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Hair Straightening Brush Professional with before, have a certain degree of decline, which for them, it should also be a blow, right From this ranking, should also be able to see out, as their own prediction, if not in this test to make a breakthrough, then only after more and more difficult, and even, it is likely to die As the ranking this thing important Perhaps a lot of people are very concerned about this, but for Wu Chi, this broken position is fart with no Wu Chi is a typical slut, for slut, get the benefits of hand is the most important, as the reputation let it die Chapter 376 evil read back bite, empty madness hair straightening brush professional Wu Chi, which lasted six months and three days, died 1,118 times, ranking 1909 Shrugged his shoulders, Wu Chi softly said The last is how much to come, as if only a dozen down the way However, think about it will be relieved, the prison community under the difficulty of four, dare to break into the people who would have been less, to break through the test of the flames, maybe only only a thousand people only, anyway Has been bottom, and naturally look no difference look. Wu Chi and carefully looked at, or did not see the empty monk s ranking, apparently empty monk still failed to break into the brush straightener on natural hair hundred. However, the empty monk has a soul in the hand of the stone, died in the flames of the possibility of the same minimal, but do not know where to break it now. Along the high platform forward look, into the eye, a glacier, and even continue to have hail and ice picks from the air fall, apparently in dealing with the arctic at the same time also face these blows, compared to the previous flames more difficult. For those who want to break through the prison community of four people, this is naturally a bad news, for Wu Chi, but it is clearly does not matter. Nothing more than that is more than a few times, but this cargo has been numb, and no big deal. After a brief break, Wu Chi once again jumped high platform, began another process of self torture. This process naturally goes without saying. In the twinkling of an eye is more than two years time in the past, that. is, after the glacier, Wu Chi, respectively, through the thunder, the Dead Sea, the desert and other terrorist torture, count down, but it is full of good. Even today Wu Chi hair straightening brush professional did not come back, when he forced Su Wan and Song Tian Chai chai time, the night will be shot to stop the stars At that time, he is a dead end Yang Xiuchuan right, from him to force the Soviet Union promised the marriage of the meeting, he has been dead. This simple sentence, Yang Xiuchuan has almost all the truth are said out. However, even more sad is that Chiang Zhengyang is clear that all this is not explained to him, but explained to Wu Chi to listen. His attitude, not by Yang Xiuchuan look in the eyes of the past. Brow slightly hair straightening brush professional pick pick, Wu pool glanced Yang Xiuchuan one, but after all did not speak. Yang Xiuchuan Although the bad intentions, can be calculated Jiang Zhengyang, calculated Chiang, but also did not hurt the meaning of Su Wan, alone this is enough to let the Wu pool let go of the matter. Eyes once again fall into the song of the body, Wu Chi s eyes still revealed a hint of murderous. For a moment, Song Tianque felt the murder, hastily shook his head and said Wu Gongzi, you hear, these really do not have any relationship with me I just with Yang Xiuchuan only puff If you have not finished, a ray of Jian Qi suddenly penetrate the Song Tian Que s eyebrows, crisp will be the song of the day Que beheaded on the spot. No matter what reason, alone you dare to force you to marry this point, that is damn Although Wu Chi is not clear that the hearts of Song Tianqi little mind, but it is not necessary to understand, just. he wanted to meet him than Su Wan is a fact Only by this, it is enough. Wu Chi Song Tianque was beheaded, Song ancestors suddenly change, could not help slander Road. Brow slightly a pick, Wu Chi coldly to each other, how, I kill him, you have the views Wu Chi, you do not think that broke through the prison community can be arbitrary wanton Tian Que is not only my Song family, or Han Shan disciples, Han Shan Shangren will not let you. Song family ancestors angry trembling, snapped and cursed. Han Shan who Brow picked pick, Wu Chi is muddy do not care, This is what you dare to force Waner s infighting Well, do not need him to come to the door, this thing, I will be on the Han Shan find him to discuss a statement. Om Words out, outcry. Wu Chi.

acter of Wu Chi What are willing to eat, is not willing to suffer the Lord ah Flat so that people are so calculated, so how can he be submissive Suddenly put himself around the jail disciples of the disciples, and the eyes revealed a touch of cold murderous, Wu Chi Chen Chang old man laughed and said gave me to stop. This moment of change is too fast, and who can not think Wu Chi even dare to resist. Jail prison itself is to punish the disciples, although looking like a prison, but in fact, after all, different, honestly stay in the jail will always have to go out, but once the resistance, and apilus hair straightener brush can not say can not escape the sword Do you want to be rebellious Wu Chi, do you know what you are doing Eyes revealed a wipe the machine, Chen eld snapped snapped. Chen Changlao, you know what you are doing Sneer a cry, Wu Chi did not retreat asked The matter reveals a strange, you do not find out the truth, hair straightening brush professional but indiscriminate to punish me Do you have this qualification Hard edged Whether it is the old man or other jail jail in the other people, how did not expect, before it looks very good Wu Chi, once enraged, will be so best hair brush straightener australia rebellious. Wu Chi, here is the jail prison, the old man is responsible for guarding jail prison, you say there is no qualified to punish you Staring at Wu Chi, Chen elders immediately furious, put down your sword, the old lady can also read in you Getting started soon, do not care about you, otherwise you want to rebel it This saying that the murderous awe inspiring, this moment, Chen Chang is really going to be mad. I bother Brow suddenly a pick, Wu Chi is immediately sneered how, want to kill me Do you have this courage The hands of the sword is still buckle in the side of the disciples above the throat, Wu Chi unscrupulous ridicule Road. Listen to other people can not help but burst of cold sweat dripping How dare not kill. In the jailbreak among the attacking prison jail prison disciples, and Chen Changlao so disrespectful, is shot to kill, and nothing to say goes, do you think that hijacking a jail prison disciples, If for others to dare to do so, has long been cited by Chen Changshou Jianqi killed, but happens to kill Wu Chi, he really did not have this courage. He can put Wu Ch.pose of the two consistent, are as much hair straightening brush professional as possible to those who forced the prison community to desperately take the soul stone. And now night Shen Xing opening, but also has nothing to do with curiosity, just for the distribution of benefits only. You and I have three points, they take the soul of the stone belongs to the natural needless to say The other three, if someone can get back the soul of the stone, you and I by means is. Yang Xiuchuan calm reply The Yang Xiuchuan is willing to give up this set of soul stone, it is also Yang Xiuchuan their own things, as long as the interests of the night Shen Star, then there is no relationship. In fact, the empty monk with Yang Xiuchuan played such a game to clean for the threat of Yang people, the price is Yang Xiuchuan give up his soul that set a stone Of course, Yang hair straightening brush professional Xiuchuan is also the condition, that is empty monk must go with him to break the prison community four. This way, both to solve the empty monk hair straightening brush professional threat to Yang, but also more conducive to his cleaning other people, is naturally very cost effective. As for the loss of a set of soul stone, Yang Xiuchuan also grasp from others to take back At the same time, Wu Chi has also really set foot on the prison community, to accept the test. In fact, from the prison community a start, this is the first time Wu Chai really accept the test of the prison community, that is a symbol of a digital hair straightener brush touch of purple mountain, protect the spirit of the soul Although there is a character under the life of no harm, but Wu Chi is also an instant to feel the kind of terrible pain, really understand why Jiang Zhengyang they called the prison community for the triple thieves. Encyclopedia sentry atmosphere of the moment, Wu Chi felt his soul was dragged into a purgatory world. Sword ax, countless soldiers cutting edge hit, and even even the opportunity to have no response, and instantly cut into the mud Although only the spirit into which, and will not really die, but the share of the pain is generally the same. And, once dead once, the spirit will cause a damage, once the power of the spirit of exhaustion, it will hair straightener brush little black be a failure. Of cou. rse, there is a symbol, in the spirit of damage to a certain extent, it will naturall.represent Sin Temple, which he dare to recognize it Do not say that he is still not even the core of the palace of the disciples, even if it became a core disciples, also daring to represent the fairy ah If let Wu pool away, these words spread out, how he was based in the fairy palace Nonsense Zhou is just a fairy palace disciples, how dare to represent the fairy palace Oh, the original week may not represent the immortal Palace ah, then I was relieved. Wu Chi seems to have come to this moment before the reaction, his face suddenly turned his eyes and said That you installed what big tail wolf, we these People come here, are directed at the fairy palace, why I pick the stage, it became in the fairy hall wantonly Rhetoric On the bicker, Wu Chi when the slut down the wind Others do not know, can Liu Changtong heard t. his, but it can not help but burst of smile. Was in the dark prison community, they are not in the Wu Chi had eaten it However, hair straightening brush target australia unlike other people, at the moment Liu Changtong more but still excited and look forward to. Had been in the dark prison community, the strength was suppressed, simply do not play the real strength, this was in Wu Chi who hair straightening brush professional planted a somersault, and now Wu Chi brush straightener uk reviews also entered the upper bound, and even the strength of broken stars, Liu Changtong Is also very curious, Wu Chi now how strong To the perfect Kendo Road, Wu Chi in the Kendo talent, Liu Changtong is clear, do not look now only the early strength of the broken star, can be hair straightening brush 2.0 in the Wu Chi, a simple state, there is no meaning at all. If the presence of so many people, there is a belief that Wu Chi may win over Zhou Yiqun, this person is bound to Liu Changtong. Of course, other people do not know Liu Changtong mind thought, this moment, look to Wu Chi s eyes are full of mockery and mercy. Zhou Yiqun is the head of the blue veins straight jump. Wu Chi, you can hear a word, people, expensive in self knowledge If not even the name of self, that is the real fool. Zhou Yiqun is so curse, and now the presence of all the people are also so see Wu Chi. However, Wu Chi is still no moving, but grinned and laughed. So that the week is promised to accept my challenge You have to take their own disgrace, I naturally no.

Hair Straightening Brush Professional into the prison world four This scene is undoubtedly stunned all the people, that touch of Jianguang as if deeply penetrated the hearts of all These people do not know the cause of the prison mark involved in the cause, only to see the Wu Chi s overbearing and crazy In addition to the shock of the heart is full of jealousy Who can think, prison community can even break Of course, unlike other people, the magic of the hearts of all people are full of excitement, Wu Chi s tough will only make them feel blood boiling, like the original follow the devil when exactly the same. Soon magic people will find that, for them, the greater surprise is still behind Here Dong Fu is my stay with the devil disciples of the residence, dare to trespassers, kill no amnesty With Zhou Bo Yan and Yuan purple clothing into the prison community of four moments, Wu Chi overbearing voice rushed through the prison community triple, but also undoubtedly killed all the people Thank you hair straightening brush wowcher few For a moment, all the magic disciples at the same time bowed Do not need any explanation, they also understand that this is Wu Chi for their previous struggle to protect Zhou Bo Yan and Yuan purple award. Wu Chi never forget them With this sentence, is the prison in the triple master and then powerful, but also bound to no one dare to fight this one Dongfu idea. A hair straightening brush professional strong enough to get rid of the rules of the prison community, even if not in the prison community, and also enough to deter Xiao Xiao. From this moment on, Wu Chi the name has become a legend Chapter 440 Qinglian bloom, had that tortured Wu Chi puzzled, a full consumption of the two souls of the soul to break through the Baili Daoshan, now in this Qinglian under, but simply as a trifling matter. The rules of confining infuriating, at the moment for Wu Chi, it is also useless. Wu Chi did not completely cut off everything, but in the two when they can not support the shot after the cover, after all, if there is no experience, even through the prison community four does not make any sense. Zhou Bo Ya. n and Yuan Ziyi Although the mouth has been heard from the mouth of Wu Chi heard the four scenes of the prison community, but only to this immersive time, can really feel the danger.e, watching Ma Shijie, I do not know what to say. Some annoyed, Liu Changtong big step toward the two walked. Did not seem to be aware of other people close, watching Chen fog, Ma Shijie look a bit complicated. She naturally could not have thought that this war ended in this way. And did not enter the fog, she seems to be all out of tune with all this. Although hair straightening brush professional no one seems to blame her, but it is clear that no one to greet her, as if she has been forgotten in general. In addition to Chen fog are Although, Chen fog hair straightening brush superdrug have so far have not yet opened, but quietly standing in front of her, can bring her uneasy, but more heavy, she even rather Chen fog and did not come. Silence for a moment, Ma Shijie faint opening You are to Xing division to question it Poet Looking at Ma Shijie, Chen fog shook his head gently, poem sister, I did not blame your meaning That is my own choice, I just want to tell you I like you, than anyone else like No matter what you do, my life will never blame hair straightening brush professional you. Chen Fu said this is very serious, it seems that every word represents a commitment. Moment, even though Ma Shijie heart can not help but suddenly Yi Chan. She naturally can feel Chen fog are sincere, but also precisely because of this, only more and more embarrassing. Compared to Chen fog, she seems to be a disgusting joke. Bang Punch furious hit over, crisp will be down the Chen fog Liu. Changtong shot very heavy, this punch hard life will Chen hair straightening brush professional fog teeth are destroyed a few, mouth full of blood. Are you still a man Angrily staring at Chen fog, Liu Chang hastily cursed and said I have to see you, just this woman where you Is there a little hair straightening brush professional bloody Can you live without you Bang While cursing, Liu Changtong followed by a punch is punched out, once again Chen fog all teeth destroyed a few. And did not mean the slightest resistance, Chen fog slightly head down, and even did not even say a word. A push Chen fog, Liu Changtong to see the eyes of Ma Shijie full of murderous, apart from anything else, followed by a punch to pound Ma Shijie. This distance, Liu Changtong s fist is not Ma Shijie can resist. However, seeing in this punch is about to hit the body of Ma Shijie moment, has not answered the Chen fog are suddenly stride.

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