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Hair Straightening Brush Wilkinsons les, Xiushui Jianjun fear is also very little so the heart of the time Listening to the explanation of Wu Chi, Yun He can not help but breathe a sigh of relief But the hearts of some complicated, which is the twists and turns and deep meaning, if Wu Chi do not say, fear she always want to understand. Originally is a very simple thing, why must get so complicated In contrast, she is really naive. It seems to see the low load of clouds, Wu Chi shook his head and said Yunhuo Shimei, you do not have to think so much, you can not think of these, not because you stupid, but you simply did not experience these Wu Chi all the way hair straightening brush wilkinsons to go through now how many life and death do not have to say, even Bai Rong, from the door outside the disciples step by step to climb this position, to experience how much suffering and danger, the same unspeakable. In contrast, the cloud is always in the door was spoiled, it is too comfortable, in addition. to practice, nothing to worry about her, naturally will not think of these, and this is the Caused by the environment. What can i do for you Silence for a moment, Yun Bai whispered asked. Now Wu Chi was sentenced to prison jail has become a fact, she can only from other places, to see if you can help Wu Chi. On weekdays you practice here, after a hundred years later is the door than the big, and that time, if you can step into the broken star, naturally can help me. Seems to think of what, Wu Chi a beat thigh No ah, that good, we see who will enter the broken star A hundred years time, really tight point, what that, Yunxie Shimei ah, you do not have to worry too much practice, relax and better Well, that s it Was just a few words, Wu Chi began to nonsense. Just do not know why, had to hate Wu Chi so nonsense, now listen to, but it was a lot of kind Seven days of time, but fleeting. In the Dongfu honestly rest for a few days, Wu Chi s body has been exhausted to recover, so to the jail prison. Although Xiushui Jianjun just so casually mention, but whether it is Wu pool or Bai Rong, who dare late half a day The jail is in a straightening hairbrush competitor valley, the whole valley is banned, from the outside door is the slightest feeling that the terrible sword. Wu Chi and Bai Rong is almost to the foot. Br.ght, will be married with others O. nce the forced to the time, then make this wedding into Shura field. boom A palm hair straightening brush wilkinsons shot, Jiang Zhengyang eyes reveal a touch of anger, suddenly openly said nonsense Moment, a terrorist pressure suddenly pushed against the past in the past, Jiang Zhengyang personally shot, and now infuriating was closed, Su Wan did not have the slightest fight back, was instantly suppressed. Wrist doubled, a touch of purple thunder suddenly fell into the Song of the body of the body, the Song of the body of the drug to disperse If Su Wan infuriating is still, the next poison is not other people can be solved, can not infuriating support, after all, is too bad to poison, Song Tian Que itself has the strength of the road, resistance and other people are strong More, get the help of Chiang Zhengyang, immediately over the over. Su Wan, you do not have enough This wedding has long been set, let you how nonsense, must also be carried out in the end The old lady will be here and look at you and heaven Que worship heaven and earth. With a strong repair for the hard to suppress, Jiang Zhengyang is determined, in any case must be completed by the wedding, even if the master hair straightening brush wilkinsons of ceremonies and maids were poisoned, but also can not change anything. There is him here, that is, Su Wan want to poison, it can not succeed. Chapter 409 Scarlet Wedding Medium The wedding continues Cold eyes swept away, Chiang Kai shek Chen Sheng opening, even if there are maids bite the bullet and rushed over, carefully hold the Su Wan, and even can be said to pretend Suwan forced her to kneel down. Eyes full of decisive meaning, this worship is Jiang Zhengyang s will, in any case he must make this wedding to complete Whether it is for the Han Shan token, or Chiang family and his own reputation, he must let Su Wan to complete this worship. Jiang Zhengyang, today I Suwan if not die, is bound to let you Chiang door off Eyes reveal a touch of hatred, Su Wan snapped to curse. Infuriating was sealed, and now Chiang Kai shek oppression, she did not have any room for resistance, and this was forced with the worship of heaven and earth humiliation, let Su Wan heart full of hatred. Listening to Su Wan this full of hatred th.

ay that they can pass through the demons robbery Yes, the demons may be just one of them If you want to enter, have to be careful to guard against other dangers, my ancestors Jiang also seems to have found some other clues, but unfortunately, had time to come out, died Of which. Shook his head, Jiang Rui once again added. Thank you Whispered, Wu Chi said seriously. Even hair straightening brush wilkinsons if it is difficult to find any solution, but can know in advance, there are some psychological preparation, naturally will be more grasp. Jiang Rui can tell myself these, has been very rare. Yang Xiuchuan Yang is indeed the best genius, if he can break through the prison area five, I m afraid there may be caused by the four family forces to re shuffle. Paused, Jiang Rui Chen Sheng saks straightening hair brush uk said If you can always press him, for my Chiang family, it is already a great advantage. Paused, Jiang Rui continued If you have the opportunity, I hope Wu Xiong, you can kill Yang Xiuchuan in the prison community among the five. Brow slightly a pick, Wu Chi silent a bit, but did not answer. Standin. g in Chiang s position, naturally hope that Yang Xiuchuan died in one of them. Can Wu pool is very clear, which is dangerous, although he is now linked to a Chiang Jiaqing Qing s identity, but after all, not Chiang s people, naturally no reason, for Chiang to take this risk. Just if there is the same chance, Yang Xiuchuan is not also want to kill yourself It sounds like some unreasonable, but this world, a lot of things, there is no reason to speak. Chapter 391 Mythical Bridge And did not specifically farewell, received the night when the news of the stars, Wu Chi quietly left, and walked the silent. Night owl may know some, but since Yang Xiuchuan that scared, but it is more honest, naturally afraid to mention. If the beginning of the night owl is due to fear of Wu Chi s strength, this is good, so now so long contact, he also has a sense of tolerance for the Wu Chi, as if as long as with Wu pool together, Naturally will be affected the same. Of hair straightening brush wilkinsons course, in fact, even now put aside Wu Chi do not mention, night owl did not dare to give birth to what thoughts come. And do not mention Su Wan s terrible, just purple and the Lord and the joy of the Lord they are.nt me to call hair straightener brush for kids you Sister, right As always, frivolous, but at the moment to hear the words of Wu Chi, cloud Dutch heart but instead of a trace of unspeakable joy, white Wu Chi a glance, said If you want to call, I do not stop you. If the change is called Sister, would not it look you old. I looked at it, it is more beautiful than the original a bit, do not see the old thing. Mouth smile, Wu Chi serious nonsense. Heard Wu Chi said he is more beautiful, hair straightening brush wilkinsons cloud Dutch heart can not help but some joy, it touches no more scolded him nonsense. Mind a move, eyes fell to the body of Li Dongsheng, Yunge then softly said Dongsheng brothers, so many years later, the original things let him go. Li Dongsheng was originally because he was only to Wu Chi this provocation, although acting some of the extreme, but also suffered a hundred years of suffering, but also expose the. At least Yun He do not want to see Li Dongsheng and Wu Chi from the conflict. Face complex look at the cloud load one, Li Dongsheng heart naturally understand that today s cloud Dutch has not been able to hey the. Silence for a moment, Li Dongsheng toward the Wu Chi bend a prayer. Wu brothers, I know now I have not your opponent, but still want a war at least let me know, and how much difference between you Took a deep breath, Li Dongsheng continued If you miss today, I m afraid I can not really raise the courage to sword out of you. Zongmen than in that, Wu Chi once in the big ratio over those who beat the disciples, for his pressure will only be greater. This hundred years, and Wu Chi really a war, which has almost become his obsession. And now, by Wu Chi has just come back the opportunity, no doubt it is the best time. Looked at hair straightening brush 3c hair Li Dongsheng one, Wu Chi slightly sighed, Well, I promise you. Wu Chi was originally had to kill the murder of Li Dongsheng, but so many years in the past, with the strength of the upgrade, the original point of the conflict, has long been Wu Chi was pregnant. A hundred years ago, we had a sword hair straightening brush wilkinsons of the Covenant, today, I only out of a sword. Looked at Li Dongsheng, Wu Chi said quietly. This is already very arrogant, but at the moment from the mouth of Wu Chi said, but it seems so should be. Li Dongsheng s eyes re.h the Wu Chi back here, Xi hair straightening brush wilkinsons Jun should have been guessed. Although Wu Chi can not be directly received by the ancestors of the disciples, but to become Luo Ying s disciples, which is slightly different from his calculations, but ultimately did not affect the overall situation. For the potential of Wu Chi, Xi Jun should be more than anyone else have confidence. This is why he did not immediately cut off the Wu Chi and the hearts of stars linked to the reasons. As the sword before the Wu Chi said the same, although now dangerous, but for Wu Chi, but it is undoubtedly a big fortune Xi Jun should be done at the moment, that is, as far as possible so that hair straightening brush wilkinsons Wu Chi will be the use of this fortune to the extreme, hair straightening brush wilkinsons creating a unique foundation of the world. Originally, according to his plan, suddenly after Wu Chi, Wu is to be in the side, or even for the disciples. But now, Luo Ying t. his variable, but let him have another, may be better choice. Chapter 523 Limit Star Sea And do not mention Xi Jun and Luo Ying how they are now Wu Chi s almost have to be crazy. Star of the stars to open up Xinghai, which in itself is not a very complicated process, the stars in the star of the star completely released, Xinghai also opened up the shape, and later may also be able to absorb some of the expansion of the star, but the role of limited The For others, are afraid of breaking when the star power is not enough, open up the Xinghai not wide enough. Wu Chi can be, but it is too much star power, and even to Xinghai have to be the surging brush straightener at walmart stars of this storm. Normally, the broken stars of the stars to open up the Xinghai are within Baizhang, as long as more than Baizhang, it is already a genius of the. Such as Bai Rong, Ji Yifeng their door of these great talent, opened the Xinghai also just a hundred feet only. Wu Chi s heritage and talent than they are much stronger, can be normal, can open up the limits of Xinghai, but also up to three hundred Zhang, which is already terrible. But now in the hearts of the stars under the impact of Xinghai was opened up the moment, it has been directly broke the limit of three hundred feet. This is certainly a good thing, but everything has to have a limit, once beyond too much, a go.

Hair Straightening Brush Wilkinsons n someone on the food and wine, to Wuchi filled with a glass of wine, night owl this hair straightener brush does it work homeopathy will be the situation within brush straightener for black hair a few years with Wu Chi explained it again. In addition to Zhou Bo Yan and Yuan Li Yi, Yan Ji also entered the prison community a heavy The other people, Mo Yan, the same irresistible broke into the prison community a heavy, and follow the Wu Chi from the magic of those who have a few people have broken into the prison community. Alone they are these people, in fact, is already a very strong force, not to mention, prison before the triple, in fact, is still relatively safe, and no danger. Su Wan later came back once, but did not say anything, and soon left again. Hear these Wu Chi this assured a lot, respectively, to Zhou Bo Yan, Yuan Ziyi and happy Lord, Su Wan made a letter to peace, this time temporarily put down the mind Bastard Tightly holding the hands of the hair straightener brush braun letter, a moment Su Wan is unable to bear to tears. In the past few years in the prison community among the triple, although she has always been practicing, but always tense heart, fear of hearing Wu Chi s bad. news, until the moment received Wu Chi s letter, this finally completely calm down hair straightening brush wilkinsons The Su girl Moment of time, Dong Fu Jiang Zhengyang outside the sound also will ring up. Zhengyang ancestors please Sleeves slightly whisk, Dong Fu entrance of the poison pests suddenly let way out, diffuse in the air atmosphere is also slowly dispersed, revealing a way to. Over the past few years, this place has been almost Dong Fu has been arranged into a Jedi Before a few people trying to compete for Dong Fu, and even did not wait for Jiang s people shot, they were all poisoned in the Dong Fu door With bloody lessons to warn those who are ready to make trouble. Even Jiang Zhengyang, now dare not trespassing. Su girl into the Dong Fu, and even did not speak, Jiang Zhengyang from Su Wan s face to see that a happy meaning, the hearts of suddenly dropped a boulder, Congratulations Wu Xiaoyou break hair straightening brush wilkinsons through the prison community four Before Chiang Ching yang also made a letter with Wu hair straightening brush wilkinsons Chi, but now Wu Chi need to contact too many people, apparently did not care to take care of him, this let his heart came up from the eight mont.ven without the need for verbal communication, see the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan moment, Wu Chi generally guessed everything. The body is still bloody chain imprisoned, Wu Chi looked a little weak, barel. y smiled, night brother, thank you. Looks unchanged, the night star stars light opening Do not thank, but also your human fills, I owe you twice, and now we are not owe. Before the forced robbery, the three jade box to Wu Chi was also a time, now is the second time, the night Shenxing count is very clear. But Wu Chi is very clear that these things, this is not so simple to calculate the. Mouth overflow a trace of a smile, Wu Chi said softly As you say, this portrait I wrote down. What should we do now Wu Chi, although awake over, but in fact, the crisis has not been lifted, on the contrary, Yang Xiuchuan and night stars are also being rolled in, if the failure, the two lives also to ride here. Night Shen Xing can feel, Wu Chi this wake up best hair straightening brush on the market only back to light, simply can not last long After all, Wu Chi is now the problem, not only the birth of the problem, the soul is controlled at any time may burst open, is the biggest hidden dangers. Yang Xiuchuan and Li Yunpeng together, although reluctantly contain the Han Shan Shang, but can not beheaded each other. hair straightening brush tns It is no exaggeration to say that now seems to all life and death are completely in their own control, but rather Han Shan and Xi Jun should be the game, this life and death is not in control of the feeling of some of the night Shenxing uncomfortable. Worst of all, he is now even simply can not go to fight, once the death of the injection, may Wu Chi immediately die. Yang Xiong, entangled him Eyes fell on the body of Yang Xiuchuan, Wu Chi suddenly opened Road. Rush between Yang Xiuchuan even did not react to what is going on, but instinctively felt a trace of danger, then the gun a turn, dead wrapped around the Hanshan. Heard Wu Chi s words, Li Yunpeng heart is can not help but suddenly lifted Others do not know what to do Wu Chi, he is clear, such as ink knife brazenly cut off, sealed the Han Shan Shang Ren all escape route. This sudden change, and even Han Shan Shang are some scratching their heads. Wu Chi, although there is a perfect.

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