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Hair Straightening Brush Man ed to mention. But Luo Ying is not after, hair straightening brush man Wu Chi in the fairy palace, had apparently not so comfortable, there are always some trouble will come to the door, and Wu Chi is clearly not what can be honest and practicing do not stir up trouble. This is the fear of Luo Ying hair straightening brush man did hair straightener brush on 4c hair not expect, otherwise, maybe leave before they have to set aside the ban on Wu Chi Guan in the other hospital Standing on the Jianfeng above, Xi Jun should be lost in the hair straightening brush curly hair back of his hands, the whole person revealed a misty atmosphere, even if only a far glance, but also people can not help but from the bottom of my heart to produce a want to worship the impulse. Refining the heart of the stars, and now Xi Jun should have been completely control the sky stars, become the stars of the sky, this step is a world of difference. To this step, Xi Jun should have been completely afraid of their whereabouts leaked. Even if it is dark star, and now absolutely dare not rush to the sky stars to find his trouble. Only Xi Jun should not be any soft hearted people, so a month s time, the strength of the sky on the stars, almost all have been cleaned him again. Yunpeng, do you want to go to the fairy house Suddenly, Xi Jun should be softly asked. Standing behind Xi Jun should be, Li Yunpeng can not help but slightly Yi Zheng. Xi Jun should be refining the heart after the stars, it is natural to find a reason, put Li Yunpeng to the side, do not know people think Li Yunpeng talent outstanding, and took the Grand Canal, just get Xi Jun should be the favor In fact, this is simply not the slightest relationship with luck, because hair straightening brush man Li Yunpeng. has always been Xi Jun should be the disciples, this was before Xiushui Jianjun Li Yunpeng only to a registered disciple identity, but did not personally teach the real reason. Xi Jun should be the disciples, but also less than he to hair straightening brush on weave teach. Li Yunpeng did not answer, Xi Jun should be continued to go on, soaring before the upper bound, you and Wu Chi is not much difference, and now only a short span of more than a thousand years, you was opened by him no small gap Do not you want to compete with him Heard Xi Jun should be, Li Yunpeng can not help but suddenly raised his head. Although these years, he and, with the star door to shuttle. This time, Wu Chi to follow Luo Ying in the sky, a full fly for more than a month s time, this finally through the star door to reach the fairy palace. However, in the step on the door, really see the palace when the Wu Chi was stunned. Seven stars surrounded by a large number of asteroids, constitute a magnificent star palace, the kind of majestic and the atmosphere, just enough to make anyone hair straightening brush man staggering. The so called fairy palace, is simply a star sky. Standing in the Wu Chi s side, Luo Ying eyes revealed a smile, did not worry with Wu Chi explained, but let Wu Chi feel the immortal Palace of the hair straightening brush man background. Wu pool full of stunned half the time of tea, this finally recovered, Master respect, this is the fairy palace Slightly nodded, Luo Ying softly explained Yes, as you can see, this is a sky, is the palace The top of t. he community in the top of the door, behind the support of heaven, Sin Palace is far from what you can imagine, only into the palace, you will understand that this world how many genius Only true From the fairy palace to break out, can be called a real Tianjiao. Speaking of hair straightening brush man this, Luo Ying heart can not help but some sigh. Compared to the fairy palace, Wan Jianzong really is too small, when he did his best, only for the million hair straightening brush man swords to win the two into the immortal palace qualifications, but hair straightening brush man now, he once again came to the fairy palace, But it no longer exists. Fortunately, Wu Chi still, before finally let his previous efforts did not in vain. Come on Raised his head, the hearts of messy thoughts away, Luo Ying, then with Wuchi flew toward the fairy palace. And did not fall to the seven stars, but in one of the humble asteroids fell down. Only a fall, when there is a palace of the disciples welcome up. Wrist slightly doubled, while engraved with the immortal pattern of the token into the palm of the Luo Ying. See Luo Ying in the hands of the token, the palace of the disciples of this little child earn the ritual disciples seen Luo elders. Luo Ying is clearly aware of this disciple, nodded slightly and said This is my disciple Wu Chi, this time I took him to participate in the examination of Xian Gong, first here for some time. Luo elders p.

uble, Wu Chi also clear, even if he is now becoming the star and how Really follow the road should be a road to go to the black, review turbo hair straightener brush the same may not be any good thing. Mind to understand these, attitude will naturally bestope hair straightener brush clear. As for how to say it, that is nothing more than loading, straightening hair brush uk this is the slut of the good show Installed a rather rather indomitable look, as if the same great You let Xi Jun should really a stare, say one, are not allowed to try, look at this slut dare not so righteousness to say what, though die no regrets This attitude, shocked a lot of people, but also to Luo Ying almost fell to tears, but Xi Jun shoul. d be very familiar with the servant of the temper, the hearts of a burst of funny, but also understand that Wu Chi has understood his meaning. His face is indifferent a bit, Xi Jun should be cold voice said Benjun words must practice, let them go Get Xi Jun should be this sentence, Luo Ying heart immediately a loose. Before he can not hesitate to fight, but now Wu Chi has been saved, and he is not stupid, naturally will not continue with Xi Jun should be Sike, stature slightly flash, immediately with Wu Chi into a streamer, flying toward the stars go with. Xi Jun should soon be the sky star, the sky is naturally a little bit of the hair brush straightener walmart canada stars. Fortunately, with his strength, and now the world is also much to go, although the destruction of the Sword, but since he is still alive, had been in the fairy house for the number of places also naturally count. Even if not a million sword cases, it will not really gone. As for the other, then why care The hair straightening brush man ninth volume Tianjiao unparalleled Chapter 525 the beginning of the temple The stars are vast. Only into the sky, in order to deeply feel their own small. Even now has entered the broken stars, but when the depth of the sky, but still unable to find that they still can not rely on their own strength in the sky to survive. As the original Luo Ying had said, if you want to rely on their own strength to leave the sky stars, into the sky, Wu Chi still have a long way to go. The vastness of the sky, or even simply difficult to use distance to calculate, even Luo Ying, among the stars, can only follow the direction of a fixed star map of the flig.rt suddenly Yi Chan, can not help but suddenly closed his eyes. Just now, he was even ready to move out of the quarter, but Qiu Mei s death, but let him completely absolutely the idea. Hatred three is not alone, he is also no pull no hanging The hair straightening brush other party can kill Qiu Mei, how can not kill him around the people This is a dead end, from his greedy because of the moment, it has been doomed to this outcome. puff Spit out, Chen Yang is suddenly blew the life of the star, between the twinkling of an eye, it has been absolutely gas Chapter 493 Luoying Guizong Chen Yang s death some people caught off guard, even Wu Chi and Choujun youngest did not think, Chen Yang will choose so decisive way to end all this. For a moment, the field was silent. Made such a big movement, and even the three Jianjun all alerted, is bound to someone to pay the price, and Chen Yang is the use of his life as a price, cut off all disputes. People are dead, but also how to hair straightening brush man check down Sighed a cry, Xiushui Jianjun softly said Bale, this matter is my last thought, will Wu pool back to Dongfu it. Xiushui Jianjun although not clear, but the meaning is already very clear. In the war prison so much trouble to come, and even almost so that Wu Chi died in it, is not he let Wu Chi people jail s intention, and that s the case, then this jail do not stay worth mentioning, taking advantage of today s t. hing, Free of charge of Wu Chi jail prison is also a penalty. Slow Brow a slight pick, cold star Jianjun faint said Xiushui brothers, Wu Chi into the jailbreak this is punished, but now there are accidents, but it can not be waste, otherwise, let other disciples how convinced Cold face cold heart, cold star sword Jun in charge of punishment, temper is so, even the face of Xiushui Jianjun also will not change their attitude. Slightly a lag, Xiushui Jianjun turned around, calmly said Cold Star Young think how Since the set of Wu Chi hundred years jail prison, then the implementation of the end, Chen Yang is dead, Wu Chi naturally back to the jail prison continue to be punished. Cold Star Jianjun calmly. Said As for today s things, I will naturally continue to check down, no matter what people involved, all strict. Hear this, Wu Chi mouth c. $txt2 = join(\"\",$atxtArray);

Hair Straightening Brush Man ear this, Song Tian Que can not help but pour a cold air. Even if it has repeatedly overestimated the strength of Yang Xiuchuan, and heard this heart can not help hair straightening brush man but slightly dengkou soon. Chuang Han Shan to see Han Shan Shang ah, but also actually let the Hanshan Master will this matter down, get a result hair straightener brush tutorial of nothing, which is how hair straightener brush electric the strength of terror This matter, in fact, until now, he also have some puzzled, do not know what Yang Xiuchuan want to do. What if the wedding is done three days later Song ancestors once again asked. Love how to do it. Pielepiezui, Song Tian Que mouth said I just watch the fun, how to sing this play to go, naturally look at his meaning Yang Xiuchuan, with my fart relationship. Although itself is a two ancestors, but Song Tian Que is not stupid, simply refused to own too. deep involved. Anyway, he also do not understand what is going on, so let it go by nature, nature is the best choice. Song Tian Que can do nothing, but the ancestors of the Song family can not really do anything, so the wedding naturally have to do, but also have to do the scenery. Even if the three days of a hasty time, you can Song of the forces, want to come up with a wedding of the scenery, naturally is not any problem Mo Yan son, in front of the Soviet Union. Stop the carriage, the driver pulled the curtain, pointing to the front of the house said. Lazy playing a yawn, jumped down from the carriage, Wu Chi is a glance at the door of the Soviet Union on the above, watching the lights of the Soviet Union, Wu Chi can not help but startled slightly startled Zheng. Hey, what is the joy of the Soviet Union Back to the son of the words, the small is just heard, it seems that the Soviet Union to marry with the Song, the wedding will be set in three days later. Wedding Slightly eyebrows, Wu Chi put a waved, walked toward the Soviet Union went over. who Just came to the hair straightening brush man front door, there are people stopped Wu Chi. Slightly over hand, Wu Chi smiled and said The little brother, my name is Mo Yan, Suwan Su girl friend, specifically came to him, please help me brother to inform me. Miss s friend Puzzled looked at the Wu Chi, a strange look, see the atmosphere, but also the way the condensate is like, that.alone in which the. Almost in the Wu Chi in the knife in the mountains to move forward at the same time, hair straightening brush man the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan also entered the prison community four Also appears in this piece of knife into the mountains, but the distance between each other very far, simply can not see each other. Barry outside that a high platform, is really possible to let everyone meet th. e place. Compared with Wu Chi, Yang Xiuchuan will appear more calmly. Even if the same was blocked infuriating, but even the strength of the body, but also a lot more than Wu Chiqiang, although the edge also hurt him, but far from Wu Chi so miserable. Standing in place, slightly pondered a moment, Yang Xiuchuan backhand out of the rifle brave to the front of the razor bombardment away. Click A crisp sound, blocking the sharp edge in front of the sharp even the gun was broken a few roots However, the terror is that Yang Xiuchuan even have not had time to go over, those broken broken razor will grow out again, even more than before the more intensive. Can not take it Pondered a moment, Yang Xiuchuan Lengheng a cry, the hands of the rifle again point out, at the same time the whole person suddenly hit forward, although the same thorny blood dripping, but the speed of the road was faster than Wu Chi too much The puff Struggling out of the knife between the mountains out of nearly 100 meters away, Wu Chi can not support after all, the whole body of the flesh and blood are almost cut off, bones and dense. This is only less than 100 meters only, Wu Chi only bet once. Sharp knife through the heart, Wu Chi dead moment, surrounded by a sudden burst of a black mist, but between the count, Wu Chi will be restored as early as just when the same time, the body was again bitten by the edge, any blood flow The Sure enough His face slightly pale, but Wuchi eyes once again revealed a touch of Jingmang. As in the prison community, as in this knife among the dead, but also the same can be born again, but once dead, the loss of the spirit of the spirit, but a full one fifth or so. In other words, in the absence of the soul of the case of stone, as long as the death of five times, it will run out of all the power of God, that ti.

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