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Hair Straightening Brush Video u Chi put it hair straightener brush easy, but how she would not understand the hardships, Wu Chi said so, but just want to her heart only. To this time, and even scruples to her ideas, let her how not to move. I am sorry This is not the first time I am sorry to say that the cloud, although this is also no use, but in addition, she did not know what should be said. His hands clasped, pillow in the back of the head, Wu Chi lazily said You mean to jail it In the hair straightening brush video cloud Dutch view, if not their own point broken, asked Xiushui Jianjun to a fair, perhaps Wu Chi simply will not be punished, so count up. Naturally she was harmed Wu Chi. Unequal Yunhe replied, Wu Chi said softly For me, this may really be a good thing Penalty. for a hundred years Slowly repeated again, Ji Yifeng s face is suddenly exposed a trace of anger, damn, what is the punishment Xiushui Jianjun this is clear to hair straightening brush video protect him ah Outsiders may not see clearly, but the real understanding of the reasons for those who, it is easy to see through the essence of which. Had cited Wu Chi to Mangshan, itself is deliberately calculated. In Mangshan, regardless of Wu Chi and Bai Rong who said the truth, but this must have been forged a hatred. Luo Ying is not, Wu Chi in the door of the door, in fact, nothing to rely on. Wu Chi can be calculated once, naturally can calculate the second time With this lesson, the next shot, only more vicious, more Henla, at that time, Wu Chi may not be able to hide in the past. Can be punished into the jail prison, it may be fixed, and within a hundred years, Wu Chi can only be punished in the jail prison. Although the jail prison bitter, but absolutely no one can easily reach out to the jail prison. This way, the jail prison for Wu Chi, but it became the safest place. As for a hundred years later with Bai Rong that war, even more of a problem. Even after a hundred years, Wu Chi is still far less than Bai Rong, but do hair straightening brush video not forget, a hundred years later, killing Jianjun can come back. There are Luo Ying in, that is, by Bai Rong ten courage, he dare to kill Wu Chi it Such hair straightening brush on wet hair punishment, is simply disguised asylum. But the season is a peak but hair straightening brush video how do not want to understand, so end, Xiushui Jianjun how to so asylum Wu Chi, is on their own discip.rt of the bridge really have the end, so many years of continuous forward, how should also come to the fishes. Maybe, maybe not, who can say it Sighed, Yang Xiuchuan calmly said. I do not know what the heart bridge is what, but I think, can not be so blind to go. Silence for a moment, night Shenxing slowly opening Road. So, you want to jump out Looking back, watching the night Shen Xing, Yang Xiuchuan indifferent asked. Silence for a moment, night Shenxing did not answer. But he did not have to continue to go down the meaning. Waiting for a moment, Yang Xiuchuan suddenly turned, then we also do not have it. You have to continue to go Pick the eyebrows, night stars once again asked. Practice is this is a lonely road, and I do not lack patience. Did not look back, Yang Xiuchuan calmly said line hundred and hair straightening brush for natural hair thirty half, although we have gone for a long time, but who can certainly not in the next Moment out of the heart of the bridge Yang Xiuchuan heard the words, night Shen Xing is not a reply, but the heart can not help but feel some. Insisted that this is Yang Xiuchuan Road Even if you do not see any hope, even if full of thorns and hardships, but Yang Xiuchuan like a stone in general, never give up, but will not regret it. Watching Yang Xiuchuan gradually go away, the night Shenxing heart also flashed countless thoughts. Wu Chi is the first out of the first, and the first doubt the existence of the heart of the bridge, he is not clear how Wu Chi now, and is not really jumped the dark void. But that choice means that Wu Chi s heart and choice. Yang Xiuchuan choose to continue to go, this insistence also makes people filled with emotion. Night Shen Star can not judge, who is the choice of right, but he did not follow anyone to go, because that is not his way. Silence for a moment, the eyes of the evening Shen Xing suddenly revealed a touch of Jingmang, death sickle suddenly start, the hearts of a touch of meaning, all the strength, together with the palm of your hand, bravely pushed the sickle sickle toward the foot of the heart Magic Bridge cut down. Yes, cut heart bridge This is the choice of night stars, crazy and Henla. Night Shen Xing do not believe anyone, really believe that only the hands.

disciples are willing to enter the word Jian prison penalty Chapter 488 Jian Qi erosion To a certain extent, the jailbreak is almost the same with the prison. Into the words of the word jail prison, Wu Chi was found around the separation of many independent small house, each about only a few meters in size, barely able to shelter, these small hole is clearly the place of detention. Was the custody of the disciples here into one of the small hole into the house, lost the token of the shelter, Wu Chi suddenly felt a horrible Jian Qi, but only between the count, the body actually broke open Many small wounds. The pain hit, even if the strength of Wu Chi can not help but grunted a cry. People say that the swords of the swords, and now this sword under the gas, I am afraid I am still afraid of the swords on the swords on the body, if the Wu Chi had a dark prison in the experience, I am afraid that a moment will hurt halo past. Eight, nine, ten Haha, hatred of the youngest, which may have been ten, the new people, but the propped, and this bet, I won it Wu Chi from the prison into the beginning, near the small hole of the people, they noticed, and even take Wu Chi bet. His mother, really evil Just now just stars, the little guy could withstand the sword of gas erosion, not only did not halo, even hum did not hum out loud, great ah Qiu old three lost, but it is not angry, but excitedly looked up from. the Wu Chi. Although the two heard the words, but Wu pool is now no energy to manage these. Jian Qi continue to erode from, not only hurt the body, and even damage the meridians, if so let go, I m afraid there is really the risk of waste. Mind electric transfer, the next moment Qinglian suddenly bloom. Between the twinkling of an eye, Qinglian under the care, Wu Chi will stabilize the stature, although some difficult, but after all, hair straightening brush video still survive the most dangerous one off. Wu Chi himself did not feel anything, but a few people around it is already looking to stay. Jian Qi out loud gymnastics, hatred of the old three, I did not look wrong This little guy, even let the jianqi extra put Jian Qi out of their own no big deal, but in the jail prison, may hair straightener brush in bangladesh be quite great. First of all, the ban on the star power.cense, slowly ignited The will has been bound to the limit, in the Wu Chi s consciousness is about to annihilate the moment, a mysterious force suddenly emerge from the soul of Wu Chi, between the moment, they abruptly Wu Chi from the edge of the collapse of abruptly pulled come back. Nothing, Wu Chi s body slowly appeared a red robe. Red robe plus body, life and death big sentence Willing to Life and death under the crisis, willing to suddenly into the body, abruptly Wu Chi has been about to collapse the will pulled back. Almost in an instant, Xi Jun should feel the Wu Chi who is willing to volatility, fingers can not be tapped a little bit, even when the surging ears of the stars will be covered up. Willing, this is Xi Jun should dare to let Wu Chi continue to support the key. Originally in the dark prison community, Wu Chi finally hit the Hanshan when the people, they used the desire, others do not know, but Xi Jun should be aware of Wu Chi itself is far from being able to control the extent of the desire to be in the heart of the stars under the persecution, but once again inspired the desire for him to hold hair straightening brush temperature up the last barrier. Get the support of the desire, Wu Chi Xinghai suddenly crazy again to hair straightening brush video expand up. One thousand one hundred feet, one thousand two hundred feet, one thousand three hundred Zhang two feet The heart of the stars under the cover, in addition to Xi Jun should be outside, there is no one can be aware of the exception of Wu Chi body. With the passage of time, everyone looked to Wu Chi s eyes are revealed a touch hair straightening brush video of dismay. They do not know, Wu Chi now how to o. pen up the number of Xinghai, but it can understand that the power of the stars in the heart, support so long means what. Xinghai size, for the future practice of the impact, it is difficult to estimate. Because that means that a person in the straightening hair brush boots same realm, can accommodate the limit of the limit of stars. Even enough to decide, in the future there is no refining the stars of the heart, become the possibility of the main star. Although the broken stars, there are some opportunities, you can continue to expand Xinghai, can be hair straightening brush ulta stepped into the crashed star opened the size of Xinghai, but it is undoubtedly the absolute fou.Yunpeng, in fact, Wu Chi years of mentality, but also some relaxation. It seems that in the million swords had been how, are not too mind. Li Yunpeng can now listen to such a say, only to react over. If Xi Jun should be delayed, do not intend to continue their own in the million swords were mixed up The upper bound, and he also has a lot of care, how can the eyes only in a million sword cases were Moment, Wu Chi suddenly had a thought of the feeling of access. Since there are a. lot of things to do to do, why should low key down Fight, why not fight Just as their own into the upper bound when the shock of the Quartet, attracted the attention of the same Luo Ying, want to compete for more hair straightening brush reviews 2016 resources and benefits, you want to enhance the strength of the faster, you must fight down, really amazing Quartet What is it So, then we ll give them a surprise Eyes reveal a touch of Jingmang, Wu Chi slowly opening Road. I ll give him a surprise His hair straightening brush video face some gloomy, Bai Rong cold voice Road. A hundred years time, although the great progress of Wu Chi, but he is also not in the same place, not to mention, he would have to go too much than Wu Chiqiang. Mangshan missed, brought him a great negative impact, although still believe that his majority, but always need a name. And this time Zongmen big ratio, is undoubtedly the best chance. Only fiercely Wu Chi step on the foot, in order to suppress all the criticism of the sound. Looked up at a glance, quarter a peak slowly said I want, and not just surprise I got the news, killing Jianjun a short period of time can not come back, I do not want to see hair straightening brush video Wu Chi live back to his time. The day was Ling Tian Jianjun scolded a meal, quarter of the peak is to see more and more thorough. Do not kill the snake To be shot, it is necessary to hit a fatal, without leaving trouble. Now taking advantage of Luo Ying not come back, is to kill Wu Chi the best chance Moment, Bai Rong can not help but suddenly a stagnant, tightly staring at quarter a peak Although he was angry, but in fact, but did not want to lead to Wu Chi and death, after all, Wu Chi s identity is different, if killed Wu pool, I am afraid Luo Ying absolutely will not let go. This is a bit too big. Ji Yifeng natural.

Hair Straightening Brush Video icky, but did not think but is self defeating. Formerly, in the Donghua Xianfu in the time, Donghua emperor had left a warning of the language. Do not stand on the left side of the road, the road only to himself The road is hard to find, and how can we trick In the prison community when the four, Wu Chi can be miraculously reversed, because he understood that through the test is nothing, to enhance their own is the only purpose In this process, both with Yang Xiuchuan their heart of victory, or stone on the rankings, have been ignored by Wu Chi Li down. It is precisely because of this, so he can make four big progress in the prison community. But now in the face of the mirror, Wu Chi but lost his sense of balance, perhaps, from the heart, he did not want to overcome t. heir own mirror To tricky way to deceive, all the way to cut off those mirrors. It seems to be right, but can not forget, through the test is simply not the meaning lies. From the incense to the road, this one realm, in fact, there are still shortcomings, hair straightener brush india and only in the fight with the mirror, is from another point of view of their own shortcomings the best way. Each within the realm, can make some breakthroughs, positive victory over the mirror, add up, will inevitably make the strength once again a leap, then at the moment even if the face of a lot more than their own black mirror, will be very calm. Can be chosen Wu Chi has been tricky, plain will be missed before all the opportunities, and this way, this last mirror of the test, it became a fatal threat It is no exaggeration to say that before everything is just prepared, in front of the black mirror, is the mirror of the real test on the bridge. Can be chosen before those who hair straightening brush video prepare their own time and opportunity, have been wasted, and this way, not self defeating what is it The brain quickly turned these thoughts, in fact, but also a moment of time only. In fact, Wu Chi s response has been fast enough to be able to instantly want to understand all this, unfortunately, to this point, it is understood that too late. This one stupid, curse just right. Step by step, black mirror mirror suddenly burst out of the terror of the sword, forcing Wu Chi even breathing a hurry a bit F.ang family will be almost destroyed, Yang Xiuchuan now set foot in the land, impressively Jiang is the ancestral home. Chiang Kai shek how to be able to match with you Hideaki master you Wu old disapproval said Now the golden world, is already my control of Yang, Xiuchuan master your name is bound to be forever spread. What about it Pointing to the front of the Chiang family ancestral home, Yang Xiuchuan softly asked Like the ancestors of Chiang, like, also into the ancestral hall, so that future generations worship it Wu old words do not know how to pick up the words. Shaking his head, shook his head, Yang Xiuchuan indifferent said Do not allow anyone detrimental to Chiang Kai shek ancestral points in the future, after the birth of Jiang Jia genius, since the recapture, I give them this opportunity. Walking out, Yang Xiuchuan seems to have been so boring for these. Hideaki Masters Rushed to follow up, Wu old some puzzled and asked ancestral territory is not destroyed, it will always let Chiang Jiawu remnants of luck, you do so, is bound to leave my hidden risk ah. Yang is not a man of my family, one day, I will leave If Yang hair straightening brush video s people, hair straightening brush video even this thing can not handle, and later will be Is the decline or even destroyed, what can be complained about The realm is different, the vision will be hair straightening brush without heat different. Shook his head, Yang Xiuchuan whispered That reason, Jiang Zhengyang do not understand, you do not understand. This time so that Wu Er do not know how to respond, in fact, he already felt, Yang Xiuchuan is not already familiar with that Yang Xiuchuan it These days still let him in the side, but also because of the past, the situation only. Unconsciously, Yang Xiuchuan has already reached a kind, so that he can not hair straightening brush video understand the height. Yang Jia, Xiuchuan Perhaps this call, has also become a kind of memories, and now in front of people, just Yang Xiuchuan only. Hideaki young master Wu Chi on the mountain Yang Xiuchuan step out of Chiang s ancestral home at the same time, immediately there are people scrape together up, gently reported. Hanshan repeat the name of this, Yang Xiuchuan eyes slowly down the direction of the cold mountain, but after all did not say anything Han Shan was born among a small.

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