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Hair Straightening Brush Thin Hair y can not avoid, but also can not escape. But why bother If the normal test, Wu Chi is not Bairong natural opponents, and even even those far less than Bai Rongzhen disciples are not hair straightening brush on 4c hair as good as this three war three defeats But it is just just a test, not life and death fight Wu Chi went to today, do not know how many times before the fight, even if it is desperate, also encountered the same I do not know how many times. Really forced him to ruin, forced to have time to meet, you have to face is not the same person. At the foot of a sudden step, Wu Chi who suddenly burst into a touch of shaking sword meaning. Sword broken method At the beginning of the dark prison in the community, Wu Chi He realized ten thousand stone, it really realized the Kendo supernatural powers, even when Xi Jun should also be amazing, and so their own supernatural powers, perhaps not really the top of the supernatural powers Powerful, but it is undoubtedly the most suitable for Wu Chi. In the hands of Wu Chi, in order to really play all the power to. Sword broken method, the law of the ban Sword field once launched, forbidden all rules of heaven and earth, breaking the law. Xinghua nine cut, although terrible, but it may not be broken At least, by the Bai Rong cast out of the star nine cut, far from imagined so strong. Of course, the strength of Bai Rong, Wu Chi naturally can not really prohibit people s kendo, but the essence of this supernatural powers is not a simple rule of the ban, but rather a broken word. To break the sword, is to Wu Chi itself for the Kendo sentiment, but crack each other s avenue. Xinghua nine cut though strong, but naturally there are flaws, especially in the hands of Bai Rong. And Wu Chi, at the moment to grasp. is this flaw Under normal circumstances, the strength of Wu Chi, naturally it is impossible to block Xinghua nine cut, but once the sword break through the mysterious law of life and death fight, but can seize the sword in the flaws, the sword of the Power weakened to the lowest. In this way, the original kill the star nine cut, it may not be able to bring a fatal threat to Wu Chi. puff The body is almost wiping Starlight condensed light sword and over, the hands of Shadow Sword hair straightening brush thin hair sudden.r, he probably is not the opponent. However, at least at this moment in this free purgatory, as a big sentence of life and death, he did have the ability to kill two people. boom From the eyes of Wu Chi aware of the hint of murderous, Yang Xiuchuan immediately grab the first shot, shot suddenly toward the Wu Chi stabbed out. Off Eyelids slightly doubled, the hands of the official pen strokes, a terrorist life and death force revealed Pen off life and death Red robe plus body, became a big sentence of life and death, Wu Chi at the moment holding a judge pen in hand, how can Yang Xiuchuan can threaten. Just a hit, Yang Xiuchuan s body was suddenly cut out a deep penetrating wound. Hideaki master, you do not, right The eyes of the Murder more Sheng, Wu Chi step by step, the body of the red robe revealed a touch of bloody, horrible pressure suddenly shrouded down, or even do not need any action, they suddenly pressure Yang Xiuchuan some breathless. terrible In this free purgatory among the body wearing a gown, Wu Chi will be able to use almost the power of the whole free purgatory, hair straightening brush thin hair how can manpower to compete As before that guarding the command said, if the death sentence, a pen can be hooked life and death Now has become a big sentence of life and hair straightening brush thin hair death, Yang Xiuchuan life and death, for Wu Chi, it is also in an idea between. This blow, but also completely shattered Yang Xiuchuan last trace of luck. Such a force, in the free purgatory among the no one can compete with it, even if it was always ranked first Yan Beichen, I am afraid not Chapter 387 Conditions and pride To recover the hands of the rifle, Yang Xiuchuan han. d to wipe the blood of the mouth, you win, what conditions, as you open. A hit missed, but also let Yang Xiuchuan thoroughly realized that in this free purgatory among them has no room for any resistance, and struggling with it, it is better to simply accept this result. Win, but also lose Yang Xiuchuan has never been the kind of heart fragile, lost on the hysterical fool. Of course, this kind of lose, in fact, is also a strong self confidence. So frankly give up, but let Wu Chi slightly narrowed his eyes. This moment, Wu Chi is really moving to kill Yang Xiuchuan forever suffering.

at moment, the heart is full of fear. Xi Jun should Wu Chi how did not think, Xi Jun should not even leave, even follow their own, appeared in here. Experienced all this, Wu Chi is clearly clear after the seal of the Xi Jun should be how terrible, you can say that in front of each other, even a trace of struggling no. Several people are some stunned, do not know who is coming, doubts will turn to Wu Chi. Wu Chi meet Tian Jun Took a deep breath, Wu Chi mind electric transfer, but after all, or put away the idea of hands, not do not want, but very clear, it simply does not make any sense. Moreover, listen to Jun Jun should be the meaning of these words, it seems that there is no hostility. Heard Wu Chi this, Zhou Bo Yan, who can not help but change the face Xi Jun should be things, they are listening to Wu Chi mentioned, naturally understand how terrible that is strong, but at the moment, but also understand that there is no mouth of their mouth. Put a waved, Xi Jun should be a middle aged scholar dress up, casually opening Do not be afraid, this seat is not unreasonable people, you help me kill the mountain, this seat should give you reward Yes. Come on, please speak in one step. Hand made a gesture, Wu Chi Chen Sheng said. There are some words, he did not want to know them, taking advantage of now Xi Jun should be pretty good attitude, and will not let Zhou Boyan they are too worried about their own safety, alone with the reason that straightening hair brush paris glam Jun should be the most important thing. best hair straightening brush on the market Xi Jun should be a smile, do not care, follow the Wu Chi to walk a few people. Tianjun anything, may wish to say. Eyes reveal a trace of anger, Wu Chi Chen Sheng opening Road. What do you want to say this seat Eyes reveal a trace hair straightening brush thin hair of interesting color, Xi Jun should be asked. This is to let Wu Chi could not help a sudden, how can this then take Silence for a moment, Wu Chi this slowly said Tianjun identity distinguished, you and the dark star of things, the kid really can not hair straightening brush thin hair participate in. Tianjun really remembered that I have so little credit, let go of the kid, Is the best reward. This time involved in the Han Shan a. nd Xi Jun should be among the game, it is already dangerous death also born, this is still in the lower bo.g If you insisted that the old hair straightening brush thin hair lady can do this at all costs. Jiang Zhengyang s attitude is also. very tough. To this point, he has no time to slowly dawdle, and must be resolved in the shortest possible time between things, get the Han Shan token, in order to win a chance for the Chiang family. Jiang Zhengyang strong, but it is abruptly the hearts of the ancestors of the Soviet Union left anger. Compared with the Chiang, the Soviet Union, after all, or too weak, even if Su Wan has now entered the prison community triple, and how can the accumulation of thousands of years compared with Chiang Once really turned, I m afraid Su is really likely to be exterminated Chiang Zhengyang. As the ancestors of the Soviet Union, he must be considered for more people, could not be surprised. Even if the tone hold back to the throat, but it can only temporarily press down. Zhengyang ancestors, the Soviet Union and the two can be considered a generation of good, and now you have a junior for the Song, even so forced, what is the reason Su ancestors rush against the temperament asked. Reason Sigh a cry, Jiang Zhengyang calmly said I tell you reason, and who told me reason Now the situation, you should also be very clear Yang step by step pressing, I Jiang also to the life and death of the hair straightener brush men occasion, in order to fight a line of vitality, nothing, I dare not do. Han Shan Speaking of this, Su family ancestors have finally come to the reaction, you want to win over Song, rely on the Han Shan, with my Su family have anything to do The old lady brush straightener ghd said, the day Que on the love at first sight, as elders, I have promised the day Que this child, to help him reach a wish. Turned around, Jiang Zhengyang said quietly, it seems that this is a very reasonable thing. roll The eyes of the murder hair straightening brush wet hair At first, Su Wan wrist doubled, poisonous poisonous domain suddenly start, toward Chiang Ching sun shrouded away. boom A pointing out, the moment a touch of beautiful purple thunder came crashing, abruptly Su Wan repulsed. Jiang Zhengyang face the same, a faint opening Su Wan, although you occupy a Dong Fu, after all, practice is still short, far from the old lady opponents. For Su Wan s shot, Jiang Zhengyang no surprise, before coming, he.Hideaki Master, your message in the government, is not a secret, I am afraid not to deceive ah. Why lie Shook his head, Yang Xiuchuan calmly said I just want to tell her, I do not want to see her only, she will understand what I mean Slightly a lag, Wu Lao finally slow down or go back Originally, he thinks he is very understanding of Yang Xiuchuan, but now, he has been more and more untouchable Yang Xiuchuan mind. In accordance with his idea, anyway, Wu Chi is dead, why again on the Su Wen politely If Su Wan dare to nonsense, is hair straightening brush thin hair not a letter to suppress it However, since Yang Xiuchuan has been ordered, but he is not the courage to come. Soon in the living room to see the Su Wan. Slightly Wu Shen, Wu old softly said Su girl, unfortunately, Hideaki Masters a few days ago to go out, I do not know when to come back If you are anxious, it is better to live in the government for some time, Come back, will immediately come to see you. Eyes reveal a touch of Jingmang, Su Wan deep hair straightening brush thin hair look at the old Wu, this opening said live for some time Hideyoshi master out of this time, fear is difficult to come back in a short time, we are not the next person can not contact. Shook his head, Wu old explained to the guest, although Hideaki Master is not, naturally also Dare not slow down the girl. Sleeves into the sky, Su Wan mouth revealed a trace of ridiculous color, do not have to leave. Su Wan s mind is so transparent, to this point, how can not guess is Yang Xiuchuan do not want to see her. Yang Xiuchuan to the strength of today, if bent to avoid, she is not the slightest way, as saying that in the Yang a hurdle even Yang Xiuchuan not come forward to her strength, it is difficult to discuss good. The most important thing is, now is not the time with Yang Xiuchuan fell. Wu Chi life and death is unknown, this hair straightening brush thin hair time anger Yang Xiuchuan is obviously very irrational, not to mention, behind her there Su family. Take Yang, thinking for a long time, Su Wan is also very difficult to draw a conclusion, had to return to the Soviet Union for the time being. Yang Xiuchuan return, for the golden world of the forces, are a big wash Since the return, and why not wait for some time Yang Xiuchuan can not never appear, there will alw.

Hair Straightening Brush Thin Hair t a fool, to this point, how could refuse, immediately kneel respectful kowtow, disciples Wu Chi, see the hair straightener brush brands teacher Apprentice Luo Ying Crushed the hands of the letter, Xi Jun should be a little pondered a moment, his mouth revealed a trace of ridiculous color, faint words It seems you are still very confident of the heart of refining stars ah hair straightening brush thin hair Unfortunately, this The stars of the heart is not destined to belong to you, even if you have the support of the Temple, also not The hands of a Zhanzhizhi, Xi Jun should figure suddenly disappeared again. The other layout, but only dark chess only, really the most critical or his own repair Only really restored the strength of the peak period, this time to seek the hearts of the stars may be successful, otherwise. , after all, are empty talk. Now even Xi Jun should not easily fall on the sky stars, is trying to refining the stars of the heart, Wan Jianzong Jianzu for the sky stars strong sense of the strong, to Xi Jun should be repaired, rush to appear, is There is a great possibility of being noticed. Although the strength of the sword with the ancestors, but also the same may not have him, hair straightening brush thin hair but it is bound to affect his plan. This is a star of the heart, a major relationship, in any case, he must not be missed. Chapter 464 Life Star This time I will stay in the door for a month, hair straightening brush thin hair so this month, you temporarily live here After I left, let the disciples to give you assigned Dongfu practice. Will Wu pool back to their main peak, Luo Ying said opening. Luo Ying speak at the same time, there have been servants for Wu Chi to clean up the home. Wu Chi Baoying subglottic, is the true disciples, in the entire million Jianzong identity are extremely distinguished, natural diet are responsible for people, whether he is left in the Luo Ying, or return to their own Dongfu, are the same. Of course, in fact, these are nothing but chores only, Luo Ying just casually told a bit, really important, or practice. Reprimanded the other disciples, Luo Ying this continued through the star when the door, you have the perfect refining of the star power, and even to promote the sky, which means that the process of refining the stars, for you It has ended. Refining the stars Wu Chi s.Rong had no time to think too much, suddenly went to Wu Chi chase. To the degree of people, in this real life and death, Bai Rong naturally believe that Wu Chi is bound to give up the cloud of the. 100 meters away, but the twinkling of an eye to the moment, Bai Rong once again appeared in the Wu Chi where the position. However, in this moment, Wu Chi mouth spit out a blood, stature suddenly disappeared again. Shrink inch inch Moment, the prejudicial reverse shift, Wu Chi is suddenly returned to the cloud side of the cloud again. If Bai Rong is not to chase. Wu Chi, but really kill the killer of the hair straightening brush commercial cloud, and now no doubt just catch a Wu Chi is a pity, but he once again guess the wrong Wu Chi s mind, abruptly Wu Chi to this Kind of prejudicial diversion played. God s prejudgment Detached the scope of the sword, this is the most terrible straight 'n' go hair straightener brush prejudgment. Survived Chapter 485 bite a bite Picked up the cloud load, Wu Chi even too late to look back and look at the opposite direction to escape again. Such a battle, no victory or defeat, only off life and death A moment of gains and losses simply do not have any meaning, only to survive is the only purpose. boom Bai Rong would like to chase, but an arrogance of the world s Yaoqi suddenly rolled from, but it is abruptly he pursued the pace of forced to stop down. Demon So again and again under the delay, the demon will finally arrived. This is certainly the most dangerous thing, for the Wu Chi and cloud Dutch, the demon will come, but it has become a good news for help. Suddenly looked back and glanced, to determine the hair straightening brush thin hair white dragon really demon will be dragged, Wu Chi s heart, this was a little relieved. The hearts of a share of the potential vent, Wu Chi at the foot of a staggering, almost hair straightener brush sally's fell to the ground. What do you like See Wu Chi pale face, Yun He asked anxiously. Continuous display shrink to inch, for Wu Chi, the load is too big, and now the situation, in fact, not better than the cloud where to go, but relied on a breath stuck only. The throat of the blood really swallowed back, Wu Chi slowly shook his head, go, here can not stay. Demon goal is Bai Rong good, but it does not mean that Wu Chi they no danger. Demon may not care about them, but th.

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