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Hair Straightening Brush Luma ridge is what kind of existence, can really come hair straightening brush seen on tv out, Yang Xiuchuan this vaguely understand Heart magic bridge is simply due to heart and heart, heart heart magic bridge, then it is to go on the millennium years, also can not get away the magic bridge. Only when the broken heart of the bridge exists, completely broken demons, in order to leave the prison area five. Night Shenxing to violence to cut the heart of the bridge and out, and his ten years of insistence, this finally perseverance break out of the heart bridge, this way nothing right or wrong Wu Choi for the choice, whether it is night or he is still difficult to determine whether it is wrong. Choose a different way, breaking the prison world five test time will be different. Even now the world that Wu Chi has been falling, but he and the night Shen Xing are still questioned attitude. If Wu Chi really hair straightening brush luma come back from the prison community, then there will never be any gap between them, and even can be said that he is sure to lose the grasp of victory, this case, how he would like to Wu Die Moreover, that is back ten thousand steps. Wu Chi really die in the prison community among the five. Night Shenxing attitude, also let him not afraid of these people under the Su Wan killers. When the three were parted ways, the night Shenxing promised, will protect the Wu Chi s friends, if he dared to Yang s hands, I m afraid the night Shenxing really may fall. For Yang Xiuchuan, Wu Chi s life and death is the key thing, as that Su Wan and Wu Chi other women and friends are dead and alive, and why he was in the heart of the Of course, since Wu Chi is now life and death, then the Chiang family will lose hair straightening brush luma the biggest by virtue, took the opportunity to suppress Chiang, is a matter of course. However, in the determination of Wu Chi really dead before, he did not want to immediately tear with Jiang Jia face to prevent Wu pool suddenly return, provoke trouble. Pondered for a moment, Yang Xiuchuan brow can not help but a slight pick, floating a trace of cold, indifferent to himself want to make hair straightening brush luma people die, we must first crazy Chiang Zheng Yang, I will not rush out of Chiang Kai shek, but Can you really stay Wu Chi s death I have been released I am curious, you.Chi naturally no interest in other things. Just Wu Chi more and more curious, this woman really want to do, even at the signing of such a contract should be close to straightening hair brush shaver shop their own. However, the time is still long, and now naturally do not have to worry, since the other is directed at their own, they will always take the initiative to show his feet, how can not turn their own anxious. Chapter 532 Charm From the field of martial arts out, Wu Chi proudly with Fenger, first find a best restaurant, to an elegant room to sit down. A lot of starfish sprinkled down, luxury wine intermittent will end up. Is the son of the palace to participate in the assessment of what In the Wu pool next to sit down, Fuji gracious to Wu Chi down on the wine, eye wave flow, softly asked. Well, the son of the immortal core o. f the identity of the disciples, is bound to have. A look of arrogance took the glass, Wu Chi, a core disciple, but I said in the posture of the bag. That Fenger to have to congratulate the son in advance. His face full of smile, Fenger immediately put a glass of wine to worship Road. Will be a glass of wine drained, Wu Chi turned to Fenger said Do not say me, talk about you, how to know how to end to the gambling platform to bet on their own His face showing a trace of sadness of the color, Fenger bitterly said No, how can it Fenger is a weak woman, but no son of this talent and identity, if not so, I m afraid even the fairy Do not stay up. Paused, Fenger continued Now Fenger has been the son of the people, but also hope son son pity. My man Pielepiezui, Wu Chi said That contract is written only three days, what is my man Eyes reveal a trace of sad color, Fenger whispered If the son is willing to pity Fenger, a paper contract what, Fenger willing to serve the son of life. For such flattery, Wu Chi is very proud of the color fans looked at Fenger, then patted his legs, I love to listen to, come, Fenger, do son to the arms do not Son, someone will come brush straightener uk in will go back, no matter how the son would like to do, okay Fenger refused to lead the way. Who will come in. Eyes stare, Wu Chi pretending to be hair straightening brush luma dissatisfied, hurry, sit over, just did not say, listen to what I told you His face slightly stiff, hear th.

wipe the machine, Yang Xiuchuan sneered Your. great tone, like in front of me called the Lord, I am afraid you have to ask Yang in the hands of the gun. Stature flash, Yang Xiuchuan gun suddenly stabbed, but it is the first shot. Zhou Xu is obviously ill, this kind of people have nothing to say, only the first hit a game, after the outcome of each other to do care. Moreover, hair straightener brush nz there are now Wu Chi in the next, Yang Xiuchuan heart naturally more emboldened. Gun out like a dragon Suddenly, such as mountain like pressure suddenly gush, brazenly toward Zhou Xu rolling away. Before Zhou Xu still exist a bit contemptuous meaning, but Yang Xiuchuan shot moment, but also let him feel a trace of the threat, and those who are not the same as the peak of the robbery, Yang Xiuchuan is really not the genius, if not to further improve Own avenue, at any time can be soaring up. Such a person, even if it is still not underestimated Zhou Xu. Mind flashing between, Zhou Xu finally dare too much care, backhand out of the Bingbing. Dark mace hair straightening brush heated looks more than Zhou Xu s people even higher, at first glance looks very harmonious, but when that a mace when the start, Zhou Xu whole people s momentum can not help but suddenly change. Terror of the fierce gas from the body gushing, Zhou Xu whole person is like from the hell to break out of the evil spirits in general. hair straightening brush luma boom The head of a stick, mahjong front to meet the Yangshou Chuan s guns, under the impact of terror, abruptly Yang Xiuchuan shot in the hands of the gun smashed back, and even forced Yang Xiuchuan suddenly quit a few steps, this to resolve the great momentum. Eyes reveal a touch of Jingmang, Yang Xiuchuan heart of the war was Zhou Xu completely excited out. From the prison community triple start, Yang Xiuchuan is almost invincible, even the night star is only a tie with him only, never suffer. Now only a blow, he even slightly eat some small loss, really let him some accidents. This week the strength of Zhou Xu, I am afraid that Yang Xiuchuan life is rare. Wrist slightly overturned, shook a gun, Yang Xiuchuan retreat, once again to Zhou Xu killed in the past. Moment between the two were entangled to death together, playing hard to understand. Zhou Xu, althoug.the enlightenment speed, once again soared Only a few months time, the number of reference to the stone, then shocked to break the nine thousand. Crazy reference to the Wu, Wu Qi who is constantly changing the atmosphere, and even no exaggeration to say that at the moment, even if Li Fannan and Zhou Xu, and even dare not close to Wu Chi. So horrible means of reference to the speed, suddenly let Zhou Xu and Li Fernan thoroughly look silly. Nine thousand one thousand one thousand nine nine five nine nine This crazy enlightenment, and finally reached nine thousand eight hundred, once again slow down. To this point, the enlightened, Wu Chi has been realized, the real gap is that they can really repair their own meaning, completely break all the shackles, achievements beyond the constraints of heaven and earth rules of supernatural powers. Want to. break the limit of ten thousand stone, the rest of these, need, in fact, is self realization. And this is the real test of the qualifications and understanding of the time. Such as Yan Beichen that genius, who can not teach out of the same way, the same reason, you are unreserved to teach other people, they also can not become Yan North Chen. Dismantling Wu Chi now have to do is to own the original has been like Kendo Road, once again dismantling out to restore the most pure Kendo. Such a dismantling, even more difficult than comprehend. Time slowly passed, blink of an eye, it has reached three hundred years. This few decades, Yang Xiuchuan and night stars have been aware of their own supernatural powers, ready to leave. Can look at the moment of Wu Chi, let alone they are, even if it has been trapped here for nearly ten thousand years of Zhou Xu and Li Fernan also reluctant to leave. Everyone is waiting for a result, want to see Wu Chi is not really able to break the limit, creating another legend. Nine thousand nine hundred and thirteen Crazy enlightenment, Wu Chi has been standing in place, hair straightening brush luma for a long time did not move about, and see the number of stone, but also hair straightener brush egypt to achieve such a distance from the ten thousand in close proximity figures. Most of the avenue has been his dismantling out, and now the poor, just left the soul of Kendo and life and death.top 100 war Qualifications, even if the ratio of a time, do not win, but also get thousands of Lingshi, you say what good Mention Lingshi, Wu Chi heart but can not help but a slight move. Before he subconsciously put the door of the test as a trifling matter, and now listen to each other so that only to react, there is a test, naturally there hair straightening brush luma will be reward. For the big gongsong this big door, once able to get a good ranking, not only can fame, but also get a lot of incentives, this way, the disciples will naturally rush. Only Wu Chi was Luo Ying income subglottic, an entry to enjoy the true disciples of the treatment, really not how the lack of resources, this did not react too much. In contrast, Li Yunpeng may not be so good treatment, and want to enhance the strength of competition for resources will be reasonable in the. Think of this, Wu Chi can apalus brush hair straightener target not help hair straightening brush luma but patted his head, this hundred years of prisoners of penance, really is their own silly it Want to clear these, Wu Chi naturally more curious, and put a waved, I understand, the Young, trouble you take me to see Lee Young, I am his friend, always see if you can help When it comes to this place, the disciples naturally do not continue to stop Wu Chi, shook his head, led Wu Chi Li Yunpeng to live where the walk. Xiushui Feng itself is Xiushui Jianjun s dojo, in addition to some really disciples, the other people can not have any good home, Li Yunpeng is also with Xiushui Jianjun disciples identity, only to get an independent small courtyard. Now this small courtyard is already filled with people. Yunpeng Young, you are Xiushui Jianjun s disciples do not leave, but you are now only after the stars in the middle of the strength to this strength on behalf of our show water peak to participate in large ratio, is simply lost we show water peak people ah Led by a hooked nose middle aged, mouth sound for Xiushui Feng reputation for the gesture, but revealed between the brow, but full of contempt. According to me, you still let this qualification hair straightening brush luma to the brothers I, you worry, the brothers do not want your quota Three hundred top grade Lingshi, as long as you nod, immediately give you With your qualifications, and then Over a thousand years. , to.

Hair Straightening Brush Luma re. Whether it is Yang Xiuchuan or night stars, at the moment are the hair straightening brush luma so called future of the beautiful scenery can not afford the slightest interest to. Just to this point, they do not believe how can it Turned to Wu Chi, Han Shan Ren Chen Sheng said Wu Chi, you have to advance into the dark prison community is not no, but I want you to promise me, within three months, absolutely can not enter the prison community seven heavy. See Yang Xiuchuan time, in fact, Hanshan Shangren had already thought of the way. Wu Chi slightly Yi Zheng, then also guess the meaning of the Hanshan Shangren, then look turned to Yang Xiuchuan and night stars. Master wants us to do anything, may wish to quote. Forced to calm down, Yang Xiuchuan once again asked. Very simple, three months later, I want you to enter the dark prison again, the things to Wu Chi s hands. Wu Chi s hair straightening brush luma posture, apparently no longer make concessions, and now want to unl. ock the impasse, Yang Xiuchuan is the best candidate. Weigh again and again, Hanshan Master finally made this decision. As Yang Xiuchuan will not accept, it seems that he is not within the scope of his consideration. Not every piece has the power to say no, at least in the eyes of Han Shan, today s Yang Xiuchuan did not say no qualifications. Chapter 436 respect for the great mood And Han Shan Master agreed, Wu Chi no longer hesitate, go back to the dark prison community. As Yang Xiuchuan said, now the whole dark prison community has been a mess. For these ordinary people, they simply do not know what happened, and even most of the even into the seven prison guards are not qualified, can be completely closed the prison community, and the dark prison community closed so that they feel To the deep uneasiness. In this case, the emergence of Wu Chi is undoubtedly the spirit of all lifted. Wu Ye, you give me through a bottom, what happened Reprimanded the next, the night owl softly asked. Hesitated, Wu Chi, after all, did not explain with the night owl. The dark prison community has changed, but this thing, you know too much, and no good. For the night owl, or those who simply do not even enter the prison for a person, Xi Jun should be things, really far away. Which is dangerous, even.the Han Shan, but after all, did not see Hanshan Master. Hear this, Jiang Zhengyang s brow finally pick pick. Han Shan people did not see Yang Xiuchuan, the news itself has a great value. Thinking again and again, Jiang Zhengyang slowly said to Song, I want to meet the Song family Song, this is the only chance Chiang Kai shek He will not give up. Mouth showing a trace of ridiculous color, Yang Xiuchuan hands twist a piece of. pawn, calmly fell to the board above, calmly open the road. Hideaki master, what words, you may wish to say it. Youth smile a bit, leaving the hands of the pieces, spread out hair straightening brush luma the hands of helplessly said. If Jiang Zhengyang in this, one can recognize, and now Jiang Zhengyang chess of the people, it is Song generation of Tianjiao Song Tianque, and Song Tianque s father, it is thanks to the Han Shan door under the disciples. I put forward the conditions, Jiang home simply can not accept So, help and Han Shan, Chiang is the only hope. Holding hands of the cup, Yang Xiuchuan mouth showing a trace of a smile, said softly. I still do not understand, what is the relationship with me Song Tianque said helplessly. Song has now hair straightening brush luma become the last life of Chiang Kai shek straw So, no matter what conditions you ask, he will agree. Yang Xiuchuan leisurely said. You should not want me to cheat Chiang Zhengyang it Song Tian Que asked puzzled. You heard the Soviet Union who snake fairy And did not immediately answer, Yang Xiuchuan instead smiled and asked. hair straightening brush gold You said that Su Wan Song Tian Que can not help but slightly Yi Zheng, is not rumored Su Wan went to the dark prison community, and Wu Chi Song Tianque did not finish, but the meaning has been very obvious. Su Wan own strength is very strong, but also Wu Chi s woman, this kind of person can not provoke. From now on, you start hair straightener brush watsons obsessed with the snake fairy. Mouth revealed a hair straightener brush with sprayer trace of ridiculous color, Yang Xiuchuan indifferent said. what Song Tian Que can not help but hesitated, could not help but exclaimed out loud. Do you have any jokes, I have never seen Su Wan. that s not important. Pointing to the front of the board, Yang Xiuchuan indifferent said scrapped the Council has been cloth, and now you just want to lead Jiang Zhengyang into th.

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