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Hair Straightening Brush Led Ying. Luo Shidi, as early as before the entry, I was the day of the people under the Jun, how to say Slightly shook his head, Xiushui Jianjun calmly replied Xiushui brothers, even if you intervene, we may not lose Here is the Sword, even if you subordinate disciples, may not be with your rebellion. Cold Star Jianjun suddenly said. This also makes Luo Ying and Ling Tianjian spirit slightly lifted. Xiushui Jianjun is only one person after all, on the influence of the case, how can not compete with the sword ancestors, even under the door of these disciples, I am afraid it will never follow the Xiushui Jianjun rebellious. Here is Wanjianzong, Jianzu single handedly founded the million swords were. Contemptuous smile, Xiushui Jianjun slightly shook his head The three brothers may still do not understand Tianjun, since Tianjun return, and how can I only go with him As if to prove Xiushui Jianjun words, a moment, killing monstrous, almost all the swords were shocked up. Albatron are welcome to return from heaven Feng Feng were welcome to return from heaven Royal gatekeeper welcome Tianjun return For a time, three voices suddenly from the swords outside the sound, shock heaven and earth. Suddenly, everyone can not help but lose voice. These three are also the sky stars on the strong door, the past may not dare to enemies with the swords, but in this case, but no doubt to give the most deadly blows of the swords. Xi Jun should be left in the sky on the foreshadowing of the wings and so far only Wan Jianzong this place, Albatron were sovereign He Yi, also Xi Jun should be the people, these years have bee. n secretly in series with the other two factions, only today break out. Internal and external Can be said to be between this moment, crushed all the guards of the sword, abruptly pushed into the bottomless abyss. Until this moment, Ling Tian Jianjun and cold Star Jianjun this finally pale. Xiushui brothers, after all, thousands of years in the million swords, do you really have the heart to see the million swords were destroyed, subglottic disciples were slaughtered Cold Star Jianjun eyes reveal a touch of blood red, shouted loudly. Cold Young, the door of the disciples of life and death, in you, hair straightening brush led not.e look for a moment, the two tacit understanding to give up the intention to kill law enforcement, to defense. Prison community triple law enforcement even if it is difficult, but also one of the biggest flaws, that is, he must not leave the prison community triple. As long as the delay to the end of the prison station test, from the hands of other people get the soul stone, they can directly break into th. e prison community, and when the law enforcement officers have great ability, and then they do not have any way. Before the two want to kill the law enforcement, this is difficult to play difficult, but once turned into defense, then suddenly embarrassed turn the law enforcement. Although the order chain is strong, but actually more is used for the enemy, rather than kill. For a time, he also took two people without any way Tenrai fire, sword ax In the prison community, Wu Chi even can not remember how many times their dead, all kinds of dead law, all kinds of pain almost all tasted a times With the perception of life and death on the road, Wu Chi gave up after the resistance, but can support the longer, but also so bear more pain Even by virtue of the will of the terror will force to support down, but it can feel, the power of the spirit has been exhausted. Wu Chi s strength is still worse after some, if the same can also be the pinnacle of the power of the road, Wu pool is easy to hold the prison bench test, but now it seems a bit stretched. hair straightening brush led Secretly calculated the strength of their own spirit, can also support their own dead about three times. This makes some of the hearts of Wu Chi spectrum, after all, he did not know, this is the so called test how long will last. Rumbling Suddenly, Wu Chi suddenly felt the pressure around the increase as much as the air is more of some white flame. And even not so Wu pool reaction, that white flame has been stained Wu Chi s body. pain Moment, even if it is Wu Chi that terrible willpower, and almost no pain halo past, that white flame, is no longer for the body, but directly for the soul of the burning. It is no exaggeration to say that this spirit is burning pain, more than the pain of the body more than ten times terrible Wu Chi whole body of the body.

t is to let the ghost completely do not know what is good. Watching Wu pool that do not care about the look, simply let him doubt that these penalties are not lost effect. Hesitated a moment, that ghosts put a waved, indicating that the devil put him down. Little brother, how to call it Wu Chi Hold the Baoquan, Wu Chi Xinkou said Ghost big brother called me small hair straightening brush led Wu like. Wu Chi shameless, you are really shameless That ghost difference rolled his eyes and said I look out, you really is a man However, the rules of free purgatory, the body of the crime of light does not eliminate , Can not leave So, I have an idea, with another way to let you eliminate the crime, do you want to try Thought, that ghost look at Wu Chi Chen Sheng asked. That good mood Ghosts big brother, you have any way, may wish to say that the little brother must listen to you Patted the chest, Wu Chi promised to promise Road. On the surface of a hair straightening brush apalus muddy do not care about the way, but in fact, ghosts do not know, Wu Chi its center has long been anxious to die. No he, in a second death at the same time, Wu Chi dismay found that death here, but also to the loss of the power of God, so half a day, he has died nearly a hundred times Almost soon will be a set of soul stone strength completely exhausted, this barely support over. If this ghost is not any reaction, to continue to torture his words, in this set of soul stone force exhausted, Wu Chi probably could not help but shot against the. Chapter 381 before and after the death of the temple What is it Wu Chi stunned to hair straightening brush led look at the ghosts, puzzled and asked. I can refer you to the guarding the temple of life and death, if you can pass the test, become the guard of the temple of life and death, he said. , The body of the crime will naturally slowly resolve. Test Hear the two words, Wu pool finally had a trace of speculation, perhaps this life and death is the key through the test. hair straightener brush uae It is natural Nodded, ghosts said want to become the guard of life and death hall, it is necessary to pass the test before the house, otherwise, why do you think people can guard the temple of life and death How a test method Wu Chi asked again again curious. Shook his head, that gh. osts said Then I do not kn.from the mind. Leave my life, for you, definitely more valuable than to kill me. Seems to hair straightening brush led see through the mind of Wu Chi, Yang Xiuchuan whispered From the moment we meet to the present, although there have hair straightening brush led been conflicts, but in fact , The loss of people, has been my Sprinkle a smile, Yang Xiuchuan continued So, between us, in fact, there is no way to die, is not it Watching Yang Xiuchuan, Wu Chi still did not speak. I am not just a person, behind the whole Yang. Yang Xiuchuan slowly said I remember the first time I saw you, once said, I am not Yang Xiuchuan, but Yang, show Yang Xiuchuan and Yang, Xiuchuan, there is a difference Have And it is a very big difference, one means that the individual, one that means a big family. Are you threatening me Eyes murder more Sheng, Wu Chi suddenly open Road. Why must it be a threat Yang Xiuchuan shook his head a huge family, can bring the benefits and benefits, is also huge I said, what conditions, you casually open. Not Yang Xiuchuan do not want to threaten, but this moment he is really from the eyes of Wu Chi saw the cold murderous. Yang Xiuchuan see people are accurate, these words, more clearly, the threat may play a counter truth. Dead, is not qualified to threaten others Have to say, Yang Xiuchuan s judgment is extremely accurate If not he will Su Wan their threat to Wu Chi s words swallow, I am afraid he is now dead. Quiet For a moment, as if everything was quiet down. Silence for a moment, Wu Chi suddenly laughed again, very bright. Oh, do not be so serious Hideaki Master, in fact, we have been good friends Well, I just opened a joke only, do not be so serious. This slut is definitely faster than turning the book faster, just like a threat to people with him is not the same as a person. That, Hideaki Masters, you know, I actually have a lot of friends in the previous few prison community Wu. brother s friend, is my friend Yang, Yang s friends, no one would bully. Yang Xiuchuan neat replied. So many times to deal with down, he naturally has to understand Wu Chi Zhesi is what the goods, where the Wu will really be the so called friend of the matter seriously. Put it bluntly, and now he is in the interests of their own life back. You said, I left, b.l has a strong force. Able to resolve and Yang s grudge, Wu Chi days will be better than a lot of days. If you can survive, perhaps with Yang will become friends. Convergence of the mind, Yang Ye Chen Sheng said. Although hair straightening brush led disdain for Wu Chi this shameless act, but Yang Ye has to admit, Wu Chi is indeed a great talent If you can make good use of words, for Yang, it may not be a bad thing. As for the hatred of Yang robbery for Yang family this big family, as long as there is enough interest, no hatred is absolutely impossible to resolve. Yes, we will be friends. Smile, Wu Chi immediately turned, toward the empty monk flew. Amitabha See Wu pool over, empty monk eyes reveal a trace of complex color, Wu Ju Shi good means, can not think, this time actually let you account for the cheap. Master is absent. Casually said one, Wu Chi is not shameless again stretched out his hand. Sprinkle a smil. e, empty monk shook his head Wu Ju Shi, do not bother straightening hair brush ceramic Pinseng and Yang Ju Shi about the hair straightening brush led first, this set of soul stone, the same do not have to send. Pupil slightly shrink, Wu Chi smiled, the brush straightener hairhouse warehouse original so However, so to say, I am also a friend with friends, it is better to ask the master to help me to solve the good fruit Eyes reveal a trace of ridicule of the color, the empty monk indifferent said lay with the poor monk destined, why should anxious moment Maybe later, we have goodbye Hands together, almost in the voice of the same time, the empty monk who suddenly revealed a golden light, the whole person suddenly turned into a streamer, suddenly toward the prison community to break into the four When he agreed with Yang Xiuchuan, is made his own oath, and he helped Yang Xiuchuan acting cleaning alien, Yang Xiuchuan promised not to take his soul stone And as a price, but he must be in the prison after the end of the platform with Yang Xiuchuan together into the prison community four. Although only one set of soul stone, but the empty monk deep, it is still somewhat confident to break through the prison community of four Buddha said, I am not into hell who into hell, this free purgatory for the empty monk, the other hair straightening brush led is more advantageous than others. Saw the empty monk broke into the prison community among the four.

Hair Straightening Brush Led he original messy perception, as if in a moment will be out of the context, the ten days of time, for Wu Chi, very precious, as if hair straightening brush led the original in a mess, and now suddenly jumped out, stood Another height, overlooking everything. If that, before this nearly a hundred years time, are in the adaptation, in the perception, then the ten days of time, for Wu Chi, is a heritage Kentucky Trail Wu Chi can touch the kind of vast, sentiment of which is difficult to understand the mysterious, this is not just to get a supernatural transmission so simple, but for their own kendo a sublimation. A kind of exploration of the nature of Kendo. This seems to be caused by the hatred of the old three, but in fact, but it is so many years, the accumulation of numerous outbreaks. If there is no perfect basis for Kendo, Wu Chi simply can not feel one of the changes. If you do not have a hundred years of constant understanding of Jian Qi, it is impossible to be aware of the key to the key. Of course, if there is no condensate star Dan s help, there is no courage to enter the day jail prison, also will not get such a chance The so called opportunity, itself is hair straightening brush led countless coincidence and their own talent piled together with the results. boom The brain seems to have something to explode the general, breathing, Wu Chi suddenly opened his eyes. Sword intended to force, that moment burst out of the sword intended, and even the whole day jail prison are trembling. Suddenly, the old three to see the changes in the Wu Chi, Wu Chi who revealed through the body, and even let him have a feeling can not look directly for a time, so that his breath can not help but hastily up. Although today s Wu Chi, still just the pinnacle of stars, but let him from the bottom of my heart gave birt. h to a trace of fear, intuition told him, if now with Wu Chou fight, I m afraid to lose hair straightening brush led people, will be their own. Breath gradually gradually, gradually attributed to calm, and even let the old three students out of a seemingly fantasy illusion. Consciousness completely restored, hair straightener brushes Wu Chi heart is still a long time can not be calm. Even now has access to the Kento inheritance, but also let him have a kind of unreal feeling. He even had a feeling, even if.ore than ten years time even if there is no Wu pool, we may not be weaker than what people. Shook his head, Yuan Purple softly said Grandpa and mysterious master has long been into the prison community triple, now Perhaps alone to occupy a Dongfu there are. difficulties, if the joint, may not be afraid of what people. Purple magic master, mysterious master, happy Lord, the three entered the dark prison before the community, it is already strong road, hair straightening brush led and the accumulation of the same hair straightener brush ghd deep, so many years in the past, in fact, has reached the peak of the road , Only a chance, you can prove. This is a hole in the village of Wu Qian left to Su Wan, they are in this practice is a matter of course, Zili magic they are inconvenient to hair straightening brush sri lanka come over. Can really be in danger when the time, but no doubt will become the most powerful helper. I am afraid that more than that eyes brush straightener tips reveal a touch of Jingmang, happy gods Shen Sheng said Slowly toward Su Wan where they Dong Fu, Lin Qiuyu eyes full of murderous. Not long ago, his brother brought people to compete for Dong Fu, but was unexpectedly killed by Su Wan a clean, until he got the news, it was too late. What he can do now is just revenge. If the weekdays, he is naturally afraid to find Su Wan their trouble, but now Wu Chi s death has spread, and Chiang has shown that the attitude and Su Wan they cut off contact, although Yang did not shot, but in fact But also a pair of look on the sidelines. In this way, his heart will have emboldened. In fact, at the moment coveted this one is more than his house, you can expect this time, there will be a lot of people will be shot. best hair straightener straightening brush Wu Chi dead, robbed of this Dongfu is the trend, he is nothing but homeopathy and fills, natural confidence. He himself has occupied a Dong Fu, naturally can not occupy the second, but the hatred had to report. Moreover, the rumors of Wu Chi, but the original search for a lot of wealth, and now fear is also the hands of these women Moreover, Wu Chi these women, all outstanding posture, who will be heart, with his strength, a cup of soup that is nothing. But only hair straightening brush ireland a few women only, lost Wu Chi s asylum, coercion under, not obediently obedient Came before the Dong Fu, the outside has gathered a lot.

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