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Hair Straightening Brush Damages Hair test, then, I am afraid there will be no real sense of death And for themselves, at the moment urgent to figure out is that life and death in the temple what is the secret. Chapter 383 Judges pen Red robe like fire, even if only a look at the far, but also people from the depths of the soul to give birth to a trace of chestnut feeling. Under the worship of life and death hair straightening brush damages hair To see the moment of life and death judge, that command will be the first to kneel down. He kneel, suddenly gas Wu Chi cursed hair straightener roller brush in the heart more than their own boss are kneeling, do they still stand it However, it is good that Zhesi also no section of the gymnastics, kind of like to kneel down, under the worship of life and death Raised his head, eyes in the Wu Chi s body to stay for a moment, life and death judge this slowly turned to the guard, what Life and death of the voice of some low, but revealed a terrible coercion, as if he was just casually asked, but also apalus brush hair straightener for sale people dare not honest answer. Sentenced to condemnation, committing the intention to break hair straightening brush damages hair into the temple of life and death, has wounded a lot of guards, electric hair straightening brush we can not stop, fear is soon to break into the. Sin slave Pondered a moment, put down the hands of the judge pen, life and death judge slowly opening hair straightening brush electronic The official guarding the door of life and death, inconvenience easy to hand, so be it, you wait for the judge to go to the town to kill, with the return. Wrist slightly flick, the judge pen suddenly flew into the hands of the guard command. Yes Eyes flashed a trace of the color of surprise, guarding the command quickly took the judge pen, respectful opening replied. Go on. Faintly told a sentence, life and death judge will bow again, no longer ignore the two. Came out from the hall, Wu Chi suddenly could not help but asked command adults, there are judges pen, we can kill the two people The eyes reveal a trace of excitement, guarding the command nodded and nodded The judge is a big sentence of life and death of the treasure, pen off life and death If life and death sentenced to personally shot, one can deny each other, although I can not play the judge pen The real power, but this treasure in hand, the same can be broken life and. death, enough to kill the two peo.the first to the crime. But this is no way things, Wu Chi identity, after all, in the ratio of performance, related to the distribution of resources Jianfeng. Of course, to Luo Ying Wu Chi s attitude, even if the Wu Chi in the big fool, will not be deprived of the identity of the disciples, but if Wu Chi really lost in the core disciples of the challenge, is bound to affect the sword peak Acquired resource allocation. For Jianfeng s disciples, this is the most vital interests. Wu Chi is no annoying, after all, only from the words to see, I am afraid it is difficult to have any people will be optimistic about his strength. Just heard Yao Long words, Wu Chi is some puzzled Is not it true that the disciples can not refuse brush straightener australia the challenge of each other This is the words of the cloud said, Wu Chi naturally remember. Challenge naturally can not be rejected, but it can be postponed. Nodded his head, Yao Long immediately explained If someone to challenge Wu brothers, Wu brothers can ask him to me first, if win, naturally can Continue to challenge, if lost, they will naturally lose the qualification of the challenge. Hear this, Wu Chi finally understand this come over. If the other side is defeated, is it that you challenge me Wu Chi is not stupid, a little thought to understand the reason, that is to let himself push to him, hair straightening brush damages hair but also is polite look, in fact, no matter how their own decision, Yao Long can take things over. The reason is that he is also the same to challenge themselves. This way, it is equivalent to Yao Long will be all the trouble to pick up the past. From this sentence, Wu Chi is also able to feel the arrogance of Yao Long who is almost equal to that in the core disciples, he is better tha. n everyone else ah. Wu brothers assured, to do so, just to block those misconduct outsiders only, after I win, naturally not with the hands of Wu brothers. Yao Long once again explained. Help Wu pool to block all the challenges, and then in the face of Wu Chi, and then throw in the towel, which is naturally the best way. However, this way, will naturally fall the population is real, ridicule Wu Chi even hair straightening brush damages hair the core disciples are afraid to accept the challenge. A turn to read, Wu Chi will understand the.

Chi heart has long been understood. But it has not been able to set this determination, after all, the sword soul is the spirit, and now collapse broken sword soul, a poor pool, perhaps it is the spirit of all off Chapter 427 Deadline and Breakthrough Soul of the soul of the collapse of broken, and instantly make the whole breath of Wu Chi are completely chaotic up. That moment of change, suddenly alerted Zhou Xu and Li Fernan them, although it is not clear Wu Chi what is doing, but the sword soul broken broken, the kind of violent fluctuations in the soul is very clear. Moment between a few people on the reaction over, Wu Chi this is hard ah For a time, whether it is Li Fernan, Zhou Xu or Yang Xiuchuan and night stars can not help but pour a cold air. hair straightening brush damages hair Now Wu Chi has been sentiment more than nine thousand hair straightening brush damages hair enlightenment monument ah, this result came out, enough to shaking, and even look at the history of six circles of prison, to achieve this level of people, it is absolutely rare If they have such a good fortune, has long been satisfied, but who can think of, in order to break the limit to break the record of ten thousand stone, Wu pool even at life to fight Just this courage and decision has been enough to shock. Yang Xiuchuan and the night Shen Xing some better, Zhou Xu and Li Fernan at the moment it has long been looking to stay. Before they envy jealous Wu Chi s talent, but when the moment, to see Wu Chi in order to continue to enlightenment, even at the time of the collapse of the spirit of the fight, the hearts of the share of jealousy already disappeared with the. already clean. Such a character, far from what they can match, the gap between each other, is not a talent and perception can be measured. Took a deep breath, Li Fernan whispered Now, I began to believe that he really can break Yan Beichen legend Wu Chi naturally can not know their thoughts at the moment, in fact, Wu Chi also simply can not attend to the other. Broken broken Soul Soul, is the real life and death set aside. The soul of Kendo dismantling, that is, in the collapse of the sword soul at the same time. For a moment, the original bottleneck of the bottleneck broke through, nine thousand two hundred, nine thousand immediately have to be under the H arm. Wu hair straightening brush ireland Chi hide the embarrassed, but the following is a cry of applause, really let Wu Chi hate some root itch. Just Han cream but did not care about the meaning of Wu Chi thought, shot no hesitation, Janus a turn, immediately another sword cut to. This time, Wu Chi can no longer have the slightest effect. Between breathing, immediately use the supernatural powers. God s prejudgment The face of the attack on the Han cream, Wu Chi simply did not parry the possibility of only continue to avoid. But also the loss of the God of the pre determination of a very strong, Rao is Han cream constantly change strokes, Wu Chi can always be a step to avoid open to go, otherwise, a step on the boom was down, that face may be lost. Wu ditch for a continuous escape the attack, Han Shuang eyes can not help hair straightening brush led but flashed a trace of the color of surprise. So strange prejudice, she is the first time encountered. Wu Chi, but the strength of the stars, even in her attack, support hair straightening brush malaysia for so long, do not expose the potential, it touches also let her look a little look. However, it is so. To Han Shuang s temper, can not be patient to continue with Wu Chi entangled, since the usual means can not win, the natural will use the supernatura. l powers. For a moment, the entire sword sword suddenly snow and ice enveloped, sword hidden and snow and ice, suddenly fall, all pervasive Rage of winter The sword of the moment, the sword stage of the audience could not help but exclaimed out loud. This type of supernatural powers, among the million sword cases, too hair straightening brush damages hair famous. It is not because it is what the top supernatural powers, but hair straightening brush damages hair because it is the essence of the Korean frog itself. Sword is shrouded, is the cold winter In which, to face, as if the whole winter anger, like to bear the world of Granville. Suddenly, Wu Chi heart can not help but give birth to a trace of a very dangerous premonition. Breathing, Wu Chi s figure immediately disappeared in place. Shrink inch hair straightening brush damages hair inch The entire sword sword are covered by the sword, naturally no place hair straightening brush damages hair to stay, Wu Chi can only fall under the fighting sword. Han Shishou good means, I throw in the towel. Fall out of the sword sword Taiwan, Wu Chi simply, then immediately toward the Bai Rong chase the past. and many more Wu Chi words have not finished, Yunhe already chased out. Wry smile rubbed his forehead, Wu Chi heart has given birth to a kind of ominous premonition. Although there is still some distance, but Wu Chi is also able to clearly feel that the demons of terror. Faced with this horrible demon, even if the beginning of a sudden turn to the ground, are not likely to e. scape the drop, not to mention, Yunge even want to help. Although not seen Yunhuo shot, but from the strength of Li Dongsheng, speculation can be speculated that probably come, this strength, in front of the demons, simply not enough to see, so rush to help, there is no meaning. Only the speed of the cloud is too fast, Wu Chi was too late to explain, it has been chased out, and now where can be stopped. boom The emergence of clouds, immediately let the demon will pay attention to the Wu Chi these people, the mouth uttered a roar, a moment, the situation changes, purple flame sky, swept toward the crowd. This time, Wu Chi is the real scalp tingling. Even if only a hit, but that the power of terror, but also as if to destroy heaven and earth. Between a few breathing, the first few people will be swallowed by purple flame, immediately died on the spot. Too late to have the slightest hesitation, Wu Chi immediately began to shrink into the inch of supernatural powers, and instantly toward the cloud load and Bai hair straightening brush at walgreens Rong position rush. Not he did not want to escape, but the face of this level of demon, he simply did not escape the slightest possible. But only to catch up with the cloud and white wing, in their help, only to get out of the line of hope. This judgment, only experienced numerous life and death, in order to accurately judge it. Almost at the same time, Li Yunpeng also remind the shadow of the supernatural powers, followed by Wu Chi toward the clouds and Bai Rong side over. With the size of the supernatural powers, escaped purple flame, Wu Chi who is already scared out of a cold sweat. If not shrink into the inch of this life saving supernatural powers, I m afraid just that look, they have died under the purple flame. This side of the change, also attracted the att.

Hair Straightening Brush Damages Hair mpossible to let go of their own, want to live, it can only desperately. As for what the last words, would not it be a joke Repair to this and so on, how can we not even have this courage Even if unknown, he did not want to so easily give up. Wrist doubled, a green bamboo sword suddenly start, stature suddenly flash, the first to Yang Xiuchuan attack in the past. A sword stabbed out, it is like in the moment between the growth of a bamboo, Yang Xiuchuan enveloped in the bamboo forest, surrounded by every bamboo are turned into the most terrible sword toward Yang Xiuchuan kill. call Moment, Yang Xiuchuan body coat suddenly turned into a dark cloud, abruptly toward the bamboo pressure. At the same time, Yang Xiukuan single handedly grasp, rifle suddenly start, like a dragon out of the clouds, in that a dark cloud, crashing toward the bamboo forest to kill the past. Cuikulaxiu Shot in the hand, Yang Xiuchuan will be able to completely ignore all obstacles, just between the number of data, then abruptly pierced the bamboo, blatantly killed in front of bamboo Yaoyang. horrible Although it has long been known that Yang Xiuchuan terrible, but also did not think of bamboo Yiuyang, even their own will be so fast, bamboo sword field, and even the number of time did not survive, they were broken That gun hit the moment, then hard so that he felt a trace of death suffocation. Click Gun sword attack, just between the twinkling of an eye, bamboo Zhaoyang hands green bamboo sword will be broken broken, into the sky debris However, this shot castration diminished, still from the point to the heart of bamboo This hair straightening brush damages hair moment, bamboo Y. aoyang almost completely desperate The gap is too big, even with the peak of the road, but he even even Yang Xiuchuan shot are not close. Avoid the inevitable, this shot is a fatal blow. lock In the bamboo Yaoyang that brush straightener on curly hair he has been dead when the void suddenly flew out of a black chain, almost between the fat between the lock in the hands of Yang Xiuchuan gun Suddenly, the night Shenxing eyes reveal a touch of terror murderous machine, the hands of death sickle suddenly toward the black chain that cut However, almost the same time at night at the same time, the void is a few chains at t.o do, big deal pat only leave, these disciples even if there is a big grievances and how can it But he is not the same ah He had to stay in the Xiushui peak, if really these disciples to death offend, can only be a bad reputation, into a greater trouble. He did not want to have anything to do with other people involved, and even do not care to be ignored, to do a stealth, but can not want to be done by all the loner ah. At least not now The brain flashed these thoughts, Li Yunpeng took a deep breath, this opening said This bet on this nothing to do with me, only to be an ordinary test only Wu brothers since that this stone has hair straightening brush damages hair a stone So that the rest of the stars will not have to be mentioned again. Away from the rest of the star stone, which is the only way, even if Li Yunpeng some distressed, it did not have to choose. I heard Li Yunpeng say that other disciples can not help but breathe a sigh of relief Who do not want to flat so much back to the stars of the debt ah, they can not bargain with Wu Chi, Li Yunpeng said, naturally no problem. Thank you very much Thank you, Yunpeng Young For a time, these disciples have to thank, at least on the surface, it is a regiment and gas. Hey, Li Shidi, you really heart is too soft You are so bad for them, I know, in fact, you are reluctant, you worry, I have, they dare not rely on debt Wu Chi face Righteously said. Li Yunpeng did not snapped Wu Chi a glance, simply wait for strangling this bastard, but can not say anything on the mouth, only a faint answer, Wu brothers joke, Yun Peng is also Xiushui Feng disciples, how can the difficult door Lee Young, you are so bad What is the most important thing A look of iron into a steel, Wu Chi frowned and said Speak things, should be sincere Caixing Wu brothers, is it you can not bear these stars stone If you really can not bear, you have to go is to, and give me the words, do not have to mention. Heard Wu Chi is still nonsense, Li Yunpeng can not help some Angry, anti one army. Just where the Wu Chi Ken on this, has fallen a lot of benefits, why should trouble themselves, anyway, is not their own disadvantage. Well, ok, according to you is Do not care about the waved, hair straightening brush damages hair Wu Chi suddenly once again convergence of t.

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