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Hair Straightening Brush John Frieda $txt2 = preg_replace(\'/^\\s+/m\', \'\', $txt2);y urge the force of the force, you will be sent to the prison apalus hair straightening brush india station But now there are Yang Xiuchuan and the threat of night stars, once the failure, waiting, I am afraid it is also the outcome of death. Put aside these do not say, alone on this test, it is also enough to be chilling. To know that the prison community through the pain, and really into the prison community compared to the four, I am afraid it is only the slightest part only And once entered the prison community four, I am afraid it is not simply the spirit into the, but the body really want to suffer this kind straightening hair brush big w of horror torture, once can not afford, will immediately die So terrible test, say a free purgatory, fear hair straightening brush john frieda hair straightener brush jml is not too much. The brain flashed countless ideas, but for today s Wu Chi, it is just a flash read it. He did not have the time to go to consider these hair straightening brush john frieda messy things, and now how to make themselves in this terrible torture to support the past is the most important. With the toes can also understand, absolutely can not be so easy to die, or simply did not hope to hold the test of the prison community. Moment, Wu Chi has been killed three hair straightening brush john frieda times in succession, after each resurrection, and even the pain of the body has not dispersed, it is a new crisis. The kind of almost endless torture, it will really make a desperate mood to breed. Om Mind a move, Jian soul suddenly launched, the sword out of the impact of hair straightening brush john frieda Wu Chi to God to cohesion into a sword, brazenly surrounded by numerous soldiers in the arms of the hard support up. Soon, Wu Chi found that, although only into the spirit of which, but in fact, to their own feelings and real access and not much hair straightening brush john frieda difference, they can use the power, is still exactly the same in the outside world. But the strength of these soldiers attack the ground is undoubtedly the peak of the road, it is no exaggeration to say that this is definitely better than the peak of the road with the strong fighting more difficult. Rao is Wu Chi Kendo unparalleled, under this attack, but also hit the embarrassment. Up hair straightening brush john frieda to a tea, but the time has been dead more than ten times, so Wu Chi clearly feel the power of their own spirit, has almost consumed a small half of the. This is Wu pool condensed the Soul Calib.

Such as the judge pen Pointing to the hands hair straightening brush commercial of the judge pen, Wu Chi calmly continued Or, your body judge red robe Shaking From Wu Chi guess all this start, the hearts of such a thought He wanted the fortune is not life and death may exist in some of the benefits, but not through this time after the test of the rankings, but the identity of this life and death Now he only got a trace of hair straightening brush john frieda judge, it has been able to use the judge pen, to play out such a terrible power, if it can become a real life and death, it is how terrible fortune Although it seems that this is just a test, but whether it is for the life and death of the sentiment, or the judge pen revealed the atmosphere, are no doubt a true proof. If the sentiment is true, then what judge robes, judge pen, and even this life and death of the identity must be false The eyes reveal a touch of Jingmang, life and death judge Chen Sheng said You are simply no. t a criminal slave, you and those who want to break the door of life, you are not the people of this world, these for you has no meaning Speak a secret Life and death judge dominate the free purgatory, to this time, naturally have already guessed the identity of Wu Chi. Do you understand that what is the real world Silence for a moment, Wu Chi asked Of course, in fact, I do not understand Shrugged his shoulders, Wu Chi mouth showing a trace of brilliant smile, I am not sure, get the identity of life and death, after leaving in the end there is no use, or how much use ,that s not important. You know, my name is Wu Chi, so, in fact, how much is so a little bit shameless the total benefit of the first fishing to say, as in the end there is no use, it is after the things that you think Spread the Tanshou, Wu Chi said with a smile This time, life and death judge is really hit by the Wu Chi. Do you have a little bit of shame The hands of the sentence suddenly fell again, life and death judge this incarnation suddenly collapsed, leaving only a bright red officer red robe. Will be sentenced to cover the body of robes, Wu Chi suddenly felt a strong force toward their own body Chung, Jian soul hair straightening brush john frieda slightly Yi Chan, suddenly into the judge gowns, with a strong spirit, abruptly in which left a mark The In.that this is not a small number You take out, will certainly feel bad, but, how can we not straightening brush mind long memory How can remember this lesson Put a waved, Wu Chi look As you think of the way to continue After you want to bully someone else, you will think of today s lesson, naturally will be a lot of convergence, to avoid the greater the danger and trouble, and may even save your life, It is not good Do not say that other people, and even Li Yunpeng see straightening hair brush price this goods now have a face up to severely beat him impulse, how can such a cheap man There is no doubt that this is now the voice of these disciples Can be biased, the most sad is that they found no chance to play over Wu Chi. Even if they all together, I am afraid not discuss cheap. Moreover, this dare big trouble Whether they are forced to hand over Li Yunpeng places, or with Wu Chi to play this bet, do not take care of ah, really want to disturb the few hair straightening brush video brothers, but also how will it miserable it. But can not afford to rely on, escape is no place to escape, this Yaba Kui, would not only recognize their own Moment, even when the disciples will silently all the Lingshi are out of the body. Thirty thousand stars of stone, who can not afford to lose a person, but now there are dozens of people here, everyone together, but also can come up with a lot of. After all, the average down is nothing but a few hundred stars only stone. Wu Chi in the eyes of the insignificant, no one bureaucratic, honestly the body of the stars all handed out. A time of tea, these people will be out of the star stone out. A total of more than 18,000 stars stone, which is already all of these disciples. Sighed a cry, Wu Chi looked hard to look at these stars stone, Gentleman you, so I am so hard to do ah This sentence, suddenly let the disciples have the impulse to curse, and all the net worth have been you out of the search, you are not satisfied with it Wu brothers, we really only so much One of the disciples, weak and weak. said. I just said what to come What is the most important thing Really Yaotouhuangnao looked at these disciples, Wu Chi bitterly said Of course, do the brothers is not for you You now do not, You can slowly later Well, a hundred years, two hundred years o.rtal palace, in fact, get, just a hair straightening brush qvc chance to become a fairy disciples only. Whether it can enter the fairy palace, also need to continue in the fairy gate hair straightening brush john frieda with other giants genius competition. Mention the fairy palace, Wu Chi s heart is can not help but jumped slightly jump. In the dark prison community, he from the upper bounds of heaven and earth heard the name of the fairy palace, but the specific is not clear it. However, listen hair straightening brush john frieda to their words in hair straightener brush oak leaf detangling hair brush the meaning of the ancestors, in fact, this time into the immortal palace qualifications, is the door than the real fight for the key. Slightly think about it, Jianzu see Luo Ying said You want to give this little guy a quota Reason, as long as you can win a quota, it can But Luo Ying was abruptly fight to the two places, this is what he would rather throw Wu Chi in the door of a hundred years, but also to the reasons for the palace. Yes Luo Ying that there is no disguise, on the strength, perhaps Wu Chi is not like some disciples within the door, but to the potential, I thought in the true disciples, can be ranked first Luo Ying said this is extremely confident. This is not his empty mouth, Wu Chi has been with his performance, to prove this point A hundred years into the pinnacle of the stars, before the transcene beheaded the Bai Rong, Wu Chi performance has been excellent enough. It is precisely because of this, he was more emboldened, for Wu Chi fight this opportunity. No Ling day Jianjun cold voice said Luo Youde for the door to fight for a number of places is naturally good, but it can not because of this, on the logical place to his disciples directly This opportunity is all the disciples within the door Of such a private grant, it is bound to be difficul. t to convince the public. Paused, Ling hair straightening brush john frieda Tianjian Jun continued Moreover, you want to enter the fairy palace, at least have the strength of broken stars, only with other talent may compete Wu Chi, even if the qualifications are good, but it has not yet entered Broken star, even if the go, but also a waste of a quota only. Chapter 517 shocked Now the distance from the immortal Palace, there are still a hundred years Wu Chi in a hundred years, into the peak of stars, who would say that within.

Hair Straightening Brush John Frieda r normal circumstances that is even, but in this fog enveloped, but it has become a natural moat. Wind Li Yunpeng into a deadlock, but Chen did not stop the fog, he made the fog, for his natural will not have any effect, so his arrows, can still be accurate to Li Yunpeng key. But between the number of data, Li Yunpeng was forced to have to show their influence again, from the fog out of the back. The weakest is the strongest For Chen fog are, most afraid of being close, but before you really close to the body, but it is his strongest moment. That a fog under the shrouded, he was outrageous arrows, is the most horrible shot strokes. And even even if Ma Shi Jie and Liu Changtong not dare to fall into the fog. However, in hair straightening brush john frieda Li Yunpeng from the fog out of the moment, Liu Changtong fist is already on schedule. puff Has just cast a metaphor supernatural powers, and now Li Yunpeng simply can not come again to shadow, can barely sideways to hand knife parry. Just this r. ush under the parry, and how to block Liu Changtong ready to go fist. Just a punch, Li Yunpeng will be flying out of the bomb, spit out a blood, his face instantly pale up. However, this is still not the end. Li Yunpeng in the air, change to the most difficult time, Ma Shijie s ribbon at the same time wrapped around, as the python wrapped around the general, crazy tight, almost to Li Yunpeng suffocated. Just so short a moment of time, under the three together, they abruptly Li Yunpeng into the desperate. Wind Chen fog all the arrows again after the first, as lightning hit Li Yunpeng throat. This arrow, is the real lore Although the three have a battle between each other, but this is not the first time, and shot a very understanding, abruptly cut off the vitality of Li Yunpeng. It is no exaggeration to say that if this arrow is real, Li Yunpeng is bound to instantly die. However, in the life and death that is, a sudden burst of terror and pressure down. Even if the strength of the three, this hair straightening brush john frieda moment, and even can not control the body, from the bottom of my heart gave birth to a trace of chestnut feeling. Breathe between the void out of a finger, suddenly press Moment, hit Li Yunpeng throat that arrow, suddenly broken broken, wrapped, whether it is the death of the night Star Star trial, or Yang Xiuchuan the impact of the collapse of the mountain, have been enough to compare those sentiment of the eight thousand stone supernatural power. After all, whether it is the night or the Yang Xiuchuan are really from the hair straightener brush gumtree dead mountain blood to kill out, every force can be used up all, such a fighting instinct, not those boring head practice genius can imagine. Go hand in hand Between breathing, Li Yunpeng suddenly thought of two wrapped around. Moment, as if Li Yunpeng figure disappeared again in general, however, that terrorist attacks are silent in the two side burst open, hard to detect. Just a moment of time, the two who will be the same by the light injury. This state of Li Yunpeng, they even stature and breath can not lock, but also how to fight To know that when the original fight with Wu Chou, Wu Chi is epiphany, so that God s predicament into the power of supernatural powers, which only restrained this trick. Do not mention Wu Chi is a mysterious ten thousand monsters evils, just God s prejudgment of sentiment, far from what other people can imagine. Wu Chi can suppress, does not mean that people have this ability. At least, in the face of this terrible attack, Yang Xiuchuan and the night Shenxing simply. did not have any way. Even if they have done their best, can still be the same injury, just a moment, the body of the clothes and even have been blood Qin thoroughly. At this moment, the two people really feel the death of the approximation. So go on, not to mention things to Wu Chi hand, and the two of them had to be killed. The eyes flashed a touch of crazy color, the night Shenxing body suddenly broke out of the breath, the breath of terror suddenly tear the sky Rumbling Suddenly, the terrible thunder of the sound will then rang up. Robbery In this life and death, night Shenxing desperate, abruptly driven the tragedy. As early as the original, the night has been the stars Shen has been soaring strength, has been pressing, but because you want to play the foundation more solid it When he came out from the prison six, it has been able to break the void at any time soaring. Even here is the dark prison community, and ev.

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