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Hair Straightening Brush Wish Wu Chi what is it See the sword, three of those who have finally put away the color of contempt, turned to Liu Changtong asked. Alone the sword, their hearts will be faint with a feeling, if they changed against Wu Chi, I m afraid is absolutely defeated You guys Shook his head, Liu Changtong softly said On weekdays I speak, always no one to listen to, now happens to be a chance, are good to see clearly For those real Tianjiao, simple state, never have any meaning Tianjiao Brother, you mean, he is the same as you Tianjiao Several people can not help but at the same time moving, incredible again asked. As early as a hundred years ago he is already Tianjiao Shook his head, Liu Changtong softly said. A hundred years ago, the three of them are known as the upper bound Tianjiao, in the dark prison community, the three together but still lost to Wu Chi And even Han Shan who died in the hands of Wu Chi, even then, Wu Chi and even have not been able to gather stars, has also been enough to call the days of arrogance Moreover, a hundred years broken stars do not say anything, alone, the speed of cultivation of horror, Tianjiao word, but also a well deserved Liu Changtong in talking with these youngsters at the same time, Zhou Yiqun finally shot. Originally said to be good to let Wu Chi first shot, but now, even Zhou Yiqun finally felt Wu Chi s terrible, where dare to have the slightest care of hair straightening brush short hair the meaning of the slightest. Between the twinkling of an eye, it has been pulling the sword in hand, homeopathic towa. rd the blooming Qinglian chopped. Chapter 541 people, expensive in self knowledge below Since stepping into the broken star, in fact, Wu Chi and no real sense of the fighting too. Even if it was in the gambling platform and Yang Yan played against, but only just test it, far from the real battle Until now, in the face of Zhou Yiqun, Wu Chi really let go of a war Of course, in fact, Zhou Yiqun also some of the meaning of the people received. Good to see a lively, but suddenly was calculated, the danger will be Wu Chi placed dead, Wu Chi heart has long been excited by the anger, and now the principal has not been able to find out, this cavity anger will only First scattered in the body of Zhou Yiqu.is to take the initiative more. A person s time, always more fearless, but once turned into two people, will be more scruples. Two people s lives, this is more than a person heavier, this reason is so simple. Yunhuo Shimei, with me but just just did not know how long it was, White Brother would not think I really love her at first sight, even at the expense of their own life, right Eyes did not blink, Wu Chi disdain said. Is not love at first sight I do not know, but if you really do not care about her life and death, fear is already already crushed when these demon heart Bai Rong s eyes are also very calm, light opening Road. This sentence, and finally let Wu Chi whom color change. As Bai Rong before the small look at him, hair straightening brush wish and now, he is not a small look at the white dragon According to Wu Chi s temper, this situation, he simply will not stay for their own hidden dangers, even if the bet, it is bound to be with a white dragon gambling. After all, there are contraction to the size of the supernatural powers, coupled with those demon goal are now Bairong, hair straightening brush wish really desperate to pinch the devil desperately hard, he and Bai Rong live the opportunity, almost the same. In this case, Wu Chi will never fear with Bai Rong gambling. Just once really to this point, the cloud is absolutely absolutely. dead. For a time, suddenly quiet down around, and even be able to hear the sound of the rapid breathing of the sound of clouds. Before coming, Yunhe how would not have thought, she would rather become hair straightening brush wish a drag of Wu Chi. Took a deep breath, the eyes brush straightener black hair of the cloud suddenly revealed a touch of color. Zheng Soon as Jianming, Yun He decided to pull out the hands of the sword, pointing to Bai Rong away. You two said so much, but did not even ask me the meaning of slowly opening, Yun He whispered so many brothers are so dead you can compromise, but they do Will they die I do not have so much of your mind, but there are also my insistence. Janus slightly on the pick, Yun Fu must openly said Unless I die, otherwise, we must for these brothers brothers, to discuss a fair These words finished, whether it is Wu Chi or Bai Rong, can not help but at the same time discoloration. Now the situation is very subtle, whether it is W.

mouth. Wu Chi himself was originally out of his jail from the prison, sentiment to the million sword return, and now the jail prison Wu Chi completely no binding, naturally not to mention punishment. Then punish him back to Jianfeng closed mind thinking Again bad, broken his month to show discipline is also the. Xiushui Jianjun said again. Ling water Jianjun sneer Wu Chi is really a disciple, is Bai Rong is not really a disciple Kill people, if so gently let go, would not tell Other disciples, what are the scores of the test, you can take the opportunity to kill the revenge Reason Cold Star Jianjun nodded. Wu Chi, after all, Luo is the disciples of the disciples, I do not like to put aside for the time being, such as Luo Shidi come back, and then disposed of as well. Ling Tianjian Jun and cold Star Jianjun two are this attitude, Xiushui Jianjun naturally not good Besides, had to delay the road. This is the day, let him know, no matter who the disciples, committed so wrong, must also be punished by the door, there is no luck to speak at all. Ling Tianjian cold voice opening, unusually tough attitude. Slightly hesitant, cold star Jianjun opening Ling days brothers, so punishment, fear is some heavy. weight Ling Tian Jianjun Chen Sheng hair straightening brush ad said In the case of more than just kill the door, ignoring the door regulation, the true disciples under the hot hands, if not heavy fines, why the service of the public Suddenly stood up, Ling days Jianjun sneered and said You dare not bear this relationship, I came to it hair straightening brush comparison Luo Shidi back, if dissatisfied, let him come to me is For a moment, Ling Tianjian eyes revealed a chill chill, snapped, said Come, give me the waste of Wu Chi repair, expelled from the door Lingtian Jianjun itself in the case of very strong, and now he insisted, hair straightening brush wish is the cold star Jianjun and Xiushui Jianjun is not good to block. After all, Ling Tianjian Jun, then, after all, accounted for a few divisions Moment between, then suddenly there is the elders towar. d the Wu Chi went over. What about Chapter 515 For a time, the audience an uproar Even before they guess Wu Chi forced to fight under the sword stage, beheaded Bai Rong, is bound to be heavy penalties, but no one expected, the punishment eve.other Wu, white brother, please go with me to see the elders. Although the penalty, but Wu Chi and Bai Rong, after all, is really a disciple, these unusual disciples, but also dare not rude After all, the two are just a hundred years only, not completely lost potential. With the disciples into the valley, Wu Chi suddenly felt a strong hair straightening brush wish sword Italy, people from the bottom of my heart gave birth to a sense of horror. And this is only the jail outside the valley only, hair straightening brush wish you can imagine, once really be involved in the jailbreak, the sword is how terrible. All the way Whether it is Wu Chi or Bai Rong, seems to have completely forgotten before the unhappy, and did not reveal the slightest hostility to. Go about a time of tea, Wu Chi this saw the elders guard jail prison. Old husband surnamed Chen, nearly a thousand years in charge of guards prison. Swept the Wu Chi and Bai Rong one, the old faint said. Disciples meet Chen Changshou. Wu Chi and Bai Rong at the same time ritual Road, and regardless of the strength of the other side, just now people watch the jail prison this point, it must not offend. Mangshan things, the old lady heard a little Since the wrong is. difficult to distinguish, then you two at the same time hair straightening roller brush into the jail prison, it should be meaning. However, Wu Chi was just getting started soon, repair is still shallow, inconvenience into which, if a single penalty Bai Rong, but also unfair Slightly shaking his head, Chen Changshou leisurely said Well, you two at the same time into the word war prison it On the situation of jail prison, before the cloud are also explained with the Wu Chi. Sword prison in three difficulty, respectively, for heaven and earth Day jail prison most terrible, even the broken disc disciples, there are dead in which records, only really made hair straightener brush upgraded a big mistake, will be punished into them. In accordance with the cultivation of Wu Chi, itself should be such as the word swordsman s prison, but this old man mouth a partial, directly thrown into the word Jianjian, obviously this distribution is intended for Wu Chi s. However, in this case, Wu Chi is very clear that he did not bargain room, bow a prayer, it seems that nothing was aware of, calmly said Chen Chang said that the., you think, Can you really get me killed by you This is the source of self confidence Li Yunpeng. Kill, naturally better than the protector to be too much, especiall. y when Wu Chi need to protect the time is not only one person Almost in the Wu Chi into the prison community at the same time, Xi Jun should suddenly opened his glasses. Trapped in the dark prison community for nearly ten thousand years, his grasp of the seven prison community has reached a very terrible point, Wu Chi s intrusion can not hide from him. Before his biggest concern is that Wu Chi simply gave up, and simply no longer into the dark prison community. After all, if Wu Chi does not take the initiative into the dark prison community, he is not the slightest way to Wu Chi. Now as long as you know Wu Chi back, then things will be much easier to do. Fingertips slowly jog, a trace of weak breath along the fingers of Jun Jun should be poured out, gradually into the surrounding ground. After a moment, Xi Jun should bite his fingers, will be a touch of blood wiped the body above the dark chain. Blood out of the moment, Xi Jun should be suddenly flushed his face a touch of pale color, it seems that the whole people are suffering a great pain. However, even so, Xi Jun should also not stop their brush hair straightener on tv own actions, but in the eyes reveal a trace of crazy meaning. If the Hanshan Master in this, will be able to detect to the surrounding ground and trapped Xi Jun should be above the dark chain, has been carved a circle, although not yet completed, which can reveal the breath, but it has been terror Extremely terrible. As Han Shan Master in the calculation of Xi Jun should be the same, Xi Jun should also be calculated in the upper bound of the master. This is an endless fight. For Xi Jun should be, from his trap into the dark prison from the moment, it has been in the beginning of the layout. Now with the passage of time, and the emergence of Wu Chi, and finally to the most critical moment. Both sides have been admitted, and now want to see, who is the card more. Xi Jun should be very clear that his biggest advantage is that here is the lower bound, no matter how dark the dark star more angry, can not enter the lower bound to find him. As for.

Hair Straightening Brush Wish n more. What is it comparable Smile a bit, Yang Xiuchuan whispered Perhaps Yan Bei Chen is really a legend, but he may also be another legend ah. Impossible, no one can be compared with Yan Beichen Do not say beyond, it is almost impossible to connect Zhou Xu incredible again said. The last test of the four circles of the prison community he has surpassed all the people. leaving a stone carved with his name, was erased in the name, also include Yan Beichen Sigh a cry, night Shen Xing said hair straightening brush with lcd display softly Chapter 426 Limit with dismantling Wu Chi is not magic, naturally can not feel Yan Beichen s magic, as demons become supernatural powers, but also do not want to think. In theory, it seems that Wu Chi how can not be in the Yanbei Chen stone on the mind to know anything, but Wu pool has chosen or in this stone before the set, there is no false, that is, in fact, Under the stone. Zhou Xu and Li Fannan they can not believe, because their eyes are too shallow in the end, to see it can be magic and supernatural powers, and Wu Chi in this stone before the reference is the meaning of Italy. Magic Yan Beichen demon, magic is his way, this kind of road can not imitate others, but this kind of meaning, but hair straightening brush wish as if for the Wuchi once again opened a door. See the mysterious stone breakthrough three thousand when the Wu Chi has been realized that the truth of the contrary, understand the way, is a reverse word And now, in the Yanbei Chen left before the stone, Wu pool through Yan Beichen s magic, only to understand what is the real inverse What is it Is the rules of heaven and earth Whether it is the five elements Avenue, Thunderbolt Road, or the dark road, so that life and death Avenue, in fact, are still within the constraints of heaven and earth rules. Practice this way, even if the repair to the extreme, is still still in the rules of heaven and earth, in the final analysis, is still a word. Perhaps to a certain extent, to reflect a certain degree of inverse, as evidence of this, get the rules of heaven and earth recognized, broken virtual soaring, but in fact, such a breakthrough is still within the rules of the inverse. And Yan Beichen s magic, but really break through the rules of heaven and earth, before his a.arefully into the hall. Just to enter, it suddenly felt a burst of vast star power, as if in a moment, into a vast sky among the stars. From the beginning into the hall, it is no longer the way to imagine, but like hair straightening brush comparison into another piece of space. hair straightening brush wish Raised his head, a bright star hanging in the head, brilliant starlight shed, so that everyone bathed in the stars under, even do not have to push, the body of the star power will be running up. Head of the void, Jianzu sit cross legged, in that hair straightening brush wish near the stars, throughput of stars. My disciples meet the ancestors See the moment hair straightening brush wish of Jianzu, everyone at the same time bowed salute. Slowly opened his eyes, Jianzu nodded slightly, This is the heart of the stars, you can. try to know the stars around the refining, can get much benefit, to see your own. Yes Bowed a sentence, everyone will spread their own sat down, even if they do not know what the stars of the heart, and now this environment, but also to understand the opportunity of this precious. Ten years of time, sounds very long, but in fact, once practiced up, but short again. Seeing everyone in their own practice up, Wu Chi s eyes can not help but squint up slightly. Not he did not cherish this opportunity, it is Xi Jun should be the existence of his heart there is a great pressure, could not help but think more. Unfortunately, no matter how he looked, did not find the slightest exception. A little thought for a while, Wu Chi, after all, or give up the idea of those mess. No matter what the king should want to hair straightening brush wish do, before he appeared, he simply can not find any clues, this is so, it is better to practice the old and honest. Just so, Wu Chi in the practice of the time, after all, or more hair straightening brush wish of a careful, not all the minds are placed on the practice. This piece of stars under the cultivation of the speed is certainly more than ten times faster than the outside. If other people, may have been very satisfied, but Wu Chi has to understand that this is simply not the focus. If only the cultivation of some faster, it will not let Luo Ying seriously exhort. Anyway, in fact, hair straightener brush citra Wu Chi s repair has also reached hair straightening brush wish the bottleneck, Wu Chi simply do not practice, but the mind completely into the sentiment on the stars above. Wh.

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