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Hair Straightening Brush Jml Review veal a touch of Jingmang, looked at Wu Chi again silence down, but the eyes are still revealed by a trace of frustration. He is very clear, now I am afraid not Wu Chi s opponent, but to say that a sword will be able to beat him, but also let him some convinced. After all, now Wu Chi is also only after the peak of stars only. In fact, let alone Li Dongsheng, and even if the cloud also feel that some of the pockets of Wu Chi. Li Dongsheng did not break through the broken star, but from the broken star but also is a step by st. ep, and in all the core disciples are the most powerful, and now a hundred years of precipitation, once shot, the backlog of emotions all will be integrated into this Sword. It can be said that now is the strongest time Li Dongsheng. In this case, even if it is the strength of her broken stars, I m afraid I can not say that a sword to beat Li Dongsheng. Zhang mouth, can look at the face of Wu Chi s share of calm, but after all, did not say anything. Zheng Moment, Li Dongsheng dusty years of sword again scabbard, Jianfeng slightly raised three points, sharp sword suddenly burst open, as if the moment, the whole people have become a sharp sword, directed at Wu Chi But even so, Li Dongsheng also did not first shot. This hundred years of precipitation, so that his sword more stable a lot, since Wu Chi said sword, he will wait for Wu Chi shot But once he was a sword, it is bound to be thunderbolt Just a hands on type, it is sufficient to show how strong the strength of Li Dongsheng now, even if the face of the cloud so just into the broken stars, it may not have a war of power. However, Wu Chi s face is still as always as calm. In the days of jaibing nearly a hundred years, Wu Chi every moment are facing the horror of Jian Qi, the kind of pressure is not outsiders can imagine, even if the momentum of Li Dongsheng several times stronger, also can not let him move. Wrist slightly turned, shadow sword silent start. And there is no earth shattering momentum, nor the use of any supernatural means, Wu Chi is just a straightforward sword hand handed out. This sword and there is no mysterious place, but also did not contain any trick in it, it seems that the most common sword, with the.eart, not only related to me alone, but related to the rise and fall of the whole swords of death I must succeed, can only succeed. Jianzu s voice sounded again, very light, but revealed An unquestionable force. Among the disciples, you are the only one who perceives the mystery, so it is the only one who can help me. Between the words, a little stars fall, fell from the front of the Wu Chi. From the surface, this point of the stars completely nothing special, with the surrounding constantly shed the starlight no difference, but Wu Chi was able to feel that this is the star, is the sword of his heart to give him the best hair straightener brush the signal. Slightly pondered a little, gently out of the palm of your hand, that point the stars inhalation of the palm of the hand, between the breathing will be refining out. Almost in the refining of the moment, Wu Chi will be more of some special perception, suddenly react over, directly in my heart asked Why is it If I can help, the four Jianjun is not more confident They are strong, not strong enough Rush into the heart of the stars of the refining, will only let the situation out of control, and even directly to be bite back. Jianzu explained I need is a guide, Will be the power of the stars of the limited guidance, take advantage of refining. Sword hair straightening brush jml review ancestors, not the disciples do not want to help, it is simply can not help ah I am now the strength, even if only a little bit of the he. art of the stars, but also enough to support my life. Do not want to, directly refused Road. Now naturally not. Jianzu then shook his head But when you break through the broken stars of the moment, but it can be opened by the opportunity to guide Xinghai This way, not only can help me refining the stars of the heart, but also let You get an unprecedented opportunity to open up one of the most perfect star sea. Able to open, the sword ancestors naturally has long been considered good. Slightly a lag, Wu Chi then smile Jianzu, disciples timid, or forget it. Do not look Jianzu easy, but in fact, whenever a little brain, but also understand the danger. A bad control, but not the development of Xinghai, but the direct support Xinghai, collapse of the fate of the stars. This thing is purely life, but th.

Glanced at Zhou Xu one, Li Fuban indifferent opening. Heart of a move, eyes fell to the night Shen Xing s body, Zhou brush straightener apalus Xu also will be reflected over, you are not the same But how can you suddenly think of me Although the two together in this prison community six years of nearly ten thousand years, in fact, all right time, hundreds of years will not contact once. It was meant to ask you, but now it seems not necessary. Glanced at the night Shen Xing one, Li Fernan slowly said You see, they are all right. I will try to Slightly Baoquan, night Shenxing calm opening. Did not thank, because this is a transaction, night Shenxing hair straightening brush jml review very clear what the other wants, in addition, do not need any extra words. See Wu Chi and Yang Xiuchuan security, his mind is also considered completely calm down. Before the five in the prison area, Wu Chi saved him, this portrait night Shen Xing always remember, so will Li Rounan put forward such conditions. Although not used, but after all, can make him more peace of mind. Step by step, and not the slightest excess of words, the night star also began to see the stone for the reference. How many stones did they see Eyes again fell to Zhou Xu s body, Li Fannan Chen Sheng asked. Fifty three. Pointing to Wu Chi, Zhou Xu slowly explained only a year s time, and even the speed of knowledge is still up if no accident, maybe he really We can open the space barrier and let us get out of here. Fifty three, this figure even Li Fournain can not help but move, and even breathing a hurry a bit. Before he was optimistic about the night stars, but it is only a guess it, how hard it is hard to say, but within a year, see the fifty three enlightenment monu. ment, this speed is too horrible. To know that when he had just reached the prison community six heavy, but the first year, but only the understanding of the twenty seven only, Wu Chi s speed has almost doubled him. He eventually enlightenment of nearly two thousand enlightenment monument, according to this estimate, Wu Chi probably hair straightening brush jml review how are enough to break through the three thousand mark. And three thousand, almost the difference can not leave here watershed Continuous reference to more than fifty blocks of stone, Wu Chi heart has gradual.ore disciples. Only a hundred years time, it has been practiced to this point, Wu Chi really do not bear the name of genius. If the face of the face is only Cheng or Yao Long one, I am afraid there is a great chance of winning, but want to beat the two together at the same time, but still impossible. Zheng Feel the pressure brought by Wu Chi, Yao Long hearts of a cold, hair straightening brush jml review but also understand their own small look Wu Chi, and immediately did not dare to have the slightest hesitation, suddenly took the sword launched the first attack. Golden light suddenly bloom Moment, Yao dragon in the hands of the sword, it seems to be a gold dragon, claws toward the Wu Chi rushed past. Can easily break into the core of the disciples of the top ten, and even dare to calculate Wu Chi, in fact, Yao Long also has a proud capital, and even have a great opportunity to be able to impact the core disciples in the first This sword, whether it is the outbreak of power, or control of the sword Jian Jian Qi are almost to the perfect point. Although not supernatural powers, but the power is not even under the supernatural powers. Almost at the same time, Cheng Li s sword also cut out the same. And Yao Long is different, Cheng s sword is extremely insidious, as if dormant in the dark among the snakes, although far from the gorgeous hair straightening brush jml review dragon, can be threatening, but not the slightest. These two people any one, have been bad to cope with, not to mention, now or the joint attack It is no exaggeration to say t. hat even hair straightener brush price in dubai some broken disciples of the stars, in the face of such attacks, I am afraid can only shelter edge. However, living in hair straightening brush jml review the field, Wu Chi even the eyes did not blink a bit. Between the breathing, Qinglian suddenly gather together shape Wu Chi whole people are wrapped around the Qinglian, whether it is Jinlong or insidious attacks such as snakes, are simply unable to invade Qinglian cents. The crowd, the old man s mouth can not help but smoked a little pumping. Others do not know, but he was clear, in the jail prison, Wu Chi is by virtue of Qinglian Jianqi hard Jianqi outbreak. Even the days of jail in prison, and so the terror of the Firm But Gentle, are difficult to break the Qinglian Jianqi guardian, by contrast, th.years ago, if not for the Wu Chi s message, I m afraid already To break the prison community four. Now Su Wan put forward, naturally will take the opportunity to make a decision. So count, it touches Zhou Bo Yan and Yuan purple two of the strength of the poor, can not go with. However, it is good that the two talent is very good, but it is a breakthrough time The rules of the road, in fact, straightening hair brush video still limited and heaven and earth rules among the original so Constantly see the stone, Wu Chi has hair straightening brush jml review finally gradually realized the meaning of the law. The perception of the avenue, the source and the rules of heaven and earth, enlightenment is the process of conforming to the law of heaven and earth, you can want to prove, but need to break this bondage and restrictions. Three thousand stone monument, the reason is a watershed, because, from the breakthrough after the three thousand stone, they really can to a certain extent, to break the shackles of heaven and earth rules And only have the power to break the constraints of heaven and earth rules in order to really break the space barrier, leaving the prison community six heavy. Breaking the boundaries of the three thousand stone, after the sentiment is to break the rules of heaven and earth, the formation of their own rules of the rules of the road, and the way, is to face the test of heaven and earth when the law. Point broken this layer of window paper, be considered a real right way, rather than conform to the rules of heaven and earth. A cis, an inverse of the change, is the gap between genius and ordinary. Whether it is Zhou Xu or Li Fernan, they actually did not break this. one word, so, will be trapped in this prison six heavy. To this and so on, Wu Chi was vaguely understand that the whole prison community six heavy, all the stone, in fact, really want to convey the key to people, in this one above the word. Clearly realized this, in order to truly break through, continue to enlightenment go. But it has passed a few decades time, Wu Chi, the number of reference to the stone, it has reached straightening hair brush price the point of nearly five thousand. This figure, once again Zhou Xu and Li Fernan staggering. Tianjiao Such a person, is the real heavenly arrogance, but also let.

Hair Straightening Brush Jml Review tly Yi Zheng. Break the space barrier, easy to say easy, it is not easy, it is likely that there is no hope that the slightest hope. Slightly frown, Wu Chi asked to your strength, you want to fly soaring is not difficult, why not directly soaring the upper bound You do not want me Turned his eyes, Zhou Xu snappily said You feel that the power around the rules of how terrible, where the soaring, the difficulty of at least ten times the outside world. Hear this, Wu Chi heart suddenly sank. In fact, from entering here, Wu Chi felt the kind of invisible oppression, but simply did not have to think about it in this regard, now Zhou Xu mention, this came to react. Breaking the space barrier, in fact, breaking the rules of the world is to break the shackles of the rules, the stronger the power, the greater the difficulty of nature. It is like a small world to break the space barrier to the dark prison community is easy, but the reverse back, but the difficulty is several times to enhance the same. Now living in this prison community six heavy, want to break the space barrier, the difficulty is naturally more terror. Mind turn, Wu Chi suddenly thought of supernatural powers. Immediately come to hair straightening brush jml review understand, want to break the space barrier here to leave, the brush straightener sally's key is probably in the supernatural powers. Like Zhou Xu, in fact, its strength is not strong, but once the cast of supernatural powers, the hair straightening brush for ethnic hair strength is almost soaring ten times, according to this to calculate, by virtue of the power of God to break the space barrier may be the only way. Think of this, Wu Chi immediately asked again supernatural is how is it Enlightenment monument contains the rules of the road, also contains a lot of supernatural powers, but these supernatural powers have to be in line with your own road, it is possible to know I spent nearly a thousand years here, finally realized that this France and the world of supernatural powers Zhou Xu black face explained. Slightly pondered a moment, Wu Chi also did not ask. this again. On the supernatural powers, Zhou Xu said very vague, however, Wu Chi is very clear, not Zhou Xu did not want to explain clearly, but he did not explain clearly. Really want to understand, and perhaps the to turn into vitality, even if the breath of death and then hair straightening brush jml review terrible, but also a fundamental threat to Wu Chi nothing. Step hair straightening brush jml review by step step out, the rate is not over, Wu Chi has been entered the temple of life and death Into the moment, all the pressure will then suddenly dissipated. Less than interest rate, but that life and death Avenue, great Raised his head, a man dressed in a black arm standing in front brush straightener in target of Wu Chi, his face showing a bit of praise of the color, Chen Sheng said. Wu Chi seen adults Mind turn, Wu Chi immediately bend the ceremony. Wu Chi You are a criminal slave Eyes fell to Wu Chi who that rich in the light of the crime, the man Chen Sheng asked. For a time Wu Chi also do not know how to answer, had to bend and then worship. Put the waving, the man indifferent said It does not matter, can break through the test of life and death, what you are not important before From now on, you are the guard of life and death hall, and I was your command. Have seen the adults Hands Baoquan, Wu pool once again open the road. Wrist doubled, a set of black majaida suddenly appeared in the hands of the guardian of the life and death hall, This is the dead spirit A, after the change. you are the guard of life and death hall Without any hesitation, Wu Chi even when the black sets will simply put the body. Satisfied nodded his hair straightening brush jml review head, that command is about to speak, but his brow can not hair straightening brush jml review help but suddenly wrinkled, such as the eyes of electricity suddenly toward the temple shot. Lead adults Slightly Yi Zheng, Wu Chi immediately guessed that something happened, tentatively asked. Some people jump into the dead temple, you come with me, be sure to beheaded each other and life and death before the temple Chen Sheng commanded a sentence, guarding the guard immediately walked toward the hall. Hear brush straightener australia this, Wu Chi heart can not help but suddenly a move Followed by the guard to take the hall of the moment, Wu Chi suddenly recognized the battle with the guard is the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan, but it can not help but thrown a monstrous waves. hair straightening brush jml review The three of them are at the same time into the here, but it seems to have entered a different place, there is no news. Wu Chi even thought that the three hair straightener brush dual voltage people.

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