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Hair Straightening Brush Titanium tinued Moreover, I heard that the big reward is extremely rich, win a win, will be more benefits, even if the lost, the elders looked at the side , There will not be life threatening, this good opportunity, where to find Heard Wu Chi so that the clouds can not help but feel very reasonable. No life is dangerous, this sentence is actually enough. Is talking, Wu Chi and Yun He suddenly received a letter, opened, Wu Chi mouth can not help but slightly on the pick, You see, so there is no reason to refuse to con. tinue to participate. Letter is the cold star Jianjun to all the true disciples issued. The content is also very simple, the ancestors will personally pay attention to this big ratio, all in the big performance on the best electric straightening hair brushes outstanding disciples, have the opportunity to Jianzu pointing. Big than the first three disciples, but also to the ancestors of the retreat of the mountain, see the ten years of time. For all the disciples of the Sword, this opportunity, no doubt can be met and can not seek Such a temptation, no one willing to refuse. Chapter 509 Iceberg beauty, cold winter wrath The next morning, Wu Chi received a list against the list. Although Wu Chi is not familiar with these people, but the cloud is familiar with the very, helped Wu pool after reading, I do not know how to describe it Really a total of only a disciple only less than 100 people, of which the sword of the pro disciples of thirteen people. Which Luo Ying Wu Chi only a disciple, Ling Tian Jianjun hair straightener brush ksa four men under the cold star Jianjun three men under the Xiushui Jianjun five men. This time a large ratio, a total of eight groups, each group of 12 people, alternating grips, wins the most of the two promotion. In this way, as long as the break out of the group test, even into the sixteen strong. Each group can only have hair straightening brush thick hair a maximum of two Jianjun pro disciples, luck better, then only one. And Wu Chi pumping the list, then only Wu Chi is a sword pro pro, it should be considered lucky Can be biased, Bai Rong also ranked in this group, this way, the list against the list, can only say that is not good or bad. However, Wu Chi for the direct encounter Bai Rong is quite satisfied. Anyway, and Bai Rong are to be a winner, early encounter.body, Wu Chi once again hit, at the foot of a staggering, almost fell to the ground. At this time, Wu Chi mind is also very clear, in an. y case he must escape from the jail to go, at least have to make a great move, otherwise, if it fell here, everything will fall short, but instead Leave the other side. If for other people, even if the strength is much stronger than the Wu Chi, it is bound to withstand such a bombardment of Jianqi. But in the old prison in the dark, Wu Chi has long been suffering more pain, as long as not enough to fatal, hurt again, and then terrible pain, are not enough to hair straightening brush titanium does hair straightening brush work stop him. Suddenly, the body broke out again and again, Wu Chi continued to rush toward the prison outside the prison. This is a share of madness, but also to Chen elders discredited, forced to under the shot is more and more heavy, and even to the end, he is not sure, will not hurt Wu Chi s life. But to this point, even if the bet, he must also bet on a, otherwise, once the Wu Chi rushed out, the consequences of the same so that he can not afford. Chapter 492 sword and shaking People are afraid of brush straightener in south africa death, when the death is approaching, it seems that retreat is simply an instinctive choice. Time and again attack, so that Chen s elders face more and more ugly, but he has never believed, Wu Chi really dare to fight life do not, this battle seems to have become a will game. Exports in sight, it seems that as long as a lift will be able to go, however, is the last foot of the distance, for Wu Chi, but it is so far away. Has been to the limit, Wu Chi than anyone else is clear. If he refused to give up, perhaps the next attack will let him fall, but if this is to give up, but it is bound to be locked into the day jail prison, the same life and death unpredictable. The most important thing is, as long as the back of this step, hatred of the old three will definitely die. This point, Wu Chi also see more than anyone else is clear, only the old three dead, in order to cut off clues, the implementation of their own evidence, so that all this will be logical. Although just hatred of the youngest at the expense of their own, with the other side of the cloth under such a trap, but Wu Chi is not very enemies To know tha.

e chance of success is very low. Danger is naturally, but in fact, more than you are dangerous, I have Jianzu once again said But we have no choice If you can not refining the stars of the heart, the temple will make other experts to refining Time, the whole Sword will be destroyed, so, even if it is a stroke, it must be a stroke. Hear this, Wu Chi suddenly think of curse You want to bet is your thing ah, why pull me together I am only a hundred years, but why should there be with the door of the noble survival of the awkward ah Of course, these words Wu Chi is unable to say it. Disciples do their best As long as they can break, must go all out. Mind a move, Wu Chi immediately thought of the way to shirk. Can break through hair straightening brush titanium the words, naturally go all out, if not break, it would not be the thing Well. Break the broken stars Who knows when Even when it can break through the time, I was insisting still in the bottleneck, can not break, how can you like Not that good for ten years hair straightening brush short hair men Then slowly consume chanting. When the time can not break, it may not I do not want to help, it is powerless ah. This way, it really seems a bit rogue. However, this slut itself is rogue, the slightest do not feel ashamed. You have this heart. Seems to have not heard Wuchi words in the mystery, Jianzu Wen Yan Road. Just did not wait for Wu Chi proud of it, they suddenly felt a strong star suddenly fell from the air down, majestic star force is simply in the Wu Chi s body irrigation. For others, you want to break through the broken star is difficult, can Wu Chi own talent is strong, the road is also enough insight The so called bottleneck, in fact, is not difficult to break Moreover, there is hair straightening brush titanium now the heart of the stars, as long as the heart of the sword, no doubt can easily help Wu pool breakthrough. Such a breakthrough, would have been seeking other people do not have a good opportunity, but now for Wu Chi, but it is simply tears. Do not take such a pit man ah The The Sword peak Luo Ying was hair straightening brush titanium originally practicing, but suddenly felt someone embarked on the sword peak. The hearts of a slight move, Luo Ying even when the perception of each other s breath, can not help but some accidents. Stature slightly flash, Luo Ying imme.arrested to the possibility of interrogation. Not to mention, even if all this may not appear, can Xi Jun should now in front of their own. ah. Wu Chi is arrogant, nor mentally handicapped that can be in front of Xi Jun should be open to the surface of the void soaring the upper bound. What do you want Silence for a while, Wu Chi asked again. The upper world is much more complex than you think, the strength of the seat, but also far from what you can imagine. Slightly shaking his head, Xi Jun should indifferent from the dark prison community soaring, will directly reach the dark star Star Gate, this seat will take you away from the dark star. I want to know what days do you want me to do Did not move, Wu Chi calmly asked. This time, Xi Jun should find over, I am afraid it will not really worry about their own, regardless of the hype, it must hair straightening brush titanium be purposeful, for this purpose, for themselves, or is the most troublesome and most dangerous. Eyes reveal a trace of appreciation of the color, Xi Jun should be slightly nodded. To be able to remain calm in this case, Wu Chi is obviously a wise man, for him, a wise man is much more useful than a fool. We do not need anything to do now. Shook his head, Xi Jun should be softly said This seat only need you continue to become strong, and then one day, you will understand what I want to do, by that time, you will be able to choose again, is not willing help me Wu Chi some of the words did not understand, but it was able to see from the eyes of Xi Jun should be tired and adhere to Wu Chi can feel that this may not be a good thing, and very dangerous, but do not know why, looking at the moment Xi Jun should, Wu Chi refused, but how can not speak. Xiao Ye is not to believe his lies Just beat him yes, is that Heart secretly muttered one, Wu Chi this continued to open When to go As soon as possible, shook his head, Xi Jun should indifferent and said From the beginning of my crack seal, the dark star should have been on the road, late, I am afraid it may not go away Mentioned this, Wu Chi head suddenly emerge a black line, the kind of pirates on the feeling of the ship, more and more strong a bit. That I now go back to hair straightening brush titanium brush straightener cvs it Short farewell, Wu Chi will be before Zhou X.a month arrived here, Yang Xiuchuan hair straightener brush usa looks still some tired, there are some unwilling. Compared to the night Shen Xing, he seems to pay more effort, but ultimately failed to let the ranking squeeze into the top ten, which makes him give birth to a sense of frustration Of course, it is just a sense of frustration, not really lose service. Night Shenxing practice life and death Avenue, where the more than he would take some cheaper. Yang Xiuchuan for the arrival of the night Shenxing is not surprising. I m not sure, but it s possibl. e that Shook his head, the night Shenxing continued This may be the world s last four test, or should change a saying here is the real test And before those, but just let us for the upcoming The test is a little prepared. In other words, only where the ranking is really meaningful Eyelids slightly pick pick, Yang Xiuchuan interface Road. This is the embrace of the two. Even hair straightening brush seen on gma if you know the danger, even if you have felt a fatal sense of crisis, but they still do not doubt that they can break through, but want to fight the final ranking only. This is not just a fame problem, more likely to be a fortune. Seven prison community, has never been a simple test, accompanied by undoubtedly good fortune. For both, the prison community before the four test, in fact, has brought a lot of gains, but these are still not enough If this is the real test, then there is no doubt that the real good fortune will appear here. Just barely through the two can not meet the ambition. Here since there are ranked stone, then the two have reason to believe that this ranking is definitely not meaningless, simply for a fame, it is too ridiculous. Do you think Wu Chi died Turned around, night Shen Xing whispered asked. These years they have never seen Wu Chi, naturally they can not determine the Wu Chi s life and death, if according to the situation when Baoli knife Hill, Wu Chi is likely to have long been dead. Whether it is the night or Yang Xiuchuan have reason to believe that the scourge will not be so easy to die. You want to wait for him Yang Xiuchuan asked. I have a hunch, he is very hair straightening brush titanium close to us. Pondered for a moment, night Shenxing slowly replied Do not you want to see his ranking If this.

Hair Straightening Brush Titanium he same time flying out, one of the same lock the night of the stars of the death of the sickle, while the other is sealed a few stars Way to the same time again toward Yang Xiuchuan roll This sudden change, stunned everyone, or even a time hair straightening brush lcd no one can react, what happened. Seven chains hair straightening brush titanium out of the air, revealing a mysterious road rules of the atmosphere, abruptly night will be stars and Yang Xiuchuan two people around the space locked Yang Xiuchuan and the strength of the night Shen Xing people have to hair straightening brush titanium see clearly, is already already overriding the power of the road above the peak But now, just rely on the seven chains do not know why, even abruptly will Yang Xiuchuan and the night star moved down, what is the terrible strength Now prison world triple, and what else can have such a terrorist not the strength Law enforcement who night In this prison community nearly three thousand years, or the first time to see the law enforcement shot Eyes reveal a chill chill, night Shenxing hands dead sickle slightly under pressure, will be wrapped around the chain to hair straightening brush titanium the ground pressure, issued a burst of harsh metal impact of the sound, while the eyes locked in front of the void. The next moment, a whole body shrouded in the darkness of the people will slowly appear from the void out, can not see the face, and even men and hair straightening brush titanium women are not distinguishable, but the body of the strong darkness of the gush Out of a solemn pressure. The prison community is the prisoner set up, not allow anyone to disturb the order You two people called, hair straightening brush titanium has been seriously disturbed to the prison order, and now stop, the seat can also be nothing happened, otherwise, the order chain can not lock Bingbing, can also kill Hoarse and low voice slowly sounded, revealing an unquestionable power. enforcer Aware of the identity of the moment, all the spirit can not help but startled Especially bamboo Yaoy. ang, the eyes are revealed a trace of excitement of the color Originally he had almost died, but did not expect the most critical time, the law enforcement officers to take out, and a shot to stop the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan two, abruptly pulled him from the ghost gate. This feeling of escape in the dead, so he almost cried. Nig.spectful salute, jail prison disciple said softly. As cold star Jianjun promised, this hundred years, he will personally sits in prison. Of course, in fact, the cold star does not need to personally deal with anything, he sat in the jail prison, it is enough. Simple with the cold star Jianjun said a few words, Wu Chi and the younger brother of the younger brother was directly into the day jail prison. Compared to the word to the jail prison, days jail prison space is much smaller, but also can only accommodate a dozen people look like. Just entered the day jail prison, Wu Chi the whole person can not help but hair straightening brush titanium suddenly a lag. There is no time to Jianqi outbreak, and now the day of the sword in the prison filled with Jian Qi, it has been almost no time with the Sword Jian Qi outbreak of the power of the. This is the power of terror, even if the Wu Chi has long been psychologically prepared, and now this is the pressure of terror, or let some of the scalp of Wu Chi. That the gentleman, I now go back, but also have time Ling Tian Jianfeng Ji Yifeng kneeling in front of Ling Tian Jianjun, head out of a layer of cold sweat. In fact, he has been kneeling in this whole night, knees have been numb, but Lingtian Jianjun do not speak, he would not get up. Come on Faint glanced at the quarter a peak, Ling Tianjian finally slowly opening Road. Master respect Some grievances stood up, Ji Yifeng head down and said disciples know wrong. Know the wrong Ling Tian Jianjun glanced at the quarter a peak, faint asked where is wrong Disciples should not be the chief, difficult Wu Chi. Ji Yifeng head down said. Some disappointed shook his head, Ling Tian Jianjun faintly said I know your mind, want to help me against the prestige of Luo Ying is nothing, but you use the means, but it is too naive. Looked at the quarter of a peak, Ling Tianjian calmly said You think Wu Chi is what people Let Luo Ying favor, directly for the pro disciples, even within a month lit star, such a genius, where is you What can this little thing affect To kill the snake dead. against the harm To shot, they have to thunderbolt force, directly to the enemy and death Paused, Ling Tianjian continued You usually accustomed to the usual, after all, t.

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