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Hair Straightening Brush Vs Flat Iron i to the day jail prison, so that Wu Chi himself can not support the death of which, but absolutely no courage to personally kill Wu Chi. Kill the sword of the true missionary disciples, and is the only one disciples, so good to kill it No matter how good he is, once dare to make such things, but also absolutely die. As Wu Chi said before, Wu Chi even made a big mistake, is not he qualified to punish or even kill. Ji Yifeng then want hair straightening brush vs flat iron to kill Wu Chi, can only dare not secretly calculated, not personally shot it Face livid, Chen Chang old want to once again invigorate Jian Qi, Wu Chi can be seen in the hands of the disciples, but after all, had to bear down. It s too much to see this scene. If you really let Wu Chi in this kill people, Wu Chi can not run, but he ignored the disciples of the crime of responsibility and how to run out The most critical is that he really did not dare to kill Wu Chi, even Wu Chi grid killed jail prison disciples, he also did not dare to kill Wu Chi. Now, after all, no dead, he can put things down, but once the real death of people, it is bound to disturb the cold star Jianjun. You are not a man, in the end what happened, clear, and we want to find a solution Otherwise, even if you pit dead me, it may not be able to solve the problem. Glanced at the old hatched one, Wu Chi snappily curse. Zhang Zhang mouth, hatred of the old but after all, did not speak out Honestly, things have come to this step, and he has not thought of it anyway. He only know that Wu Chi strong talent, and may be framed was imprisoned in jail, but how could not think of hair straightener brush india reviews Wu Chi even so bold, after being wronged, dare so unscrupulous shot attack This thing has been too much trouble, and big to his ignorant, but the fundamental reaction to the. Eyes swept away, Wu Chi suddenly noticed the hatred of the hair straightening brush vs flat iron old man in the arms of the scarf and letter. Stature slightly flash, Wu Chi hand on the robbed over. Brow suddenly jump, Chen long heart of a cross, take care of many, suddenly probe toward the Wu Chi caught over. That letter and scarf, decided not to let Wu pool to see, or to let other pe. ople find that even take some risks, he is bound to stop Wu Chi. If on the outside, with his strength, Wu Chi nat.people, who do not want to pick out. And ignore the clouds, Wu Chi s eyes narrowed slightly, indifferent asked Li Dongsheng is it Are you sure, really want to sign with me dead No longer commensurate with the Young, it means that Wu Chi has really played a Murder, which is subtle, other people may not understand, but the cloud of this sensitive woman, but it is able to feel the. How, do not hair straightening brush vs flat iron dare Neck twist, Li Dongsheng sneered. In all fairness, the cloud was so full of scared, his heart also slightly regretted some, but the words have been said, and naturally did not take back the truth, even if the brace, but also brave in the end. Well, I ll sign up with you Eyes reveal a touch of Hanmang, Wu Chi coldly open Road. No Hear the words of Wu Chi, Yun Ying frowned, once again blocked Road. If you are not even the sword of this waste is not close, that is, do not sign dead and alive, I also shame dead. Mouth through Out of a touch of smile, Wu Chi frivolous look at the cloud said This frivolous and rampant words, so that the hearts of clouds more and more angry, this guy how this is not a matter of fact Just think of Wu Chi died in the hands of the consequences of Li hair straightening brush vs flat iron Dongsheng, Yun He stamped the stomping said. I promised it, do not call again. No Almost at the same time in the cloud to speak, Li Dongsheng and Wu Chi both open at the same time. Moment of tim. e, that is, Yuno no matter how good temper, his face can not help but a stiff. If you hair straightening brush vs flat iron want to die, I will fulfill him, said Li Dongsheng, who said, Since he wants to die, I will not be able to do so. Shrugged his shoulders, Wu Chi leisurely said You see, he bent to kill me If not give him this opportunity, that he may be how the next black hand, I do not like trouble Paused, Wu Chi mouth slightly up, Moreover, the cloud of her sister, you have to promise me what Die Heard Wu Chi this frivolous molested words, hair straightener brush asavea Yunhe immediately angry. Li Dongsheng is red eyes, murderous out of the wind. Apart from anything else, directly from the body out of life and death, resolutely marked with their own star power mark, thrown into the Dongfu within. But hair straightening brush vs flat iron did not immediately sign, but sneered Li Dongsheng, swear it, or if you shameless, I am not now nothing.

Chi. Jailbreak this is the responsibility of disciples, if Chen Yang is true, then even if Wu Chi is Luo s disciples, the matter must also give an account. Fingertips, a soft force of water suddenly poured into the body of Wu Chi, Xiushui Jianjun faintly said Wu Chi was sentenced to a hundred years in prison, I told you Even if he really made a heinous crime, but also First reported to me know, who gave you the courage, unauthorized under the killer If the unusual disciples, made a mistake, Chen Chang old guard jail hair straightening brush vs flat iron prison natural right to hair straightening brush on tv handle, but Wu pool is different As Wu Chi said before, regardless of Wu Chi what is wrong, in fact, Chen elders are not qualified to punish, let alone the next killer. Really disciples, but also Luo Ying pro disciples, on identity, not under the elders. He is only responsible for guarding jail prison, really want to punish, it is also cold. star Jianjun things. Disciples moment angry, shot too heavy, willing to be punished. Chen Changren heart of a cold, Chen Sheng replied. cough Cough a bite of blood out, get Xiushui Jianjun help, Wu pool finally breathed a sigh of relief, immediately sneered Chen elders, we Ming people do not say secret words, and do not mention the old three attacks on my things There is a strange thing, you do not ask indiscriminate, it is necessary to put me into the day jail prison is what reason Remark made, Xiushui Jianjun suddenly cold water. When, just hair straightening brush harrods the disciples of the stars into the jail prison, need to be sentenced to days sword prison Chen Yang s body has long been sweat thoroughly, as the original Wu Chi was locked in the same, even if he took the benefits of quarter of a peak, but also dare to Wu Chi into the word prison. No matter what reason, so that Wu Chi into the days of jail prison are too much, jail prison is to punish disciples good, but it is not to set someone to death. Pull out the letter and scarves, Wu Chi swept a glance, then cursed Chou old three, to this time, do not you have the words clear Such a big move, has long been alarmed the entire jailbreak, hatred of the old three face pale, but after all, or with the out, kneeling on the ground, disciples of revenge, meet three Jianjun. Said, what is going on Co.fe and death judge asked slowly opening. Yes Nodded his head, Yang Xiuchuan can not help half of the meaning of Wu Chi cover Eyes reveal a trace of hair straightening brush vs flat iron the color of surprise, life and death judge looked at Yang Xiuchuan one, you have hatred It seems to think of what, Yang Xiuchuan continued His purpose is like us, are for the door to life and death Come on, you can not get away. Silence, life and death judge suddenly said. Almost at the same time talking, his body bright red roses completely faded, that kind of intangible coercion also will be dissipated, and even the body also followed by nothing. what Moment, Yang Xiuchuan and night stars at the same time change. This sudden change also let the two some off guard, rush between, hair straightening brush vs flat iron but also simply can not understand what happened, but with the instinct to know perhaps with the Wu Chi Rumbling The next moment, a horror of the sky into the sky, enveloped the entire life and death hall, and even quickly toward the whole endless purgatory away. Moment, the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan two big change, too late to think, then suddenly toward the hair straightening brush wet to dry door of life and death. seal In the two men are about to enter the door of life and death, a bright red word suddenly appeared in front of life and death, abruptly stopped the two people down. Breathing, a familiar figure will appear in front of the two. Red robe plus body, life and de. ath big sentence Moment of life and death in front of all the guards suddenly bowed to worship. Wu Chi figure to see the moment, the two pupils can not help but suddenly shrink, incredibly tightly staring at the Wu Chi. Life and death Who can think of, for such a moment of effort, Wu Chi has become a big sentence of life and death, it is too strange. Night Boy, Hideaki Masters, we meet again. Mouth brought back a touch of light smile, Wu Chi softly open Road. What do you want Staring at Wu Chi, night Shen Xing coldly asked. We are old friends Well, I can think about how Shook his head, Wu Chi said with a smile However, cooked cooked, the total fee to pay some of the way Although the mouth is joking, but in fact, Wu Chi s heart has really gave birth to a hint of murderous. Once left here, whether it is Yang Xiuchuan or night sta.Yao Long pushed into an embarrassing point. Some people challenge Wu Chi, he can stand idly by, but as a sword of the disciples, how can he challenge Wu Chi Wu hair straightener brush buy online Qixiao joke. Heart strong self calm, Yao Long once again hair straightening brush vs flat iron said Challenge Wu brothers is Cheng Shit Young, and I have nothing to do, I naturally hope that the brothers to win. Sneer a cry, Wu Chi nodded slightly, So you are not dare Brow suddenly jump pick, Yao Long, after all, did not hold back, Wu brothers, even if I really want to me, but also the first win Cheng Shixiang said. Do you count what Face full of mockery of the color, Wu Chi disdain of ridicule Could you really think you can on behalf of Jianfeng not a This remark, Wu Chi curse of the polite, suddenly Yao Long s face swollen some red. Although he repeatedly put more arrogant look, but in fact, he is just a core of Jianfeng disciples, even a small number of fame, but also can not change the fact that And Wu Chi, no matter how bad, but it is the only true disciples. Luo Ying Wu Chi in the identity of the disciples before being captured, the only person who can represent Jianfeng, also can only be Wu Chi. Wu brothers to teach me, but also the first to win the next line of talent. Some black face, Yao Long teeth said. Why is it so troublesome Brow slightly a pick, Wu Chi indifferent said You two together on the good, but also so that others say I am big bully small. This sentence out, the crowd suddenly burst of noise, look to Wu Chi s eyes, just like watching a madman. If you say, there are people who think that there is a little bit of the odds of the odds, and now hear him actually want to challenge Yao Long and Cheng Li two can not help but shook his head. This is simply impossible. Yao hair straightening brush vs flat iron Long and Cheng Li are both in the core disciples into the top ten characters, together, even some just entered the core of the mysterious world disciples, also dare not speak. The same level of the next, Wu Chi how could the slightest chance of winning cheap hair straightening brush Looked at the Wu Chi one, Yao Long is suddenly sneer up, Wu brothers, which is intended to lie to it I am two together, even if the win, what is the glory Heard Wu Chi s hair straightener brush original words, Yao Long is thought to have seen through the Wu Chi s mind. Lost to.

Hair Straightening Brush Vs Flat Iron lso has a strong confidence, simply disdain shot attack. Mouth micro Yang, Wu Chi aware of the eyes of the cloud that a trace of mercy eyes, the heart can not help but give birth to a bit joking meaning, opening Yun He Shimei, I do not hesitate to fight with you, if really can survive, You can not be considered, really straightening hair brush for short hair to accompany sleep you wanna die Heard Wu Chi this shameless funny, ranging from cloud to answer, Li Dongsheng then could not help, pull the sword out. Between the twinkling of an eye, the horror of the stars suddenly filled the sky, almost all of this mountain are lit up. Sword like a round, sealed empty, Xinghua shrouded the land, is the place of death Supernatural powers This sword, like the blue sky among the stars, said to be a sword, but the sword is like a sword in general, sealed the void, to avoid the inevitable, block unstoppable Under the sword wheel, enough to instantly crashed together with the stars in the void. Sword star round The presence of all, when you see hair straightening brush vs flat iron the sword of the time, can not help but praise. This supernatural powers, in the swordsman itself is extremely famous, although not as good as the top of the several supernatural powers, but the round of attack power, but it is undoubtedly the top of the. This supernatural power is extremely difficult to practice, to master this supernatural powers, it means that Li Dongsheng has been half foot into the broken stars Alone this sword, Li Dongsheng really have a challenge to the true disciples of the qualifications. Of course, this really disciples, referring to the Wu Chi is not just this entry parallel hair straightening brush vs flat iron imports. Although a bit more crazy, but Li Dongsheng has indeed this insolent capital. This sword resorted, let alone Wu Chi, and even if the cloud load, also did not grasp then down. It can be said that in the eyes of all, from the resort to the beginning. of the sword, this one test is over. Even if the Wu Chi and then talent, it is absolutely impossible to block such a terrorist sword In fact, Wu Chi really can not stop. Even when the sword from the hands of the time, Wu Chi clearly felt the threat of death, with his strength now, in the face of the sword, simply even the idea can not even rise. However, he.ried yet This bastard, can not help but to the Song Yu Chen, Jiang Zhengyang also choke the same light. I do not care, I just like her, before things, I do not care As long as you can marry Su Wan, let me do anything. A look of arrogant rise, Song Tian Que unreasonably said Grandpa, you If not help me, I went back to the mountain to my father, my father came forward, I do not believe the Soviet Union dare not agree. Hear this, Jiang Zhengyang s brow can not help but suddenly jumped. Song Tianque is not grow, but there are always such a good father, backed by Han Shan, is some wayward, but also nothing. If before, even offended Han Shan, Jiang Zhengyang will not provoke Wu Chi. Can be as Song Tianque said, Wu Chi is dead ah Su Wan is not possible for a dead widowed, as Su family, she did not have much choice of power. Broke into the prison community may let her in the Soviet Union has a very high status, but compared with the four families, but after all, is too much difference. If you can persuade Su Wan promised to marry Song Tianque, then with this relationship, naturally able to catch up with the relationship between the Han Shan, Chiang s crisis today, it is likely to resolve this. Think of this, Jiang Zhengyang finally some heart. Day Que, ah, if you really like this Su Wan, nor is there no way. Paused, Jiang Zhengyang slowly said Zhengyang grandfat. her can help you go to Su Wan mention pro, let Su Wan marry you, but you also To promise Zhengyang grandpa one thing. Eyes bright, Song Tianqun suddenly no trouble, Zhengyang grandfather, as long as I can marry Su Wan, what conditions I have agreed, just ask you to let Su Wan hair straightening brush best sellers marry me. Zhengyang grandfather want to see Han Shan Shang, you can do it Watching Song Tianque, Jiang Zhengyang slowly asked. what Hear this, Song Tian Que can not help Yizheng, brow can not help but tightly wrinkled up, this this How, you can not do it Jiang Zhengyang slowly asked. Meng biting his teeth, Song Tian Que sniffed, from the body caught a waist, how can not do This is the Han Shan token, as long as you can let me marry Su Wan, I put this token to You, with this Han Shan token, you can naturally enter the Han Shan to see Han Shan Shang. See this piece of Han S.

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