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Hair Straightening Brush For Black Hair Chi. Jailbreak this is the responsibility of disciples, if Chen Yang is true, then even if Wu Chi is Luo s disciples, the matter must also give an account. Fingertips, a soft force of water suddenly poured into the body of Wu Chi, Xiushui Jianjun faintly said Wu Chi was sentenced to a hundred years in prison, I told you Even if he really made a heinous crime, but also First reported to me know, who gave you the courage, unauthorized under the killer If the unusual disciples, made a mistake, Chen Chang old guard jail prison natural right to handle, but Wu pool is different As Wu Chi said before, regardless of Wu Chi what is wrong, in fact, Chen elders are not qualified to punish, let straight n go hair straightening brush alone the next killer. Really disciples, but also Luo Ying pro disciples, on identity, not under the elders. He is only responsible for guarding jail prison, really want to punish, it is also cold. star Jianjun things. Disciples moment angry, shot too heavy, willing to be punished. Chen Changren heart hair straightening brush for black hair of a cold, Chen Sheng replied. cough Cough a bite of blood out, get Xiushui Jianjun help, Wu pool finally breathed a sigh of relief, immediately sneered Chen elders, we Ming people do not say secret words, and do not mention the old three attacks on my things There is a strange thing, you do not ask indiscriminate, it is necessary to put me into the day jail prison is what reason Remark made, Xiushui Jianjun suddenly cold water. When, just the disciples of the stars into the jail prison, need to be sentenced to days sword prison Chen Yang s body has long been sweat thoroughly, as the original Wu hair straightening brush for black hair Chi was locked in the same, even if he took the benefits of quarter of a peak, but also dare to Wu Chi into the word prison. No matter what reason, so that Wu Chi into the days of jail prison are too much, jail prison is to punish disciples good, but it is not to set someone to death. Pull out the letter and scarves, Wu Chi swept a glance, then cursed Chou old three, to this time, do not you have the words clear Such a big move, has long been alarmed the entire jailbreak, hatred of the old three face pale, but after all, or with the out, kneeling on the ground, disciples of revenge, meet three Jianjun. hair straightening brush chi Said, what is going on Co.millennium. Slightly owe, one of them respectfully replied. Now what a cat and a cat, dare to call the ancestors of the Zen Sneer a cry, Xi Jun should be disdain of ridicule With this idiot, even give him thousands of years, how can become the star Tianjun return, this heart of the stars, naturally Tianjun. Slightly shaking his head, Xi Jun should take it lightly The heart of the stars, the seat is bound to be sure, but now the strength of this seat damage, inconvenience to appear, that is, you today, do not have to see me again. Trapped in the dark prison for thousands of years, Xi Jun should now be trapped, but in fact, repair is not fully restored, not to mention, the dark star is bound to trace his whereabouts, this time appearance, Is tantamount to suicidal road. What does Tianjun mean Eyes once again. fell to the star door, Wu Chi s body, Xi Jun should indifferent, said The two little guys, is the seat of the selected people, this seat is not the time, you must ensure their safety. Heard Xi Jun should be, a few people only noted that the stars in the Wu Chi and Li Yunpeng two people, can not help but slightly Yi Zheng. Tian Jun s meaning is arrange them to pay into the swords Why should we arrange Slightly shaking his head, Xi Jun should indifferent, said They are just soaring on the upper bound to their talent, how to be willing to let the sword and how to let go San Cheng, just less than a stick of incense time, even refining the three into the star power Zheng Chang old, but we picked up the treasure ah Watching the door in the hair straightening brush review hair straightening brush babyliss Wu Chi, Wan Jianzong two elders eyes revealed a touch of excitement, just the kind of reluctant to come and swept away the apalus brush hair straightener walmart emotions. Wait, wait Another elders rubbed his hand and said As long as he can refinery more than seven percent of the star force, a core disciple s identity can not run Normally, just soaring people, among the stars in the most but only refinery only five of the star power, the rest is bound to be wasted. Fifty Star power, this is a threshold As long as more than five percent, will be a large door income door, and once hair straightening brush for black hair the hair straightening brush for black hair refining Qicheng star force, is the real genius, even if the worship of the swords of this large door, is bound to beco.

star has never had the slightest yield of meaning. This will be horror willpower, even if it is Li Futan, can not help but shocked. Night Shen Xing, I give you a chance Thinking for a moment, Li Fernan suddenly raised his head, with that pale face facing the night stars, slowly opening Road. What do you want to play Night stars Xing disdain to open Road. I remember, when you only spent half a month to see a monument Then, I give you a chance, as long as you see the stone fast enough, I will not kill you Li Fernan pale opening said. As Zhou Xu, he was also trapped almost crazy The hair straightener brush malta so called torture newcomer, but also a kind of ventilated venting only. Night Shenxing hard gas and will, but also let him feel the night Shenxing extraordinary. As long as you can see the three thousand stone above, it is possible to realize the great supernatural powers, break the space barrier to leave here I want you to make a vengeance, if you leave, leave me go away. Looked at the night Shen Xing, Li Fernan seriously said. Between the words, Li Fannan has dispersed the hands of the attack, so tortured for a year the night Shen finally got a breathing space. Silence for a long while, night Shen Xing finally said Let me. promise you, nor can not But I want you to promise me a condition. What conditions I have two friends together into the prison community six heavy, I want you to ensure their safety. Night Shen Xing looked up, slowly said. This condition is undoubtedly some of Li Fernan accident. Your two friends, now fell into the hands of Zhou Xu I am afraid you are more miserable Honestly, although I am not afraid of Zhou Xu, but it can not help him, and did not grasp from his hands to the people Rescued. Li Fernan slightly shook his head, calmly said. hair straightening brush for black hair Zhou Xu like male wind, so long time in the past, I am afraid that the two have already tortured the human shape, right If it is a bit skeptical, I m afraid already suicide may also. They are two people s talent, absolutely not under me If you want to find opportunities to leave here, save them, the hope of success is much larger. Completely guessed Li Fernan s mind, the night Shen Xing slowly opening Road The This sentence, but it is suddenly let the hearts of Li.nt to find out the hair straightening brush for black hair situation here, it will be more difficult. Wu Chi side while walking homeopathic looked around the stone. Every stone seems to be almost the same, from the surface is not aware of the slightest strange, only really approached to see when the time, will find that each stone contains the rules of the road are not the same. This discovery, can not help but let some of the scalp of Wu Chi numb. There is a good chance, but when this opportunity is too much, but also hair straightening brush for black hair the same headache. All the way, Wu Chi also do not know how far they go, it seems that the root hair straightening brush made in usa can not find th. e end. Even more frightening is that, with the passage of time, Wu Chi suddenly found a fact, he was lost Surrounded by everywhere is exactly the same stone, can not fly in the case, it is difficult to find a sense of direction. Of course, this for the Taoist master, the original simply what the problem, by virtue of the atmosphere and memory, they can easily determine the position to. However, Wu Chi has suddenly found that the breath of these stones completely interfere with their own judgments, it seems that in a turn between, it has completely lost the sense of direction. Took a deep breath, Wu Chi suddenly stopped the pace. Forced himself to calm down, Wu Chi heart will have vaguely understand that this lost, perhaps itself is one of the test. In this case, the chaos did not go any meaning. The only way is to find the stone near the beginning of reference, once the enlightenment of the stone on the rules of the road, it is tantamount to completely remember the stone, in order to as a mark, to determine the direction. But this stone is too much For many years, actually again new people, and one is three. Dense stone among the two figure silent, cold eyes looked at Wu Chi three, it seems that this can not distinguish the direction of the stone, for them, there is no impact. Licked his lips, one of the short and dark little man, coldly laughed, ridiculed so boring life, and finally have fun You guess, how can these three new long How long does it mean Lengheng a cry, another pale young man disdained and said You should not say, you can wait until their own collapse time Li Fernan, the last bet lost to you.hing to do with him. Han Shan, even if he showed some goodwill, but these goodwill can not let Wu Chi no reason to take the risk to help him. So, Han Shan Master since the request, it must be sure to be able to open to Wu Chi can not refuse the conditions to. At the moment, Wu Chi faint can feel, this condition is probably related to the dark prison community. His face showing a trace of a smile, it is clear that Wu Chi this hair straightening brush for black hair reaction, but also to Han Shan on him more confidence. You enter the dark prison for years, but you know, what is the dark prison community This question, but it is to Wu Chi can not help but silence down. Into the dark prison community, itself is the result of false hit, if not black Jiao, he could not even find the way into the dark prison community. Even even step by step through the prison community five, he had little understanding of the dark prison community Dark. prison community and many small world has a channel, which over the years, to break into the prison community, I do not know how many people. Actually, who really knows the dark prison community Do not say Wu hair straightening brush for black hair Chi, now in the dark prison community, there is a count, and who really understand the dark prison community This question, in fact, Hanshan Nobody did not intend to let Wu Chi answer. I forbidding Han Shan disciples into the dark prison community, that is, do not hair straightening brush for black hair want to contaminate the slightest cause of the dark prison community, which insider, I am inconvenient, in the future if you can enter the prison community seven, since will understand. Slowly raised his hand, once again to the tea cup down to the tea, Han Shan Master this continued. It s easy to see you if you are willing to come back here and take me back to the upper bound. Mind electric transfer, at the moment Wu Chi is actually very difficult to really interpret, Han Shan Shang this statement of credibility. Who would like to talk to me, that s not just that Smiled, Han Shan shook his head, from the body out of a dark blue road character, opening This is called the opening days of this symbol, I have left the mark on the mark, no matter where, as long as you To stimulate this crest, will help you tear hair straightening brush for black hair the space, and instantly return to m.

Hair Straightening Brush For Black Hair ulnerable. Hanshan gentleman slowly opening Road, These messages, with the former Wu Chi in the prison community seven to listen to listen to the general should be said. For us, this is also the best chance to beheaded him The most chance to break the seal when the time is the most likely to kill Xi Jun should be the time. hair straightening brush for black hair The reason is so simple. Hearing this, Wu Chi has vaguely understood, You mean, want me to break through the dark prison community Just when the robbery hit, turn to kill him Han children hair straightening brush sold on groupon who nodded slightly At that time, the upper bound of the master, but also with your shot, as long as the killing of Emperor Jun, prison world traces of natural collapse You can make such a great merit, One into the upper bounds will be able to get the dark star of the appreciation, and then the old lady to help you speak, natural future immeasurable. And you can rest assured that Xi Jun should be trapped by the dark chain, do not play a little bit of strength to your strength, there is no great danger. Brow picked pick, this kind of words Wu Chi is just just listen to it, who is really who is an idiot. Master so sure, he will take the opportunity to break the seal it Wu Chi puzzled and asked If I cited tragedy soaring, can Xi Jun should be unmoved, is not everything in vain The key point is that Wu Chi breakthrough at the same time, Xi Jun should take the opportunity to get rid of the seal If he did not move, then all this naturally did not make sense. He will be shot. Han Shan people indifferent open. This is very sure, but did not brush straightener boots say the reason. Looked at the expression of Hanshan Master, Wu Chi to understand that the other side is really sure Xi Jun should be shot, but this reason, but did not give Wu Chi explained the meaning. However, for Wu Chi, it is enough to know that this is enough. I promised, but I still need a few years to prepare. Wu Chi Chen Sheng said. Do you want to send people in the dark prison communi. ty Hanshan gentleman asked softly. Heart suddenly jump, Wu Chi s mind was able to help but gave birth to a hint of unknown hunch. Sure enough, the next moment, Hanshan Master will be from the opening Road If you do not guess wrong, seven prison community should now have be.at moment, the heart is full of fear. Xi Jun should Wu Chi how did not think, Xi Jun should not even leave, even follow their own, appeared in here. Experienced all this, Wu Chi is clearly clear after the seal of the Xi Jun should be how terrible, you can say that in front of each other, even a trace of struggling no. Several people are some stunned, do not know who is coming, doubts will turn to Wu Chi. Wu Chi meet Tian Jun Took a deep breath, Wu Chi mind electric transfer, but after all, or put away the idea of hands, not do not want, but very clear, it simply does not make any sense. Moreover, listen to Jun hair straightening brush for black hair Jun should be the meaning of these words, it seems that there is no hostility. Heard Wu Chi this, Zhou Bo Yan, who can not help but change the face Xi Jun should be things, they are listening to Wu Chi mentioned, naturally understand how terrible that is strong, but at the moment, but also understand that there is no mouth of their mouth. Put a waved, Xi Jun should be a middle aged scholar dress up, casually opening Do not be afraid, this seat is not unreasonable people, you help me kill the mountain, this seat should give you reward Yes. Come on, please speak in one step. Hand made a gesture, Wu Chi Chen Sheng said. There are some words, he did not want to know babyliss ceramic straightening brush review them, taking advantage of now Xi Jun should be pretty good attitude, and will not let Zhou Boyan they are too worried about their own safety, alone with the reason that Jun should be the most important thing. Xi Jun should be a smile, do not care, follow the Wu Chi to walk a few people. Tianjun anything, may wish to say. Eyes reveal a trace of anger, Wu Chi Chen Sheng opening Road. What do you want to say this seat Eyes reveal a trace of interesting color, Xi Jun should be asked. This is to let Wu Chi could not help a sudden, how can this then take Silence for a moment, Wu Chi this slowly said Tianjun identity distinguished, you and the dark star of things, the kid really can not participate in. Tianjun really remembered that I have so little credit, let go of the kid, Is the best reward. This time involved in the Han Shan a. nd Xi Jun should be among the game, it is already dangerous death also born, this is still in the lower bo.

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