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Hair Straightening Brush Electric Pro day to leave, Xi Jun should be sure to have guessed your existence, and now he will not let go. Wu Chi reason to promise Han Shan Shang conditions, largely because of Zhou Boyan their security considerations, in this issue will naturally not compromise. As long as you are alive, they will not be life threatening, on the contrary, if you are dead, they are really not the slightest vitality. Han Shan Ren Shen Sheng said This reason. you should also be very clear, Reminder Maybe there will be no life, but it is bound to be tortured by Xi Jun should be. Eyes did not blink, Wu Chi Chen Sheng said I can not sit back and watch them into danger. So that Han Shan can not help but a slight lag, it is reasonable how can he not understand However, compared with the removal of Xi Jun hair straightening brush electric pro should be such a major event, a few women in the area of life and death, in fact, he was not kept in mind only. Watching Wu Chi now this serious attitude, for a time, did not even know what should be said. Wu Chi is the hands of his pawn, but this piece seems to have nothing to do the pieces of consciousness, which makes Han Shan Shang some annoyance, but it happens to take Wu Chi no way. In the plan, Wu Chi this piece, now undoubtedly has an irreplaceable role. For a time, the scene can not help but stalemate down. Master respect, Yang Xiuchuan see I do not know how long, several Han Shan disciples hastily entered the mountain, hair straightening brush electric pro openly reported. what Moment, Wu Chi face suddenly changed, suddenly stood up. Yang Xiucheng suddenly appeared, for Wu Chi and Hanshan Master, is undoubtedly an accident, but just broke the deadlock. Ask him up. Eyelids slightly jump, Han Shan Shangren turned a few hair straightening brush electric pro thoughts, hair straightening brush vs hair straightener Chen Sheng told Road. Between the moment, Yang Xiuchuan and also night stars will also set foot on the mountain at the same time. And even did not wait for Wu Chi open, Yang Xiuchuan first asked out loud. What happened The dark prison community was closed, and now the dark prison community is almost a mess, although it is not clear what happened, but Yang Xiuchuan and night Shenxing almost can be sure, this matter will not be with the Wu Chi can not get away, especially When he saw brush straightener on natural hair 4c in this Han Shan Wu Chi figure, almost have been ab.e situation will only be more difficult. No matter how they say, they want to come before the kill Jun Jun should be, this is an indisputable fact Although the cold mountains on the cold to intervene, so that they first on the Hanshan life out of a common hatred of the heart, but once the solution to the problem of Han Shan, their relationship with Xi Jun should still exist. Xi Jun should kill them, this is a matter of course, and, after breaking the seal of the Xi Jun should, and indeed can easily do this. Mind transfer, Wu Chi is a moment to react over. Dare to ask Tianjun, want us to do If Xi Jun should really want to kill them, already already hands, and hair straightening brush electric pro why say these nonsense No hands, it means that Xi Jun should need them to do something, this reason is so simple. His face showing a trace of satisfaction with the color, Xi Jun should take it lightly Although this seat has been unlocked the seal, but want to completely break the shackles of the dark prison, it will take some time This period of time, this seat no time Avatar. Speaking of this, Wu Chi actually have to understand, Tian Jun is to kill our people Yes Slightly nodded, Xi Jun should be cold voice opening Han Shan i. s now in the dark prison area escaped, this seat now also attend to him, if he escaped the dark prison community, to Han Shan means, and then want to kill So that you will catch up and kill him before he leaves the dark prison. This statement Xi Jun should be said to kill awe inspiring, apparently straight up hair straightening brush for the Han Shan s hatred is already unforgettable. Tianjun rest assured Even if the day Jun did not command, this hatred, we also want to recover back. Wu Chi nodded again and again. Speaking, Wu Chi immediately turned to go outside. But not out of two steps, a terrorist murder has been locked Wu pool, abruptly Wu pool forced back. So go, do you have a good bully Lengheng a cry, Xi Jun should be indifferent and asked. The body slightly stiff, Wu Chi naturally understand, after all, still can not fool the past. Xi Jun should not mess with, Han Shan Shang where is good pinch the soft persimmon Before the beheaded but also only Han Shan Shang incarnation only, if the real Shangshanshan Shangren, but also do not know how dange.

e seen hair straightening brush electric pro in Zhou Xu. , it is simply a demon smile. In the prison community six years, Zhou Xu always thought he had enough metamorphosis, more evil, even if compared to Li Futan, but also no less, can now happens in front hair straightening brush electric pro of Wu Chi, but it is difficult to suppress the birth of a A sense of powerlessness. I have vowed, I have already played, if you still do not believe me, then I have no way, you simply kill me. Close your eyes, Zhou Xu heart of a cross, Chen Sheng replied. This time, than is the patience As he was afraid of death, he also believe that Wu Chi is also bound to be afraid of death. We also do not want to die, why their own concessions again and again Anyway, has come to this point, and Zhou Xu also do not hair straightening brush braun care Wu pool in his body to add a few holes, nothing more than to eat some bitterness, he also tolerate live. Have to say that this is indeed an excellent idea. If he really can die, Wu pool to take him really did not have any way, after all, can not really kill him. Unfortunately, Zhou Xu is clearly underestimated someone s shameless. Almost when he closed his eyes, ready to stiff, but suddenly felt a cool crotch. This surprise is nothing, almost Zhou Xu scared to jump up, in fact, if not pointed by the sword, he is bound to have hair straightening brush electric pro jumped up. Mouth reminded of a touch of ridicule of the color, Wu Chi leisurely said I remember, exorcist you just as if we are also interested in our show Master Master Although you taste a little heavy, but I have always been very respect for others Of the special hobby. Jianfeng slowly down, almost close to the lower body of Zhou Xu, Wu Chi this slowly said I do not know, no this stuff, Xuye you will not have so good interest Of course, dearkays best electric hair straightening brush in fact, maybe you like to be made by men This is really really scared to Zhou Xu. He likes men right, but they like to get someone else, rather than being someone else. Wu Chi direct threat to cut his following things, let him change eunuchs, how can let him go back to the next It is nothing more terrible than death. Of course, you are heroes and heroes Big deal, do not worry, you are not difficult for you, you want to die, as long as the head to my sword on a hit, crisp Not afraid of death Wu Chi heart burst of sneer.t a fool, to this point, how could refuse, immediately kneel respectful kowtow, disciples Wu Chi, see the teacher Apprentice Luo Ying Crushed the hands of the letter, Xi Jun should be a little pondered a moment, his mouth revealed a trace of ridiculous color, faint words It seems you are still very confident of the heart of refining stars ah Unfortunately, this The stars of the heart is not destined to belong to you, even if you have the support of the Temple, also not The hands of a Zhanzhizhi, Xi Jun should figure suddenly disappeared again. The other layout, but only dark chess only, really the most critical or his own repair Only really restored the strength of the peak period, this time to seek the hearts of the stars may be successful, otherwise. , after all, are empty talk. Now even Xi Jun should not easily fall on the sky stars, is trying to refining the stars of the heart, Wan Jianzong Jianzu for the sky stars strong sense of the strong, to Xi Jun should be repaired, rush to appear, is There is a great possibility of being noticed. Although the strength of the sword with the ancestors, but also the same may not have him, but it is bound to affect his plan. This is a star of the heart, a major relationship, in any case, he must not be missed. Chapter 464 Life Star This time I will stay in the door for a month, so hair straightening brush electric pro this month, you temporarily live here After I left, let the disciples to give you assigned Dongfu hair straightening brush electric pro practice. Will Wu pool back to their main peak, Luo Ying said opening. Luo Ying speak at the same time, there have been servants for Wu Chi to clean up the home. Wu Chi Baoying subglottic, is the true disciples, in the entire million Jianzong identity are extremely distinguished, natural diet are responsible for people, whether he is left in the Luo Ying, or return to their own hair straightening brush femjolie Dongfu, are the same. Of course, in fact, these are nothing but chores only, Luo Ying just casually told a bit, really important, or practice. Reprimanded the other disciples, Luo Ying this continued through the star when the door, you have the perfect refining of the star power, and even to promote the sky, which means that the process of refining the stars, for you It has ended. Refining the stars Wu Chi s.mes, how can we brush straightener jml prove Eyes reveal a touch of compassion of colo. r, empty monk voice once again hair straightening brush electric pro rang up. Pinseng is willing to body for the lotus, where hair straightener brush for thick curly hair the guarding years, to eliminate the world hostility to forgive Body, but the skin, the Buddha does not go out, life is more than If you can eliminate the crime industry, the future may be with the layman also reunited. Voice down the moment, the empty monk s body slowly into a golden lotus, floating and the oil pan, through the hair straightening brush electric pro bursts of Buddha light, Mingxin Cheng Cheng smuggling hostility and grievances. Even in the side, Wu Chi can feel that lotus on the release of the Buddha s breath If someone sat in the lotus, they can resolve the pain and the hearts of the hostility, add a little chance to survive here. The empty empty, the empty Wu Chi at the moment some vaguely understand the meaning of the empty monk before the words. From the moment of the enlightenment, the empty monk has actually done a ride of the plan. Do not take the soul stone because he has been reluctant to leave Through the good fruit into the power of their own body, Wu Chi vaguely understand some of the causal way, naturally can understand the empty monk so called causal ridden, the deep meaning of the crime. Think of this, Wu Chi can not help but lament a green cry. Prior to this, Wu Chi probably how can not think of themselves and the empty monk cause and effect, even in such a way as the end. A read into a magic, a thought into a Buddha This end, for the empty monk, I do not know whether it is good or bad. Buddha will Nirvana reborn, empty monk today s epiphany, a thought Buddha, perhaps also another Nirvana I do not know, after the elimination of the crime, he really can Nirvana rebirth, the future will really have reunited the day Put away the soul of the stone, Wu Chi can not help but bend the front of the lotus bend a prayer The next moment, Wu Chi s feet will be born again blossoming Qinglian, leisurely toward the next high Taiwan away. Chapter 379 Ranking, 2nd Oil pan, stone, Wu Chi, although still take the opportunity to practice, but already have a feeling in a bottleneck. Over the past few years, he has died too many times, the will is hardened by the extremel.

Hair Straightening Brush Electric Pro their strength, and now, that is, in the periphery to kill some justification of the demon, demon heart, but the most blue Once there is a purple demon heart of the demon, I m afraid even. fled can not escape the fall out. For the sake of safety, to stay in the Mangshan outside to kill some of the demon, is the most secure. Yun He is very clear that this time someone deliberately cited Wu Chi, naturally not easily in depth adventure. Unfortunately, the cloud is not clear, even when they arrived at Mangshan at the same time, the location has been clearly passed by faith to pass out Mangshan outside the shaking for nearly half a day, seeing the sun will fall, Wu Chi lazy hit a yawn. This hair straightening brush electric pro half day time, although also encountered some demon, calculated also received a few red demon heart, but they have nothing to do with him, let alone a shot, and more look for a lively opportunity are not. Rumbling Just want to talk with the clouds, Wu Chi suddenly felt the ground at the ground while shaking, a horrible atmosphere, fast toward his side approaching. For a moment, everyone can not help changing the color. Even even the shadow did not see it, can only rely on the movement and momentum, but also to guess, must be a big demon was cited out. Suddenly, a touch of purple Guanghua flashed, demon monstrous Far away, everyone will see a young man was chasing the awkward, it seems almost have to hold on. Seems to have just noticed everyone, that young stature slightly stagnant, his face showing a hint of whisper, shouted go, brisk walking, do not control brush straightener tesco me At the same time, the youth suddenly changed the direction, toward hair straightening brush sold on groupon the other side to escape. Well, it is Bai Rong brothers Moment, the cloud will be recognized out of the clouds, the eyes revealed a hint of anxious color. Bai Rong Hear the name, Wu Chi heart can not help but jump. Before the cloud will be mentioned, the White Wing is a step by step from the disciples of his disciples, and now in the true disciples in the strength of the most examinations. But Wu Chi was how did not expect, even in such a situation under the meeting with Bai Rong. You are careful, I go to help The eyes flashed a trace of the color, the cloud with the Wu Chi played a greeti.he hands of the chain, viciously opened honestly, to this intermittent purgatory, no matter what your identity, in this are ghosts, is To be punished The heart flashed countless ideas, Wu Chi suddenly realized that he is really really has become a ghost in the eyes of outsiders, and it seems to be really punished into the endless purgatory suffering in general. Ghost difference big brother, I am a little man, absolutely not have any idea of disrespect for you, just begging ghosts big brother told me, how long will this be my penalty You see the black light of your body That is your crime, you are tortured together, the body of the crime of light will be reduced by a trace, until when the crime of light all disappeared, you can be punished Full release, re tires. Seems very satisfied with the attitude of Wu Chi, that ghosts pointing Wu Chi, casually open Road. Still swept his body, Wu Chi suddenly saw a layer of very rich black light, a foot full of thick feet. Ghost big brother, you see me this crime industry light, how many years to resolve Heart of a move, Wu Chi asked again. How many years Sneer a cry, that ghosts disdainly said You should ask, how many years to be able to resolve Life I do not know how many people killed , and now have this evil, you also want to boil a few years Is it the end This sentence is to let the hearts of Wu Chi suddenly a move. If the time is not long, it may also be honest with this ghost difference penalty, nothing more than that before th. e experience of those torture again by again, for Wu Chi, it is no big deal. However, according to hair straightening brush electric pro this ghost difference said, need at least tens of thousands of time, that is another concept. Do not say, can survive this tens of thousands of years, even if you can not really be trapped here for thousands of years In the Wu Chi think of the same time, but it is already ghosts with a chain dragged dragged to a pillar next to the other few ghosts to help, suddenly Wu pool tied to the pillars above, then there are two ghosts take Out of the saws, the crunchy saw the Wu Chi arm with the thigh The saw is very blunt, so when the saw of the extra pain, saw the next saw on the bones above, and even issued a crunch of sound, the kind.

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