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Hair Straightening Brush Temperature nded, suddenly alerted the whole door. Disciples meet Jianjun Before the jail jail, all the disciples were bowed and saluted. What is Wuchi Back to life Jianjun, Wu Shixiong injured, and now has returned to the House House recuperate. Not the slightest hesitation, several disciples quickly replied. So for a while, the cold star Jianjun already appeared hair straightening brush temperature in front of Luo Ying. Brother Luo I left the sword of Wu Chi, why will be excited in the jailbreak Cold Young, is not it to give me an account Brow slightly on the pick, Luo Ying cold voice Road. Return to the door at the same time, Luo Ying was aware of that before the outbreak of a sword position, straight jail from the prison. Luo Brother suddenly returned to the case, is to the matter Cold Star Jianjun some hair straightening brush temperature stunned to ask. Otherwise, I should wait until the disciples died, only to come back Without the slightest kindness, Luo Ying Lengheng Road and Luo Ying intersection for many years, cold stars naturally can feel, this time Luo Ying turned out to be really angry. Silence a bit, cold star Jianjun this opening to explain the original thing again. Things themselves are not complicated, next to the end of the section naturally do not have to mention, between the three words, they will explain the matter roughly. Brow suddenly pick, Luo Ying took it lightly So to say, you intend to let him back to the jail prison penalty Gate regulations so, even Luo brother s disciples, naturally no exception. There is no meaning of the slightest retreat, cold star Jianjun calmly replied. Mangshan things, I will ask a clear However, things happen in your hair straightening brush temperature jailbreak, the matter you need to give me an account, a district of Chen Yang s death, not enough Lengran looked cold star Jianjun, Luo Ying slowly said As for the Wu Chi into the jail prison penalty I do not agree Put down this sentence, Luo Ying. no longer stop for a while, away from the piercing hair straightening brush temperature away. This overbearing, even the cold star can not help but a slight lag. Luo Ying has never been in the door of the things, but this time it is obviously really annoyed, so overbearing tone, he has not seen for many years. It seems now that Luo Ying s attention to this disciple is still on the estimation of all From.llain turned away, never disturb. Hear this, Wu Chi and then looked carefully looked at each other. From the breath point of view, but also the strength of the stars together, looks are mediocre, are thrown into the pile of people, absolutely can not find the kind of, but the other side of the words, hair straightening brush on black hair but it is extremely confident , Apparently not casually find someone on the up nonsense. hair straightener brush facebook In this way, Wu Chi is really a bit of interest, talk about. Heard Wu Chi, then the people suddenly lifted the spirit, Wu Gongzi, villain Yang Yan, here has been spent thousands of years, people send nickname knowledgeable. To introduce their own time, Yang Yan is still somewhat somewhat complacent, not villain boast, in this, no matter the size of things, few villains do not know, even if the assessment of the subject, but also received a bit ahead of the wind Obviously, this is the key Even Wu Chi can not help but pick hair straightening brush temperature a little brow, but did not take this stubble. I know that the son may not believe, but still long with it, in the future, the son will know This is not to mention, but the son if you want to go to the quiet room practice, or what kind of immortality, villains can Help, the price can be low at least three percent. Smiled, Yang Yan said proudly. This is straightening hair brush singapore his emboldened. Hear this, Wu Chi can not help but look at the Yan Yan glances, after all, these words are not false, it is too easy to wear out. There is an underground auction tonight, there is absolutely good things, I do not know son is not interested Around this big circle, this sentence is the real focus, finished Yan Yan will be staring at Wu Chi. Underground auction Wu Chi slightly eyebrows, can not help but think of the original dark auction. Or in the auction site, the security is absolutely no problem But things hair straightening brush temperature are not take the auction account, the price can be at least three percent cheaper, but there are some in the auction can not buy good things. What good things Wu Chi is still not very interested in the way. For example, condensate stars Dan Yang Yan pressure down the opening said, while talking, while carefully watching the reaction of Wu Chi. Moment, Wu Chi s eyes suddenly revealed a touch of Jingmang. Yang Yan said something e.

in fact, Luo Ying did not intend to let himself into the jail prison, but only to hear themselves in the jail prison vaguely felt that a Kentucky supernatural powers, this changed his mind. Although Luo Ying did not have too much explanation, but Wu Chi is very clear that this Kendo supernatural powers, is this come in, L. uo Ying hair straightening brush temperature really want to let the protagonist seize the opportunity. Time a little bit past Every day or a fixed six Jianqi outbreak, for Wu Chi, every time is a huge torment, if not powerful, Wu Chi fear is already collapsed. Again and again of the struggle, Wu Chi in this day jail prison, it really began another penance. The original hatred of the old three also support the extremely difficult, but every time you just look at Wu Chi, then abruptly bite the teeth hold down. Just, the old man had to admit, Wu Chi is the real metamorphosis. He can not even imagine, by virtue of the early strength of the stars, Wu Chi is how to hold over. Blink of an eye is ten years in the past. Wu Chi spent a whole 30 condensate stars Dan, thousands of stars stone, the strength of the rush to the middle of the stars. The speed of this progress, it is incredible, can be in this strength behind the crazy ascension, bear much pain, but not outsiders can understand. For Wu Chi, the biggest gain is, and now he finally completely adapted to the days of jailbreak Jian Qi, as long as the outbreak of the sword is not the time, they will be able to easily bear these Jian Qi. And this also means that Wu Chi finally have enough time to understand hidden in the sword of the spirit of the Kendo supernatural hair straightening brush temperature powers. Condensate star Dan s consumption is fast, but in fact, Wu Chi is not too worried, because, with the strength of the upgrade, and now he consumed condensate star Dan s speed has also been slow down. As long as the strength can continue to improve, then perhaps really hope to support a hundred years time. Wu Chi is not only know that this decade, the cold star sword Jun always pay attention to his situation. Or even several times, almost all could not help but shot him out of the day jion prison. Although Luo Ying gone, but since the Wu Chi into the day jail prison, cold star sword Jun is bound to e., and now, you can be someone to challenge the disciples really Responsible for the door of the elders Chen Sheng asked. Now the ten people have entered the top ten, but their respective rankings have not yet determined, in this time to challenge the true disciples, no doubt happens to be the best step into the body. Voice just fell, suddenly someone said The disciples are willing to challenge Jianfeng Wu Chi Wu hair straightener brush simply straight brothers. Remark made, for a time, all the eyes have fallen to Wu Chi s body. This time the challenge, but also no doubt means that this time the door is bigger than the real climax, to follow the coming. Before the core disciples between the test, for each of them important, but in fact, for the Sword, it is only a small matter only, and only really related to the true disciples when it is enough to let everyone pay attention to the time The Slowly straight up, Wu Chi s eyes slowly fell on each other s body, but did not answer. The first to challenge their own this person, Wu Chi is some impression, it seems that Cheng sheng, from the cold star peak, all the way into the core of the top ten disciples, did not encounter any obstacles. It is difficult to determine, his real strength, what step to which. At the same time, Wu Chi Yao Long suddenly felt a step forward, the same eyes fell on their own body. Mouth open a trace of a smile, Wu Chi opened this way Cheng Shidi, you have to challenge me, I should not refuse, but I am, after all, is the only true fan of the sword, if so easy with you hands Did not it seem to me Paused, Wu Chi continued Well, I Jianfeng s disciples, Yao Long is now just the core of the disciples of the top ten, you may wish to first test with Yao Long Young, if you win, come again I m not too late. This sounds very reasonable, if Wu Chi now have the strength of broken stars, naturally who can not pick out the reason, but why now only Wu Chi stars peak, so that it will inevitably make people feel that he Is the opportunity to shameless. A boo for a time on the field. Put a waved, responsible for the older elders looking the same, turned to Yao Long asked Yao Long, this a test, you may wish to take over Wu Chi Want to keep people in front, not Wuchi a mouth on the lin.nd Yang Xiuchuan they are enemies, and even died in Yang Xiuchuan their hands, he will have the opportunity to grab more than one set of soul stone If luck is better, so that Wu Chi also died in the night or the hands of Yang Xiuchuan, he will be able hair straightening brush temperature to harvest the curiosity, so good and evil Dacheng, that time, even if the face of Yang Xiuchuan and night stars, not necessarily It is much weaker. Unfortunately, Wu Chi is the first step to start with, and look through his mind, directly out of the point, which will completely disrupt all his plans The rest of the people to see the empty monk of this reaction, and immediately understand that over, this monster simply did not peace of mind But also faint, really let Yang Xiuchuan and night Shenxing desperately, even if there are law enforcement officers, I am afraid they can not escape a death. This way, before that breath suddenly scattered, and then no with Yang Xiuchuan, night Shen Xing their hard mind. Even if they do not destroy the souls of a few people who get the soul of the soul of the people, can not help but give birth to simply set the soul of the soul of the idea of life. After all, as long as the preservation of life, even if the lost soul stone, the future can find opportunities to grab someone else, but if the death here, it may be nothing. Well, I promise you, give us the rest of the four souls, and we leave the prison community at once Mind electric transfer, night Shen Xing side of the attack by hair straightening brush 2016 law enforcement officers, while opening said. Chapter 370 shameless solitary on A word for the set Eyes reveal a touch of Jingmang, Wu Chi immediately open voice Road. Almost in the night Shen Xing promised the moment, Wu Chi suddenly put away the soul of the soul stone, stature suddenly rushed toward the location of Li Xi. Li Xi is Yang Xiuchuan point of the people, and now see the situation has been to the point of irreversibility, but also decisive, not so Wuchi close to the soul of the stone will be thrown in the past. This life and death, after all, life insurance is more important. Zheng Set the soul stone has just started, an order chain lock suddenly flew over the Wu Chi. Wu Chi suddenly defection, and even killed a person to gr.

Hair Straightening Brush Temperature f weakness. Slowly again leaning against Wu Chi s body, Yang Yan softly said Thank you, but I do not want to do canary I will take care of their own. When Wu Chi said to let her stay, she really really so impulsive, but Yang Yan is not an ordinary woman after all. Stay, of course, will be more secure, but it is bound to let her lost, lost self. She admitted that there are some like Wu Chi, but do not want to just become Wu Chi woman. She has her own way to go. Looked at Yang Yan serious look, Wu Chi can not help but gently sigh, from the beginning, he knew that this woman will not simply mercy. You let me bully me for three days, you have to hair straightening brush temperature be careful not to let me find the opportunity, otherwise, I must retaliate back. Hear this, Wu Chi can not help young children, Well, I am waiting for you, but the next time may not be three days. Fiercely cut out a Wu Chi, Yang Yan suddenly clinging Wu Chi, take the initiative to kiss up. Even this three days, this is her first time to take the initiative to kiss Wu Chi. Kiss to breathe, Yang Yan this opened the Wu Chi, from the bed up, turned and walked hair straightener brush with heat insulation tips out Prohibited to open, Yang Yan has just come out from other homes, Zhang Fengyang and others immediately around the over. Little research, are you all right Nothing, I can have anything. Yang Yan, a full look like replied just before the effect of some, although my ability to affect him, but can not control him but he also took me nothing Method. How do you keep the news back There are some special prohibitions in the other homes, and the letter is simply not going out. Yang Yan casually explained But, okay, these three days, I have reconciled with him, before the grievances of hair straightening brush temperature this write off. Little research, you do not eat any loss No, how can I, who is my who can account for my cheap. Pielepiezui, Yang Yan disdain said Oh, you really long winded, exhausted m. e, I want to find a good place Eat a meal first. Speaking, Yang Yan headed to the distance. Watching Yang Yan s back, Zhang Fengyang s face is more and more gloomy up. Although Yang Yan thought to cover up very good, but now the kind of kind of style, but it is impossible to hide from his eyes. This three days, Yang Yan is bound to have that Mo Y.ed token revealed a touch of sword Italy, full of overbearing meaning Moment of time, not only the young disciples, everyone around can not help but suddenly changed the color. Disciples meet Wu brothers Hey, you know me Wu Chi this is really some surprise, and he just took out the token, can not say what people ah. Face flushed, just that ridicule Wu Chi s disciples, but now it is a word can not tell. This face hair straightener brush teal is really lost. People are not the core disciples, but it is true disciples, where he is such a small character can be ridiculed. Back to the words of thousands of brothers, every one really disciples of the token, are different Your token has killed the sword of the mark, is the disciples recognized. Next to the disciples suddenly interface hair straightening brush sold on groupon explained. Hear this, Wu Chi was considered to come over. That just Kobayashi offended the brothers, also invited Wu Shixiao penalty Glanced at the young disciple who still white on his face, and the disciple spoke again. Put a waved, Wu Chi casually said But some small things, where worthy of punishment However, I hair straightening brush afro hair came to the allocation of Dong Fu, also invited the teacher with a way. Equipment forcing no problem, can Wu Chi naturally can. not really with best hair straightening brush on the market the following people really, a word will expose the past. Wu brothers please Respectful salute, the disciples quickly opened the way to Wu Chi made a gesture. Along the road into the main hall of the fall Yunfeng, and soon there are steward of the core disciples came out. Disciples blue wave, seen Wu brothers. Blue Young good Smiling over hand, Wu Chi casually said. Once again out of the identity token, Wu Chi said this opening Master respect that has been assigned to the Dong Fu to me, I should not have to wait a few months, right Blue brothers naturally know the outside of things, smiled and shook his head Wu brothers of the Dong Fu, has long been a good division, the brothers registered about my side with Wu brothers in the past. With hair straightening brush temperature the blue wave behind the simple to do the registration, hair straightening brush temperature and once again checked the identity token, the blue wave when the ban will be handed over to the Wu Chi, while handed over, there is a storage bag. Brother Wu, this is the stars of this month and immortality.

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