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Hair Straightening Brush Round y time the outbreak of Jian Qi, will only maintain a stick of incense time, now It s half past the time. And Wu Chi at the same time, the other few people who also revealed the sword Italy, obviously in this sword under the erosion, it is not easy. However, this is to let Wu Chi breathed a sigh of relief, as long as Jianqi is not endless outbreak, it is much easier to do. A stick of incense time is not short, but even if not support, it would not have too much danger. Chapter 489 Extreme Quenching A stick of incense time in the past, Wu Chi whole body are soaked, and sweat, there are philips new hair straightener brush wound wound bleeding out of the blood. Qinglian Jianqi once the collapse, they can only hard resistance, that pain will really crazy, if not the experience of the dark prison community, even if the support can be used Qinglian Jianqi while, I am afraid Wuchi can not support it. And now recalled again, although the dark prison community experienced a variety of risks and suffering, but the help is also equally unparalleled. Only the healing medicine will be put into the mouth, the voice of the old three will ring again, little guy, immortality to save the food Here, you can not get from the outside immortality. Outbreak, every day there are six times, the injury is not serious as much as possible to tolerate. This is no one hair straightening brush round would have been reminded, but just the situation, they look in the eyes, whether it is that terrible Kendo talent, or willpower are admirable. Moreover, Wu Chi speak no arrogance, this let the old three of them open to remind. Six times a day The Hear this figure, Wu Chi face can not help but slightly twitch. Before stepping into the jail before he actually has not been how seriously, and now it seems that before they really is too optimistic. Although practicing in the jail, there may indeed be some benefits, but more, but still still disciplinary. And only to the present, Wu Chi will understand why the cloud had to hear Xiushui Jianjun to punish themselves into the jailbreak a hundred years when there will be so much reaction. Thank you hatred brother to remind. The mind of these messy idea convergence up, Wu Chi then han. d over thanks. Although it was separated in a small hole between the hou.death of the hair straightening brush round approximation. However, even at the end of life, she still did not have the slightest remorse. If there is a desire, then, perhaps her only wish, that is, Wu Chi can by virtue of the size of the supernatural powers to please Bai Rong, safely returned to the door. For this unique desire, even in this case of knowing that death, the cloud also did not give up, but to make every effort to make the body of the star force completely boiling up, make every effort to cut out the last sword. This sword, do not want to be able hair straightening brush singapore to block the attack of Bai Rong, only to be able to cause a trace of the impact of Bai Rong, Wu Chi in exchange for even a little bit of escape time. Click Between the count, the last effort to cut off the sword of the sword is also finally crushed, even in the hands of the sword with the collapse of countless pieces of debris, horror of the sword and blowing, as if the next moment will Will swallow the cloud load, and this piece of void in general, completely broken by the sword. However, in the hair straightening brush round cloud has been completely abandoned the hope of the moment, the eyes suddenly appeared a Qinglian The next moment, the cloud of the body will fall into a strong embrace. Qinglian Jianqi To see all the work done by the cloud, Wu Chi, after all, did not give up her, to give up the opportunity to shrink into the inch of security, but holding the shadow sword, pushing Qinglian Jianqi body, hard to shake white Wing the sword. Of course, if there is a cloud of the sword to make every effort to the front, to Wu Chi this strength, the face of Bai Rong, there will not be the slightest chance, even if he is hair straightening brush round willing to desperately no use. Can be different clouds, although not as good as Bai Rong, hair straightening brush round but the clouds are also very close to the mysterious environment, and in this dying to make every effort to the outbreak of the situation, the power of the sword, in fact, has been close to the broken star The. Although not able to block the sword of Bai Rong, but also abruptly Bai Rong the power of the swo. rd to resolve the six seven. And this will give Wu pool for a trace of opportunity To perfect Kendo Road, Wu Chi in the Kendo talent, called Tianjiao Chengying sword is more at best to tak.

e sickle suddenly pierced the sky, as a black meteor, fiercely toward Lu Shaochuan cut past. Pupil suddenly shrink Whether it is Lu Shaochuan or empty monk, or other people, apparently did not expect in this case, the night Shenxing also simply did not compromise the meaning, but bravely shot shot This is too rampant, right Even even Wu Chi, was also shocked by the night star Now there are empty monks count, but there are seven or eight peak of the master of the road, even if it is not as good as the night star, it will not differ too much Night Shen Xing how dare to so overbear direct shot Knife out, dark silence shrouded out Into the edge of the crowd at the moment, life and death suddenly outbreak of hair straightening brush blue the domain, that a black death of the sickle as really from Jiuyou hell in the cut out of the general, ignoring the crowd blocking, abruptly hair straightening brush rotating one hair straightening brush round toward Lu Shaochuan cut boom Eyes revealed a touch of ruthless, empty monk shot, the moment between the formation of a Buddha of the virtual shadow, golden light reflected in the world, the first to the night of the stars of the death of the sickle to meet. Do not be afraid, everyone shot together, he can not hair straightening brush round help us People more courageous, even the face of the night stars, these people still still gave birth to a trace of war Italy The same is the peak of the road, the strength of the gap can be said, depends entirely on the perception of the road. If one or one may not dare to stay with the stars on the stars, so many people together, what is terrible Related to their own life and death, Lu Shaochuan is more than anyone else is nervous, a shot is full of Shi. Book Mountain Mexican Sea The hands of the book opened, suddenly turned into a huge book mountain block in front, while the black ink, suddenly turned into a torrent to the night of the stars of the death of the sickle slap away. Even immortal soul ancestors, at the same time also released the soul of the blood flame, silent to the death of the sickle roll. So that the terror of a joint blow, just look at the distance, but also enough to be frightened, simply can not imagine, if the location of the night in the stars how to deal with such a situation. Now, even those who simply look at the lively peo.tar force at hair straightener brush wilko the same time, small. research but suddenly felt a powerful bite force suddenly burst from the body Servant contract Signed a servant contract, she now simply can not violate the meaning of Wu Chi, or will immediately be the power of the contract back bite At least to her strength, but also did not break the contract may be binding. Cast charm control anyway, but there is no positive hands may be. Moment, small research has just mentioned hair straightening brush round the star force suddenly dispersed, the whole person fell to bed again. Seems to have long foreseen this scene, Wu Chi did not even the slightest surprise, even the mouth also appeared a trace of a smile, fingers slightly hard, light to unlock the small research clothes, revealing the inside of the pink dress. Hand is not ready. Hand of Wu Chi hand, small research is still a delicate hair straightening brush round and charming expression, Fenger first to help you undress To this point, she can only try to continue to control the Wu Chi Wu Yi. Well Wu Chi really stopped again again. Slightly relieved, little research had to reach out to remove Wu Chi s clothing, but this action is very slow, but also to their own style to play to the extreme. Have to say, small study of Mei Yi, or very terrible, and then she fully applied under, even Wu Chi, mind can not help but burst of trance. Unfortunately, the existence of the soul of the soul, but doomed all this is useless work. If you say, before the Wu Chi is still holding the share of cheap, play the mentality of the words, then at the moment was small research to remove the clothes, but also in such a close posture together, Wu Chi s mind is really gave birth to a difficult to control The desire. hope. Mei surgery can not control Wu Chi, but it is undoubtedly able to add some temptation, so that small research is more attractive. To this point, Wu Chi also do not bother to pretend to be charm, and the palm of your hand suddenly forced, completely ripped off the small study body clothes, suddenly holding the pair of crisp. Son sensitive parts of the body was Wu pool to hold, small study immediately shy shade to faint, scared and afraid, almost almost cry out. How she would also like to understand why, why suddenly, his own surgery on th.y that the water curtain derived from the Sword, Wu Chi s heart is full of shock, although has been paid into the brush straightener luma million swords, and even became a true hair straightening brush round disciple, but in fact, Wu Chi also has no chance to see Jianjun strong hand shot. Now see this horrible sword, the hearts of the shock is simply difficult to speak. Compared to their own, Xiushui Jianjun this is the real rule of heaven and earth for the sword, the law of the road, such a sword, for Wu Chi, not just a shock, it is a guide. Let him clearly understand, after the road of Kendo, where to go. Witnessed Xiushui Jianjun shot, even now is seriously injured in the footer, Wu Chi heart is still inevitably a burst of blood boiling Is Xiushui Tianjian Compared to Wu Chi, apparently Yunxiu Xiushui Jianjun more familiar with the kind of death to escape the feeling, hair straightening brush round so that clouds are so excited, tightly pulled Wu Chi s arm, we saved Sword shocked demons and demers, for Xiushui Jianjun, it is not difficult to find Wu Chi them. It is not to say that the strength of Xiushui Jianjun has been strong to God swept away the whole Mangshan can cover the point, but because all the swords are the core disciples of the identity token, will reveal a touch of sword, by virtue of these Identity token, it is very easy to find people. As for the Wu Chi, really disciples on the token on the breath, and even do not use him to push, Xiushui Jianjun will be able to perceive to. A moment, Xiushui Jianjun has appeared in the Wu Chi and cloud in front of the front. Eyes fell to the dust holding the Wu Chi s arm, Xiushui Jianjun slightly pick the eyebrow, but still did not speak. Disciples meet Xiushui Jianjun See Xiushui Jianjun, Yunhe immediately react over, quickly grabbed the h. and holding Wu Chi, bowed to the ceremony. Disciples meet Xiushui Jianjun Eyes slightly swept away, fell to the body of Bai Rong set a set, Wu Chi this show to Xiushui Jianjun Road. No more ritual, what Jianjun not Jianjun, you are Luo brother s disciples, called me Shishu like. Compared to Bai Rong and cloud load, Xiushui Jianjun Wu Chi s attitude will be moderate too much The. Even if Bai Ronggang just complained, and did not the slightest strange, his face still with a gentle smile. Wu.

Hair Straightening Brush Round he cloud and asked You want to die for those who die in vain to discuss a fair, the king will you also a fair Since he has both suspects, and can not prove their own Innocence, with the jail prison penalty, is the princess to those disciples of justice Zhang Zhang mouth, cloud Dutch but found that he could not find any rebuttal to the words. Xiushui Jianjun just glanced at her, they will once again fell to the eyes of Wu Chi and Bai Rong s body. Just to ask the clouds. but in fact, but also explained to the Wu Chi and Bai Rong to listen what is a hair straightening brush to. Disciples are willing to be punished For a time, Wu Chi and Bai Rong at hair straightening brush round the same hair straightening brush professional time bend replied Three days later, Wu Chi once again returned to the door. Xiushui Jianjun did not immediately let Wu Chi their jail prison, but generous to the two seven days to rest. After seven days, you two go to the jail prison penalty This time to eat some bitterness, but if you can stop, but it may not be a bad thing. Yes Respectful salute, Bai Rong and Wu Chi as a glance, but after all, did not say anything, turned away from the left. Back to Dong Fu, Li Dongsheng still keep in the Dong Fu outside. These days, Li Dongsheng s mood is a lot of smooth, eat this time loss, for him, it is not entirely no good, but the hearts of Wu Chi is still a deep sense of jealousy, but did not show it. Looked at the complex look at Li Dongsheng one, Yun Hui followed Wu Chi into the Dongfu into. This way, the cloud is also a lot of money holding a lot of words want to say, just due to Xiushui Road Jun, can not speak only. Free lying in bed lying on a big word, Wu Chi long out of breath, or comfortable ah, Yun Huo Shimei, do you want to come up for a lie What time is it, you have mind nonsense. The gas stamped the stomp, the clouds can not help but angry complain. What time is the day near dusk, it is a good time to sleep ah. Mouth with a smile, Wu Chi lazily replied. Do you know where the jail is, a mistake, and maybe it may die. Cut, who am I Pointing to his nose, Wu Chi is stupid and said I was killing Jianjun Luo Ying s true disciples, how could the district prison jail threatened me Looked at Wu Chi this piece of view, the cloud is still can not help but silence again down. Although W.e two men s attack and what Did not experience the test of the day jail prison, it is impossible to understand, that is how horrible Finally, Wu Chi can even easily out from the day jail prison, for the understanding of Kendo, to what extent, even if the old chug is also difficult to guess. Such a Wu Chi, where is the two stars in the world s core disciples can shake All the so called calculation and framing, in the absolute strength of the front, there is no hair straightening brush 450 degrees meaning. They count everything, but only did not count the strength of hair straightening brush round Wu Chi And this, in fact, is the most important point. boom Moment, Wu Chi suddenly began to fight back Qinglian bloom Wrapped in Wu Chi body Qinglian Jianqi, burst out in a flash, the projection of the Jian Qi shake the world This is even enough to shake the power of the Sword in the sword of the outbreak of power, where Yao Long and Cheng sheng two people can stand up. Suddenly, the projection of the Qinglian Jianqi suddenly Jinlong and snake chopped, Yao Long and Cheng Li two were also Qinglian Jianqi injured, inverted fly out. At the foot of a sudden step, Wu Chi eyes revealed a wipe the machine, suddenly toward the Yao Long chase the past. Cheng Li s hair straightening roller brush challenge Wu Chi does not care, but Yao Long s deception and calculation, but it is really angered Wu Chi. From the shot of the moment, Wu Chi did not want to let him Stature, such as electricity, by Qinglian Jianqi attack Fei Yao Long opportunity, Wu Chi flying to kill away. stop Feel the murder of Wu Chi, next to the elders suddenly shouted. Zongmen ratio is just a test, to verify the strength of disciples, is not life and death battle. Sub win anyway, but it can not be divided life and death. Aware of the Wu Chi s murderous, then the elder. s suddenly stopped, at the same time, wrist doubled, a star of the star force suddenly gush, Wu Chi and Yao Long separated. Can be Rao is now, then the elders shot after all, or slow for a while, when the stars will be separated from the Wu Chi and Yao Long, Yao Long sword holding the arm has been abruptly cut down the Wu Chi. Chapter 508 out of the sword peak Fell to the ground, Yao Long s face instantly become pale. Just that moment, he really felt the death of the crisis, if n.

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