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Hair Straightening Brush Dryer enly, Wu Chi s eyes suddenly revealed a touch of Jingmang, mind once again firm up, Although in fact I do not understand, what is the real Kendo, but hair straightening brush extreme it has long been integrated into my life I , For the sword and health, because the sword and mad Almost in this sentence down the moment, Wu Chi s body suddenly revealed a touch of bright Jianmang Kenshin This moment, hair straightening brush uspicy before all the effects are with the collapse of broken, can not shake Wu Chi trace of mind. My way is to come out of their own It does hair straightening brush hqt 906 not matter right There is a way I have to go, no way, I will hand sword, cut out a road to, what can be hesitant The last sentence down the moment, demons suddenly collapsed, and then can not constitute a slightest impact on the Wu Chi, in front of the black mirror also apalus brush hair straightener ulta will be completely collapsed. Everything goes back Wu Chi suddenly wake up again, opened his eyes moments, it was found that he had unwittingly had come to the edge of the br. idge, and even a foot has been out of the step This scene, but it is suddenly so that Wu Chi was scared out of a cold sweat. Only a little bit, they will enter into the endless darkness of the void, and even with the toes should also know that once fell into it, that is bound to die. Even at this moment, Wu Chi can also from that a terrible dark vanity, feel a fatal threat, even in a sober state, fall into it, it is also inevitable. Suddenly retreated back, looking at the foot of the heart of the bridge, Wu Chi suddenly realized that his memory before the mirror on the bridge, even completely false. The whole prison community among the five, there is no second bridge At the same time, Wu Chi also not far away, see the same foot out of the bridge outside the night stars and Yang Xiuchuan. From the current situation of the two may also obviously are affected by the demons, at the edge of life hair straightening brush dryer and death. Slightly hesitated, Wu Chi suddenly shot, the two hair straightening brush dryer pulled back from the edge of the bridge. Just by the influence of the demons, the two simply did not notice any anomalies, even if pulled back, still still no consciousness to continue to bridge to go. Heart magic robbery, outsiders simply do not busy on what is really able to decide life and death, only their own. T.y, if the Wu Chi escaped, even if hair straightening brush dryer he can from the hands of th. e demon will survive, it is bound to leave a big hidden danger, which he can not tolerate anyway. At the moment, Bai Rong has been reluctant to expose the traces, and instantly speed to the extreme, toward the Wu Chi chase the past. All this is a long story, but in fact, but also between the light stone fire only. Wu Chi was not as good as Bai Rong speed, and now is also with the cloud load, where to get rid of Bai Rong s pursuit. But just a dozen times the time, Wu Chi was once again to catch up with Bai Rong. You can not escape Suddenly stopped stature, Wu Chi slowly cloud on the side of a hair straightening brush dryer tree, looked at Bai Rong, left and right is just a death Maybe I can not escape, but, you will also lose the white brothers The last chance to get out. Those demons will be rushed to the speed, which is not only Bairong feel, Wu Chi also feel the same. If Bai Rong first time to escape, perhaps also a little more vitality, but now to catch up with him and the cloud, but it is bound to waste the hair straightening brush dryer most valuable time to get out Once the demon will be rushed, that is nine dead life, I am afraid are light. Zheng Not the slightest excess of nonsense, Bai Rong impressively again sword toward the Wu Chi cut past. At the foot of a slight meal, almost grab in the white before the sword, Wu Chi has made a first step to judge boom Horror Jianmang suddenly cut from the side of Wu Chi side, only so a trace of the Wu Chi sword can be cut into two parts. God s prejudgment In this life and death, Wu Chi was also forced out of all the cards. He could not stop Bai Rong even a sword But you can bet In the white glory before the sword, it is predicted that the sword, to make the first step of the dodge. This prejudgement, in fact, can not say how hair straightening brush dryer accurate, can be said to rely more or even an instinctive intuition. However, this is Wu Chou now face Bai Rong, the only way. Moment, Wu Chi successive to avoid the Bai Rong seven swords So horrible prejudgment, even Bai Rong, the heart can not help but give birth to a chill chill Wan Jianzong itself is Jianzong, Bai Rong is also a master of Kendo, naturally able to see, Wu Chi this is a kind of incredible prejudgment, such.

three times, many people follow the booing, can really come when Liu Changtong come forward, but absolutely no one hair straightening brush dryer dare to show up, three people, where is so bullying Liu Changtang now is now only revealed the momentum, it is absolutely far from the usual broken stars of the people dare to face. For a time, the audience a silence, no one answered. At this point, the crowd suddenly someone shouted I heard that someone just under the re injection to buy you lose, want to know who is mischief, a investigation will know Hear this, Wu Chi s brow suddenly pick, suddenly understand the over The original is waiting for yourself A good move with a knife to kill Hey Good deep thought, good poison mind ah. Chapter 539 What, do you really dare to do not dare to be it Or must let Lumou trace you out Eyes some cold, Liu Changtong suddenly open again Road. Bet is my next, just, by the number of people, please give me the star stone knot it Mouth hair straightening brush wet hair brought back a trace of sneer, Wu Chi stature slightly flash, immediately more and more out, a touch of open road. This opening, can not help but let everyone pour a cold air. In this case, stand up, and not only without any explanation, and up to directly hate to win the star stone, this is really contend with the three emboldened, or have been lost heart crazy, scared silly For a time, even three other disciples, now look to Wu Chi s eyes are cold terrible, as if to see the dead. Area of a broken star early only, where the courage to dare to provoke three However, the other people but did not notice, in the Wuchi appeared in the moment, Liu Changtong pupil suddenly a shrink, apparently did not exclaim the sound Wu Chi The Even if separated by a hundred years, and now is not in the dark prison community, and how can Liu Changtong wrong people Just, just a hundred years time, how to actually enter the goods into the broken star, and even went to the fairy palace to the For a time, Liu Changtong s mind are some ignorant. How about this Star stone, but also want to refuse to do Eyes a ramp, Wu Chi once again ridicule Road. Although the discerning eye can see, now bet on how much star stone is simply not the key, but since Wu Chi empty when shouting out, naturally can intentional, even if clearly know, how can it Is it possible to blame Xiushui Jianjun too generous Carefully received, with this water mirror talisman, you are tantamount to a more life. Satisfied nodded his head, Luo Ying Wu Chi said to tell Road. Jail prison thing, is my responsibility, should give Wu Shi nephew some compensation. Even Xiushui Jianjun have sent something, cold star how to be able to hair straightener brush kuwait stay out, However, since it is a penalty for a hundred years, So, I hope Luo brothers still let Wu Shi nephew finished this hundred years sentence. Luo Ying bluntly let the day into the jail prison, you can cold star of the temper, but how willing to give up easily, and now take advantage of this opportunity to mention again. Brow hair straightening brush dryer slightly a pick, Luo Ying looked at the cold star Jianjun, this slowly said This kid I do not know the sky is thick, was the penalty should be, in my opinion, it is better to let him into the day hair straightening brush dryer jail prison to eat some bitterness also it is good. His words, everyone can not help but slightly Yizheng, is cold star also did not expect Luo. Ying will say so. In fact, according to brush straightener brands his meaning, so that Wu Chi again into the jail, but also to the people to do a look at the jail, the other disciples have an account of it. After all, Wu Chi is now only the strength of the initial star is an indisputable fact. Luo Ying is extremely concerned about the disciples of Wu Chi, how to agree to let him into a jianjian prison However, to his strength now, into the jianjian really dangerous.Therefore, if the cold teacher is willing to come up with some condensate stars Dan, then let him like a jail jail penalty to the door when the big better than when Luo Ying continued. Condensate stars Dan, hear this, cold star Jianjun can not help but slightly Yi Zheng. Condensate star Dan for the practice of great benefits, and the most critical is that you can protect the life of stars, if there is condensate stars Dan, even in the days of jail and prison support does not go, but also eat some bitterness only, and no life risk. Just condensate star Dan is extremely valuable, there are no people within the sword there is hair straightening brush dryer no refining, cold star is also a chance coincidence, the hands of some. Luo. $txt2=preg_replace(\"/\\.{2,}/i\",\"\",$txt2);

Hair Straightening Brush Dryer lt a fatal crisis. It seems that in the moment, the black mirror really moved the murder. This moment, Wu Chi heart difficult to suppress the birth of a trace of the impulse to try Wu Chi is very clear their own talent, if really give up Kendo, perhaps really hope to change their own, once again a breakthrough Whether it is life and death Avenue, the dark road, or the five elements of the road, are equally powerful, choose a way as their own, perhaps the same way is expected As the black mirror said, if the road is really wrong, then stick to it, is simply to put their own to the road to force. On the contrary, take a step back, it is likely to be brighter, so that once again a chance to transform ah Moment, Wu Chi s brow tightly wrinkled together, difficult to control the hesitation up. As if life has come to the most important turning point, different choices, will bring a very different life Is my way wrong Unbelievable look at the mirror in front of the night Shenxing said. Is not it The image of the night star of the mirror sneered In the prison before the triple, you can roll all opponents , Why from the prison community began to lose, you began to lose to others You are not as good as the Wu Chi, but because, you hair straightening brush dryer go the wrong way, choose a wrong way Then so obsessed, you and other people will only get bigger and bigger No, no I can climb at any time, my way will not be wrong Night Shenxing Chen Sheng retorted. Soaring Eyes reveal a trace of disdain, the night mirror of the stars continue to say fly up what This world can fly on the upper bound of the idiot is still less If your pursuit, just just soaring, why adventure break this Five in hair straightener brush trade secrets prison Road wrong, to change over, taking advantage of you have not yet proven, not yet stereotypes before, will be reversed, so you can become a real genius, easy to break through the prison area five, and even continue to break down Are you willing to fly on the upper bound after this mediocre down The upper bound is not a paradise, there will be disputes, even the gap between each other but will be bigger, you understand I Pooh My Road how could wrong Yang Xiuchuan looked at the mirror in front of the said Before the heart of the brid. ge, I was the f.into the root is not the same as the environment But now in the temple of life and death suddenly see Yang Xiuchuan and night stars, but it is suddenly overturned Wu Chi before all the speculation. However, it is also a further proof of the special life and death hall. The mind flashed countless thoughts, but the surface of hair straightening brush dryer Wu Chi is not any expression, followed by guarding the sword toward the two killed. It is obviously different from their own, the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan is to hard break, then, now as a guardian of life and death hall, the position is against them with the. Although Wu Chi really do not care about this position, but the surface of the effort but still have to do a do. Work is not a force is it. Anyway, there are at least dozens of guards guards at least dozens of people, not their own take the lead. Hiding in the crowd, looking at the two sides played against, Wu Chi s brain can not help but flashed countless apalus brush hair straightener amazon ideas. Night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan the strength he is very clear that it hair brush straightener walmart canada is absolutely abnormal. Although most of these guards have the strength of the peak of the road, compared with the two is really worse than a grade. Especially the night Shenxing, life and death under the domain, the death of the temple of the coercion for him, there is no meaning, but rather the hands of his death sickle can wanton beheaded these guards. According to this situation look down, I am afraid these guard. s are really possible to kill them can not. Wu Chi some not sure, here also set the soul of stone is also no use, nature is not easy to risk. Although now it seems that the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan still prevail, the same, Wu Chi also do not believe that the temple is only such a point of life. Wait until these guards can not support the time, I m afraid to see the real chapter of the time. Now Wu Chi is to do is to wait, and so on a chance to profit, whether it is the night star they win, or these guards to win, for him, not important The only key is, what can he get hair straightening brush dryer Death atmosphere enveloped, there are so many guards siege, whether it is Yang Xiuchuan or night Shenxing also did not notice hiding among the crowd Wu Chi. But rather that guard the command, so.

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