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Hair Straightening Brush Goody after all, was not able to separate a victory or defeat, watching Li Yunpeng away, Wu Chi s mouth can not help but float a hint of a smile. Li Yunpeng no longer Zhou Bo made their shot, it means that the greatest hair straightening brush heatons danger for the time being to cope with the past. He was so anxious to come back, the biggest factor is the threat of Li Yunpeng. This time the policy, Wu Chi also did not really want to let Li Yunpeng defection, in fact, as long as he can hesitate, the attitude of a little fuzzy, no longer kill the killer, it is enough. This is a Han Shan and Xi Jun should be between the game, although forced into which can be Wu Chi heart is also very clear, as he can not trust Xi Jun should be the same. If you are completely trusted Han Shan, I am afraid that the same death from the far. Want to get out from such a chaos, only step by step, see strokes move. Three months time is not long, he also need to do more preparation Caixing. Chapter 439 takes you down Master respect Into the palace, Li Yunpeng slightly owe, voice slightly hoarse. Sitting at the table, Xi Jun should not even rise, but did not ask the meaning, as if simply did not hear Li Yunpeng general. This time alone back, itself is enough to explain a lot of things. Bend a prayer, Li Yunpeng once again said disciples incompetent, although to hair straightening brush goody see Wu Chi, but can not bring him back Xi Jun should be able to ask, but he can not explain. The whole process will be roughly described again, only to conceal the discourse of Wu Chuan do not mention those words. Holding the hand of the hand slightly stagnated a bit, Xi Jun should be looked up, staring at Li Yunpeng looked for a while, slowly said You think that if the two women s life force, he will only die What Disciples can not judge, but the matter is important, disciples not bet Slightly nodded, for Li Yunpeng answer Xi Jun should still be very satisfied. Wu Chi s existence for him, it can be said that the key to the difficulties, less than a last resort, he did not want to bet Wu Chi s response. The disciples thought that this time failed, but since he was still in the prison community, he could always think of a solution. After all, even if he had a fortune, he could not bring it out with othe.mouth. Wu Chi himself was originally out of his jail from the prison, sentiment to the million sword return, and now the jail prison Wu Chi completely no binding, naturally not to mention punishment. Then punish him back to Jianfeng closed mind thinking Again bad, broken his month to show discipline is also the. Xiushui Jianjun said again. Ling water Jianjun sneer Wu Chi is really a disciple, is Bai Rong is not really a disciple Kill people, if so gently let go, would not tell Other disciples, what are the scores of the test, you can take the opportunity to kill the revenge Reason Cold Star Jianjun nodded. Wu Chi, after all, Luo is the disciples of the disciples, I do not like to put aside for the time being, such as Luo Shidi come back, and then disposed of as well. Ling Tianjian Jun and cold Star Jianjun two are this attitude, Xiushui Jianjun naturally not good Besides, had to delay the road. This is the day, let him know, no matter who the disciples, committed so wrong, must also be punished by the door, there is no luck to speak at all. Ling Tianjian cold voice opening, unusually tough attitude. Slightly hesitant, cold star Jianjun opening Ling days brothers, so punishment, fear is some heavy. weight Ling Tian Jianjun Chen Sheng said In the case of more than just kill the door, ignoring the door regulation, the true disciples under the hot hands, if not heavy fines, why the alayna hair straightening brush reviews service of the public Suddenly stood up, Ling days Jianjun sneered and said You dare not bear this relationship, I came hair straightening brush goody to it Luo Shidi back, if dissatisfied, let him come to me is For a moment, Ling Tianjian eyes revealed a chill chill, snapped, said Come, give me the waste of Wu Chi repair, expelled from the door Lingtian Jianjun itself in the case of very strong, and now he insisted, is the cold star Jianjun and Xiushui Jianjun is not good to block. After all, Ling Tianjian Jun, then, after all, accounted for a few divisions Moment between, then suddenly there is the elders towar. d the hair straightening brush goody Wu Chi went over. What hair straightening brush goody about Chapter 515 For a time, the audience an uproar Even before they guess Wu Chi forced to fight under the sword stage, beheaded Bai Rong, is bound to be heavy penalties, but no one expected, the punishment eve.

irst First, you understand Do not say that the night Shen Xing and Wu Chi , Even that Yanbei Chen, not the same as me My way is to come out of my own Nobody can me I will always win, no one can hair straightener brush trade secrets stop my footsteps What is it Yang Xiuchuan s mirror said gloomy Do not say anything, just my off, you break in the past Punch hit, Yang Xiuchuan grip the hands of the tiger s mouth has even been shaken. This last mirror is too strong, even if he has done his best, still can not see a little hope of success. How is the first Mirror faint opening That is only that you are temporarily the first In the past, ranked in the top of you who is still little Want to do this first, want to roll all opponents, you have to become stronger Road is wrong, if not change over, you never hope that those who are better than the real genius Do not say Yan North Chen, straightening hair brush asda and even the night stars and Wu Chi, you are also better than Are you going to keep your mind a first life It s important that you have the courage to face mistakes and correct mistakes Or that you do not have the confidence to break a real way to feel the real avenue Three people, the face of the last mirror hair straightening brush wet hair when the same do not see the slightest hope of winning. In this blow, the face is the same problem. If the three can see each other, you will find that the other side of the state are so imagined Vanity, it seems that a pair of eyes indifferent look at all this. If someone can jump out, standing on top of the prison community to look down, you will find, in fact, the whole prison area five, there is only one bridge At the moment, three people have come to the edge of the bridge, and even half of the feet have been stepped out toward the darkness of the void Chapter 395 Kim Sum of the heart Blood dripping Wu Chi even can not remember how many wounds themselves, and black mirror now the strength of today, for their own, is simply a rolling, and even no chance of resistance. Every time the confrontation, will make the body more than a wound, although in fact, when the black mirror shot, has been to avoid the Wu straightening hair brush for black hair Chi s key, can be so many injuries accumulated, also have to Wuchi weak The. Wound pain, some pain in the heart. I said, your way wrong, if not repent.he fairy palace ah, if the temple can become the core of the disciples, the future practice of the road, is simply bright road ah. Fuck, know everything, you pit us A cold sweat, Yang Yan repeatedly Zuo Yi said Gentlemen, I do not want to ah, it is sorry But now, even if you kill me, no use ah, we anyway, have to go through a Off again. Yang Yan was so mention, everyone also came to react, this time, grabbing Yang Yan has been meaningless. He is nothing but a little man, out of this kind of thing, simply pocketed. Do you have hair straightening brush goody any way I heard someone ask, Yang Yan finally relieved, it seems a bit embarrassing, but after all, but still bit his teeth and said These auctions can not hold, I am afraid we have to hand over In fact, everyone has already thought that this point is not any objection, only when not to buy it wants. Yes, you give us the star stone, and you still. Mention this, Yang Yan smiled and said I am afraid not ah, you big brother If only returned to the auction, surnamed Zhang where we are willing to let you ah, for the present, only those who are all the stars to him, Maybe it s time for him to close Chapter 528 does not dismantle, so spoils For a time, everyone hair straightening brush goody s face can not help but stiff a stiff. Let them take things back to the photographed, it has been very reluctant, and now even the stars are not to come back, what is this Ming grab it The Do not you surnamed Yang, hair straightening brush goody are you fooling us as a fool Before the shooting of these things, no one is cheap, a few also spent tens of thousands of stars of stone, and such a large number of people. who have to feel bad ah. Crying with a face, Yang Yan embarrassed and said You big brother, when you want me Just I just stuffed him, it has tens of thousands of stars of the stone ah, or even now with you to discuss the opportunity will not There is ah. Yang Yan heard this, everyone can not help but a slight lag. In the final analysis, Yang Yan, but also a small character only, to the present point, where he can pocket it Now even if not willing to how it Killed him Not to mention, where they dare not kill, even hair straightening brush goody if it can kill Yang Yan, there is a fart with Really want to fight the fish dead net broken, it may lead to their participation in t.platform waiting for you Before staying here, is to wait for Wu Chi, now see people, the night Shen Xing naturally no interest to continue to waste time. Although can not recover the soul of stone, how many pity However, Wu Chi before that step by step lotus of the Kendo means, but also really aroused the hearts of the night Shen Xing proud. Wu Chi Shang and be able to feel in the Baili Daoguang Kendo, make a breakthrough, then he would be willing to be in place Even if only a set of soul stone in hand, but the strength, he was still in the Wu pool above, this way, how could lose to Wu Chi Glanced a. t Wu Chi one, Yang Xiuchuan did not speak, the same leap into the flames into the sea. Between the moment, the whole high above, then only left the Wu Chi and empty monk two. Seeing two people leave, Wu Chi mind also relieved. Do not look at his performance before a pair of indifferent look, but in fact, the heart has always maintained vigilance. If the evening Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan continue to force, he is bound to fight back, hair straightening brush goody or the first step into the flames Although there hair straightening brush goody is a set of soul stone in the hand, night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan really take him no way, but so rush to go into the sea of fire, for him, it is definitely not a good thing. Amitabha His hands together, empty monk looked at Wu Chi said Wu Ju Shi bold means amazing, poor monk admire This is the so called boldness and means, naturally refers to the former Wu Chi pocketed four souls of stone things, you know, even if the empty monk is also considered bold, and never thought from the hands of Yang Xiuchuan and the stars in the hands of the tiger The Compared with Wu Chi, he was the trend of cooperation with Yang Xiuchuan, to protect their own that a set of soul stone action is too stingy. Master hair straightening brush lazada of the means, I also admire the extreme At least I can not solve the good fruit. Dao Tan Tanshou, Wu Chi casually said. Once again referred to the good fruit, the empty monk naturally understand the meaning of Wu Chi, smiled, Wu Ju disabilities vertical capital, a small fruit must have been hard to beat you, why the poor monk things Although Wu Chi now looks very strong thunder, but here, after all, is the prison community four.

Hair Straightening Brush Goody ife and death from the judge pen revealed, into a bloody punish the word, toward the front of several guards flew over. hair straightening brush goody Pen off life and death Breathing, even the night of the stars of the death of the sickle are difficult to hurt the guards instantly fell to death, and even struggling about the strength of no. A life and death Until this moment, Wu Chi really understand the horror of the judge pen, in this free purgatory among the judge pen is really dominate the life and death of the treasures. With the slightest smell of judges, Wu Chi now really pushed the power of the judge pen. This hit, even if it is the night Shenxing and Yang Xiuchuan can not help but the hearts of great hack That one fell to the guard, a broken life and death, but if it fell to them How much of their grasp can be blocked down Come on, this power is not I can control, I can not use the second time. The eyes flashed anxious anxious color, Wu Chi urgent sound shouted. This kind of juncture, whether it is Yang Xiuchuan or night Shenxing also do not attend to think about Wu Chi why so kind heart, and jump to the door of life and death. Holding the judge pen to kill a few guards, the rest of the guard seems to be shocked, and looked at the hands of the judge Wu Chi pen, I do not know should not be to Wu Chi shot. For Yang Xiuchuan and night stars, as long as a little chance, you can change the outcome. Through this moment of effort, the two have been robbed to the front of life and death. Although they are actually not clear what life and death doors, for them, now has no choice, only hard break. However, in the two men ready to enter the moment, the door of life and death has suddenly appeared in a blurred figure Or even no hands, just a glance, then they will be shocked at the same time Meet the life and death See the blurred figure of the moment, Wu Chi immediately came to react, and quickly ritual. Dressed in hair straightening brush goody red robe, life and death judge slowly appeared hair straightener brush wet hair in front of life and death, just that powerful momentum, it is disappointing. Around those guards is to see the moment of life and death judge at the same time bowed down. Life and death control, who jumped into death Quietly look. ed at the two, life and death judge i.lower bound soaring, Wu Chi is certainly not no experience in the rookie, but did not expect, in the Kendo even have such a terrible attainments. It is no exaggeration to say that this sword alone, Xu Zi an is very clear that his accomplishments in the Kendo, far less than Wu Chi. However, since he dared to come here, naturally has long hair straightening brush no heat been prepared to do enough. Moment, the eyebrows lifelike suddenly lit, cross sword in the chest, the body of the stars of the fierce force burst open. What is your sword, Xu Zi an is made up his mind, is to use the absolute strength of rolling, whether lit the star, the gap is too big, or even simply not any other means can make up. Xu Zian in the core disciples, in fact, is not the strongest, but after all, thanks to the door for many years, has long been lit a life star In his view, alone with this, he can be invincible. After all, Wu Chi has just started a month only Even rumors in the star door, has been perfect refining star power, completed the refining star If you want to light the star, even in the genius, but also a few years time Do not say anything, at least in the past few years, he can bully Wu Chi. As for how the future, this matter is Ji Yifeng inspired, he was not the slightest psychological burden. Calculate the good, but unfortunately, to his talent, but how can not think of, in fact, Wu Chi has been in this short period of time lit a life star. boom Eyes reveal a touch of cold, Wu pool who star force also soared, there is no meaning to avoid, head on to meet each other s attack. Rolling Wu does the hair straightener brush work pool eyebrow heart star up the moment, this battle has no suspense. Between the twinkling of an eye, Xu Zian suddenly Qinglian Jian Qi enveloped, emitting a blood, the whole person as a broken kite flying in general, heavy smashed in the tens of meters outside the ground. The battle starts fast and ends faster And even other people have not react to what is going on, Xu Zian has been fainted in the past. For a time, including the blue wave, everyone can not help but suddenly pale. Life star Eyes fell into the Wu Chimei that a sword shaped life on top of a few people even have some can not believe their hair straightening brush goody own eyes. How can this be The A month Even kill the swo.

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