mirr.impossible not to listen to the name of Xi Jun should, even now, before he went to the fairy palace, also heard that the dark star is crazy looking for trace of Xi Jun should be. But did not expect, Xi Jun should be at this moment in the million swords were among. Took a deep breath, Luo Ying not only did not back, but the body broke out of a strong war. Xi Jun should, belongs to your time has passed, and now even if you appear, but how Wan Jianzong is not your place where wild. Dark red sword lightly start, Luo Ying eyes revealed a wipe, war Yi boiling. Now this best hair brush straightener reviews situation, the sword was hung by the hair straightening brush digital hearts of stars, can not be shot, but once the four Jianjun together, Xi Jun should not be able to discuss what is cheap. They naturally can not do Xi Jun should, but also do not need to Xi Jun should be how, as long as they can stop Xi Jun should win the hearts of stars is enough. Belongs to my time Eyes reveal a touch of memories of the color, but in a moment between the deep into the mockery. By this opportunity, Luo Ying blatantly shot, dark red sword gas tear empty, from the Xi Jun should be cut in the past. The face. of Xi Jun should be absolutely not in the momentum to be pressed down, otherwise it will only lose the walmart heated hair brush straightener courage to lose, and now this situation, Xi Jun should suddenly appeared, has let everyone momentum was captured, only the first shot , In order to break this repression, so that everyone will join forces against Jun Jun should be. Regardless of how to be strong Jun, and now it is only one person after all, the whole hair straightening brush 450 degrees swords have been up and down as one, is bound to be able to retreat Xi Jun should be. hair straightening brush 450 degrees This sword, not to fight the enemy, but for the hair straightening brush 450 degrees first to catch hair straightener brush for afro hair people, give everyone a courage to fight with Xi Jun should be the courage. As a kill Jianjun, as the first four Jianjun, the responsibility, can only be his commitment. Have to say, Luo Ying look very accurate, now under the situation, this is undoubtedly the best way to deal with. Unfortunately reality has always been cruel The face of Luo Ying this sword, Xi Jun should be even the eyes did not blink, negative in the back of the hands did not have the slightest meaning to move, as if the sword did not see the generalght, will be married with others O. nce the forced to the time, then make this wedding into Shura field. boom A palm shot, Jiang Zhengyang eyes reveal a touch of anger, suddenly openly said nonsense Moment, a terrorist pressure suddenly pushed against the past in the past, Jiang Zhengyang personally shot, and now infuriating was closed, Su Wan did not have the slightest fight back, was instantly suppressed. Wrist doubled, a touch of purple thunder suddenly fell into the Song of the body hair straightening brush 450 degrees of the body, the Song of the body of the drug to disperse If Su Wan infuriating is still, the next hair straightening brush 450 degrees poison is not other people can be solved, can not infuriating support, after all, is too bad to poison, Song Tian Que itself has the strength of the road, resistance and other people are strong More, get the help of Chiang Zhengyang, immediately over the over. Su Wan, you do not have enough This wedding has long been set, let you how nonsense, must also be carried out in the end The old lady will be here and look at you and heaven Que worship heaven and earth. With a strong repair for the hard to suppress, Jiang Zhengyang is determined, in any case must be completed by the wedding, even if the master of ceremonies and maids were poisoned, but also can not change anything. There is him here, that is, Su Wan want to poison, it can not succeed. Chapter 409 Scarlet Wedding Medium The wedding continues Cold eyes swept away, Chiang Kai shek Chen Sheng opening, even if there are maids bite the bullet and rushed over, carefully hold the Su Wan, and even hair straightening brush 450 degrees can be said to pretend Suwan forced her to kneel down. Eyes full of decisive meaning, this worship is Jiang Zhengyang s will, hair straightening brush 450 degrees in any case he must make this wedding to complete Whether it is for the Han Shan token, or Chiang family and his own reputation, he must let Su Wan to complete this worship. Jiang Zhengyang, today I Suwan if not die, is bound to let you Chiang door off hair straightener brush philips Eyes reveal a touch of hatred, Su Wan snapped to curse. Infuriating was sealed, and now Chiang Kai shek oppression, she did not have any room for resistance, and this was forced with the worship of heaven and earth humiliation, let Su Wan heart full of hatred. Listening to Su Wan this full of hatred th.

Hair Straightening Brush 450 Degrees hi, other people have already looked to stay. In their thought that Wu Chi dead time, Wu Chi had already stagnated the Senate, but once again open, and is such a terrible breakthrough in the speed 9,993 But also a stone was awakened, a few people not only burst of brush straightener canada scalp tingling, and even breathing are hastily up, that feeling, eve. n as if they are more nervous than Wu Chi. Every ten times the time, is a stone breakthrough, Wu Chi body of the atmosphere, it is followed by crazy ascension, before the kind of dying state, seems to have been completely away from him. If not that weak spirit, to remind him at any time may die, and now absolutely no doubt that Wu Chi can break through. Before the dismantling of the road by Wu Chi, all re integration into the Kendo, unconsciously, the sword domain with the open, alone, the natural sense of the kind of oppression of the Sword, and even let a few people feel a burst of fatal danger. Wu Chi location around 100 meters, seems to have become an absolute forbidden land, is to Li Fannan and Zhou Xu s strength, dare to step into this area, fear is also a dead end. 9909 Gorgeous Qinglian suddenly in the Wu Chi body bloom, reflecting the world, that touch of blue seems to tear this dark world are generally. Om Suddenly, the shadow sword suddenly fell into the hands of Wu Chi, the spirit of the soul has been exhausted, this moment, Wu Chi in fact, has stepped on the edge of death. boom Wu Chi is about to wander in the moment, the body of the sword slowly shuddered, the fear of the sword suddenly abruptly Wu Chi will be dissipated consciousness pulled back. Jianchen Tiancheng Kenshin immortal, sword gallbladder is not broken. Million enlightenment monument The power of the sword suddenly burst open, abruptly for the Wu Chi more than a little time This time of interest, but it is the key to determine the life and death Suddenly, the whole prison community six heavy stone at the same time vibration, revealed a million Guanghua, Wu Chi thoroughly enveloped them. Avenue hair straightener brush dryer breath When Wu Chi Shen realized the first ten thousand enlightenment monument, do not need any deliberate action, the road atmosphere has come along. Perfect Kendo Road And even do not need hair straightening brush 450 degrees Wu Chi s.he beginning of the killer. Just, with the Han Shan Shang s shot, Wu Chi is idle down, this situation, he simply can not get started, do not want to intervene Space barrier has been broken, he could have been soaring, but now the entrance has been extremely arctic nuclear, dark chain, and Xi Jun should be a pair of big hands sealed, Wu Chi is ten lives, what. Holding the other two jade box, the original Wu Chi would like to open to see, but now see the arctic nuclear after, but it is to let Wuchi suddenly dispelled this hair straightening brush 450 degrees year. God knows that the two jade box filled with hair straightening brush 450 degrees what terrible stuff, rush to open, I m afraid to say that the first pit into their own. This thing can be far more than imagined in the terrible, so that Wu Chi instinctively felt a trace of a sense of crisis. It is no exaggeration to say that Wu Chi at the moment, simply can not hate this break things to throw away to go Alpine star nucleus what Hey, Han Shan, you really fear that the seat is not dead ah Among the prison, Xi Jun should be full o. f ridicule his face. hair straightener brush original If Wu Chi here, you will find, Xi Jun should not be the slightest anxious and panic of the emotions, but also did not just show him so angry. Han Shan Master in preparation for this day, Xi Jun should not it He may not really think of Han Shan s identity, but to say, did not respond to the preparation, it is a joke. Blood once again along hair straightening brush 450 degrees the fingertips out, penetrate the body of a few dark chains seem to have been infected with a layer of bloody, revealing a Yao Yi different atmosphere boom About a time of a stick of incense, a dark light impressively along the cracks in the space came in, just a few breathing between, there are more than ten figure from which appeared out. Whether it is arctic nuclear chill, or Xi Jun should be a pair of big hands, are simply unable to penetrate that layer of dark light protection, hurt these people. Come In such a short period of time, the upper bound of the master, forced into the dark prison community, apparently this is the dark star of the handwriting. At the expense of an arctic star nucleus, the straightening hair brush hairhouse warehouse time it takes for Han Shan to win, it determines how many experts can enter the dark prison through this space channel. And more t.

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