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Hair Straightening Brush Roller arrested to the possibility of interrogation. Not to mention, even if all this may not appear, can Xi Jun should now in front of their own. ah. Wu Chi hair straightening brush roller is arrogant, nor mentally handicapped that can be in front of Xi Jun should be open to the surface of the void soaring the upper bound. What do you want Silence for a while, Wu Chi asked again. The upper world is much more complex than you think, the strength of the seat, but also far from what you can imagine. Slightly shaking his head, Xi Jun should indifferent from the dark prison community soaring, will directly reach the dark star Star Gate, this seat will take you away from the dark star. I want to know what days do you want me to do Did not move, Wu Chi calmly asked. This time, Xi Jun should find over, I am afraid it will not really worry about their own, regardless of the hype, it must be purposeful, for this purpose, for themselves, or is the most troublesome and most dangerous. Eyes reveal a trace of appreciation of the color, Xi Jun should be slightly nodded. To be able to remain calm in this best hair brush straightener for black hair case, Wu Chi is obviously a wise man, for him, a wise man is much more useful than a fool. We do not need anything to do now. Shook his head, Xi Jun should be softly said This seat only need you continue to become strong, and then one day, you will understand what I want to do, by that time, you will be able to choose again, is not willing help me Wu Chi some of the words did not understand, but it was able to see from the eyes of Xi Jun should be tired and adhere to Wu Chi can feel that this may not be a good thing, and very dangerous, but do not know why, looking at the moment Xi Jun should, Wu Chi refused, but how can not speak. Xiao Ye is not to believe his lies Just beat him yes, is that Heart secretly muttered one, Wu Chi this continued to open When to go As soon as possible, shook his head, Xi Jun should indifferent and said From the beginning of my crack seal, the dark star should have been on the road, late, I am afraid it philips hair straightener brush review may not go away Mentioned this, Wu Chi head suddenly emerge a black line, the kind of pirates on the feeling of the ship, more and more strong a bit. That I now go back to it Short farewell, Wu Chi will be before Zhou, Yun He also understand that he can not refuse. Took a deep breath, angrily into the Dongfu into the. Almost the cloud into. the hole into the moment, ban again fall, and the hair straightening brush roller outside world once again isolated up. What do you want A belly of grievances and anger, the cloud into the hole into the house will ask the mouth. Just then finished, the whole person can not help but stunned in place. What how are you Into the hole of the moment, the cloud will suddenly found that Wu Chi has fallen to the ground, his face pale, the body is difficult to suppress the slight trembling, as if the whole people are suffering a great deal of pain. Just now Wu Chi, but there is energy to answer her. Although some angry before, but now see Wu Chi this piece of view, the cloud can not help but some melancholy, hastened to remove the healing from the body of the immortality to feed Wu Chi, and then hair straightening brush roller Wu Chi from the ground up, into the bed side. Finish all this, Yun He test this will be the star force into the Wu Chi s body, see Wu Chi s situation. This look, but it is to let the cloud completely silent. Body meridian damage is serious, star power is a disorder, even the body also appeared numerous fine wounds, if not lit the life of the star, such a injury, and even have been enough to Wu Chi s little life. Moment of time, the cloud will be reflected over, shrink into the inch of this supernatural powers, where is now the strength of Wu Chi can cast their cast. Before forced to display, although to avoid the sword, but in fact, Wu Chi is also the same by the supernatural bite, but before that, has been strong insisted, not reveal the same strange, until the return of Dong Fu, vent that Tone, this completely attack, no longer can support it. If you say before, Yun He also think Wu Chi is lucky enough to be Luo Ying value, envy he can get to shrink this inch of supernatural powers, then the heart is really gave birth to the meaning of admiration. Luck may be part of, but such a terrible will and heart, can not be explained by luck. Really calm down, cloud load is horrified to realize that from Wu Chi to Luo Ying door, to now, but only a month s time only. In other words, in this month, Wu Chi not only lit the life.

pter 529 was originally a colleague hair straightening brush ubeauty Eyelids jumped jump, Yang Yan also understand that can not pretend to go, his face changed, Wu Gongzi, snake snake rat rat hole, we do not make water, water stone I have returned to you now you go People, we are still friends, otherwise, do not blame us to start with bl. ack. Do not mind, ah, since it is a friend, it would have to have a friend s way Well I do not want to give me one third, I flew away. Shrugged, Wu Chi a matter of course Said. I see you are alive and impatient, right Eyes fierce light flash, Zhang Fengyang openly said You dare more than a nonsense, believe you do not believe I kill you Tig, come, come, I would also like to move about it, we first dismantle the auction room, and then try, can not put the auction market The day poke a hole. Eyelids jump, Wu Chi immediately sneer. Waved his hand, live Zhang Fengyang, Yang Yan looked at Wu Chi said Wu Gongzi, is a big trouble, but we do not want these stars, but you can not get a pirates of the charges, is bound to be canceled assessment Qualification, for such a star stone, can not come to it OK, then hurry to do it, but I was the first to be out of the fairy bale, I would like to see, you pretend to auction the hair straightening brush roller guard, who can live to go out. Eyelids slightly overturned, Wu pool sneer open Road. This sentence to say, but it really is to Zhang Fengyang they are extremely horrified. Can guess Yang Yan and he is a group of no great, when you are all those who are fool before How could hair straightening brush roller I not know that was Yang Yan pit Just throw the mouse device, afraid of their assessment qualification was canceled, it was tolerated this breath only. This is Zhang Fengyang where their emboldened. Can Wu Chi this one, but it is simply amazing Whimsical, if not the auction of people, who you can take out the auction to steal it Zhang Fengyang heart horror, his face is still a disdain look, openly ridicule Road. When the entry is the steward, is what you really buy the auction house people Since people can come in to participate in the auction, how many guards are nothing big deal, nothing more than a dress only, what is worth Eyes did not blink Wu Chi faint ridicule Road. The most important thing is that you have hair straightening brush roller a.Chi naturally no interest in other things. Just Wu Chi more and more curious, this woman really want to do, even at the signing of such a contract should be close to their own. However, the time is still long, and now naturally do not have to worry, since the other is directed at their own, they will always take the initiative to show his feet, how can not turn their own anxious. Chapter 532 Charm From the field of martial arts out, Wu Chi proudly with Fenger, first find a best restaurant, to an elegant room to sit down. A lot of starfish sprinkled down, luxury wine intermittent will end up. Is the son of the palace to participate in the assessment of what In the Wu pool next to sit down, Fuji gracious to Wu Chi down on the wine, eye wave flow, softly asked. Well, the son of the immortal core o. f hair straightening brush roller the identity of the disciples, is bound to have. A look of arrogance took the glass, Wu Chi, a core disciple, but I said in the posture of the bag. That Fenger to have to congratulate the son in advance. His face full of smile, Fenger immediately put a glass of wine to worship Road. Will be a glass of wine drained, Wu Chi brush straightener reviews uk turned to Fenger said Do not say me, talk about you, how to know how to end to the gambling platform to bet on their own His face showing a trace of sadness of the color, Fenger bitterly said No, how can it Fenger is a weak woman, but no son of this talent and identity, if not so, I m afraid even the fairy Do not stay up. Paused, Fenger continued Now Fenger has been the son of the people, but also hope son son pity. My man Pielepiezui, Wu Chi said That contract is written only three days, what is my man Eyes reveal a trace of sad color, Fenger whispered If the son is willing to pity Fenger, a paper contract what, Fenger willing to serve the son of life. For such flattery, Wu Chi is very proud of the color fans looked at Fenger, then patted his legs, hair straightening brush roller I love to listen to, come, Fenger, do son to the arms do not Son, someone will come in will go back, no matter how the son would like to do, okay Fenger refused to hair straightening brush morrisons lead the way. Who will come in. Eyes stare, Wu Chi pretending to be dissatisfied, hurry, sit over, just did not say, listen to what I told you His face slightly stiff, hear th.od thing will be bad. Wu Chi s own hair straightening brush roller limit is three Ba Zhang, beyond, Xinghai every more than ten feet, for him, is a terrible torment, the kind of turbulent star force forced red sea Xinghai pain, simply not Ordinary people can bear. Even to Wu Chi that horrible willpower, but hair straightener brush reviews australia also hurt almost lost consciousness, is completely hard to hold on in one breath. If you can give up, Wu Chi has long been unable to support the direct to give up. Unfortunately, the heart of the stars under the constant impact, where he gave up the room. Xinghai every moment in a crazy speed to grow Three hundred feet, four hundred feet, five hundred Zhang But even so, Xinghai growth rate even keep up with the speed of the influx of stars. hair straightening brush roller The heart of the stars is simply equal to the sky stars, you want to refining the stars of the heart, it is tantamount to refining the stars in the sky, even now by Wu Chi is only a very small part of the guide, where is Wu Chi this point Strength can afford. Jian ancestral words that nice, but in fact, he from the beginning, he did not even think about Wu Chi can live. For him, Wu Chi is simply a step. to help him refining the heart of the stars only. If the sword is still controlled by the stars of the heart, Wu pool is bound to die, but now the ancestors have been forced to steal, the situation is not the same natural. Xi Jun should look indifferent, but in fact, but all the time attention to the state of Wu Chi, once Wu Chi really do not support it, he will immediately cut off the connection between Wu Chi and the heart of the stars. Compared to the kind of two hanging Zizi son, Xi Jun should be strong to go too much. Whether it is the background or their own strength, or the understanding of the hearts of stars, are far from the sword Zou can match. So, Wu Chi at the moment the situation, seemingly dangerous, but hair straightening brush roller in fact still still under the control of Xi Jun should be under. Of course, as Wu Chi in this process, to bear much pain, it is not in the scope of the consideration of Jun Jun should be. In fact, for Wu Chi, the real test, or willpower. Xi Jun should be able to perceive the state of his body, but can not know whether his will to support, if Wu Chi himself vent this tone.

Hair Straightening Brush Roller se, but not long before, Wu Chi will really be familiar with these people up. These are no one of the core disciples of the leader, whether it is talent or strength, are far from unusual disciples comparable, if not so, it will not trouble things, was imprisoned in prison. Compared with them, Wu Chi Daoshi that he was off this hundred years, is simply nothing. I heard that jail prison though tough, but if it can support down, for the same practice will have a great advantage Wu Chi asked curiously. The point is also good. Nodded his mouth, said Chou old three, when the time came in, not to the peak of stars, if step by step practice, I m afraid there is no chance to become a true disciple.However, Was here for five hundred years, but now it is already breaking. Hear this, Wu Chi can not help but slightly moved. How long is the hatred of prisoners That is the past ten years. Chou old three does not matter, said As long as out, you should be able to step into the broken stars. So to say, Johnson brothers should now be able to break through it Wu Chi some puzzled and asked. To be so confident that after the break at any time can be a breakthrough, apparently has broken the bottleneck, enough to break the right fishes. This is what I want to say to you. Chou old three seriously said Do not break in the jaws of broken stars Once the strength of broken stars, they will be transferred to the day jail prison Do not Look brush straightener for wet hair at me now seems to be too concerned about Jian Qi erosion, and really want to be locked into the day jail prison, I m afraid it may not be alive out. Mention days jail prison, hatched old three obviously some fear, said very serious. However, hear this, Wu Chi heart is can not help but suddenly jumped, You mean, broken disciples of the stars if the jail into the prison, it will certainly be assigned to the day jion prison That is natural. Nodded his head, hatred of the old three said For the master of the broken stars, where the sword of gas erosion is no threat, you can easily hold hair straightener brush disadvantages in. Kill this is to punish the wrong disciples Once they come in, nature will surely be assigned to the sword. Get the old three confirmed, Wu Chi heart is can not help but suddenly sneer up. Bai Rong the tr.lower bound soaring, Wu Chi is certainly not no experience in the rookie, but did not expect, in the Kendo even have such a terrible attainments. It is no exaggeration to say that this sword alone, Xu Zi an is very clear that his accomplishments in the Kendo, far less than Wu Chi. However, since he dared to come here, naturally has long been prepared to do enough. Moment, the eyebrows lifelike suddenly lit, cross sword in the chest, the body of the stars of the fierce force burst open. What is your sword, Xu Zi an is made up his mind, is to use the absolute strength of rolling, whether lit the star, the gap is too big, or even simply not any other means can make up. Xu Zian in the core disciples, in fact, is not the strongest, but after all, thanks to the door for many years, has long been lit a life star In his view, alone with this, he can be invincible. After all, Wu Chi has just hair straightening brush roller started a month only Even rumors in the star door, has been perfect refining star power, completed the refining star If you want to light the star, even in the genius, but also a few years time Do not say anything, at least in the past few years, he can bully Wu Chi. As for how the future, this matter is Ji Yifeng inspired, he was not the slightest psychological burden. Calculate the good, but unfortunately, to his talent, but how can not think of, in fact, Wu Chi has been in this short period of time lit a life star. boom Eyes hair straightener brush in nepal hair straightening brush roller reveal a touch of cold, Wu pool who star force also soared, there is no meaning to avoid, head on to meet each other s attack. Rolling brush straightener uk Wu pool eyebrow heart star up the moment, this battle has no suspense. Between the twinkling of an eye, Xu Zian suddenly Qinglian Jian Qi enveloped, emitting a blood, the whole person as a broken kite flying in general, heavy smashed in the tens of meters outside the ground. The battle starts fast and ends faster And even other people have not react to what is going on, Xu Zian has been fainted in the past. For a time, including the blue wave, everyone can not help but suddenly pale. Life star Eyes fell into the Wu Chimei that a sword shaped life on top of a few people even have some can not believe their own eyes. How can this be The A month Even kill the swo.

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