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Hair Straightening Brush Instyler ent, to Zhou Yicun s temper, there is no betrayed his may be. However, who straightening hair brush duel voltage can think of this war, Zhou Yiqun even lost in the hands of Wu Chi, and even provided him hair straightening brush in stores out. Zhang Fengyang heard the name of the moment, Wu Chi pupil suddenly shrink, heart suddenly thrown a terrorist mur. derous In fact, before again, Wu Chi heart has been faint with speculation, after all, he went to the fairy palace, in fact, did not offend any people, only festivals, it is only Zhang hair straightening brush instyler Fengyang they only Just because of Yang Yan things, Wu Chi too lazy to follow Zhang Fengyang they care about it. But now, even Zhang Fengyang once again calculate him, and even want to set him and death, which will really provoke the murder of Wu Chi. Chapter 542 The darkness of the little people Almost in Zhou Yiqun say his name at the same time, Zhang Fengyang immediately turned down the crowd fled out. Before he even hold the necessary time, personally shot beheaded Wu Chi s mind, but now this war, but has completely cut off his thoughts. Just think of that terrible sword, as if there is a fear of terror has always been on his body, it seems that even his breathing are suppressed down. Toward Zhou Yiqun slightly a Baoquan, Wu Chi immediately jumped to the challenge Taiwan. Slightly think about it, Wu Chi Yang Yan finally sent a letter or a letter. Although Wu Chi has been killed from the heart of Zhang Fengyang, but it is not yet from Yang Yan this set of his message to Wu Chi s pride, but also can not do this kind of thing, the letter, but only to remind Yang Yan bite Zhang Fengyang, the best and they separated from Zhang Fengyang. Just Wu Chi, but after all, underestimated the little people this dark psychological. What is this Zhang Fengyang Went to Wu Chi side, Liu Changtong Shen Sheng asked. Not to mention, Wu Chi himself is his friend, alone Zhang Fengyang dare to use three of this, it is enough to make Liu Changtong from the murder. Little people only Put a waved, Wu Chi is also too lazy to mention, as long as people know who is under the hand is, if so hair straightening brush instyler let Yang Yan and their parted ways, hair straightener brush insta magic it would be a good thing. As for that, suspected Yang Yan with them to calculate their own, Wu Chi is simply did not think about it. Seen.ay be a war possible. But now, the power of the stars of the heart was driven, the sword of the moment to bear the pressure of the stars, and where there is spare capacity with Xi Jun should be hands. burst Mind a horizontal, Jian Zu s body suddenly burst open, into a horrible sword of gas, tear directly through the void. Blew If later, and so Wu Chi led the hearts of enough stars to die, the sword ancestors will no longer struggle, can only bet on life to refining the stars of the heart But now, Wu Chi also support, in fact, there is no real start completely refining the stars of the heart. In this case, the sword ancestors to the warrior s determination, suddenly blew, but is tantamount to completely pick out their own. Although the body burst open, but in fact, repair to his realm of this, where it is so easy to die But by this opportunity, open the void hair straightening brush instyler toward the stars fled away. Just now, the power of the stars of the heart is completely exploded in an instant. If Xi Jun should be unable to control the whole Wanjian fear is will be razed to the ground, as what Wu Chi, or other disciples within the door of life and death, has long been the sword ancestors on the heart. In this case, if the dare to reach out to the heart of the stars, even if Xi Jun should not be affordable. This time when the sword said, he can not refining, Xi Jun should also be difficult to refining He is intended to cover the whole Wanjian as a funeral, destroyed Xi Jun should be the opportunity to refining the stars of the heart. Chapter 522 Lu Ying died For a moment, all the faces changed. Even Luo Ying and cold star Jianjun, this moment is also a cold heart. Jianzu this look, it is too vicious, and once the hearts of the stars out of control, the whole swords, I am afraid that only a few of them Jianjun can live down, and, they have hair straightening brush instyler to run fast, otherwise the same cheap apalus brush hair straightener dangerous. See you This is your sword ancestors so mind, what qualifications become the star Eyes full of contempt for the color, Xi Jun should be a faint opening ridicule Road. The next moment, Xi Jun should be the body of the wind and move. retreat back, the palm is still firmly toward the heart of the stars to catch. Fool, see clearly, you can not do thi.

is still changed the mouth, but also looked at a glory, but he did hair straightening brush instyler not mention the white thing, Xiushui Shishu, just that you really good sword that is your own Supernatural powers Smiled and nodded, Xiushui Jianjun casually said Yes, if you want to learn, I can teach you. These words are suddenly so that some ridiculous Bairen, the hearts of Wu Chi s jealousy has reached the extreme. The same is really a disciple, but he and hair straightening brush instyler Wu Chi s treatment gap is too big. Xiushui Tianjian, but Xiushui Jianjun signs supernatural powers, even Xiushui Jianjun own pro disciples, and will not be easy to teach. Can Wu Chi, but just a matter of mouth, Xiushui Jianjun promised to teach, what is this Shook his head, Wu Chi is a smile and refused I can not learn, Xiushui Shishu this sword, for the water of the road to comprehend very high, I can not learn. Heard this Wu Chi said, Xiushui Jianjun eyes revealed a trace of praise of the color, softly said That is nothing to your talent, if willing to study hard, not a thousand years, must be able to learn this sword. Millennium listen to long, but in fact, this evaluation has been very high. To really, Xiushui Jianjun mouth of the Institute, is not simply according to the cat master tiger, but really get the essence of the control, even with his many years of disciples, in fact, really master the sword, and only one person Just now. In fact, one can see the water line of the road to comprehend, is the key to the sword, Wu Chi in the Kendo vision has let Xiushui Jianjun quite surprised. Such as Bairong so, you want to learn a lot of people sword, you may see one of the key, but it is too little. Especially Wu Chi now only just into the stars only, it is even more commendable. Or do not, if the division to know, have to beat me can not. Smile waved, Wu Chi casually said. Fingertips a bomb, a fine star force suddenly poured into the body of Wu Chi, between the twinkling of an eye, then let the body of Wu Qi chaos in the body of a f. ew minutes. The elders of the door will soon be rushed, you are with me first return to the door, or with other people go back Xiushui Jianjun this time to Mangshan, this is to ensure the safety of Wu Chi, as other disciples, naturally has never had the slightest yield of meaning. This will be horror willpower, even if it is Li Futan, can not help but shocked. Night Shen Xing, I give you a chance Thinking for a moment, Li Fernan suddenly raised his head, with that pale face facing the night stars, slowly opening Road. What do you want to play Night stars Xing disdain to open Road. apalus brush hair straightener canada I remember, when you only spent half a month to see a monument Then, I give you a chance, as long as you see the stone fast enough, I will not kill you Li Fernan pale opening said. As Zhou Xu, he was also trapped almost crazy The so called torture newcomer, but also a kind of ventilated venting only. Night Shenxing hard gas and will, but also let him feel the night Shenxing extraordinary. As long as you can see the three thousand stone above, it is possible to realize the great supernatural powers, break the space barrier to leave here I want you to make a vengeance, if you leave, leave me go away. Looked at the night Shen Xing, Li Fernan seriously said. Between the words, Li Fannan has dispersed the hands of the attack, so tortured for a year the night Shen finally got a breathing space. Silence for a long while, night Shen Xing finally said Let me. promise you, nor can not But I want you to promise me a condition. What conditions I have two friends together into the prison community six heavy, I want you to ensure their safety. Night Shen Xing looked up, slowly said. This condition is undoubtedly some of Li Fernan accident. Your two friends, now fell into the hands of Zhou hair straightening brush instyler Xu I am afraid you are more miserable Honestly, although I am not afraid of Zhou Xu, but it can not help him, and did not grasp from his hands to the people Rescued. Li Fernan slightly shook his head, calmly said. Zhou Xu like male wind, so long time in the past, I am afraid that the two have already tortured the human shape, right If it is a bit skeptical, I m afraid already suicide may also. They are two people s talent, absolutely not under me If you want to find opportunities to leave here, save them, the hope of success is much larger. Completely guessed Li Fernan s mind, the night hair straightening brush instyler Shen Xing slowly opening Road The This sentence, but it is suddenly let the hearts of Li.the prison to leave, Luo Ying did not go to see Wu Chi, but went straight to Xiushui peak away. When he set foot on the show when the water peak, Xiushui Jianjun has brewed tea waiting. Luo Yidi, do you leave the heavenly thing back, right I am in heaven for the door to compete for the immortal palace of the qualifications, the only disciples are almost dead in the door, and appropriate Brow suddenly pick, Luo Ying coldly asked. Sighed a cry, Xiushui Jianjun softly said penalty Wu Chi into the jail is my meaning, but did not think of their hands, even dare to reach into the jail prison. Sneer a cry, Luo Ying disdain, hair straightening brush on facebook said struggling to suppress my disciples, they keep what kind of mind when I do not know it But it may not be too little to underestimate me, the sovereign position, I Luo Ying not Look in the eyes. Wanjianzong sovereign position is definitely not a trivial matter, especially if the sword ancestors to refining the stars of the heart, as the Lord of the Lord, this position is even more prominent, and can show Shuijian Jun is very clear, Luo Ying said is not false words. To Luo Ying s temper, is really do not care about these. Since you have no intention of this, it should not be at this time Shoutu. Xiushui Jianjun slightly shook his head Road. When do you want to meet my disciples too hair straightening brush instyler well, I will be partial to play their face A hundred years later, the case of When the door is bigger than that, I will give them a surprise. You want to let Wu pool into the fairy Silence for a moment, Xiushui Jianjun asked again. Sky stars are still too small after all, my disciples, should go farther. Shook his head, Luo Ying Chen Sheng said. Time is too short after all, Wu Chi Xiu is still shallow, you are afraid of too impatient. Xiushui Jianjun said softly. Slightly shaking his head, Luo Ying, after all, no longer explain. There are some words, even if he can not say, dare not say. Now everyone thought that the sword is bound to be able to refining the stars of the heart, however, only Luo Ying heart vaguely understand, Jianzu successful hope I am afraid not big. Now Wan. jianzong seem like a group of beautiful, but in fact, but simply that only bright only. Only really go out in order to under.

Hair Straightening Brush Instyler ridge is what kind of existence, can really come out, Yang Xiuchuan this vaguely understand Heart magic bridge is simply due to heart and heart, heart heart magic bridge, then it is to go on the millennium years, also can not get away the magic bridge. Only when the broken heart of the bridge exists, completely broken demons, in order to leave the prison area five. Night Shenxing to violence to cut the heart of the bridge and out, and his ten years of insistence, this finally perseverance break out of the heart bridge, this way nothing right or wrong Wu Choi for the choice, whether it is night or he is still difficult to determine whether it is wrong. Choose a different way, breaking the prison world five hair straightening brush instyler test time will be different. Even now the world that Wu Chi has been falling, but he and the night Shen Xing are still questioned attitude. If Wu Chi really come back from the prison community, then there will never be hair straightener brush magicfly any gap between them, and even can be said that he is sure to lose the grasp of victory, this case, how he would like to Wu Die Moreover, that is back ten thousand steps. Wu Chi really die in the prison community among the five. Night Shenxing hair straightening brush instyler attitude, also let him not afraid of these people under the Su Wan killers. When the three were parted ways, the night Shenxing promised, will protect the Wu Chi s friends, if he dared to Yang s hands, I m afraid the night Shenxing really may fall. For Yang Xiuchuan, Wu Chi s life hair straightening brush instyler and death is the key thing, as that Su Wan and Wu Chi other women and friends are dead and alive, and why he was in the heart of the Of course, since Wu Chi is now life and death, then the Chiang family will lose the biggest by virtue, took the opportunity to suppress Chiang, is a matter of course. However, in the determination of Wu Chi really dead before, he did not want to immediately tear with Jiang Jia face to prevent Wu pool suddenly return, provoke trouble. Pondered for a moment, Yang Xiuchuan brow can not help but a slight pick, floating a trace of cold, indifferent to himself want to make people die, we must first crazy Chiang Zheng Yang, I hair straightening brush holder will not rush out of Chiang Kai shek, but Can you really stay Wu Chi s death I have been released I am curious, you.s only one step can be completely shaped, into the demon of the column. Even if everyone is in the peak state, encountered such a wolf demon, I m afraid it may not be able to win, not to mention, now several people have been very poor state, the odds are even smaller. The most important thing is wolves are always gregarious Even the wolf demon, also did not change this hair straightening brush instyler habit. So that the time to speak, surrounded by at least dozens of wolf demon around, although the strength is far better than the first wolf demon, but for everyone, but also enough to fatal. For a time, everyone s heart can not help but sink into the bottom. Just just off the demon will chase, do not want to blink of an eye, and fell into such a dead, which is simply not to the slightest way ah. For hair straightening brush dubai a time, a few people can not help but raised a touch of despair. Even if it is cloud Dutch, and now some fear of the. Now able to really keep calm, but is the worst repair of Wu Chi and Li Yunpeng. These two people is really from the blood of the dead mountains out of the sea, and now the situation is dangerous, but in the lower bound of the time than this more dangerous desperate, nor is not encountered. Naturally can not let the two panicked. Want to kill us, I wonder if you are going to pay what kind of price Put a waved, Wu Chi slowly take a step, proudly open Road. Pooh But just stepped into the stars only, roll Swept a Wu Chi, that wolf de. mon disdain to drink curse, attention has always been in the cloud of the body. Now so many people, really can make it feel a trace of a sense of threat, and only one person only cloud. In fact, if not some fear cloud load, I am afraid it will not speak, up directly on the hands of the. Just the movement, do not you feel it Sneer a cry, Wu best hair brush straightener for curly hair Chi Chen Sheng said I brothers and demon will still be able to deal with, to kill you easy Since you know that we are Wanjianzong disciples, it should be aware that once we fall into danger, there will be a master in the door to come to the rescue. If there is no magic demon, naturally can not communicate, Since it has been completed, can speak, then there is the possibility of delaying the threat. Now this situation, Wu Chi than anyone else know that the.

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