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Hair Straightening Brush From Wish ple, so far only to nine, and even if it is not Li Yunpeng, the general strength is also some weak, such a team, to Mangshan I am afraid only in the most peripheral rotation. Om Suddenly, the crowd suddenly a mess, but also his attention once again attracted the past. Hey, the cloud of the Shimei, I told you, do not be so polite, I was a trip to Mangshan, and not do not come back, you send what ah. Wu Chi all the way to go, all the way to talk about the ramble. Sure enough, just arrived on the ground, it caused a stir, but the stir is not Wu Chi, but the cloud load. Yunhuo Sister you Slightly Yi Zheng, Chen was called the brother once again stood out, puzzled asked Road. She is to send me, all right I came, let s go. Wu Chi rushing to answer. But the other side is clearly not Dali Wu Chi s meaning, still looking at the cloud load. Chen Shidi, which is Wu Chi, Wu Shixiong. There is no hurry to answer, Yuner softly said Wu brothers, this is Chenhe Young, talent and strength are very good. Crusaders Sister miserable. Shook his head, Chen He explained Do not say Yunxie Sister, even if the teacher has just started, talent I do not know how much stronger than me. For Wu Chi, Chen He is also clearly know, paused, this puzzled and asked Wu brothers go to Mangshan Yes ah, I heard Mangshan scenery is good, I just followed to see. Shrugged his shoulders, Wu Chi said casually. Hear this, Chen He s face can not help but smoke a pumping, the feelings of this is to see the scenery People go to the Qi Do not take care of Wu Chi, cloud softly asked. Said a total of eleven people, but the strange thing is that this is actually best hair brush straightener amazon even the list did not give me, just let me in this. Smile a bit, Chen He shook his head count Wu brothers, A difference. Swept the crowd, Yun Chi indifferent said people have been together, Chen Shidi, this start it. For a time Chen He have not react, stunned for a moment, this suddenly realized the meaning of Yunhe, Yunhuo Sister, you mean, you go with us to Mangshan Do not you send me Looked at Wu Chi surprised eyes, cloud cold Lengheng a cry, slowly spit hair straightening brush from wish out from the mouth of the word, idiot From the million sword to the Mang. shan, but also three days of time only. This three days, eve.lmost equal to the ten satisfied. Nearly ten thousand years, trapped here, almost all of his psychological distortion has been, and now finally see the hope of leaving, how can he let him out of. sight As much as possible, the more you realize, the more you realize, the more supernatural powers that you will realize, and the more you can not only leave, but also have great benefits to you. Li Fernan once again reminded. Three thousand monument monument is just a brush straightener on short hair watershed, but in fact, want to take him and Zhou Xu to leave, if only just enlightenment of the three thousand out of words, then grasp may not have much So, even for their own sake, he must also remind the Wu Chi Caixing. Thank you, hair straightening brush from wish I understand. Smiled, Wu Chi immediately promised Road. With Wu pool to take the lead, Yang Xiuchuan and the night Shen Xing naturally nothing to hesitate, the same as set a vengeance. To solve the things here, three hair straightening brush from wish people immediately began to see the stone for the reference. Three thousand, it sounds not too difficult, but in fact, the hearts of three very clear that this is where to buy apilus hair straightening brush definitely not an easy thing, otherwise Zhou Xu and Li Fannan will not be trapped here for so many years. Before you can really do, no one can really calm down. In addition, Yang Xiuchuan and night Shenxing in the heart, Wu Chi has always had a comparisons of the heart, trying to catch up with Wu Chi s progress. In addition to that no such goods shameless, the two in the bottom of my heart for Wu Chi is not convinced. To know that the original three in the prison when the two people who can be a hand to kill Wu Chi, this is how many years, ah, Wu Chi already have more than their trend, so that their hearts how to balance Every day, hair straightening brush from wish three are in the crazy reference to the stone. As for Li Fannan and Zhou Xu, every day carefully calculated the progress of hair straightening brush from wish the three, and even can be said that more nervous than the three. Seven hundred, eight hundred, one thousand Wu Chi Shen Wu speed, there is no sign of the slightest slowdown, for Li Fannan and Zhou Xu, the kind of impact, is simply unparalleled. Only really experienced all this, will understand to do all this, how hard it is. When Wu Chi Shenwu stone more than a thousand, Zhou Xu simp.

n arrow rain. Terrible is that every arrow is like an eye in general, nothing bad attack Han Shan Shang, no accidental injury to Wu Chi. This hand out of the arrows, it is undoubtedly amazing. If we say that the beginning of the Hanshan Master still just feel trouble, then this moment, he is really feel the death of the approximation. Zheng Fog, a knife, such as ink suddenly hit the shadow. Here the fighting, led Li Yunpeng slowly approached, aimed at a chance, brave shot attack and to. Repair itself is not much worse than the straightening hair brush ceramic Wu pool, Li Yunpeng attack, and instantly let Hanshan once again felt a fatal threat, rush, did not completely avoid the knife, arm above, was shocked to cut out a Hideous wounds. Which in itself is not a fair fight The corner of the light sweep to Yang Xiuchuan and night Shenxing also arrived, Hanshan people suddenly sank heart. As before Xi Jun should be said, if Wu Chi they make every effort to kill, and indeed there are seventy hair straightening brush from wish percent can grasp the Han Shan Shang. However, this fight to make every effort, that is, at the death of life and death. Prior to this, in fact, everyone did not have the idea of a fight to death, this hair straightening brush from wish was in the Han Shan Shang beaten and beaten under the play was forced to retreat. Can be carried out with Chen fog this fog, the battlefield confined and fog, and now this has become a real fight to death. In particular, when Wu Chi really gave birth to kill the heart, at the time of life, others are also infected. This is Xi Jun should be most want to see the results, but also when the cold mountain people fear the results. Took a deep breath, Han Shan Shangren a cross, and finally no longer have any lucky. psychological. Since it can not afford to go away, then it is a war Han Shan Master, although good at calculating, but it has never been a desperate battle of courage. boom Suddenly, the breath of terror suddenly broke out, Han Shan Shang people have been shrouded in the hands of the hands of the sword attached to a layer of frost, the whole body revealed a touch of terrible pressure. Do you want to leave the old lady, are you ready to be buried together This moment, everyone can feel, Han Shan Shang who hair straightening brush from wish breath, seems to have to break the lim.not completely solve the problem, but it has been able hair straightening brush from wish to resume practice. There are Dong Fu s help, the practice of fast, but unfortunately, after all, or too short, even if there is the best resources and the environment, want to make much progress in a year, and ultimately is impossible. After entering the road, the strength of the upgrade is the need for a lot of time to accumulate, according to Yang Xiuchuan said, Wu Chi and Jiang Rui this has just entered the road of people, at least a hundred years to reach the peak of the road The Even Wu Chi talent no matter how good, at least have a few decades time to make up for this gap. And now left to Wu Chi, but only a little more than a year time only. T. ook Su Wan s hand, slowly step out of Dong Fu, feel hair straightening brush citraco the changes around the atmosphere, Wu Chi can not help but take a deep breath Prison world mark has disappeared, prison community open soon, the real danger from the moment began, really come. Come on At the foot of a little bit, Wu Chi took Su Yuen from the direction of the prison station to fly away. Even knowing that the prison trip is very dangerous, Wu Chi also did not stop Su Wan with him, this time more than a year, Wu Chi and Su Wan day and night get along, already have the same mind. Wu Chi also naturally understand Su Wan s temper, but did hair straightener brush walmart not stop the meaning. Moreover, Wu Chi is actually very clear, Su Wan s safety, in fact, in the final analysis still on his body, if he can survive this crisis, Su Wan naturally not dangerous. If you die in the prison station or with other people in the battle, Su Wan even if not followed, the same will be involved. Such as Wu Chi rushed to the prison before the stage, basically qualified to compete for the people have arrived, of course, there are some to look lively. However, they will be farther away, so, as long as they do not mind faint first shot, there will be no danger. Looked around a bit, Wu Chi is square to find, this way, prison community triple fight for the fight, but more than before the peace. Eyes fell not far from the body of Chiang Zhengyang, Chiang Kai shek directed at Wu Chi nodded slightly, but also did not speak. By this opportunity, Wu Chi is really the opportunity to see t.after all, was not able to separate a victory or defeat, watching Li Yunpeng away, Wu Chi s mouth can not help but float a hint of a smile. Li Yunpeng no longer Zhou Bo made their shot, it means that the greatest danger for the time being to cope with the past. He was so anxious to come back, the biggest factor is the threat of Li Yunpeng. This time the policy, Wu Chi also did not really want to let Li Yunpeng defection, in fact, as long as he can hesitate, the attitude of a little fuzzy, no longer kill the killer, it is enough. This is a Han Shan and Xi Jun should be between the game, although forced into which can be Wu Chi heart is also very clear, as he can not trust Xi Jun should be the same. If you are completely trusted Han Shan, I am afraid that the same death from the far. Want to get out from such a chaos, only step by step, see strokes move. Three months time is not long, he also need to do more preparation Caixing. Chapter 439 takes you down Master respect Into the palace, Li Yunpeng slightly owe, voice slightly hoarse. Sitting at the table, Xi Jun should not even rise, but did not ask the meaning, as if simply did not hear Li Yunpeng general. This time alone back, itself is enough to explain a lot of things. Bend a prayer, Li Yunpeng once again said disciples incompetent, although to see Wu Chi, but can not bring him back Xi Jun should be able to ask, but he can not explain. The whole process will be roughly described again, only to conceal the discourse of Wu Chuan do not mention those words. Holding the hand of the hand slightly stagnated a bit, Xi Jun should be looked up, staring at Li Yunpeng looked for a while, slowly said You think that if the two women s life force, he will only die What Disciples can not judge, but the matter is important, disciples not bet Slightly nodded, for Li Yunpeng answer Xi Jun should still be very satisfied. Wu Chi s existence for him, it can be said that the key to the difficulties, less than a last resort, he did not want to bet Wu Chi s response. The disciples thought that this time failed, but since he was still in the prison community, he could always think of a solution. After all, even if he had a fortune, hair straightening brush with steam he could not bring it out with othe.

Hair Straightening Brush From Wish denly be two kill. Just this time, Wu Chi has long been running did not shadow. Originally, they also want to explore the mouth from the mouth of Wu Chi, at the moment but only to give up. Think of the judge fell to the hands of Wu Chi, the two hearts can not help but slightly afraid of this life and death hall seems more dangerous than imagined, but to this point, but there is no escape at all. Suddenly a bite, the two immediately went to the depths of life and death point to break. And not to mention Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan at the moment of mind, Wu Chi abandoned the guard after the command, even turned to the death of the judge where the palace ran. In fact, Wu Chi is not never thought of the judge will be ignorant down, and then with Yang Xiuchuan together to break through the door of life and death, can think of life and death, hair straightening brush from wish Wu Chi is not easy to take risks. Only a judge pen in the hands of the guard, almost forced Yang Xiuchuan and the night Shenxing completely into the wind, if it is not that guard command for a long time to control the judge pen, I m afraid the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan died long ago, But hair straightening brush from wish also the root of their own pit he did not get a judge pen So count, that the strength of life and death is almost unpredictable, rashly with the enemy, simply and death is no different Night Shen Xing they are not the election, but Wu Chi is now life and death hall guard ah, and is seen a life and hair straightener brush cheap death sentence, identity has been recognized guard, naturally have the opportunity to inquire about the actual situation. In this hair straightening brush from wish case, the brain is definitely more effective than hands to be effective. All the way trot, Wu Chi soon returned to the life and death of the judges where the palace, face panic into the break, big sentence, bad things bad Command adults were killed, the two have entered the temple of life and death Pen is lost, this commanded the humble hair straightening brush simply straight with a pen back to report a big sentence Even at this time, Wu Chi did not forget to bring the black pot to the guard who pushed, pick their own. Raised his head, life and death in the eyes of a touch of cool, as if to see through the heart of Wu Chi in general, really this Feel the other side of the eyes fell on with the door in the vicinity, no matter who, since encountered, naturally have to rescue. Followed by fighting sound away, see each other s moments, the spirit of several people can not help but lifted White Brothers A sword beheaded to chase the demons, Bai Rong this set to God, finally find you, how are you Bai Rong s gown in the ongoing fighting has become very messy, obviously this time, it is not better, but after the meeting, an opening to ask their situation, but it can not help but let a few people are the hearts of a warm The We re all right, white brother, are you hurt Bai Rong left arm to see a little faint blood, clouds pay care to ask. Put a waved, Bai Rong softly said a little hurt, no harm. Paused, Bai Rong s eyes in a few people who swept it again, his face can not help but a slight change, Wu Young Other people may never remember the white Rong, but Wu Chi s identity. on that, but it is impossible to ignore. Wu brothers and his Yesterday, we encountered wolf demon, Wu brothers in order brush straightener ebay uk to save everyone, come up with a true disciples token, lie white brother you kill the sword of the disciples, this led the wolf demon Speaking of this, Chen turned back and looked at the cloud at a glance, which continued Yunxie Sister for this with the Wu brothers from the conflict, a word, Wu brothers angrily, left alone Heard Chen s words, Bai Rong face slightly changed, then revealed a trace of anger, nonsense Under the crisis, Wu Shidi is a lie to deceive the demons, and playing what tight This thing because of my sky, It s time for me to let you go to you. This is the case, Bai Rong cursed the extreme For a time, Yunhe eyes can not help but some red, I m sorry, white brother, I was too impulsive. Now that what is the use of these Frowned, Bai Rong Chen Sheng said find, Wu Shidi a person not far away At all costs, you must find as soon as possible Wu. White brothers, those demons are looking for you, this is too dangerous Yunhe again open Road. Dangerous Lengheng a cry, Bai Rong Chen Sheng said Is it hair straightening brush from wish more dangerous than Wu Shidi now Wu Shidi only a few months before the door, barely just stars, now alone, If there is any slip, how can I explain to Luo Shishu Feel the tone of their own s.

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