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Hair Straightening Brush Short Hair he punch, the eyes are full of amazing color. And did not care Wu Chi, Qiu old three suddenly a bite, wrist slightly turned, a sword suddenly start, brazenly again toward the Wu Chi hit. Qiu old three on their own at any time can break through the crusade, and now under the full hair straightening brush short hair shot, but it is to Wu Chi felt a great pressure, if not in the jail prison can not be driven star force, I m afraid Wu Chi There is no chance to have the reaction. Om Feel the hatred of the old three who kill Italy, Wu Chi was forced to take out the shadow of the sword, pushing Qinglian Jianqi once again blocked the old three attack. Chou old three attack very fast, the hands of the sword as storms swept from, forced Wu pool step backwards. stop At the moment, Chen Changsong finally heard the news. Suddenly burst into the drink, a horrible Jian Qi suddenly rolled from the horror, do not know than the usual Jianqi out when the strength of the number of times out, there is no the slightest strength, While Jian Qi hit, severely fell to the ground. Chou old three, you punish the expiration, do not leave the jail prison, but shot attack jail disciples, attack others, is it tired of life Eyes reveal a touch of terror to kill Italy, Chen Changsong openly shouted. Was Jianqi hit, hatred of the old three eyes revealed a trace of complex color, then firmly clenched his fist, Chen Sheng said surna. med Wu s disgrace too much, today is punished and punished for thousands hair straightening brush at target of years, hair straightener brush on curly hair I have to Out of this foul smell. Remark, including Wu Chi, surrounded by a few people at the same time surprised a moment, incredible look to the next three. Mind electric transfer, and then contact the old three before the exception, Wu Chi mind already understand a bit, suddenly gave birth to a terrorist murderous. Do you have any place here On weekdays I do not know the reflection also fills, even dare to hair straightening brush black hair make trouble straightening hair brush cordless in the jailbreak, do not think that no one rule you Brow suddenly a pick, Chen Changsong openly said Come, these two bastards to my escorted prison Chapter 491 Madness Chen Chang old opening at the same time, immediately there are disciples approached, brutally Wu Chi and hatched old dragged out. Day jail prison, hear these three words.too lazy with Wu Chi really true, within the door, the truth is divided into two disciples, the first is like you are directly under the door of the income of Jianjun, the second is in three thousand years Into the disciples of the broken stars. By Jianjun direct income under the door of the very little disciples, count you but only 13 people only As for their own efforts to become a true disciple of the disciples, but it is also less than 100. Speaking of this, The cloud can not help but pause a little bit, this will continue to explain As to say, who is the strongest In addition to you, the other Jianjun personally income under the door of the true disciples are generally stronger However, there is no exception, Bai Rong brothers from the door outside the disciples all the way to promote, and now even if it is in the true disciples, but also enough to be among the top three Referred to Bai Rong, Yun He s eyes could not help the emergence of a trace of admiration for the color. Obviously, such as Bai Rong from the bottom of a step by step to break out of the strong, it is best to cause her resonance, and now she was also said, the door of the majority of disciples as the object of worship. Of course, in the true disciples among the top three, Bai hair straightener brush lazada Rong s talent and strength, and indeed very good Chapter 474 Who promised not to beat you Yun He said that the natural, but Wu Chi face can not help but some ugly. What is it, except me You mean, I should be deliberately point out what is the weakest of your disciples Do not care about the. feelings of Wu Chi, cloud pay again hit the road. I was a good start Wu Chi hair straightening brush short hair turned his eyes stressed You let me just a month of entry, with them on the entry of thousands of years, and even longer than the people, fair it Fair Mentioned that the cloud load on some of the gas, only a month to become a true disciple, and even be transferred to the inch of this top supernatural powers, do you think, for those of us, fair it A word let Wu pool obediently shut up, and now Yunhe obviously not so friendly, his injury has not recovered, with her bickering, obviously will suffer. Lengheng a cry, Yun He continued Do not tell the true disciples, and even with the core discip.

nt to find out the situation here, it will be more difficult. Wu Chi side while walking homeopathic looked around the stone. Every stone seems to be almost hair straightening brush short hair the same, from the surface is not aware of the slightest strange, only really approached to see when the time, will find that each stone contains the rules of the road are not the same. This discovery, can not help but let some of the scalp of Wu Chi numb. There is a good chance, but when this hair straightening brush short hair opportunity is too much, but also the same headache. All the way, straightening hair brush reviews uk Wu Chi also do not know how far they go, it seems that the root can not find th. e end. Even more frightening is that, with the passage of time, Wu Chi suddenly found a fact, he was lost Surrounded by everywhere is exactly the same stone, can not fly in the case, it is difficult to find a sense hair straightening brush short hair of direction. Of course, this for the Taoist master, the original simply what the problem, by virtue of the atmosphere and memory, they can easily determine the position to. However, Wu Chi has suddenly found that the breath of these stones completely interfere with their own judgments, it seems that in a turn between, it has completely lost the sense of direction. Took a deep breath, Wu Chi suddenly stopped the pace. Forced himself to calm down, Wu Chi heart will have vaguely understand that this lost, perhaps itself is one of the hair straightening brush short hair test. In this case, the chaos did not go any meaning. The only way is to find the stone hair straightening brush short hair near the beginning of reference, once the enlightenment of the stone on the rules of the road, it is tantamount to completely remember the stone, in order to as a mark, to determine the direction. But this stone is too much For many years, actually again new people, and one is three. Dense stone among the two figure silent, cold eyes looked at Wu Chi three, it seems that this can not distinguish the direction of the stone, for them, there is no impact. Licked his lips, one of the short and dark little man, coldly laughed, ridiculed so boring life, and finally have fun You guess, how can hair straightening brush short hair these three new long How long does it mean Lengheng a cry, another pale young man disdained and said You should not say, you can wait until their own collapse time Li Fernan, the last bet lost to you.t just hit in this game chess, the most critical on the key. Han Shan Master has been moves, and at the moment, no doubt it is his time to fight back. Yes Bend a prayer, Li Yunpeng flew out of the palace. The last time in front of Wu Chi eat a deflated, but hair straightening brush uk not because he is not strong, in fact, Wu Chi no shot in the case, Li Yunpeng undoubtedly has represented the dark prison in the highest combat power what did you say Just returned to the prison community triple, Yang Xiuchuan from Yang s disciples of the mouth, heard Wu Chi with Zhou Z. uyan and Yuan Ziyao forced into the next few prison community news. Rao is Yang Xiuchuan has always understood that Wu Chi does not follow the common practice of the card, at the moment the mouth can not help but pumping pumping. This cargo is really where people are not worry ah. Some distressed rubbed his head, Yang Xiuchuan can not help but give birth to a sense of powerlessness. Although they have also realized the supernatural powers, but want to Wu Chi as easy to practice the rules of the prison is still still impossible, not to mention people with the break, even if you want to continue to break into the prison community, Is definitely not an easy thing. You should go to the monument. Slightly pondered a moment, Yang Xiuchuan turn to the night Shen Xing asked You have to grasp again into the prison community six heavy Before entering the prison community is to follow the rules of the six, and now want to go back to the prison community six heavy, but can ignore the rules of the hard break, and how much resistance, Yang Xiuchuan heart also did not end. Slightly nodded, night Shenxing think for a while, finally agreed to come down. Very sure to say, but alone, but also after all, there are seven points to grasp the break. puff Almost at the same time, a touch of ink, such as Daoguang suddenly flashed, Dong Fu several disciples before the house, while the knife cut into two parts, brutal and bloody picture, no doubt Yang Xiuchuan and night stars suddenly woke up. Are you going to find Wu Chi Sorry, I am afraid you will not have this opportunity. Blade up, juvenile handsome face seems a bit cold, faint voice, it is like a cold trial. Although not yet, with the star door to shuttle. This time, Wu Chi to follow Luo Ying in the sky, a full fly for more than a month s time, this finally through the star door to reach the hair straightener brush uk fairy palace. However, in the step on the door, really see the palace when the Wu Chi was stunned. Seven stars surrounded by a large number of asteroids, constitute a magnificent star palace, the kind of majestic and hair straightening brush short hair the atmosphere, just enough to make anyone staggering. The so called fairy palace, is simply a star sky. Standing in the Wu Chi s side, Luo Ying eyes revealed a smile, did not worry with Wu Chi explained, but let Wu Chi feel the immortal Palace of the background. Wu pool full of stunned half the time of tea, this finally recovered, Master respect, this is the fairy palace Slightly nodded, Luo Ying softly explained Yes, as you can see, this is a sky, is the palace The top of t. he community in the top of the door, behind the support of heaven, Sin Palace is far from what you can imagine, only into the palace, you will understand that this world how many genius Only true From the fairy palace to break out, can be called a real Tianjiao. Speaking of this, Luo Ying heart can not help but some sigh. Compared to the fairy palace, Wan Jianzong really is too small, when he did his best, only for the million swords to win the two into the immortal palace qualifications, but now, he once again came to the fairy palace, But it no longer exists. hair straightener brush video Fortunately, Wu Chi still, before finally let his previous efforts did not in vain. Come on Raised his head, the hearts of messy thoughts away, Luo Ying, then with Wuchi flew toward the fairy palace. And did not fall to the seven stars, but in one of the humble asteroids fell down. Only a fall, when there is a palace of the disciples welcome up. Wrist slightly doubled, while engraved with the immortal pattern of the token into the palm of the Luo Ying. See Luo Ying in the hands of the token, the palace of the disciples of this little child earn the ritual disciples seen Luo elders. Luo Ying is clearly aware of this disciple, nodded slightly and said This is my disciple Wu Chi, this time I took him to participate in the examination of Xian Gong, first here for some time. Luo elders p.

Hair Straightening Brush straightening hair brush duel voltage Short Hair k flirting and said. Cut, even a compensable ten, and no one will buy him to win. I heard some people so shouting, Wu Chi can not help but some shook his head, how could not let it buy, which can be more boring ah Bale fills, who let me like to take risks, so, a compensable ten, I Out of the three thousand stars to buy Lee Young to win, you dare to take it Chapter 502, what do you want to rely on These words out, everyone can not help but suddenly Zheng Zheng Three thousand stars stone ah. this is not a joke, is simply gamble, the most important thing is that the money just like white picking the same, who do not want As if the fear of the impact of the crowd is not enough, Wu Chi wrist doubled, crashed a pile of stars from the hands of the space ring out of the pile of high heap, three thousand stars together to bring the visual Impact, for these disciples, it is difficult to use words to describe. Patted, Wu Chi lazily said how, you no one dare to take it For a time, all the line of sight fell to Wu Chi s body, seems to question his identity. Even the stars of the peak of the disciples, want to come up with so much of the star force hair straightening brush short hair is definitely not a simple thing. Dare out of this head, it is difficult to doubt Wu Chi s identity and intentions. If it can really calm down, perhaps the other side can react to come, but now so many stars to face the impact, but let too many people lost their reason. hair straightening brush short hair Over the years, Li Yunpeng in the show on the peak have always maintained a low profile, the strength to enhance the speed is not slow, but now full of full entry but also a hundred years only to be able to achieve the strength of the middle of the stars, is not easy. And that hook hook nose middle aged is really real peak, and is as early as thousands of years ago has reached the pinnacle of the strong stars, opposite those who really qualified to hit the true genius of the disciples, of course, nothing On Li Yunpeng, but how people can not see the possibility of losing. As for the Wu Chi will be fraud, it is even more impossible. This is Xiushui Feng, is Xiushui Jianjun s dojo, regardless of what identity Wu Chi, dare to lie here are court death. So that someone can not help but jump out, we bet.outh this kind of thing, Wu Chi, but never refused to suffer. In fact, Li Dongsheng itself is not good words, how can we say that he Three around the two does not around, and was surrounded by Wu Chi. Surnamed Wu, have the ability, you never out of the house That is to say, but Li Dongsheng had to hate the threat of Road. You want to give me care of Dong Fu, that naturally also by you Do not worry, every year I will remember you a few stars of stone, and will not let you white hard Li Dongsheng is no longer talk about this, and with the slut bombers, it seems how to say are wrong, it would be better to shut up. Mouth cheap enough, but in fact, Wu Chi mind also some irritability. If this simple delivery, really has been blocked here, do not really want to be forced in the house within the closed down to Luo Ying not come back The most important thing is that the ban on the Dongfu really so ruthless it Dragging a long time, I m afraid the other party may not find a way to open the ban. As for that, really fight with each other, Wu Chi is not want to have thought. Although lit the Benming Star, clean up the kind of stuff is enough, can be home to their own know, really on the Li Dongsheng such a master, will not hair straightening brush short hair have the slightest chance of winning. Rally, can only be self disgrace. Mind the electrician, Wu Chi is suddenly once again think of Luo Ying before passing hair straightening brush short hair to their supernatural powers. Shrink inch inch Moment, Wu Chi is suddenly react over, playing now is certainly beat, but as long as the learned of this supernatural powers, I am afraid the other side will take their own no way, right Think of this is Luo Ying before leaving specifically to their own, and told to practice after the ceremony, to leave the power of the temple, Wu Chi heart can not help but some hairy. This cheap teacher respect, it is not already already considered this situation, right Of course, this is not important It is important that there is at least a way to solve the immediate trouble. Originally in the power of the temple, shrink the size of the supernatural powers have not excel, Wu Chi hastily slipped out, but now it is under. the threat of Li Dongsheng, had to pick up again. However, the foundation is already.

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