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Hair Straightening Brush Hqt-906 ter the. break, Xiushui Jianjun naturally can not avoid this problem, so I asked Wu Chi there is nothing to say. If Wu Chi down the hair straightener brush professional words of the cloud, that is, the two sides of the word, as to believe who that is the problem of Xiushui Jianjun. Wu Chi and Bai Rong are both true disciples, naturally no one who is more credible. In this way, there is only evidence of the important. Wu Chi no evidence to prove that it is Bai Rong kill people, but can not prove that Bai Rong before want to kill themselves, so what is actually no meaning. Can be the same, this sentence is also told Xiushui Jianjun. I have no evidence, so do not say anything, then Bai Rong if said anything, also asked him to come up with evidence. If not, then he said, naturally there is no meaning. It is because we want to understand these, so Wu Chi will be so calm. Oh Wu Chi s answer to Xiushui Jianjun very satisfied with this situation, since both sides have no evidence, then simply do not ask, this is the most simple solution. Compared to Bai Rong a meeting to complain, Wu Chi such a reaction, apparently more Xiushui Jianjun mind. However, Xiushui Jianjun but also did not intend to forget it. Eyes reveal a touch of deep meaning, Xiushui Jianjun once again faintly asked There is no evidence, you can regardless of right and wrong, do not ask right or wrong If so, what is fair This is also the cloud of Dutch want to say. She certainly understand that she can not get any evidence to come, even Chen He are dead, in addition to her and Wu Chi, then no one witnessed. Involved in the true disciples, naturally not because of her more than a person, then set the crime of Bairong. But she knew that there is no evidence, but still can not help but say it, is to seek a fair. Just like her before, would rather die, but also to pull the sword to Bai Rong to discuss a fair. She can not convince myself, so that innocent disciples so white death, so it was open to Xiushui Jianjun also those disciples a fair. She can not accept the kind of Wu Chi speak, heart Biequ powerful, Xiushui Jianjun this sentence, no doubt asked her voice. If there is no evidence, you can right and wrong, do not ask right and wrong, that this world what is fair at all Wha.rt of the bridge really have the end, so many years of continuous forward, how should also come to the fishes. Maybe, maybe not, who can say it Sighed, Yang Xiuchuan calmly said. I do not know what the heart bridge is what, but I think, can not be so blind to go. Silence for a moment, night Shenxing slowly opening Road. So, you want to jump out Looking back, watching the night Shen Xing, Yang Xiuchuan indifferent asked. Silence for a moment, night Shenxing did not answer. But he did not have to continue to go down the meaning. Waiting for a moment, Yang Xiuchuan suddenly turned, then we also do not have it. You have to continue to go Pick the eyebrows, night stars once again asked. Practice is this is a lonely road, and I do not lack patience. Did not look back, Yang Xiuchuan calmly said line hundred and thirty half, although we have gone for a long time, but who can certainly not in the next Moment out of the heart of the bridge Yang Xiuchuan heard the words, night Shen Xing is not a reply, but the heart can not help but feel some. Insisted that this is Yang Xiuchuan Road Even if you do not see any hope, even if full of thorns and hardships, but Yang Xiuchuan like a stone in general, never give up, but will not regret it. Watching Yang Xiuchuan gradually go away, the night Shenxing heart also flashed countless thoughts. Wu Chi is the first out of the first, and the first doubt the existence of the heart of the bridge, he is not clear how Wu Chi now, and is not really jumped the dark void. But that choice means that Wu Chi s heart and choice. Yang Xiuchuan choose to continue to go, this insistence also makes people filled with emotion. Night Shen Star can straightening brush natural hair not judge, who is the choice of right, but he did not follow anyone to go, because that is not his way. Silence for a moment, the eyes of the hair straightening brush hqt-906 evening Shen Xing suddenly revealed a touch of Jingmang, death sickle suddenly start, the hearts of a touch of meaning, all the strength, together with the palm of your hand, bravely pushed the sickle sickle toward the foot of the heart Magic Bridge cut down. Yes, cut heart bridge This is hair straightening brush kids the choice of night stars, crazy and Henla. Night Shen Xing do not believe anyone, really believe that only the hands.

test, then, I am afraid there will be no real sense of death And for themselves, at the moment urgent to figure out is that life and death in the temple what is the secret. Chapter 383 Judges pen Red robe like fire, even if only a look at the far, but also hair straightening brush hqt-906 people from the depths of the soul to give birth to a trace of chestnut feeling. Under the worship of life and death To see the moment of life and death judge, that command will be the first to kneel down. He kneel, suddenly gas Wu Chi cursed in the heart more than their own boss are kneeling, do they still stand it However, it is good that Zhesi also no section of the gymnastics, kind of like to kneel down, under the worship of life and death Raised his head, eyes in the Wu Chi s body to stay for a moment, life and death judge this slowly turned to the guard, what Life and death of the voice of some low, but revealed a terrible coercion, as if he was just casually asked, but also people dare not honest answer. Sentenced to condemnation, committing the intention to break into the temple of life and death, has wounded a lot of guards, we can not stop, fear is soon to break into the. Sin slave Pondered a moment, put down the hands of the judge pen, life and death judge slowly opening The official guarding the door of life and death, inconvenience easy to hand, so be it, you wait for the judge to go to the town to kill, with the return. Wrist slightly flick, the judge pen suddenly flew into the hair straightening brush hqt-906 hands of the guard command. Yes Eyes flashed a trace of the color of surprise, guarding the command quickly took the judge pen, respectful opening replied. Go on. Faintly told a sentence, life and death judge will bow again, no longer ignore the two. Came out from the hall, Wu Chi suddenly could not help but asked command adults, there are judges pen, we can kill the two people The hair straightening brush hqt-906 eyes reveal a trace of excitement, guarding the command nodded and nodded The judge is a big sentence of life and death of the treasure, pen off life and death If life and death sentenced to personally shot, one can deny each other, although I can not play the judge pen The real power, but this treasure in hand, the same can be broken life and. death, enough to kill the two peo.person for a shadow, nothing force, even the night Shenxing this cut off the vitality of the knife, can not leave any traces on the shadow. A hit missed, night Shen Xing body suddenly a turn, even a trace of hesitation are not, and instantly attack to defend Death sickle recovered, will keep the airtight around the airtight. At first glance, so careful, it seems that some too, but in fact, this cautious but indeed saved the night Shenxing a life. To avoid all attacks, not to escape, but to fight back Li Yunpeng by virtue of the magic of God to escape the knife after the sudden bullying into the hands of the knife like a tarsus maggot, deadly paste the night star, just a few days, the number of consecutive times, A knife is pointing to each other s key. Even the night when the stars back to hair straightening brush hqt-906 the time, there is even a little bit of hesitation, and now probably have hair straightening brush hqt-906 been cut with the knife under the. All this is a long story, but in fact it was a rabbit from the falcons, only between the electro optical flint. boom Look at the night S. hen Xing has been caught in a crisis, Yang Xiuchuan hands rifle also point out. For a moment, Yang Xiuchuan hands of the rifle suddenly turned into a horrible mountain, fiercely rolled from. However, in Li Yunpeng hand back to resist the moment, hair straightening brush hqt-906 that mountain is a faint burst of snow, as if a mountain suddenly collapsed in front of, and hidden in this gun in the real Shou Zhao, is the power of this landslide Supernatural powers Yang Xiuchuan s shot without any fancy, that is, the power pushed to the extreme, the power of the landslide, into the gun one, really can be regarded as invincible Shadow Gun tip and body before, Li Yunpeng felt, they could not stop the shot, had to once again launched a vivid. Continuous display of the hair straightening brush hqt-906 shadow, Li Yunpeng s face pale a lot, the eyes of the murderous hair straightener brush on 4c hair skyrocketing. If you say, before Li Yunpeng did not put the two men in the eyes, then, now with the night stars and Yang Xiuchuan s successively shot, but already really let Li Yunpeng as two opponents. Perception hair straightener brush jml of the number of enlightenment monument, no doubt when the talent and strength of a large standard, but after all, not the only standard It is no exaggeration to say th.xactly the same stone. Wu Chi, which last. ed three days and two nights riding heart magic bridge, ranked seventh Slightly Yi Zheng, Wu Chi can not help but some stunned Originally saw Yang Xiuchuan and the evening stars are still on the bridge, he was some complacent, you can see this ranking, but let him suddenly found that the original seems to have not much of their own. Especially when Wu Chi to see the top of the stone when the name of the time, it is much to combat. Yan Beichen, which lasted three hours tread heart magic bridge, ranked first Yan Beichen Or the Yanbei Chen, the name of Wu Chi has seen too many times the sword, and simply numb What is this kind of metamorphosis ah Pielepiezui, Wu pool finally gave up the idea of comparison with the Yan Beichen, with this do not know tens of thousands of years ago, the mortal than, it is a very boring, and fight against confidence. Thought, Wu Chi, after all, or to give up here, took the opportunity to kill Yang Xiuchuan idea. Although before, Jiang Rui let him have the opportunity to kill Yang Xiuchuan, but this request, but obviously not how Wu was on the heart. Step by step, Wu Chi suddenly embarked on another bridge. In the moment to set foot on the front of Wu Chi suddenly appeared in a, exactly the same. Yes, it is their own. See each other, Wu Chi s eyelids can not help but burst of wild jump. This is called a mirror bridge Looked at Wu Chi, the other calmly opening Road, even the demeanor and voice, seems to have exactly the same with their own. Mirror Wu Chi slightly Yi Zheng. Yes, it straightening hair brush on natural hair is possible to break the demons here, this person is absolutely heavenly arrogance So, the most terrible enemy, perhaps it is their own, want to pass this test, is to overcome hair straightening brush sela their own. Almost at the same time, Wu Chi suddenly felt his strength suddenly reduced to only the extent of incense. Incense, for Wu Chi, this seems to have been a very pharmacy memories, like a sudden back to the same time in the sword when the Villa. Not too much infuriating can support, but no sword domain can be driven, and even even Jian Qi are extremely thin. This feeling suddenly let Wu Chi feel some hands and feet, hair straightening brush hqt-906 I do not know what should be good. However, the other hair straightening brush hqt-906 s.

Hair Straightening Brush Hqt-906 of beauty, are enough to make people excited And do all this, just need to break into, beat that a few women only. kill Soon as roar, in the forest under the lead, several people at the same time toward the Dong Fu Chuang. hiss In a few people into the moment, hidden at the entrance of the Dong Fu poison suddenly jumped out, bitterly toward a hair straightening brush hqt-906 few people bite away. boom A burst of loud noise, the fear of Jianmang suddenly strangled out, already prepared, that a few insects did not play any role, they were killed a clean. However, this moment of time, but also let Su Wan they react over. who Frosty sound came from the Dongfu, Su Wan s body immediately appeared in the Dong Fu before. Snake fairy, Wu Chi is dead, this is not you are eligible to occupy the Dong Fu, quickly surrender Dongfu, and perhaps to keep their lives. Raised his head, Lin less a condescending posture, arrogantly open Road. Eyes reveal a touch of cold murderous, Su Wan indifferent said Do not say Wu Chi is not really dead, you these waste, do you think I am a woman home will not bully How is the Wu Chi Between the words, Zhou Bo Yan and Yuan Qi, happy Lord also from Dong Fu came out. Originally there are Su Wan in, do not need them to control these things, you can hear the other clamor Wu pool is dead, but it is suddenly a few people s heart tightened up, could not help but come out to ask what happens. Before just heard it, and now really see Zhou Bo a few women, but it is suddenly let Lin and others in the hearts of a hot. Really is the beauty ah, tut You still waiting f. or Wu Chi He has already died in the prison area five heavy. Lin Shao eyes reveal a touch of naked desire, squinting said. Su Wan, what happened in the end Moment, Zhou Bo Yan s face brush straightener cost suddenly changed, turned to Su Wan hair straightening brush hqt-906 asked. But a few pig hair straightener brush in nepal like waste it, what is the credible words Su Wan Mei a pick, disdain to open Road. Pooh Su Wan, what do you think you are But it is relied on Wu Chi in the back, this only occupied a Dongfu it Enthusiastic honest wait on our forest less, the same can let you in this house Practice, otherwise, will let you survive can not die. Was Su Wan called the pig like waste, suddenly aroused a few people s wroth, loudly scolded Road. Wh.people best electric hair straightening brush impatiently waved and said Go, go, while Miss must immediately marry with the days of Que, this time, how can you see what people You really want to know Miss, after three days, may wish to go to the Song to drink a cup of wine. what did you say Moment, Wu Chi s brow suddenly provoked, You said, Su Wan to marry people The body suddenly a cold, that subconsciously feel some fear, can not help but back two steps, this said wedding in three days later, and Chiang Kai shek ancestors, Chiang Zhengyang personally witnessed, but also a false leave Jiang Zhengyang Hear the name, Wuchi eyes of a cold, can not help but reveal a touch of faint murderous. Not wait for the next person to react, then turned away from the Soviet Union. And Su Wan met for so long, Wu Chi Suan naturally understand the temper, not to mention their own life and death, even if they really die, Su Wan is absolutely impossible to marry someone else at this time. But now all of this, but how to see are not like fake, then the only explanation is that Su Wan also suffered co. ercion. This idea, in the brain of Wu Chi had a moment, then immediately aroused the murder of hair straightening brush hqt-906 Wu Chi heart. Especially when heard, the wedding of the witness or actually Chiang Zhengyang, Wu Chi will be unable to suppress the hearts of the more angry. Others even if they do not know their relationship with Su Wan, do not know Jiang Zhengyang it In this case, even what to do witnesses, so that Su Wan married to others, to say Jiang Zhengyang did not be involved, who can believe That moment, Wu Chi even want to directly into the Soviet Union to go, but the idea of a turn, they abruptly put this idea down. Now this time to the golden world, Wu Chi is to see, who is out of their own death, who is want to jump out. At this moment has just arrived, naturally not the time to appear, always first to get things clear is. Anyway, they have arrived, why should rush for a while you are sorry for the Soviet Union you ah Sitting opposite Su Wan, Su ancestors bitter sigh Road. Looking calmly looked at the ancestors of the Soviet Union, Su Wan faint said So to say, the ancestors have promised this marriage Jiang Zengyang was originally sealed for the repair, the Soviet.

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