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Hair Straightening Brush Electric e, even if the reaction to Li Yunpeng, did not have time to escape, only time too in between the push between the metaphor, the body into a shadow. It can be said that Li Yunpeng most terrible supernatural powers, by virtue of this trick, almost can make themselves invincible. Even before the fight with the Wu Chou, Wu Chi also can not hurt the incarnation of Li Yunpeng. However, this time tested supernatural powers, in this golden Jianmang before, but seems to have lost the role of the general. Obviously has been the embodiment of the shadow, but that golden Jianmang still still penetrate the body of Li Yunpeng, with a touch of bloody. When hair straightening brush electric Li Yunpeng to restore the stature when the chest has emerged a hair straightening brush electric sword injury, that a golden Jianmang, Li Yunpeng is the body from the wear in the past, if not subconsciously to avoid the key, the sword probably enough to fatal The Rao is so, the sword, Li Yunpeng will be scared pale, long time mood is difficult to calm down. Come out to me sneaky Young eyes reveal a blow to kill the machine, Lengheng a cry, taking hair straightening brush in dubai advantage of Li Yunpeng has not been able hair straightening brush thick hair to slow down, the hands of the sword flash, once again to Li Yunpeng killed hair straightening brush electric over. Just eaten a big loss, Li Yunpeng stature suddenly retreat, a time but did not dare to aggressive. However, this cautious did not last long. After several shots, Li Yunpeng smart to realize that the strength of each other though good, but it is far from just that hit the golden sword Jianmang the point The idea of rotation, Li Yunpeng will react over, that a golden Jianmang, I am afraid that is not the power of each other, so, Li Yunpeng heart suddenly Dading. At the foot of a sudden, Li Yunpeng the whole person once again into a shadow, turn for the attack Such as ink knife, into the magic knife boom Just also swaggering, Li Yunpeng to suppress the four to avoid the youth, in this knife will be defeated between the whole person as a broken kite is generally directly hit out to fly out. Qi brothers Youth suddenly defe. ated, suddenly let other people surprised, hurried to catch up in the past. Eyes reveal a touch of ridicule of the color, Li Yunpeng suddenly again toward the youth to kill away. Before the temptation, he has co.r even five hundred years is not a problem, the brothers will not embarrass you, but you have to understand the importance of credibility ah The rest of the star stone will not let them still hundreds of years to pay off, but the important thing is Wu Chi s attitude ah, this slut even to this point, has not considered the meaning, it is too bully people Right Eyes in the crowd swept a circle, Wu Chi gently sighed, turned to Li Yunpeng said Li Shidi, this time the test is you win down, which should have you half I am very fair, promise, Let s half of us. Mouth said one half, but in fact, Wu pool a hand, but it is the other star stone all received up, leaving only the beginning of the three thousand stars to Li Yunpeng. You see, I usually do not come to Xiushui peak, these young even if the first back to me is not convenient ah As you look hard, so that they time to the rest of the star stone are back to you Pointing to the remaining three thousand stars in front of the stone, Wu Chi, of course, said This three thousand stone to give you, we just one half, fair and reasonable, right Just Li Yunpeng also a promising play posture, Wu Chi this one, but it is almost let him an old blood sprayed out Fair your sister ah Any thing has a degree, Wu Chi before cheating these disciples with his gambling, it can be said that these disciples have been plundered almost brush straightener on black hair all the home, so far, is the most appropriate, really want to continue debt collection, then some too Too much. Obviously this slut also understand this truth, saying that the first owe, so that the disciples are still just an excuse only. And now all the losers all threw him, only three thousand stars to the stone, but also to say the righteousness, as if really equal with him the same, this slut can be more shameless it Sure enough, the moment, all the disciples of the eyes suddenly all fell to the body of Li Yunpeng. Zhang Zhang mouth, Li Yunpeng suddenly feel that they have been Wu Chi this slut into the dead This time, what can he say Complain about Wu Chi straightening brush for short hair allocation of injustice Is not that he is also forced to these disciples also account Wu Chi itself is not Xiushuifeng people, behind the Luo Ying backing, with how he trouble. nothing t.

$atxtArray[] = $a1.\"\\r\\n\";y remembered, Hanshan and the last one jade box in their own body, but I do not know why, this time the jade box is not the same as twice before, automatically fly out. However, now for Wu Chi, has not attend to so much This last one jade box, perhaps is now the only life of the. Exhausted hair straightener brush -from asavea the last effort, the jade box to the hands, endured by the blood of the chain of the pain of pumping, Wu Chi face showing a hint of ugly smile, Tian Jun, I said, I am a little man your The enemy is Hanshan, not me. Voice down the moment, Wu Chi fingers suddenly a loose, let the jade box fell to the ground. Snapped Moment, jade box down the crushed A chill suddenly poured out, it seems that everything will be frozen does hair straightening brush work in g. eneral. Breathing, whether it is Wu Chi and others, or bloody chain, all around the cold was frozen this up. Nothingness, revealing a trace of blurred figure, impressively hair straightener brush heatons is the incarnation of Han Shan Shang. To see the surrounding situation of the moment, Han Shan Shang s pupil can not help but slightly shrink, Tianjun, can not think hair straightening brush electric of what you can also urge the ban on the circle, to control the dark chain of fine blood so it seems, after all, or some small look is you. You can find how Xi Jun should sneer area an incarnation, even if you blew the incarnation of this incarnation, but also up to seal the bloody chain is only half of it, the same can not stop me. Chapter 452 cold and cold mountain Slightly naive, Hanshan gentleman said Tianjun, since it can appear here, naturally left behind Follow Tianjun for many years, under the understanding of any person than Tian Jun, naturally not a small look Jun. This is the words of understatement, but in fact, but let people can not help but slightly cold. This kind of Han Shan Shang, absolutely shudder, even now with the Han Shan be regarded as one side, Wu Chi can not help but give birth to a trace of the heart of the mind. Before Xi Jun should have said, Han Shan this person, mind vicious, there is no credibility at all, these words, I m afraid not necessarily to vent their anger. At least, if the stand in the angle of Jun Jun, for the Han Shan Shangren such people, is bound to hate the bone. What else do you have, even though it is coming out.ide is clearly not intended to Wu Chi more time to think, almost in the moment, the sword cut off over. The same is only the strength of incense, the same is the most familiar Wu Chi sword sword. Can be hit by the moment, let Wu pool has a great pressure. That kind of oppression, that is, th. ose who have felt the opponents of the past, but hair straightening brush electric at the moment let hair straightening brush electric Wu Chi really feel from their own mirror. And Wu Chi, derived from his mirror for the demeanor of each force are the most vividly used, there is no place not suited to any place, but only between the few strokes, the pressure of the Wu Chi some breathless Come. There is no doubt that he is the world s most terrible most difficult enemy. Whether it is for the Kendo sentiment, or for the sword of the sword of understanding, the other with their own general, and even deal with the more perfect than their own. A simple hands, the other party will be able to clearly insight into their own intentions, to make the most accurate judgments and reactions. That feeling really some people crazy. Only a short period of time, let Wu Chi has a vomiting blood impulses. What are the same with their own, such a metamorphosis of the mirror, how to win The worst thing is mirror is not afraid of death The face of the enemy, you can not hesitate to lose all sorts of life, even if the same is not necessarily not dare, but you can with their own mirror with the same can not do Wait What is the same Between the electro optical flint, Wu Chi is suddenly realized something, the eyes suddenly revealed a touch of Jingmang same How could it be exactly the same Perhaps the mirror can copy the same strength, the same sword, the same for the Kendo sentiment, but no doubt the lack of a most critical thing, that is the idea The simplest example. If the ex situ, Wu Chi is hair straightening brush electric in the mirror position, the servant will be shameless forever only use the same as the play, relied on each other dare not die with each other into the road into the road. It is clear that this looks exactly the same with the Wu Chi mirror, but did not inherit someone this shameless. It is also aware of this, so that Wu Chi suddenly react over. Fighting itself is not mechanical you come to me, fight the powe.

Hair Straightening Brush Electric eople, Li Yunpeng, but can easily feel from the Wu Chi who share the pressure, a hundred years gone, now Wu Chi, hair straightening brush sally let him take the heart gave hair straightening brush electric birth to a difficult to overcome the pressure. But now no one noticed these details. I am sorry, I just. come to see a lively. Shrugged his shoulders, Wu Chi said with a chuckle Just hear this, Well, hair straightening brush electric this brother you speak is not fair, it can not help but laugh. What is your man That hooked nose looked at the middle of the Wu Chi for a while, suddenly aware of the Wu Chi is also the pinnacle of the strength of the stars, but it was born, is definitely not Xiushui Feng s disciples, Is to ask again. I am a person is not important. Shook his head, Wu Chi leisurely said I am the person is love to look lively The brothers talk, I think it is very reasonable, but since the gambling, then The two sides hair straightening brush electric are the next chip is. Pointing to Li Yunpeng and that hook hook nose middle aged, Wu pool shook his head and said The Lee Young if lost, the natural places will give you a senior you, if you lose your brother Only one apology, Too sincerity. Paused, Wu Chi continued Well, so be it I heard you just said, as long as Li Shidi promised, immediately sent three hundred star stone, it would be like this three hundred stone for the bet, If you are lost, you lose to Li Shidi three hundred Lingshi. Brow picked pick, hair straightening brush electric that hook hook nose middle aged also some are not allowed to Wu Chi s meaning, and the words inside the meaning, seems to have provoked him with Li Yunpeng pound meaning. As to let him under the three star stone bet, that is nothing, after all, compared to the large number of places to participate in the three hundred star stone is nothing, not to mention, Li Yunpeng is only the middle of the stars only, he naturally confident The But also did not wait for him to answer, Wu Chi will continue to shout up, you brothers, we just look more lively and more boring, it is better, I come to sit a village, let s bet on how hair straightening brush insta magic Do you have any good bet Do you dare to press Li Yunpeng to win Then someone disciples scoffed. Hey, these words say gambling, pay attention to is a small stroke, buy Li Shidi win odds naturally higher, so that we have a compensable three how Wu Chi loo., three people can not be idiot that they can think of the way others can not think of. In fact, the hair straightener brush ebay smooth break through the prison community five times the probability is undoubtedly a small terrible, among the four families, or even simply did not pass the precedent Night Shen Xing get the news, able to break through the prison community of five strong, but also rare to almost negligible. what does this mean This means that the real danger does not come yet. As if to hair straightening brush electric prove this speculation, the moment, the heart of the bridge outside the void, suddenly fly out of a few silhouette, fiercely toward the three attacked. boom The power of the horror of the road suddenly came, the three hit a surprise. Yang Xiuchuan and the night Shenxing some better, Wu Chi repair itself is the worst, this sudden attack, abruptly Wu Chi flying out, dangerous insurance will have to fly out of the heart bridge. Zheng The hands of the sword suddenly fried into the ground, to draw a terrible sword marks, it is also through the power of this buffer, Wu Chi was abruptly stopped stature, half of the body has fallen in the case of heart magic bridge He pulled back. This moment of change, called thrilling, abruptly let Wu Chi in the ghost of the door before the turn of the circle. At the same time Yang Xiuchuan and the night Shen Xing has also been with these sudden attack of the attackers fighting up. Death of the sickle hair straightening brush electric big open together, just by virtue of one of the power, night Shenxing on the hard to suppress the two people, life and death under the flow of the night Shenxing eyes full of murderous, or even reverse the other side of the retreat. puff Moment, Yang Xiuchuan hands of the rifle suddenly plunged into one of the body of the body This gun is very fierce, almost in that person s chest opened a hole, however, it is shocking, even by such a terrible hit, the other side as if no consciousness in general, still face ferocious toward Yang Xiuchuan rushed toward. This scene is Yang Xiuchuan how did not expect, to the effect, the arm was abruptly on the other side of the fingers caught a deep deep bone wound. Damn, these people have been controlled by the demons, into a madman who will only kill Suddenly, Yang Xiuc.

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