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Hair Straightening Brush Asda star has never had the slightest yield of meaning. This will be horror willpower, even if it is Li Futan, can not help but shocked. Night Shen Xing, I give you a chance Thinking for a moment, Li Fernan suddenly raised his head, with that pale face facing the night stars, slowly opening Road. What do you want to play Night stars Xing disdain to open Road. I remember, when you only spent half a month to see a monument Then, I give you a chance, as long as you see the stone fast enough, I will not kill you Li Fernan pale opening said. As Zhou Xu, he was also trapped almost crazy The so called torture newcomer, but also a kind of ventilated venting only. Night Shenxing hard gas and will, but also let him feel the night Shenxing extraordinary. As long as you can see the three thousand stone above, it is possible to realize the great supernatural powers, break the space barrier to leave here I want you to make a vengeance, if you leave, leave me go away. Looked at the night Shen Xing, Li Fernan seriously said. Between the words, Li Fannan has dispersed the hands of the attack, so tortured for a year the night Shen finally got a breathing space. Silence for a long while, night Shen Xing finally said Let me. promise you, nor can not But I want you to promise me a condition. What conditions I have two friends together into the prison community six heavy, I want you to ensure their safety. Night Shen Xing looked up, slowly said. This condition is undoubtedly some of Li Fernan accident. Your two friends, now fell into the hands of Zhou Xu I am afraid you are more miserable Honestly, although I am not afraid of Zhou Xu, but it can not help him, and did not grasp from his hands to the people Rescued. Li Fernan slightly shook his hair straightening brush asda head, calmly said. Zhou Xu like male wind, so long time in the past, I am afraid that the two have already tortured the human shape, right If it is a bit skeptical, I m afraid already suicide may also. They are two people s talent, absolutely not under me If you want to find opportunities to leave here, save them, the hope of success is much larger. Completely guessed Li Fernan s mind, the night Shen Xing slowly opening Road The This sentence, but it is suddenly let the hearts of Li.e, even if the reaction to Li Yunpeng, did not have time to escape, only time too in between the push between the metaphor, the body into a shadow. It can be said that Li Yunpeng most terrible supernatural powers, by virtue of this trick, almost can make themselves invincible. Even before the fight with the Wu Chou, Wu Chi also can not hurt the incarnation of Li Yunpeng. However, this time tested supernatural powers, in this golden Jianmang before, but seems to have lost the role of the general. Obviously has been the embodiment of the shadow, but that golden Jianmang still still penetrate the body of Li Yunpeng, with a touch of bloody. When Li Yunpeng to restore the stature when the chest has emerged a sword injury, that a golden Jianmang, Li Yunpeng is the body from the wear in the past, if not subconsciously to avoid the key, the sword probably enough to fatal The Rao is so, the sword, Li Yunpeng will be scared pale, long time mood is difficult to calm down. Come out to me sneaky Young eyes reveal a blow to kill the machine, Lengheng a cry, taking advantage of Li Yunpeng has not been able to slow down, the hands of the sword flash, once again to Li Yunpeng killed over. Just eaten a big loss, Li Yunpeng stature suddenly retreat, a time but did not dare to aggressive. However, this cautious did not last long. After several shots, Li Yunpeng smart to realize that the strength of each other though good, but it is far from just that hit the golden sword Jianmang the point The idea of rotation, Li Yunpeng will react over, that a golden Jianmang, I am afraid that is not the power of each other, so, Li Yunpeng heart suddenly Dading. At the foot of a sudden, Li Yunpeng the whole person once again into a shadow, hair straightening brush asda turn for the attack Such as ink knife, into the magic knife boom Just also swaggering, Li Yunpeng to suppress the four to avoid the youth, in this knife will be defeated between the whole person as a broken kite is generally directly hit out to fly out. Qi brothers Youth suddenly defe. ated, suddenly let other people surprised, hurried to catch up in the past. Eyes reveal a touch of ridicule of the color, Li Yunpeng suddenly again toward the youth to kill away. Before the temptation, he has co.

is account ancestors to remember you hair straightening brush ratings After today, will let you pay the price. Can not help but shouted abuse, do not destroy the souls of the souls of the body burning blood, eyes full of hatred. Do not bother, Wu Chi shrugged and said I can not force you, if you do not want to give, I turned away heard Wu Chi these words, immortal soul ancestors is almost no one spit to Wu Chi face. What do not want to go, tu. rn left Night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan eyes have never been removed, this time if he dare to refuse, I m afraid the next night night Shen Xing s death sickle or Yang Xiuchuan s guns will be killed. Once the mess of the two played a kill heart, even if the law enforcement do not even want to stop. Roll, fake tiger s dog stuff hair straightening brush best Cursed one, do not destroy the soul hair straightening brush 4c hair but after all, still best hair straightener brush dryer can not refuse, with anger will set the soul stone thrown over. Wu Chi is now the root of the dog legs, looks imposing, but in fact it is entirely relying on the night stars and Yang Xiuchuan power and influence only. At this moment looks beautiful, but this behavior is no doubt offend too many people, once this thing, the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan broke into the prison community four, this account will be counted to his body. Of course, in order to set a soul stone, this price is not worth it. In fact, if there are opportunities, including the immortal soul, including other people are equally willing to do so, but they did not Wu Chi so fast response, in the first time to seize the initiative. And then their strength has also reached the peak of the road, not enough hair straightening brush led to set the soul of the stone may not be able to break the prison community four, but if you get a number of souls of the soul, may not break the prison world The. Night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan simply will not trust them. Bluntly, Wu Chi, but is relied on the strength of poor, sensitive to seize the opportunity to hair straightening brush asda speculation only. Of course, since it is speculative, naturally there is danger. After the end of the matter to be faced with the danger that Wu Chi must pay the price. Watching Wu Chi figure, Jiang Zhengyang can not help but slightly some sigh. In all fairness, Wu Chi and other reactions and decisions is undoubtedly a great.consolidate the spirit, and even may be to restore the spirit of the treasures. If it is also the same as the prison on the platform, the need to hold down in this torture, then you can have a few pieces of hair straightening brush black hair soul stone, it means that there is a more powerful spirit of the spirit of the hair straightening brush asda natural will be more grasp The However, this hair straightening brush nasv idea is really right If it is other people, think of the soul of the soul stone, is bound to think that this is a hint, but Wu Chi suddenly hair straightening brush sutra felt, perhaps the soul of the stone may be a misleading Yes, the spirit of the strong or not, for this torture in the persistence is a great influence, but hair straightening brush asda this may not be the most critical. As with the same character, in the prison community is a kind of protection, but in fact, when the real break into the prison community, so that the character is simply meaningless So, whether the soul of stone is also something similar to. it Think of this, Wu Chi s ideas were completely opened. If you put aside the spirit does not mention, this terrible torture, what is the real test There is no doubt that willpower Only to have a really strong willpower, can not be this endless pain torture collapse, it is possible to really survive all the test. A thought to this, Wu Chi brain suddenly gave birth to a crazy idea If the real test here is the willpower, then why must hair straightening brush asda spend effort to resist it In this waste a lot of spirit and strength, to resist these threats, it would be better to simply let go of mind, death to survive, really with willpower to face death This moment, Wu pool naturally once again hair straightening brush asda think of the night Shenxing life and death domain. Death, this contains vitality If in this test, the death of this is inevitable, so why can not life is hidden in the death of it Originally in the night of Shen Xing s life and death domain, Wu pool itself has touched the edge of a hair straightening brush asda trace of life and death, and now again insight, immediately let go of the mind, all the forces converge, calm bear the burning of the flames The As Wu Chi expected, when he completely relaxed mind no longer try to resist the burning of the flames, the death rate is actually not much faster than before, but because of this, more out of a trace of life and death for the It seems that in the moment, it becomes a shy humble juvenile general. This strong contrast, it is so that the two burst of speechless Can come here, and even ranked second, how can you be considered a master, right Demeanor Festival This Nima, just like the streets of the boring hair straightening brush asda rogue ah. Even with this shameless slut of the people, really make the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan frantically jump to see Wu Chi s eyes are extremely poor. Chapter 380 in three ways go together Aware of the wind direction is not right, Wu Chi said with a sense of justice The three of us into the prison community among the four, naturally, the break together with the last test, to be together to break this free purgatory, will pass for a moment Beauty talk Facts have proved that this goods is no shameless lower limit. Let s see the three people as usual, condescending, I can not see how the same sex to the opposite sex brothers Since then, do not ask the same year the same day the same day, but the same year the same month the same day See you like this Translate What do you think is that The most important thing is, who wants to die with you the same month the same month Open joke, here is the prison community four, the next test is extrem. ely dangerous, the same year the same month died You are afraid of death here, but also want to pull people back to you Face a black, night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan suddenly no hair straightening brush asda longer talk with him the interest. With this slut bombers, destined to be no good results. After a brief break, three or at the same time jumped out of the high platform. Have been to this point, even if it is dangerous, how could give up Of course, this case, no one is willing to rush to do the mouse, to others for reference. So, together with it will become the best solution. Almost down the high platform of the moment, Wu Chi felt, as if falling into another world, before the high platform to see those vague ghosts have become extremely clear up. Click And even have not so Wu pool reaction, a black chain suddenly from the side of the ghosts in the hands of flying out, directly through the Wu Chi s clavicle, locked him up Suddenly the blood out of the sudden, that ghosts and demise a drag in t.

Hair Straightening Brush Asda ht, with the star door to shuttle. This time, Wu Chi to follow Luo Ying in the sky, a full fly for more than a month s time, this finally through the star door to reach the fairy palace. However, in the step on the door, really see the palace when the Wu Chi was stunned. Seven stars surrounded by a large number of asteroids, constitute a magnificent star palace, the kind of majestic and the atmosphere, just enough to make anyone staggering. The so called fairy palace, is simply a star sky. Standing in the Wu Chi s side, Luo Ying eyes revealed a smile, did not worry with Wu Chi explained, but let Wu Chi feel the immortal Palace of the background. Wu pool full of stunned half the time of tea, this finally recovered, Master respect, this is the fairy palace Slightly nodded, Luo Ying softly explained Yes, as you can see, this is a sky, is the palace The top of t. he community in brush straightener on curly hair the top of the door, behind the support of heaven, Sin Palace is far from what you can imagine, only into the palace, you will understand that this world how many genius Only true From the fairy palace to break out, can be called a real Tianjiao. Speaking of this, Luo Ying heart can not help but some sigh. Compared to the fairy palace, Wan Jianzong really is too small, when he did his best, only for the million swords to win the two into the brush straightener curly hair immortal palace qualifications, but now, he once again came to the fairy palace, But it no longer exists. Fortunately, Wu Chi still, before finally let his previous efforts did not in vain. Come on Raised his head, the hearts of messy thoughts away, Luo Ying, then with Wuchi flew toward the fairy palace. And did not fall to the seven stars, but in one of the humble asteroids fell down. Only a fall, when there is hair straightening brush asda a palace of the disciples welcome up. Wrist slightly doubled, while engraved with the immortal hair straightening brush asda pattern of the token into the palm of the Luo Ying. See Luo Ying in the hands of the token, the palace of the disciples of this little child earn the ritual disciples seen Luo elders. Luo Ying is clearly aware of this disciple, nodded slightly and said This is my disciple Wu Chi, this time I took him to participate in the examination of Xian Gong, first here for some time. Luo elders p.d to break the void of the moment, Xi Jun should finally shot. Trance, Wu Chi saw a pair of big hands flying out of the prison, mercilessly pulled the space cracks on those dark chain above. At this moment, Wu Chi was really felt a touch of deadly threat. If the goal of the attack on both hands is not those dark chain, but his words, instantly, I m afraid will be able to tear Wu Chi, even if he was unassuming, in front of such forces, there is no room for any resistance The Tianjun Jun Jun should Although even imprisoned sealed, but wh. en the king should be shot the moment, or show the power of earth shattering. It seems that any rule, under this pair of big hands, are just just a joke. This is really the power of God Jun, so Han Shan Shangren, not even into the dark prison half a step of the terrorist strength. Snapped Almost at the same time, Wu Chi who one of the jade box out of control fly out, jade box suddenly broken broken Hanshan Masters do not explain what is it, because it is hair straightening brush asda not necessary to know Wu Chi. When the time to come, they will naturally release the power to. Jade box fragmentation of the moment, a bit of chill chill out, even in an instant, they will Wu Chi frozen, even if Qinglian Jian Qi are unable to resist this horrible chill. This is the Han Shan and Xi Jun should be fighting, Wu Chi as a pawn, played only a guide role. This is a prelude to the shaking battle, so far really opened Chapter 443 Extreme Star and come The chill swept, went straight to the space before the cracks in the pair of big hands away. The original has been torn off the signs of the dark chain attached to a layer of frost, a moment between the stability of the down again, but rather a pair of big hands should be almost frozen. Alpine stars Han Shan, you dare to betray the seat Prison community seven heavy, Xi Jun should be angry curse resounded through heaven and earth. The next moment, the frost in the condensate out of the Hanshan Master s stature, although only an incarnation, but also revealed a mysterious atmosphere, in no way the dark chain and that pair of big hands. You have seen Tianjun Slightly bowed, Han Shan said softly. Others do not know the situation also fills, hear this call, Wu Ch.

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