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Hair Straightening Brush Singapore ht, with the star door to shuttle. This time, Wu Chi to follow Luo Ying in the sky, a full fly for more than a month s time, this finally through the star door to reach the fairy palace. However, in the step on the door, really see the palace when the Wu Chi was stunned. Seven stars surrounded by a large number of asteroids, constitute a magnificent star palace, the kind of majestic and the atmosphere, just enough to make anyone staggering. The so called fairy palace, is simply a star sky. Standing in the Wu Chi s side, Luo Ying eyes revealed a smile, did not worry with Wu Chi explained, hair straightening brush bed bath and beyond but let Wu Chi feel the immortal Palace of the background. Wu pool full of stunned half the time of tea, this finally recovered, Master respect, this is the fairy palace Slightly nodded, Luo Ying softly explained Yes, as you can see, this is a sky, is the palace The top of t. he community in the top of the door, behind the support of heaven, Sin Palace is far from what you can imagine, only into the palace, you will understand that this world how many genius Only true From the fairy palace to break out, can be called a real Tianjiao. Speaking of this, Luo Ying heart can not help but some sigh. Compared to the fairy palace, Wan Jianzong really is too small, when he did his best, only for the million swords to win the two into the immortal palace qualifications, but now, he once hair straightening brush singapore again came to the fairy palace, But it no longer exists. Fortunately, Wu Chi still, before finally let his previous efforts did not in vain. Come on Raised his head, the hearts of messy thoughts away, Luo Ying, then with Wuchi flew toward the fairy palace. And did not fall hair straightening brush harvey norman to the seven stars, but in one of the humble asteroids fell down. Only a fall, when there is a palace of the disciples welcome up. Wrist slightly doubled, while engraved with the immortal pattern of the token into the palm of the Luo Ying. See Luo Ying in the hands of the token, the palace of the disciples of this little child earn the ritual disciples seen Luo elders. Luo Ying is clearly aware of this disciple, nodded slightly and said This is my disciple Wu Chi, this time I took him to participate in the examination of Xian Gong, first here for some time. Luo elders p.Yunpeng, in fact, Wu Chi years of mentality, but also some relaxation. It seems that in the million swords had been how, are hair straightening brush singapore not too mind. Li Yunpeng can now listen to such a say, only to react over. If Xi Jun should be delayed, do not intend to continue their own in the million swords were mixed up The upper bound, and he also has a lot of care, how can the eyes only in a million sword cases were Moment, Wu Chi suddenly had a thought of the feeling of access. Since there are a. lot of things to do to do, why should low key down Fight, why not fight Just as hair straightening brush singapore their own into the upper bound when the shock of the Quartet, attracted the attention of the same Luo Ying, want to compete for more resources and benefits, you want to enhance the strength of the faster, you must fight down, really amazing Quartet What is it So, then we ll give them a surprise Eyes reveal a touch of Jingmang, Wu Chi slowly opening Road. I ll give him a surprise His face some gloomy, Bai Rong cold voice Road. A hundred years time, although the great progress of Wu Chi, but he is also not in the same place, not to mention, he would have to go too much than Wu Chiqiang. Mangshan missed, brought him a great negative impact, although still believe that his majority, but always need a name. And this time Zongmen big ratio, is undoubtedly the best chance. Only fiercely hair straightening brush singapore Wu Chi step on the foot, in order to suppress all the criticism of the sound. Looked up at a glance, quarter hair straightener brush big w a peak slowly said I hair straightening brush singapore want, and not just surprise I got the news, killing Jianjun a short period of time can not hair straightening brush singapore come back, I do not want to see Wu Chi live back to his time. The day was Ling Tian Jianjun scolded a meal, quarter of the peak is to see hair straightening brush for wet hair more and more thorough. Do not kill the snake To be shot, it is necessary to hit a fatal, without leaving trouble. Now taking advantage of Luo Ying not come back, is to kill Wu Chi the best chance Moment, Bai Rong can not help but suddenly a stagnant, tightly hair straightening brush singapore staring at quarter a peak Although he was angry, but in fact, but did not want to lead to Wu Chi and death, after all, Wu Chi s identity is different, if killed Wu pool, I am afraid Luo Ying absolutely will not let go. This is a bit too big. Ji Yifeng natural.

represent hair brush straightener Sin Temple, which he dare to recognize it Do not say that he is still not even the core of the palace of the disciples, even if it became a core disciples, also daring to represent the fairy ah If let Wu pool away, these words spread out, how he was based in the fairy palace Nonsense Zhou is just a fairy palace disciples, how dare to represent the fairy palace Oh, the original week may not represent the immortal Palace ah, then I was relieved. Wu Chi seems to have come to this moment before the reaction, his face suddenly turned his eyes and said That you installed what big tail wolf, hair straightening brush sri lanka we these People come here, are directed hair straightening brush singapore at the fairy palace, why I pick the stage, it became in the fairy hall wantonly Rhetoric On the bicker, hair straightening brush in kuala lumpur Wu Chi when the slut down the wind Others do not know, can Liu Changtong heard t. his, but it can not help but burst of smile. Was in the dark prison community, they are not in the Wu Chi had eaten it However, unlike other people, at the moment Liu Changtong more but still excited and look forward to. Had been in the dark prison community, the strength was suppressed, simply do not play the real strength, this was in Wu Chi who planted a somersault, and now Wu Chi also entered the upper bound, and even the strength of broken stars, Liu Changtong Is also very curious, Wu Chi now how strong To the perfect Kendo hair straightening brush luma Road, Wu Chi in the Kendo talent, Liu Changtong is clear, do not look now only the early strength of the broken star, can be in the hair straightening brush singapore Wu Chi, a simple state, there is no meaning at all. If the presence of so many people, there is a belief that Wu Chi may win over Zhou Yiqun, this person is bound to Liu Changtong. Of course, other people do not know Liu Changtong mind thought, this moment, look to Wu Chi s eyes are full of mockery and mercy. Zhou Yiqun is the head of the blue veins straight jump. Wu Chi, you can hear a word, people, expensive in self knowledge If not even the name of self, that is the real fool. Zhou Yiqun is so curse, and now the presence of all the people are also so see Wu Chi. conair hair straightener brush However, Wu Chi is still no moving, but grinned and laughed. So that the week is promised to accept my challenge You have to take their own disgrace, I naturally, it was found, as if nothing wanted to ask. Before a stomach problem, but can not find Luo Ying s people, separated by so many days, Wu Chi mind also calm down early, and then no special want to ask the. Thought, Wu Chi this shook his head, my disciples did not want to ask. Hear this answer, Luo Ying can not help but slightly surprised. There was a smile and said, Yeah, since you have nothing to ask, then I ll ask you. Days of jail prison, there may be harvest An opening to mention days jail prison, no doubt also proved that Luo Ying s attention. Nodded slightly, Wu Chi replied lucky understanding of the supernatural powers which, superstar Shishu said that a supernatural powers, it seems that the million swords owned Eyes reveal a touch of Jingmang, although the vaguely had a trace of speculation before, but now hear Wu Chi confirmed, Luo Ying or some surprise. Well, that s it, it s a lot bigger. Wanjian a strong, Luo Ying than anyone else is clear, although in fact, even Luo Ying himself will not this supernatural powers. Wry smile, Wu Chi shook his head to the strength of the disciples now, I am afraid it can not display this supernatural powers to. Had the battle with Bai Rong dead time, in fact, Wu Chi had moved the idea, want to display this trick, unfortunately, after all, still not sure, this gave up. Wu Chi to understand this type of supernatural powers can be but also vaguely feel, let alone now, even into the broken star, I am afraid it may not be able to display out. In this way, it touches on the taste of some of the taste of the plum. Put a waved, Luo Ying said That is not important You have heard before, this time to follow the ancestors closed the door, is related to hair straightening brush singapore you can not get into the immortal palace of the qualifications Although ten years shorter time, but , I am very confident of you.When you wait into the fairy house, this type of supernatural powers, will really become your killer. Compared to the test when the immortal palace, Zongmen than simply like a child play, simply not worth mentioning. Master respect, you are too confident, right Rolled his eyes, Wu Chi said helplessly Ten years, I have nothing to grasp. This is not too self deprecating, in fact, only re. //$a = explode(\".\", $txt1); //孵瑕銵

Hair Straightening Brush Singapore irst First, you understand Do not say that the night Shen Xing and Wu Chi , Even that Yanbei Chen, not the same as me My way is to come out of my own Nobody can me I will always win, no one can stop my footsteps What is it Yang Xiuchuan s mirror said gloomy Do not say anything, just my off, you break in the past Punch hit, Yang Xiuchuan grip the hands of the tiger s mouth has even been shaken. This last mirror is too strong, even if he has done his best, still can not see a little hope of success. How is the first Mirror faint opening That is only that you are temporarily the first In the past, ranked in the top of you who is still little Want to do this first, want to roll all opponents, you have to become stronger Road is wrong, if not change over, you never hope that those who are better than the real genius Do not say Yan North Chen, and even the night stars and Wu Chi, you are also better than Are you going to keep your mind a first life It s important that you have the courage to face mistakes and correct mistakes Or that you do not have the confidence to break a real way to feel the real avenue Three people, the face of the last mirror when the same do not see the slightest hope of winning. In this blow, the face is the same problem. If the three can see each other, you will find that the other side of the state are so imagined Vanity, it seems that a pair of eyes indifferent look at all this. If someone can jump out, standing on top of the prison community to look down, you will find, in fact, the whole prison area five, there is only one bridge At the moment, three people have come to the edge of the bridge, and even half of the feet have been stepped out toward the darkness of the void Chapter 395 Kim Sum of the heart Blood dripping Wu Chi even can not remember how many wounds themselves, and black mirror now the strength of today, for their own, is simply a rolling, and even no chance of resistance. Every time the confrontation, will make the body more than a wound, although in fact, when the black mirror shot, has been to avoid the Wu Chi s key, can be so many injuries accumulated, also have to Wuchi weak The. Wound pain, some pain in the heart. I said, your way wrong, if not repent.rushed over. No, these guards are simply dead Between the hit, hair straightening brush singapore the night Shen Xing suddenly realized what, cold voice Road. In the end what is the place Yang Xiuchuan gun also did not hurt these guards, could not help but curse the sentence. The two can not figure out what is going on, but these guards will not stop, aware of the two broke into, they immediately shot, fiercely toward the two hit, is not a life of the posture. More than ten guards together, and are such a strong body, almost simply can not hurt the existence of even the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan strong, can not help but be playing some awkward up. It is almost at the same time, Wu Chi also entered this hall into the hall. Who wear a dead spirit, the hands still holding a pen, these guards naturally ignore the existence of Wu Chi, still toward the two men onslaught away. Brow picked pick, Wu Chi is also aware of the guards of these strange, but after all, did not care too much, but the line of sight fell to the door of a life and death. Chapter 385 Shocking of Fortune Far from looking at this life and death door, Wu Chi even have a direct break into the impulse. Now these guards will not stop him, the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan are also entangled, want to enter the life and death door is really simple, but as long as an idea, a moment between themselves can brush straightener malaysia break into the door of life and death, The But do not know why, Wu Chi always feel a little uneasy, or hair straightening brush singapore that can not be reconciled. Until now, even he also do not understand, life and death door is how the matter, rushed into it, it seems how to see is not a best choice. Mind turn, Wu Chi s eyes are suddenly once again fell into the Yang Xiuchuan and night Shen Xing s body. Since they do not want to break into the first door of life and death, it must be someone to do this for their own hair straightening brush singapore mice. There is no doubt that at the moment Yang Xiuchuan and night Shenxing is the best cand. idate. Think of this, Wu Chi physique suddenly slightly flash, holding the judge pen, toward the siege of the two guards to go. Iron hat Wrist flipping, between the twinkling of an eye, Wu Chi will use a pen in the air to write a punish the word The last one down the moment, a horrible l.

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