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Hair Straightening Brush John Lewis directly drag the demon, we just flee Mangshan, where there will be so much Danger So, you mislead wolf demon, it is simply not inadvertently, but deliberately test Bai Rong slowly asked. Half of the half of it. Wu Chi casually said At that time, although I have doubts, but also can not be sure, not to mention, want to escape from the wolf demon, this is indeed the only way. Dayton paused, Wu Chi continued I did not expect, Yunxie Shimei actually will pull the hair straightening brush john lewis sword for me but for me, take the opportunity to leave, it is not a bad thing If my guess is Is not true, to avoid other people, al. one hiding in this piece of forest, are the most favorable thing. Hearing this, the cloud of the face hair straightening brush for kinky hair has long become pale. She could not think of it, which, there will be so many twists and turns, only she is like a fool, always be kept in the dark. If the white brothers you alone to catch up with me, I was afraid there is no room to fight back. The mouth once again revealed a trace of ridiculous color, Wu Chi continued Unfortunately, white brother you are too demanding, and want By their eyes, to prove your innocence. When the time is hair straightening brush less than 25 almost the same time, as long as you accidentally, oh, no Or, it should be Chenhe Young accidentally, attracted demons, that time, you careless, let me die in the hands of demons everything is perfect, is not it Once again mentioned Chen He, Chen He s face can not help but suddenly changed. You even have participated in Chen He have guessed Bai Rong can not help but some unspeakable shock. You have long before us, it has been to the Mangshan, if not inside, how will know clearly, our position attracted demon Wu Chi indifferent replied Of course, again before, I do not know your Who hair straightener brush revlon should be just, Chen Shidi, you show too positive Seems to be completely worried about their own safety, but repeatedly ease the atmosphere So anxious paralyzed me, while the white brothers out of also need to guess it Chapter 483 to discuss a fair In the slightest From the beginning of the encounter Bairong, to now, all the moves, all clearly broken out, and almost all, the terrible mind, even if it can not help but admire some of Bai Rong. Look, it touches me look down on you. Sigh a cry, Bai with the skin of the pro, which is no doubt Just think of this, Zhang Fengyang hate some crazy Yang Yan can not say that he naturally did not break the law, hair straightening brush hqt-906 but the hatred of the hatred in the bottom of my heart, looked at the other one, Zhang Fengyang this closely followed up Lying in bed, Wu Chi can not help but some daze. Memories of these three days to things, the mouth did not feel a smile of the color of a smile. Now it seems that he really is a bastard ah, so good end did not even control, provoke a woman, it seems shameless hat is really pick off the hat. Shook his head, these messy thoughts what is a hair straightening brush expelled from the mind, Wu Chi this once again mind to come back. Absurd these three days, and now Wu Chi has no time to toss the mind, the mind will be re put on the practice. No matter what time, their own strength, is all the guarantee. Moreover, hair straightening brush john lewis the days known as the entrance of the so called entrance examination how hard, even to the present, Wu Chi is also not hair straightener brush watsons 100 grasp. Chapter 536 Three enemies Since the practice, it is necessary to pick the best place. Anyway, Wu Chi is now very rich, do not save the flowers, simply rent a best quiet room, began to retreat. Just this one of the static room spending, every month is a full lance stone. Of course, in such an expensive behind, but also the same value for money, the speed of refining the room between the stars of the speed, more than ten times faster than the outside, and as long as you have enough Lingshi, do not have to worry about Anybody bothers you. Sin Temple elders personally sits, is a big hatred, no one dare to break through the static room. From the development of Xinghai, Wu Chi in fact, how not seriously practice, and now in the quiet room began to retreat, Wu Chi was finally stunned to find out, out of the three thousand of the Xinghai, not just can be loaded only, the larger Trouble is still behind. Xinghai than ordinary people a few times, it means that Wu Chi want to enhance the repair, the required star power, is also several times the number of others. Even now it is the best quiet room, and can be around the star power, i. s still not enough Wu Chi consumption, under the last resort, he even had to take out the star stone t.

arts are not demons, the demons are slowly breed. If you have the magic, in the heart of the magic bridge on the moment, it will be triggered, naturally do not have to mention. Wu Chi can be in fact this is not what the demons of the people, want to let him suffer distress, it must guide him a little bit of praise. Whether it was before those who have died in the hands of Wu Chi, or now the emergence of Liu Yu, in fact, are to guide him to breed demons only. Some things, this is not what you think you are right, you can not be affected in the slightest. Magic from the heart The heart is itself the most complicated thing. Wu Chi Ming Ming Liu Yu is known to be false, knowing hair straightening brush john lewis that their choice is not wrong, but when Liu Yu down in his sword when the heart is still involuntary will be affected. This is the breeding of demons, even if your mind and then firm, will be strong, and ultimately can not completely avoid the breeding of demons. Because, heart magic is born from the heart Liu Yu behind, there has been a familiar face, there are brothers and siege of the iron hair straightening brush john lewis sword door, who also teach their own kindergarten from the teacher s own respect There is grace in the Kunlun Wei Changtian, there are live in Changchun, there are Mo Yan, there are all their familiar people In this heart magic bridge, these people have become a hindrance to the front line. Even if the heart is like a stone, when the hands of the sword constantly cut off the time, but also will make people feel free to control the slightest meaning of pain. True and hair straightening brush john lewis false, and the heart seems to always have only one line separated When Zhou Bo Yan finally appeared in the heart of the bridge, Wu Chi sword hand, and finally appeared again a trace of trembling. Wu Chi, for you, the practice is really higher than all, even even me, blocking in front of you, you will still do not hesitate to swing the sword cut it Looked at Wu Chi, Zhou Bo Yan softly open Road. Dressed in white, as originally in the sword when the beginning of the same time, even the. eyes and demeanor are so real. Heart hair straightening brush bestope slightly Yi Chan, Wu Chi eyes reveal a trace of complex color, softly said My mind never changed, we have agreed, died together, You ask me, is not even th.handed a small baggage to the hatred of the youngest, but it is not even say a word, turned away. Surprised to open the burden, just look at the glance of the old three can not help but change his face. The burden of things is very simple, just a scarf, and a letter. However, to see the moment of scarves, hatred of the old three red eyes. Fierce open the letter, see the above content, Choujun three suddenly clenched his fist, fingers almost all of his knuckles white. How are you Moment, Wu hair straightener brush melbourne Chi noted that the odds of the old three strange, puzzled and asked. Carrying the body, the hatred of the youngest did not turn around, but even across the way, Wu Chi can feel, at the moment the atmosphere of the old three very unstable, apparently out of what a big thing. Just now guess, Wu Chi is how it can not guess what happened. Qiu old three do not hair straightening brush john lewis answer, the atmosphere will seem a bit boring up, and several other familiar with the old man, are also concerned about the opening of the inquiry, but still did not get a response. About a little while after half an hour, there are disciples once again went to the old side of the small. hole outside the house. Chou old three, you punished the time is over, this can go. Between the words, that disciples will open the old three in the hair straightening brush pink small house of the ban. Palms slightly Yi Chan, revenge old suddenly turned around, his eyes flushed, in the original set a set, this big step out of the small hole House. What do you do See the old brother went to his small hole before the government, Wu Chi asked again. Wu Yidi, sorry Suddenly, Wu Chi heard the old three with a very low voice said. And even have not so Wu pool reaction, what happened, only to leave the small hole House of the old three suddenly burst into a sudden attack on the side of the guarding jail prison disciples, raising his hand between, then Grabbed the token, slightly flash, and instantly opened the Wu Chi where the small hole of the ban. This series of changes is really too fast, Wu Chi some stunned, do not know exactly what happened in the end. However, in the next moment, Choujun youngest is a punch fiercely toward the Wu Chi smashed over. What do you do Stature slightly flash, Wu Chi to avoid t.smantled Kendo, these seem useless steps, at this moment really show the power of terror to. Can be disassembled, naturally will be able to get rid of, or even forbidden In front of the sword, the rules of heaven and earth seems to have sadly faded, that the perfect Kendo, already out of heaven and earth within the scope of the rules, such as Kendo, above the rules of heaven and earth, so, do not need heaven and earth rules to recognize, The test of the robbery This sword, shot the moment, the magic of Dayton into Sword broken method As early as before, Wu Chi had thought, with the hands of the sword, broken through all the way law sword Chengying sword Italy, itself is looking for each other fluttering Kendo. And now, with Wu Chi s sermon, and finally make it all become a reality. Under the sword domain, forbid. ding all rules of heaven and earth, in front of Wu Chi, those who do not exceed the rules of heaven and earth, and even the eligibility of the shot are not Only those who, such as Yan Beichen general, realize the transcendence of the rules of the road people, only qualified with Wu Chi a war Heaven and earth roar At the foot of the stone suddenly stands, the stone inscribed on the name of Wu Chi, and this type of supernatural powers Supernatural powers, sword broken method In this prison six of the six, Wu Chi once again break the legend, leaving the same with the Yanbei Chen, unique to his enlightenment monument Click Even do not need Wu Chi shot, the sky, suddenly appeared a channel Do not you go Glanced at Li Fernan and Zhou Xu one, Wu Chi indifferent opening. Before the proclaimed his vows, Wu Chi at the moment is to take the two together to leave, do not go by not them. Tread in the void, Wu Chi, although only a random sentence, but the hearts of two people suddenly a cold Dare not have the slightest hesitation, Li Fannan and Zhou Xu both at the same time think of the prison community six flying outside. At the foot of a slight step, Wu Chi the same pace out, the moment there will be outside the prison community. Until Wu Chi disappeared, Yang Xiuchuan and the night Shenxing two people just smile out. They can by virtue of their supernatural powers to break the space barrier to le.

Hair Straightening Brush John Lewis lready in front of Wu Chi. Quietly hair straightening brush john lewis watched Wu Chi for a while, Liu Changtong then laughed Haha, a hundred years gone, Wu brothers, you do this on the demolition of my desk really good If it is other people, Liu Changtong naturally do not believe what explanation, about three of the reputation, there is no room for maneuver. Can face Wu hair straightening brush john lewis Chi, whe. re he can also come from the shelf Do not say that the original in the dark prison community, Wu Chi was saved their lives, just the original three of them together, are Wu Chi eat this to death, even if Wu Chi really mocking a few words, he can issue What is the fire A hundred years, and now once again to see Liu Changtong, Wu Chi heart naturally also happy, but now is not the old time. If not their own and Liu Changtong acquaintance, now fear is already falling into the dead How can this account have to be clear before it is clear. Glanced Liu Changtong one, Wu Chi slowly said Wu Xiong, you are afraid to listen to what I mean I am under the hair straightening brush john lewis star gambling you lose a good, just just ridicule three people, not me Heard this, Liu Changtong s face has finally changed. He is not a fool after all, on the contrary in the rough appearance, but also hidden a very delicate mind. So three between the two, and finally really reflected over. If this is not Wu Chi deliberately ridicule his words, it means that someone wants to borrow his hand to kill Wu Chi Imagine, if the other is not Wu pool, and now he is already afraid of the already hands and the other side of life and death. For a moment, Wu Chi s eyes immediately fell to the body of Zhou Yiqun. One step, Wu Chi suddenly embarked on a challenge Taiwan, Zhou Shixiong, I just ask, what is your request in advance of the shot Whether it is in the crowd before the boo provoke, or deceive their own betting people, and now can not find it. Now this matter, the only clue is to find Zhou Yiqun, ask him to advance the people. Just find this person, all the problems can naturally be solved. What early shot, I do not understand what you are saying, your things, do not pull to my body. Look some indifferent, Zhou Yicun calmly said. This matter, he received a star stone, according hair straightening brush john lewis to reason, in fact, the same is not the rul.hi, other people have already looked to stay. In their thought that Wu Chi dead hair straightening brush john lewis time, Wu Chi had already stagnated the Senate, but once again open, and is such a terrible breakthrough in the speed 9,993 But also a stone was awakened, a few people not only burst of scalp hair straightener brush best brand tingling, and even breathing are hastily up, that feeling, eve. hair straightening brush john lewis n as if they are more nervous than Wu Chi. Every ten times the time, is a stone breakthrough, Wu Chi body of the atmosphere, it is followed by crazy ascension, before the kind of dying state, seems to have been completely away from him. If not that weak spirit, to remind him at any time may die, and now absolutely no doubt that Wu Chi can break through. Before the dismantling of the road by Wu Chi, all re integration into the Kendo, unconsciously, the sword domain with the open, alone, the natural sense of the kind of oppression of the Sword, and even let a few people feel a burst of fatal danger. Wu Chi location around 100 meters, seems to have become an absolute forbidden land, is to Li Fannan and Zhou Xu s strength, dare to step into this area, fear is also a dead end. 9909 Gorgeous Qinglian suddenly in the Wu Chi body bloom, reflecting the world, that touch of blue seems to tear this dark world are generally. Om Suddenly, the shadow sword suddenly fell into the hands of Wu Chi, the spirit of the soul has been exhausted, this moment, Wu Chi in fact, has stepped on the edge of death. boom Wu Chi is about to wander in the moment, the body of the sword slowly shuddered, the fear of the sword suddenly abruptly Wu Chi will be dissipated consciousness pulled back. Jianchen Tiancheng Kenshin immortal, sword gallbladder is not broken. Million enlightenment monument The power of the sword suddenly burst open, abruptly for the Wu Chi more than a little time This time of interest, but it is the key to determine the life and death Suddenly, the whole prison community six heavy stone at the same time vibration, revealed a million Guanghua, Wu Chi thoroughly enveloped them. Avenue breath When Wu Chi Shen hair straightening brush john lewis realized the first ten thousand enlightenment monument, do not need any deliberate action, the road atmosphere has come along. Perfect Kendo Road And even do not need Wu Chi s.

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