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Hair Straightening Brush Natural Hair 4c ay not be able to break through. But even so, for others, it has been enough shock. Chou old three conscious in the days of jail jail in the strength has been greatly improved, as long as every time to see Wu Chi, will give birth to a deep sense of powerlessness. Less than a hundred years, ah, just from the stars to the peak of today s stars, Wu Chi s promotion is too fast. Moreover, Wu Chi is now really with the pinnacle of the strength of the stars, you can firmly withstand the outbreak of Jian hair straightening brush natural hair 4c Qi, and that attitude is even easier than he was. There is not enough repair, then it can bear only one reason, that is, for the Kendo s understanding far above him. This kind of Kendo talent, think about people feel scalp numb. There is still a month or a month. Forget the time, Qiu old three said. This also hair straightening brush afro hair mean. s that there are up to less than a month s time, the two can leave the day jail prison. Blink of an eye is nearly a hundred years time, practice really is no years ah. Shook his head, Wu Chi softly sighed. At the time of the iron sword door, his greatest dream is mixed with a hundred years and the end of the drink. A hundred years into the peak of the stars, you also feel the time, so that others how to live Rolled his eyes, the old man said helplessly. A hundred years, his spirit Ye Hao a lot, although the hatred is still in the heart, but also how much to restore a bit of character, no longer as cold as ever. Then, do not know the cloud of the wizard broke the men did not, I remember the same had told her played a bet, see who will break through the broken star. Shrugged his shoulders, Wu Chi mouth showing a trace of a smile, softly said. What are you betting Asked the old brother, curiously. Who lost to accompany sleep ah. Wu Chi said with a chuckle Qiang old three times feel that some of their minds are not enough, to accompany sleep that is not how you are cheap Qiu old three did not know before the Wu Chi, but it is impossible not know Yunhe. Even in the whole of the door, the cloud is also very famous, even if the Wu Chi is killing the sword of the true disciples, it is unreasonable so easy to let the clouds with the body Xu it. Looked at the old three, Wu Chi replied You said very re.ide is clearly not intended to Wu Chi more time to think, almost in the moment, the sword cut off over. The same is only the strength of incense, the same is the most familiar Wu Chi sword sword. Can be hit by the moment, let Wu pool has a great pressure. That kind of oppression, that is, th. ose who have felt the opponents of the past, but at the moment let Wu Chi really feel from their own mirror. And Wu Chi, derived from hair straightening brush natural hair 4c his mirror for the demeanor of each force are the most vividly used, there is no place not hair straightening brush kingdom cares suited to any place, but only between the few strokes, the pressure of the Wu Chi some breathless Come. There is no doubt that he is the world s most terrible most difficult enemy. Whether it is for the Kendo sentiment, or for the sword of the sword of understanding, the other with their own general, and even deal with the more perfect than their own. A simple hands, the other party will be able to clearly insight into their own intentions, to make the most accurate judgments and reactions. That feeling really some people hair straightening brush natural hair 4c crazy. Only a short period of time, let Wu Chi has a vomiting blood impulses. What are the same with their own, such a metamorphosis of the mirror, how to win The worst thing is mirror is not afraid of death The face of the enemy, you can not hesitate to lose all sorts of life, even if the same is not necessarily not dare, but you can with their own mirror with the same hair straightener brush gumtree can not do Wait What is the same Between the electro optical flint, Wu Chi is suddenly realized something, the eyes suddenly revealed a touch of Jingmang same How could it be exactly the same Perhaps the mirror can copy the same strength, the same sword, the same for the Kendo sentiment, but no doubt the lack of a most critical thing, that is the idea The simplest example. If the ex situ, Wu Chi is in the mirror position, the servant will be shameless forever only use the same as the play, relied on each other dare not die with each other into the road into the road. It is clear that this looks exactly the same with the Wu Chi mirror, but did not inherit someone this shameless. It is also aware of this, so that Wu Chi suddenly react over. Fighting itself is not mechanical you come to me, fight the powe.

nded Li Dongsheng ruthless, Wu Chi naturally naive to that as long as the cloud to the face of this, grudge and resentment can be exposed on this. Since anyway, no matter how much trouble, then, why should concessions Brow slightly a pick, Wu Chi leisurely said I just want to get started, where to know so many things. Hear this, Yunhe s brow can not help but slightly wrinkled. She asked myself enough to Wu C. hi face, but do not want to Wu pool is still no steps, does this, this guy, really ill with their own Unequal Yunhe replied, Wu Chi has been self care of the said Moreover, and regardless of this Li Shidi so a downtown, if I immediately promised concessions, would not let people think I was afraid of his threat Even to this point, Wu Chi did not forget to find some trouble. Well, as long as the Li Shidi respectfully give me knock three head, saying that he was wrong I agreed to Yunhuo Shimei, even if the division monsters blame the crime, the hair straightening brush natural hair 4c responsibility, I also bear is. This is a hypocritical words, but it is almost crazy to Li Dongsheng. Kneel down kowtow What a joke If he really kneel today, what other faces in the future based on the door What is the face of the pursuit of cloud load Wu Chi, what is your business Dare to be so humiliated with me Ravens, Li Dongsheng snapped and cursed Yun He Shimei give you face, you do not, let me do this wicked I hair straightening brush natural hair 4c kowtow to admit it can be, as long as you can win the hands of my sword, like how to be from you Yunxie Shimei just can do a witness, courage, you come out with me a war Dare to ask Li Shidi, thanks to the entry many years Did not care about Li Dongsheng s curse, Wu Chi casually asked. This sentence, so that Li Dongsheng can not help but a slight lag, but after all, can not avoid. Dongsheng not only, thanks to the door more than a thousand years Gee, I thought it was only a hundred years, the original full of thousands of years, ah, even the only core disciples, Dongsheng Young, you really do not just ah Moment, Li Dongsheng s face immediately black. This bastard is also a bit too talkative, how hair straightener brush damage hair can people tolerate But for a time, but he was simply not find the words to refute. I am a true disciple, do a good brother is not good to bully.disciples are willing to enter the word Jian prison penalty Chapter 488 Jian Qi erosion To a certain extent, the jailbreak is almost the same with the prison. Into the words of the word jail prison, Wu Chi was found around the separation of many independent small house, each about only a few meters in size, barely able to shelter, these small hole is clearly the place of detention. Was the custody of the disciples here into one of the small hole into the house, lost the token of the shelter, Wu Chi suddenly felt a horrible Jian Qi, but only between the count, the body actually broke open Many small wounds. The pain hit, even if the strength of Wu Chi can not help but grunted a cry. People say that the swords of the swords, and now this sword under the gas, I am afraid I am still afraid of the swords on the swords on the body, if the Wu Chi had a dark prison in the experience, I am afraid that a moment will hurt halo past. Eight, nine, ten Haha, hatred of the youngest, which may have been ten, the new people, but the propped, and this bet, I won it Wu Chi from the prison into the beginning, near the small hole of the people, they noticed, and even take Wu Chi bet. His mother, really evil Just now just stars, the little guy could withstand the sword of gas erosion, not only did not halo, even hum did not hum out loud, great ah Qiu old three lost, but it is not angry, but excitedly looked up from. the Wu Chi. Although the two heard the words, but Wu pool is hair straightening brush magnifeko now no energy to manage these. Jian Qi continue to erode from, not only hurt the body, and even damage the meridians, if so let go, I m afraid there is really the risk of waste. Mind electric transfer, the next moment Qinglian suddenly bloom. Between the twinkling of an eye, Qinglian under the care, Wu Chi will stabilize the stature, although some difficult, but after all, still survive the most dangerous one off. Wu Chi himself did not feel anything, but a few people around it is already looking to stay. Jian Qi out loud gymnastics, hatred of the old three, I did not look wrong This little guy, even let the jianqi extra put Jian Qi out of their own no big deal, but in the jail prison, may be quite great. First of all, the ban on the star power.wronged to cry out. It is obvious that in order to install the words, ah, loaded force, then it can be really what Chapter 495 Compensation Sword peak Among the main hall, four Jianjun hair straightening brush natural hair 4c points seated, surrounded by several elders living in the next place. Wu Chi honestly standing behind Luo Ying, head down by a number of how wronged look. I have this disciple entry, but ten years, it hair straightening brush natural hair 4c made such a big move, really is not people peace of mind, speaking, but also I neglect discipline, so that you bother. Raised his head, Luo Ying lightly open Road. This sounds like it is to apologize to everyone, but in fact it is accused, he best ceramic hair straightener brush is not in the door of the decade, the other did not do the responsibility of the elders. Also do not wait for other people to answer, Luo Yingtuan a turn, Mangshan things, right or wrong, I only ask o. ne, who is he to Mangshan Eyes reveal a touch of Hanmang, Luo Ying Lengran said Ling days brothers, I remember, assigned to the task of the task, is your pulse of the disciples responsible for it Was Luo Ying asked the head, Ling Tianjian sighed, This is my subordinates disciples of negligence, I have punished the following people Luo Shidi hair straightener brush canadian tire assured that I promise no longer have the next time. On the reason, I should not say hair straightener brush temperature these words, but I am in the door when the door, after all, under the door and only a disciple, so also had to ask a few brothers to hair straightening brush natural hair 4c help take care of. Slightly nodded, Luo Ying Indifferent said. Luo Shidi polite, this is what we should do. Xiushui Jianjun then plug Let Wu Chi, such as jail is my hair straightening brush natural hair 4c meaning, on the matter, I have some responsibility I have a water mirror talisman, can Do self defense purposes, then give the little guy to talk about it. Between the words, Xiushui Jianjun took out a blue talisman, like Wu Chi said Wu Shi nephew, hair straightening brush natural hair 4c you come. Looked up and looked at Luo Ying, Wu Chi this went to Xiushui Jianjun in front of the talisman, Thank you Xiushui Shishu. Other people read Xiushui Jianjun one, but the heart can not help but burst of smile. Xiushui Jianjun and Luo Ying relationship has always hair straightening brush natural hair 4c been good, and now Xiushui Jianjun is a shot to send out the water mirror talisman this baby, they send time, how can stingy Obviously Xiushui Jianjun this.

Hair Straightening Brush Natural Hair 4c their own directly to the disciples, but. gradually let Wu Chi clear the idea. Deeply looked at Wu Chi hair straightening brush natural hair 4c one, middle aged hair straightening brush ion silent for a moment, can not help but laugh, interesting It touches the seat look down on you. Wu Chi did not answer, still standing in place. Under the hair straightening brush natural hair 4c seat of this seat, the seat can pass your top practice of the door, you can pass your most powerful supernatural powers, even into the upper bound, you are enough to become the top genius. Look at Wu Chi, Middle age proudly said to this point, you should understand that soaring is not the end, or even the opposite, into the upper bound, but only just the beginning. These may not be false, as long as their promised, Wu Chi did not doubt that the other party can complete all this commitment. Can the problem be this world for no reason love it Or that sentence, dare to ask the Lord of the prison, I need to pay what Wu Chi asked again. Dark prison world of the test, no doubt cited countless talent to come, to step by step now, standing in front of the prison community, experienced numerous tests So, what about the purpose of these trials Is it really just to pick a suitable descendant No matter than the letter does not believe, at least Wu Chi is unbelieving. If this is true, Han Shan Shangren why the black prison community cause and effect involved very deep, repeatedly remind yourself, do not fly in the dark prison community on the upper bound. If this is true, anxious should be their own, rather than the main prison community Why should he be anxious to get himself into the jail seven, even let people directly lead to their own I only need you to promise me one thing. Pointing Li Yunpeng, prison the main body slowly said I want you in this prison seven of the soaring, and take him into the upper bound. Brow can not help but suddenly jumped, Wu Chi mind is more and more doubts up. Han Shan people let themselves in the golden world soaring, and bring him back to the upper bound. Now the king of the prison and let himself in the prison community seven of the soaring, and to bring his disciples together. It all seems too coincidental. Wu Chi some reason is not clear which one of the clue, mind electric transfer, slightly Baoquan sa.Wu brothers At the same time, three other disciples at the same time to Wu Chi line ceremony. Before may also be extremely disdain for Wu Chi, but now the war, but it has made them convincing. Do not have to be so polite, I am with Liu Xiong is a friend, we call me Wu Chi like. Put a waved, Wu Chi Daoshi no way to what shelf, he and Liu Changtong is playing straightening hairbrush israel out of the relationship, barely be regarded as life and death, natural Do not have to be courteous. Chuckle a bit, Liu Changtong casually said care of your blessing, won a l. ot of Star Stone, how have you have to drink a good job Today we do not go drunk Liu Changtong they took Wu Chi together to drink at the same time, Zhang Fengyang has also been with a few people fled to the inn. Zhang brother, which surnamed Wu what the origin, even with the three people also know Back to the room, followed by a few people Zhang Fengyang could not help but asked. According to the news before, Wu Chi is not the same with them, just a liar yet But now, Wu Chi not only with the three Tianjiao acquaintance, and in front of so many people beat Zhou Yiqun, this contrast is also a bit too much, right His face some gloomy, Zhang Fengyang also want to vomit blood the same gas. These people ask him, he should ask who to go Originally in the gambling platform, Wu Chi is not played against Yang Yan, are extremely reluctant to win it But now it seems that Wu Chi is simply Tianjiao level strength ah, where they can provoke from the. This time the somersault, but the plant is really big. Fortunately, this time we are easy to accommodate, and that even if the name of Wu know we do, it is impossible to find us. Shook his head, one of them said with a lingering fear. Hear this, Zhang Fengyang s brow is can not help but suddenly a challenge, the heart suddenly gave birth to a trace of a sense of crisis. Damn If before, Wu Chi may certainly not find them, but now may not be. That three days, Yang Yan Wu Chi in the other homes, what happened, no one knows, can Yang Yan Wu Chi s attitude is clearly not right. This way, if Wu Chi Yang Yan came to him, how he hide out He will be the easy means, in fact, and Yang Yan are all learned, once Yang Yan if determined to find him, he.

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