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Hair Straightening Brush Sutra {ty in the perception of each person Broken void, and is directly from the prison in the triple soaring, which is far more difficult than in the outside, the hard too much. Had already returned to the prison community on the triple road Wu Chi, heart suddenly Yi Chan, stature suddenly accelerated into a Jianguang, tearing around the space, quickly toward the prison community rushed to the three. In fact, when the March period arrived, Wu Chi already know that Yang Xiuchuan and the night Shenxing is bound to come, and settled Zhou Bo Yan them, they will return to the prison triple. Just, Wu Chi also did not think, Li Yunpeng s hair straightening brush on fine hair reviews reaction will be so fast, directly in the first time to lock the two breath and location, cut off from. Until now at night, Shen Xing forced to break through, it is true for the Wu Chi pointed out the direction puff Emitting a blood, Yang Xiuchuan grip hand, brush straightener cost and even have been a trace of trembling, but still die in the night before the stars in the stars, never step back The earliest, he and the night Shenxing although it can be considered hostile relationship, with the passage of time, this relationship has long been silent has changed. Moreover, as the night Shen Xing owed Wu Chi, he also is not owed Wu Chi Now even with the fight, it is bound to support Wu pool came At the moment the tragedy has fallen, only to help the night Shen Xing Li Yunpeng to stop the hair straightening brush sutra attack, in order to Shen Shen or Wu Chi for some time. Just before he hair straightening brush kids and the night Shenxing two together, even the enemy, but Li Yunpeng, now only one of his people, even more difficult. This is only a stick hair straightening brush sutra of incense time, Yang Xiuchuan almost already exhausted the full strength, it seems that at any time may fall. As for the prison in the triple of the other people, although a. lso see this scene, but it is not even the qualifications to intervene. His face is still cold, but in fact, Li Yunpeng s mind is also full of struggle. To his strength, if really desperate shot, with the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan strength, how can support such a long time The reason why hair brush straightener at walmart babyliss ceramic straightening brush review the delay no less than the killer, because before, Wu Chi said to him, always echoed in my mind, lingering He can guess Yang Xiuchuan their two co.

, Zhou Xu more and more disdain a bit, is really a cartilage Was scolded, Wu Chi also by words or a pair of dare not look back, Soo, here is how the matter How to go out ah Go out Sneer a cry, Zhou Xu Sen said Come in, you want to go out Sovee trapped here for nearly ten thousand years, and did not go out, do you think you can go out with this soft cart Hear this, Wu Chi heart suddenly Yi Chan, almost have to control their own emotions. Nearly ten thousand years What is that concept hair straightening brush sutra This result is simply not want to think of Wu Chi If not the other side of the mouth, hair straightening brush sutra then I am afraid that the difficulty of this prison six, they need to re evaluate the. See Wu Chi seems to be scared silly, Zhou Xu licked his lips, eyes reveal a touch of insignificant color, toward the Wu Chi Zhao said Wu Chi is it Once again heard the words of Zhou Xu, Wu Chi was shocked, suddenly back a few steps back. Looking sank, Zhou Xu Sen openly said I speak you did not hear it Evil, I am timid, what words, you said straight. And back a few steps, Wu Chi said carefully. Chou Xu Yin calm voice said know what Xuye hair straightening brush sutra I hate the little white face, and why, you conair hair straightener brush can be born so a good skinny Come over to me, so that the waiter comfortable to serve, and I keep you in this prison community six heavy comfort Hearing this, Wu Chi heart suddenly raised a nausea idea, Xuye I, I am a man ah What happened to men Zhou Xu disdain said I am like a man. Hear this, Wu Chi was sure, this goods is simply a psychological distortion of the dead. Mind swept, Wu Chi suddenly pulled. out of the shadow sword, breathing, start the Thunder Kendo, attached to hair straightening brush sutra the sword on top of a trace of the breath of the Thunder, Ivy, I I do not force me. Come on, want to start with me Grin open mouth, Zhou Xu s face showing a touch of excitement, Come, Ivy I give you a chance to shot His face more and more pale, Wu Chi suddenly a bite, waving his hand toward Zhou Xu cut past. Moment, the Thunder Kendo start, purple Thunder burst along the sword, fiercely toward Zhou Xu bombardment away. Suddenly spread out the palm of your hand, Zhou Xu step out, directly ignoring the Wu Chi s sword, brazenly caught Wu Chi hand sword. boom Deliberately want to try each other s streng.had less than ten days time Such a breakthrough speed, absolutely can be said to be unprecedented. hair straightening brush sutra Came to the monument to the front of the monument, Wu Chi will not interfere with Zhou Bo their choice, and now he is almost cheating way to stay here, in fact, they have some basic instability, and realiz. ed the monument before, naturally impossible To intervene. Practice the road, after all, depends on their own. Three months of time fleeting. Wu Chi here with Zhou Boyan their time at the same time, Hanshan Master has done everything ready. These three things, the relationship between the success or failure of this trip, must not have the slightest effect. Looked at Yang Xiuchuan and night stars, Han Shan Ren Chen Sheng said Remember, must be clear with the Wu Chi, must be within a month hands, otherwise, these things will be invalid. These three things are Han Shan Master in the three months refining out, not that he did not want to prepare in advance, but these things have a very timeliness, only just refining out when the ability to Will power hair straightening brush sutra hair straightening brush sutra out. Took three jade box, Yang Xiuchuan Shen Sheng said Master assured, I will be served in the shortest possible time. These three things, Yang Xiuchuan actually do not know exactly what is it Only the role of resentment, Han Shan Masters explained to him, the other, did not mention, and it seems that he did not want to tell Wu straightening hair brush harvey norman Chi s meaning. Han Shan Shang this attitude, so that Yang Xiuchuan heart is not the end, but things to this point, but it is impossible to have the opportunity to go back Jaw seven Xi Jun brush straightener jml reviews should suddenly opened his eyes, revealing hair straightening brush sutra a touch of coldness, coldly said Some people broke into the seven prison community Yunpeng, no matter what kind of price to pay, be sure to kill these two people down to break Can not let them meet with Wu Chi. Yang Xiuchuan and the night star has just stepped on the top of the prison community, immediately was Xi Jun should be aware of the. Now has to plan the most important juncture, any may affect his danger, must be killed in advance. Although even do not know, on the bounds of this time who is their own shot, however, Xi Jun hair straightening brush on 4c hair should be able to guess each other s way out. This step cut off, no doub.good before the fight, and now the knowledge is not too much trouble. Moreover, this slut has never been holding the back of the goods do not go back Only the real forced to have the effort, the potential will be completely forced out. But only with Li Dongsheng confrontation for a few hours of time, it has generally learned a bit of fur. However, at this time, the cloud is also the end of the message to catch up. Dongsheng brothers. See the anger by the Dongfu of the land of Li Dongsheng, cloud slightly worried about the bit, looked at the way now, it seems that no conflict. Gentleman, how did you come See the cloud load, Li Dongsheng slightly a lag, slightly nervous opening said. Dong Fu, Wu Chi has been paid attention to the movement of the door outside, Yunhe an opening, immediately came to the reaction. Honestly, before Wu Chi did not listen to the name of the cloud, naturally do not know what the other is like, just look at each other angry to find their own trouble, guess must be extremely good. Now hear the other side, can not help but subconsciously to the Dong Fu look to go. Eyes fell on the body of the moment, Rao is Wu Chi has been seen too many beautiful women, the hearts still can not help but a slight move. White dress like a clean cloud, long hair and waist, between the brow revealed a little quiet color, the whole person revealed a different kind of temperament, just like the water just like the lotus. Yun this name, take in her body, it seems from the appearance to temperament, are so appropriate. Such a woman, it will make people involuntarily heart, do not need any extra reason. Chapter 470 Gambling with Murder Thank you, Dongsheng brothers care, just cloud of things, or let the cloud to their own to solve it Slightly owe to see the ceremony, the cloud said softly. Li Dongsheng to this purpose she naturally clear, just one, she does not like Li Dongsheng this solution, and second, do not hair straightener brush with glove want to owe this human. I do not know, this name is too shameless, and you will suffer, or let me deal with it, I promise him to regret dare to hit your idea. Li Dongsheng Hate voice open Road. Puchi Did not give Lee Dongsheng the meaning of the face, Wu Chi suddenly laughed and born, leisu.

Hair Straightening Brush Sutra e each hair straightening brush sutra other s flaws Bai Rong, the realm of the sword was far more than Wu Chi, even to Wu Chi s Kendo talent, but also do not have any flaws can be grasped, but with the sword of the sword, but after all, or reveal a trace of flaws The For Wu Chi, even if only a little bit of flaws, but also enough boom Collapse collapse of the void, was suddenly opened a gap, Qinglian bloom, but it is abruptly from the break out. hair straightening brush sutra puff Spewing a negative blood, although still subject to some injuries, but this is willing to win the sword of white, but after all, was broken open. Blood fell to the cloud of the body, and even splashed on her face, that hot blood will be completely awakened cloud load. Leaning hair straightening brush sutra against Wu Chihuai, looking at that a solemn face, cloud of the eyes is finally red up. She is very clear that Bai Rong that sword is more likely, can be very clear Wu Chi Ming can by virtue of shrinkage inch of the means to get out, then all this means what, naturally it is self evident. In the edge of death in a circle, this scene is undoubtedly deeply engraved in the hearts of clouds, and then lingering. But now, Wu Chi has no intention to care about these things. Although the escape of the sword, but the danger did not disappear, stature slightly flash, Wu Chi without the slightest hesitation, holding the clouds quickly toward the depths of the mountains bolted away. Moment of absence, Bai Rong has finally come to the reaction, the eyes revealed a touch of Hanmang, toward the Wu Chi chase away. In fact, this time to deal with Wu Chi before his heart are still some disapproval Although Wu Chi was Lo Ying favor, for the sake of the true disciples, but in fact, in the eyes of Bai Rong, but also a good luck is a kid For Ji Yifeng so solemnly invited him to sell, and some disdain. But at the moment, the real hand with Wu Chi, Bai Rong was really found, underestimated Wu Chi people, has always been only his own. Even to some extent, Ji Yifeng also still look down on Wu Chi. Whether it is the mind or talent, and even the terrible Kendo strength, let Bai Rong felt a burst of palpitations. If not offended also fills, and now he and Wu Chi really has really forged a hatred, there is no room for the solution. Toda.e look for a moment, the two tacit understanding to give up the intention to kill law enforcement, to defense. Prison community triple law enforcement even if it is difficult, but also one of the biggest flaws, that is, he must not leave the prison community triple. As long as the delay to the end of the prison station test, from the hands of other people get the soul stone, they can directly break into th. e prison community, and when the law enforcement officers have great ability, and then they do not have any way. Before the two want to kill the law enforcement, this is difficult to play difficult, but once turned into defense, then suddenly embarrassed turn the law enforcement. Although the order chain is strong, but actually more is used for the enemy, rather than kill. For a time, he also took two people without any way Tenrai fire, sword ax In the prison community, Wu Chi even can not remember how many times their dead, all kinds of dead law, all kinds of pain almost all tasted a times With the perception of life and death on the road, Wu Chi gave up after the resistance, but can support the longer, but also so bear more pain Even by virtue of the will of the terror will force to support down, but it can feel, the power of the spirit has been exhausted. Wu Chi s strength is still worse after some, if the same can also be the pinnacle of the power of the road, Wu pool is easy to hold the prison bench test, but now it seems a bit stretched. Secretly calculated the strength of their own spirit, can also support their own dead about three times. This makes some of the hearts of Wu Chi spectrum, after all, he did not know, this is the so called test how long will last. Rumbling Suddenly, Wu Chi suddenly felt the pressure around the increase as much as the air is more of some white flame. And even not so Wu pool reaction, that white flame has been stained Wu Chi s body. pain Moment, even if it is Wu Chi that terrible willpower, and almost no pain halo past, that white flame, is no longer for the body, but directly for the soul of the burning. It is no exaggeration to say that this spirit is burning pain, more than the pain of the body more than ten times terrible Wu Chi whole body of the body.

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