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Hair Straightening Brush Watson t arrogant appearance. Clear, otherwise, I will let these poisonous insects one by one to eat you Cold looked at each other, Su Wan indifferent threat. I said, I said Lin Shao completely frightened, I listen to my brother hair straightening brush watson said, the news is Yang Xiuchuan came out, absolutely not wrong Wu Chi really dead in the prison sector five I hair straightening brush watson Is a moment of greed, want to first take advantage of Ah, mercy ah, fairy mercy ah, I no longer dare. Watching the other side of the pain rolling, almost shouting to say these words, Su Wan naturally able to distinguish out, the other said is not false. Lin Qiuyu s name she has heard, is indeed one of the genius of the rise in recent years, has occupied a Dong Fu, the strength is not weak, from his mouth to get the news should not be rumors. Think of this, Su Wan can not help but burst of mind fall. Fairy mercy Once again hear each other s miserable, Su Wan can not help but a bother upset, where there is interest with their nonsense, palms gently waved, suddenly there are poisonous insect bitter bite, a moment, these people have been For a bunch of bones. Backhand out of the letter of Chiang Zhengyang, Yang hand made out, Su Wan immediately turned back to the Dong Fu within. That few people actually, but some small people only Rush in the first time came to want to grab Dong Fu, is simply a very idiot thing, simply enough to worry about But they brought the news, but no doubt that they are disgusting Su Wan them. More than ten years, Wu Chi in the prison area of five no hair straightening brush jml news, they have been worried, and now suddenly came such a bad news, really let a few women mind chaos. No matter how calm on weekdays, repair how to enhance, in fact, Wu Chi are their only rely on At first glance, the kind of blow is undoubtedly extremely heavy No one to speak, eyes are always in the hands of Su Yu letter above. These people may not really say the words, but Jiang Zhengyang side of the news, should be correct. In silence, a full time waiting for a stick of incense, Jiang Zhengyang still did not return any news, wh. ich also let Su Wan their heart suddenly sink to the bottom. At this time, cut off the contact, there is no doubt that only one possible, Jiang Zhengyang has wanted to Chian.y firm, not for any dangerous move, for Wu Chi, it seems that these tests no matter how the pattern, are changing Of the same, and even can say that he was a bit tired. This is a very hair straightening brush articles subtle state of mind. Once again set foot on the high platform, Wu Chi clearly see the night star star rankings tenth Dormant for. nearly three years of the time, night stars once again soaring, that glare ranking, as if the night Shenxing proud smile. Silence for a moment, Wu Chi s mouth then float a smile, you are demonstrating to me However, I can not believe the prison of the threat of four only, then maybe we will soon Meet. Before the test, and even the empty monks are eliminated, for Wu Chi, this risk is still not enough. If this is the case, then as long as there is a certain soul stone in the hand, the peak hair straightening brush watson of the road through the strong chance of a great. Can be called no room for purgatory, prison community four real danger, I am afraid not really show it Looking around, a ghost, surrounded by innumerable innocent people were charged with torture. Daoxiang fire sea, thunder glaciers, and even fried stone this scene, almost entirely before the experience of those tests, the difference is that these innocent people are being held in prison, more than reincarnation. Look at this scene, the night Shen Xing can not help some scalp tingling These ghosts seem to be like a microcosm of this endless purgatory, like pain and torture here is full of resentment and crying The distance has appeared a touch of quiet, it seems that as long as the ghost came from this piece of ghosts, you can leave the prison community four, but on top of the high platform, this step night star has been slow to step out. Instinctive, the situation here, let him take the heart to give birth to a chill chill, it is a real threat to the feeling of life, so that he did not dare to act rashly. Night Shen Xing here a full view of a month s time. But also a full look at these innocent people here by a month of torture, it seems that there is no end, no end. Do you think that as long as we take this step, will we be the same as those of our ghosts Slowly hair straightening brush watson appeared in the night Shen Xing side, Yang Xiuchuan Chen Sheng asked. Shen Xing late than.

ror black and white two color light, straight law enforcement officers vital, fast, almost amazing boom Under the blow, the law enforcement body who shrouded the darkness seems to have been chopped a lot, this is the other side of the reaction quickly, promptly withdrew the order chain back to defense, in the death of the sickle and body before blocking the results of this blow. Otherwise, really make this knife chopped, even law enforcement, I m afraid it may not live down. By this moment of empty when, Yang Xiuchuan has also been picked from the body of the bamboo yingyang rifle, step hair straightening brush watson by step, turn over and hit back, the same kill to law enforcement officers to the key Before, I had killed a guide, and now you are not a law enforcement Yang Xiuchuan proudly open, tone is full of murderous. Horror Around the crowd and even have not been able to suddenly appear from the law enforcement reaction in the shock, once again by Yang Xiuchuan and the night of the high hey scared And do not mention how the strength of this alone, such as courage, I do not know to throw hair straightener brush big w them a few street to go. Order chain constantly assault, but in Yang Xiuchuan and night star star attack, but also did not account for the upper hand. But that order chain can not be destroyed, even if some damage will be restored in an instant between, and the order chain chain contains the atmosphere on the road, it is mysterious, hair straightening brush watson even under the wind, but still able to attack the two Do all the way down. Really playing up, all the people realized that the strength of law enforcement is actually not as the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan, the reason why both at the same time to face the two unbeaten, by the hands of this mysterious order chain. The order of the prison community is not provocative, and you will dare to attack the law enforcement, and you will not be able to persuade the prison community. Law enforcement who also did not expect the two so strong, even if there is order chain in hand, even can not suppress, can not help but angry Road. Prison community can not be with you also with Today will be your law enforcement beheaded with this, I d hair straightening brush watson like to see, how can the prison community can not Sneer a cry, Yang Xiuchuan face.od thing will be bad. Wu Chi ceramic hair straightening brush walmart s own limit is three Ba Zhang, beyond, Xinghai every more than ten feet, for him, is a terrible torment, the kind of turbulent star force forced red sea Xinghai pain, simply not Ordinary people can bear. Even to Wu Chi that horrible willpower, but also hurt almost lost consciousness, is completely hard to hold on in one breath. If you can give up, Wu Chi has long been unable to support the direct to give up. Unfortunately, the heart of the stars under the constant impact, where he gave up the room. Xinghai every moment in a crazy speed to grow Three hundred feet, four hundred feet, five hundred Zhang But even so, Xinghai growth rate even keep up with the speed of the influx of stars. The heart of the stars is simply equal to the sky stars, you want to refining the stars of the heart, it is tantamount to refining the stars in the sky, even now by Wu Chi is only a very small part of the guide, where is Wu Chi this point Strength can afford. Jian ancestral words that nice, but in fact, he from the beginning, he did not even think about Wu Chi can live. For him, Wu Chi is simply a step. to help him refining the heart of the stars only. If the sword is still controlled by the stars of the heart, Wu pool is bound to die, but now the ancestors have been forced to steal, the situation is not the same natural. Xi Jun should look indifferent, but in fact, but all the time attention to the state of Wu Chi, once Wu Chi really do not support it, he will immediately cut off the connection between Wu Chi and the heart of the stars. Compared to the kind of two hanging Zizi son, hair straightening brush watson Xi Jun should be strong to go too much. Whether it is the background hair straightener brush paris glam or their own strength, or the understanding of the hearts of stars, are far from the sword Zou can match. So, Wu Chi at the moment the situation, seemingly dangerous, but in fact still still under the control of Xi Jun should be under. Of course, as Wu Chi in this process, to bear much pain, it is not in the scope of the consideration of Jun Jun should be. In fact, for Wu Chi, the real test, or willpower. Xi Jun should be able to perceive the state of his body, but can not know whether his will to support, if Wu Chi himself vent this tone.r in the prison community and prison when the five year old, also can not leave, but there is always a test to break, as long as the break through the test, naturally can leave. Can be here, but there is no risk of the slightest breath, and some just countless stone. Walking to the nearest side of a stone, Wu Chi looked at the eyes, but found that the. stone above, and even the text is not, but seriously looked, but it seems to feel a mysterious atmosphere, people forbearance Can not want to immerse them. That feeling, Wu Chi is no stranger, because it is simply the feeling of enlightenment. Moment, Wu Chi suddenly woke up over. These monuments are enlightenment monument, which contains the rules of the road Wu Chi such an opening, Yang Xiuchuan and night Shenxing also reflected over the eyes of the first flashed a touch of joy, but then turned into a touch of dismay of the color. These stone monument contains the rules of the road is a good thing, can make people realize the power to enhance. But this hair straightening brush watson stone is also too much ah If the hair straightening brush ghd prison community six heavy meaning, is to make people feel the words of these monuments, then, so many monuments have to see one by one in the past not a How much time will it cost Prison mark can not be pushed, in other words, now is simply trapped in it, and, this trapped, or even do not know how long it takes. Moment, hair straightening brush watson Wu Chi and Yang Xiuchuan brain suddenly remembered the day Hanyan Shang Ren, could have long known that the prison community six heavy situation, this deliberately sent out the days of Fu Think of this, whether it is Wu Chi or Yang Xiuchuan heart can not help but give birth to a touch of fear of meaning. If this is really the case, then Han Shan is probably more terrible than imagined. Look at it separately A little hesitated, the night Shen Xing slowly opening Road. Although these mysterious monument, although precious, but now the three most urgent, but it is to figure out the prison six, what is the rules, how to be hair straightener brush paris glam considered to be through. Not the slightest objection, three points in three directions to go. In these stone, it seems that power has been some kind of imprisonment, simply can not fly, can only rely on his feet to go, this way, wa.

Hair Straightening Brush Watson the table. Did not you let you go to life and death See Wu Chi slightly Yi Zheng, life and death judge suddenly angry face, snapped snapped Road. Big sentence, do not bear the mission, under the already two of the criminals who want to kill Eyes did not blink, Wu Chi Xin said. Nonsense Eyes reveal a touch of Li color, life and death judge cold voice said The official obviously feel that at the moment still someone in front of life and deat. h fight What do you want to do Hear each other s scold, Wu Chi not only did not panic, but more and more determined their own speculation. Set a set of God, Wu Chi mind a horizontal, slowly raised his head, Chen Sheng opening big sentence, in fact you have already died, right This sentence exports, can be described as ground Suddenly, the eyes of life and death judge suddenly burst of a touch of terror best hair brush straightener amazon killer presumptuous If you are alive, it is naturally not presumptuous Unfortunately, now you, just just a ray of breath made it Looked at life and death judge, Wu Chi slowly said. court death Eyes reveal a trace of cool, life and death sentenced to move at the fingertips, suddenly there is a fear of death from the power of death Off The mouth suddenly hair straightening brush watson spit out a broken word, Wu Chi hand sentence pen suddenly point out Pen off life and death With the power of the judge pen, Wu Chi is abruptly life and death will be sentenced to break down the block down. Although still forced to withdraw from the two steps, but it was not injured. A strike missed, life and death judge but no the slightest hesitation, followed by continue to sell, the body of the jersey is revealed a red flames, divinity unlimited. cut Wrist flip, the judge pen in the hands of the rapid operation, but also a bloody characters fly out, brazenly fell to the red officer on the gown. Red flames from the erosion, Wu Chi once again step out, the eyes are more and more bright up. punish But also the word shot, the judge pen more shining, bravely took the lead in the fight back This time, Wu Chi half step forward, and life and death on the body of the atmosphere seems to be weak as many. Life and death big sentence, you can now shot a few times Look and life and death judge, Wu Chi calm again asked. Su.the time being aside Kill Xi Jun should be the focus. Slightly calm the mood, Ma Shijie once again said. Everyone with the skill is Let s three, who can kill, and who is the ability, but I said in front of the ugly, who do not secretly under the trip Otherwise, as long as I die, you who do not want to Ansheng A glimpse of the cold eyes, Liu Changtong simply break the point. Three are Tianjiao, this time into the dark prison community, because the commander of the dark and the promise, in fact, the identity of the three different, who have life saving means. Want to kill each other, no doubt almost impossible. Under such a premise, if who under the trip, resulting in Xi Jun should be out of the storm, as long as the news spread out, no other people afterwards, the darkness of the anger no one can afford. it is good For a moment, Ma Shijie and hair straightening brush watson Chen fog at the same time promised Road. Almost in the three to discuss a good at the same time, the air that an arctic nuclear finally broken Had been frozen before the pair of big hands, once again recovered, blink of an eye, then suddenly once again think of Han Shan Master arrested. Tianjun, tens of thousands hair brush straightener at walmart of years gone, it is still a little longer, to your current state, want to kill me, I m afraid not so easy. Stature slightly flash, Han Shan Master single handedly caught, the void suddenly appeared in a light blue ice sword, sword shot, then between the hair can not be made, block the pair of big hands. Fighting Arctic star collapse, Han Shan Master naturally can no longer delay, and now, is the real battle of the beginning. Here Han Shan Shang hands at the same time, Liu Changtong three people face a change, immediately suddenly toward the imprisonment of Xi Jun should be the prison flew. They can be hair straightening brush watson different from those before the cannon fodder, for this time the situation is very clear. Once hair straightener brush kuwait the arctic nuclear collapse, Han Shan and Xi Jun should start hands, which means that this action, to the most critical time. Do not look at the Han Shan Shang a win in the look, but in fact, it is because Xi Jun should be locked in the dark chain, but also a lot of spiritual separation of the dark prison break the seal. But even s. o Han Shan Shang but al.

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