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Hair Straightening Brush Steam $txt1 = join(\" \",$txtArray);llain turned away, never disturb. Hear this, Wu Chi and then looked carefully looked at each other. From the breath point of view, but also the strength of the stars together, looks are mediocre, are thrown into the pile of people, absolutely can not find the kind of, but the other side of the words, but it is extremely confident , Apparently not casually find someone on the up nonsense. In this way, Wu Chi is really a bit of interest, talk about. Heard Wu Chi, then the people suddenly lifted the spirit, Wu Gongzi, villain Yang Yan, here has been spent thousands of years, people send nickname knowledgeable. To introduce their own time, Yang Yan is still somewhat somewhat complacent, not villain boast, in this, no matter the size of things, few villains do not know, even if the assessment of the subject, but also received a bit ahead of the wind Obviously, this is the key Even Wu Chi can not help but pick a little brow, but did not take this stubble. I know that the son may not believe, but still long with it, in the future, the son will know This is not to mention, but the son if you want to go to the quiet room practice, or what kind of immortality, villains can Help, the price can be low at least three percent. Smiled, Yang hair straightening brush steam Yan said proudly. This is his emboldened. Hear this, Wu Chi can not help but look at the Yan Yan glances, after all, these words are not false, it is too easy to wear out. There hair straightener brush ireland is an underground auction tonight, there is absolutely good things, hair straightener with a brush I do not know son is not interested Around this big circle, this sentence is the real focus, finished Yan Yan will be staring at Wu Chi. Underground auction Wu Chi slightly eyebrows, can not help but think of the original dark auction. Or in the auction site, the security is absolutely no problem But things are not take the auction account, the price can be at least three percent cheaper, but there are some in the auction can not buy good things. What good things Wu hair straightening brush steam Chi is still not very interested in the way. For example, condensate stars Dan Yang Yan pressure down apalus brush hair straightener canada the opening said, while talking, while carefully watching the reaction of Wu Chi. Moment, Wu Chi s eyes suddenly revealed a touch of Jingmang. Yang Yan said something e.

ter 432 Impressions of the prison Snapped Holding the hand of the sword suddenly best ceramic hair straightener brush a hemp, as was burned in general by the flames, even if it is Wuchi Ding Li, and even failed to grip hair straightening brush steam the hands of the sword, abruptly by this blood arrows fly out. The original battle with Li Yunpeng fairly evenly divided, and even faintly occupy some of the hair straightening brush steam advantages, but all this with the blood arrows were back to the prototype. Li Yunpeng s strength itself is not under the Wu Chi, now get such an opportunity, how will let go Such as the ink of the knife, almost in the twinkling of an eye will fall between the front of the Wu Chi, the horror of the breath of the hardships of Wu Chi can no longer move the opponent. The blade hanging in the Wu Chi throat, less than three points of the position, and even have been able to feel that cold blade. Li Yunpeng did not kill the next, not because of Wu Chi what a special impression, but because he or middle aged also need Wu Chi. If so kill the Wu pool, it is not all before in vain You have no chance hair straightening brush steam of rebellion, and if you dare say no word, I promise to cut off your head. Looked at Wu Chi, Li Yunpeng Shen Sheng threatened Road. Spread out the hand, Wu Chi bachelor replied You win, I throw in the towel Wu Chi has never been a dead man, playing also beat, then had to recognize counseling. Scattered infuriating, as if to restore the kind of harmless look, Wu Chi s mouth and even hung a trace of a faint smile. Make a fatal statement. Faint glance Wu Chi a middle school slowly said. Trying to lure Wu Chi no fruit, and now he and Wu Chi between, and not the slightest trust at all, only to make a statement of his life, as a constraint. Wait Shrugged his shoulders, Wu Chi casually said I promise you can, but before that kind of lies do not have to say Tell me in the end how the matter, or that I do what is dangerous Otherwise, if left and right Is it a hair straightening brush steam death, why should I hair straightening brush steam hair straightening brush steam promise you Ignoring the knife still hanging in his throat, Wu Chi asked again To this point, Wu Chi naturally do not believe the other party will easily kill themselves, by this opportunity to ask things clearly, but it is a good thing. Of course, if the other party really want to kill, that Wu Chi naturally o. $txt1 = join(\" \",$txtArray);k prison community, hair straightening brush steam I m afraid not only save people, but also let yourself Into a crisis. Although do not want to admit, but Wu Chi also understand that now they have brush straightener price in dubai become a Han Shan. and Xi Jun should be in the game, the most important piece. Once their failure to death, Su Wan and Zhou Bo Yan they are bound to be implicated. On straightening hair brush citra the contrary, as long as their own security, then even Jun hair straightener hair brush Jun should find their relationship with Zhou Boyan their relationship, it will not rush under the killer. Took a deep breath, Wu Chi suddenly once again folded Han Shan. Now this situation, it can be said that hair straightening brush steam Hanshan had long been expected, since he wanted to let himself beheaded Jun Jun should be bound to other preparations. Although it seems just a pawn, but at the moment, Wu Chi s existence, no doubt it has a significant role in influencing the chess game At least before he lost his value, whether it is Han Shan, or Xi Jun should not easily give up him. And this, for Wu Chi, is the only advantage lies. Of course, if to a certain extent, even as a pawn, it may not have the ability to overturn hair straightening brush short hair the board Chapter 435 Deadlock Immediately return to the dark prison community This is impossible Heard Wu Chi, Han Shan did not hesitate to refuse The old lady there are some preparations yet to be completed, this time rushed into the dark prison community, chi hair straightening brush no chance of winning. Dare to ask the Master, how long will it take Wu Chi slightly Yi Zheng, slowly asked. Three months Han Shan people simply replied This is the fastest speed, and you have to understand that we have to face the people, is Jun Jun Jun should be, if not completely prepared simply will not have the slightest chance of winning. This is very reasonable, not to mention Wu Chi, and even Han Shan Shangren in front of Jun should be equally vulnerable, to know, nearly ten thousand years, Han Shan would rather die, but also did not dare Tempted into the dark prison community has been enough to explain everything. During the period, let alone three months, even three years, and even thirty years of preparation time is not enough. However, Wu Chi did not have this time. I can not wait for so long Looked at Hanshan, Wu Chi said earnestly I borrowed from the.

Hair Straightening Brush Steam ng, then immediately toward the Bai Rong chase the past. and many more Wu Chi words have not finished, Yunhe already chased out. Wry smile rubbed his straightening hair brush price forehead, Wu Chi heart has given birth to a kind of ominous premonition. Although there is still some distance, but Wu Chi is also able to clearly feel that the demons of terror. Faced with this horrible demon, even if the beginning of a sudden turn to the ground, are not likely to e. scape the drop, not to mention, Yunge even want to help. Although not seen Yunhuo shot, but from the strength of Li Dongsheng, speculation can be speculated that probably come, this strength, in front of the demons, simply not enough to see, so rush to help, there is no meaning. Only the speed of the cloud is too fast, Wu Chi was too late to hair straightening brush steam explain, it has been chased out, and now where can be stopped. boom The emergence of clouds, immediately let the demon will pay attention to the Wu Chi these people, the mouth uttered a roar, a moment, the situation changes, purple flame sky, swept toward the crowd. This time, Wu Chi is the real scalp tingling. Even if only a hit, but that the power of terror, but also as if to destroy heaven and earth. Between a few breathing, the first few people will be swallowed by purple flame, immediately died on the spot. Too late to have the slightest hesitation, Wu Chi immediately began to hair straightening brush steam shrink into the inch of supernatural powers, and instantly toward hair straightening brush steam the cloud load and Bai Rong position rush. Not he did not want to escape, but the face of this level of demon, he simply did not escape the slightest possible. But only to catch up with the cloud and white wing, in their help, only to get out of the line of hope. This judgment, only experienced numerous life and death, in order to accurately judge it. Almost at the same time, Li Yunpeng also remind the shadow of the supernatural powers, followed by Wu Chi toward the clouds and Bai Rong side over. With the size of the supernatural powers, escaped purple flame, Wu Chi who is already scared out of a cold sweat. If not shrink into the inch of this life saving supernatural powers, I m afraid just that look, they have died under the purple flame. This side of the change, also attracted the att. $txt2 = preg_replace(\'/\\r\\n/\', \'.\'.chr(13).chr(10), $txt2);

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